How Pyramyd Air got started – Part 1

By Joshua Ungier

Introduction by B.B. Pelletier

Joshua Ungier, the owner of Pyramyd Air, has an interesting story to tell us about how he founded this business. Anyone who knows Josh knows that he has led a colorful life, so I was glad when he offered to share this story with you. We’ll tell it in sections, starting with his childhood, which was somewhat different than most of ours.

My childhood
I grew up in the part of Russia that today is known as the Ukraine. As a kid, I was a typical know-it-all. I had no toys. We were so poor that even fleas abandoned us. Of course, there was no food, either. Stalin was starving us to death. I was not aware of this, though, because my parents made sure I ate. They had lost all of their families to the Nazis, but my mom and dad made sure I survived. I was way too young to comprehend any of this. My dad told me many stories later, when I could understand and appreciate the scope of the atrocities that were committed. read more

Air Venturi Avenger 1100 – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Tomorrow, I’ll head out to the Little Rock Airgun Expo, so I won’t be answering as many comments as usual. I’ll bring back some pictures and maybe a video! My wife, Edith, will monitor the blog comments.

This is the second test of the .177-caliber Air Venturi Avenger 1100, so today I’ll test velocity. You will recall that this rifle is notorious for dieseling when new. That’s because the piston has an oil-retention washer that soaks up all the oil put into the gun. Many people report that the gun calms down after this washer is dried and becomes pleasant to shoot, so maybe I’ll look into that for you. read more

In the bag – UTG Computer Bag

by B.B. Pelletier

I forgot to mention yesterday that, while we were at Crosman last week, we watched the first 100 Marauders sell in 67 minutes! Seventy-eight were .22 caliber and 22 were .177.

UTG Tactical Computer Bag is a real boon for travelers!

There are many non-airgun products that I want to test for you, like tactical flashlights and today’s tactical bag. I know that not everybody will want or need these items, so I will space out these reports over time.

For as long as I have written about airguns, I’ve had to travel several times a year. There’s the SHOT Show, various airgun shows and other events and meetings I have to attend. Sometimes, I drive, but I also fly; and when I do, I like to carry everything in a single bag, if possible. Since I carry a laptop, that means I need a special bag. read more

My trip to Camp Stogie & Crosman

by B.B. Pelletier

Hello, everyone. The filming trip last week was successful and we now have several show episodes in the can. I got to see Arkville Productions’ Camp Stogie and the Air Lodge and actually got to to work in them for several days. Paul has the ideal airgun testing setup on that property. I’ll show you a little of it today.

Before I do, I want to thank everyone who stepped in to answer blog questions for me. Edith sent me only those comments I absolutely had to see, but I peeked in on the blog in the evenings and saw that the readers were well cared for.

Camp Stogie is on a piece of property Paul’s brother bought across the road from his house. The location is 2000 feet high in the Catskills in Arkville, N.Y., and you couldn’t wish for a more picturesque place to shoot airguns–at an altitude at which springers still work fine. read more

The need for speed

by B.B.Pelletier

Announcement: I already mentioned this in the comments section of yesterday’s blog, but it’s worth saying again. Crosman has sold the first 100 Benjamin Marauders, so Pyramyd Air will soon receive their shipment of guns. This is the time to put in your order so you can get a rifle from the first shipment they receive.

When I was young and stupid (as opposed to now–when I am older) I wanted a .22 rifle. We lived on several acres in the country and were surrounded by large farms, so the location was ideal. And, by this early teenaged time in my life, I had owned several BB guns and a .177 Slavia pellet rifle without breaking any windows. Plus, I’d taken an NRA firearms safety course. The parental barriers had been breached. I could get whatever I could afford to buy! read more

Life with B.B. (aka Tom Gaylord)

by B.B. Pelletier

A quick correction about the HW30 price drop mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Volvo brought to our attention the fact that this isn’t the HW30S. In fact, it IS HW30S, which means it has the Rekord trigger and fiber optic sights. Apparently, the gun morphed at some time but the web page was never updated. It now has the correct picture and all other data has been corrected.

Guest blogger
I’m still in New York with Paul Capello, filming for The American Airgunner TV show that debuts on July 4. My wife (Edith) thought this would be a good time to do a guest blog about me. I blame Wacky Wayne for this. He pressured her into revealing inside info about me during my absence. Those of you who are married will see right through Edith’s so-called revelations and not believe them. read more

An eye-opener!

by B.B. Pelletier

Announcement: Pyramyd Air has dropped its price on the HW30 rifle. It’s been selling for $344.25, but the price has just been dropped to $299.99. That’s a pretty big discount on a really fine gun. This is an easy-cocking breakbarrel that’s going to become an all-day shooter for you and your family. It’s fun to shoot and made with typical Weihrauch quality. This sale price won’t last forever!

Today is different. Today is reader participation day.

Here’s what you need. Get piece of card stock. Right now I’m sitting in the Philadelphia airport and I used my ticket stub from the last flight, so I don’t want to hear any excuses that you don’t have what you need. Tear one of the flaps off a cereal box if you need to. Or use that losing lottery ticket. read more