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In the bag – UTG Computer Bag

by B.B. Pelletier

I forgot to mention yesterday that, while we were at Crosman last week, we watched the first 100 Marauders sell in 67 minutes! Seventy-eight were .22 caliber and 22 were .177.


UTG Tactical Computer Bag is a real boon for travelers!

There are many non-airgun products that I want to test for you, like tactical flashlights and today’s tactical bag. I know that not everybody will want or need these items, so I will space out these reports over time.

For as long as I have written about airguns, I’ve had to travel several times a year. There’s the SHOT Show, various airgun shows and other events and meetings I have to attend. Sometimes, I drive, but I also fly; and when I do, I like to carry everything in a single bag, if possible. Since I carry a laptop, that means I need a special bag.

As it happens, Leapers makes one of the nicest computer day-bags I’ve ever seen. I used it on my trip to New York last week, and it worked out so well that I want to share the experience with you.

The UTG Special Ops Tactical Computer Bag is just what the name implies. I use a MacBook Pro with a 15-inch screen, and this bag swallows it with ease. It could take a 17-inch screen as well. All the accessories like my roll-up keyboard, mouse, power supply and all the cables fit easily in the bag with plenty of room for a couple day’s clothes, office supplies, a couple DVDs for the evening’s entertainment, plus other essential gear.

The bag comes with an internal holster and several ammo and clip pouches (seen in the third compartment) that I don’t need and can’t use on the airlines. They are Velcro-ed in so removal opens a huge storage space. When I drive through concealed-carry states, the holster carries my S&W snubby or my Makarov, if I’m pocketing the snubnose. But I don’t need the other storage, so there’s still plenty of room. In fact, I’m showing you this case partly because it’s so spacious.

Thankfully, Leapers provides an overview video on the Pyramyd AIR website of the case being opened, so I don’t have to take tons of pictures. They show a camo bag, but the black bag I own is identical. They go through the bag pretty fast, so I’ll point out a couple things for you in this report. The first thing is that they don’t show all the storage areas in the bag–only the main ones. For example, there’s a zipper pocket in front of the first section they show. It’s on the outside of the bag and is very handy for quick storage of small items.

The computer (in the second bag section) is protected and also secured very well in this bag. It straps down with a wide Velcro strap, plus twin elastic straps going the other way. When the bag closes, there’s no way the computer is going to move!

You’ll be impressed by how heavy and rugged the bag actually is. That’s the other reason I wanted to show it to you. Your computer is protected very well. There’s a shoulder strap that’s an absolute necessity, because this loaded bag will weigh a lot. That strap is sculpted to fit your shoulder and neck and has a large non-skid pad, so your hands are free for other things.

One thing I hate in an airport is slowing the process down, so when I go through the security checkpoint, I’m ready! That means all metal off my body, shoes untied, ID ready, computer out and, lately, my belt off because the buckle sets off the alarm. The front pouch of this bag is large enough for all my things like my watch, change, keys, etc., and the belt fits in one of the larger sections. After I’m through security, everything is handy to recover, and I’m on my way.

On the trip I took last week, I also had a checked bag with my clothes, so the tactical bag was carrying office supplies for the filming, plus my in-flight snacks, a paperback, my small camera with the download cable and battery recharger, an umbrella and my computer modem. All the hotels these days offer wireless internet, but about half of them are down or have crappy service, so I carry a Verizon wireless modem, which is a cell phone modem that operates at DSL speed. I can watch You Tube videos with it and it seems to outpace half the high-speed hookups I encounter at the hotels. Plus, I can use it at any airport and don’t have to “join” (a term than means pay for) their wireless service.

Two of the four planes I flew on were those tiny regional jets. This bag didn’t fit under the seat in front of me, but it did fit into the overhead bin on both planes.

This tactical bag is ideal for the person who travels with a computer, and it would also work for those who don’t carry computers. You’ll just have more space.

48 thoughts on “In the bag – UTG Computer Bag”

  1. Good morning B.B.,

    I like your idea of looking at “related stuff”. How does this case work as a CCW case, ie, how stealthy is it and how rapid is the access to the weapon?

    Mr B.

  2. BB, I’ve a couple off-topic questions, and one might be a good blog of it’s own. First, I’d like a recommendation on a basic pistol for target practice: practice handling and sighting a regular pistol, so a match in size, feel, weight, etc. Second, I’ll soon be on the go so I’ve considered getting an airsoft pistol for in-room target practice when I get bored. Problem is, I know NOTHING of airsoft: Does it use paper targets? Effective range? Ammo re-use or is it one-shot like a pellet? Like I said, maybe some basics in getting started in airsoft would be a good blog. JP

  3. JP,

    If you need a pistol, the Umarex M1911A1 would work. But the S&W 586 is ideal because it's so accurate and matches the firearm exactly.

    A Beeman P17 is another great choice, though some people have experienced leaks.

    As for a good accurate airsoft pistol, consider any of the WE 1911s. I hear great reports about them all.

    Yes, you can use paper targets with airsoft. I use a box with a hole cut in it for the target. It traps the BBs, which try to go everywhere if you don't catch them.

    Another great target is one of the sticky targets. It stops the BB then slowly lets it run down the face of the target. Nothing gets lost that way, so long as you hit the target.

    Concerning ammo reuse, we all try it. But the better the gun the less you'll want to do it because of jams from out-of-round BBs.


  4. Nice article. Looks like a good travel bag especially if a laptop is going. I’ve already got more bags than travel plans though.

    The yellow had the Marauder counter on it last week when the gun went up for sale. A lot of disappointment from many that didn’t get a reservation number. I haven’t seen this kind of fever over an airgun since the disco was released. A new website/blog devoted to the Marauder was launched yesterday. I don’t know if it’s an aberration but I’m surprised that out of the first 100 guns that 78 were in .22 caliber. I understand that when the Marauder is dialed in at max power it’s more efficient in .22 but since power is adjustable I assumed that since it seems there are more target/plinkers/ft shooters than hunters that the .177 would have been the overwhelming choice.


    You owe me nothing. I owe you.


  5. BB, just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to getting a Daisy 499b. This thing kicks some serious butt. Having a blast with it shooting in my downstairs at 5 meters. It sounds like crap when you shoot, but it shoots true. I’ve had it now for about a week and I’ve shot about 500 bb’s through it. Getting a much better feel for the trigger and follow through. Probably the most fun I’ve had shooting since it’s so easy to use. To anyone even thinking about getting one, I say get one now. You won’t regret it.

    I didn’t see any answers on the 760 xls receiver yesterday, so I’m going to call Crosman and ask them. I had a 760 growing up, it was our first air rifle in our family. It’s gone now, but I would like to get another. It holds some fond memories for me.

  6. b.b., great idea about reviewing related items.
    I know myself in the last year or so I’ve purchased, amongst other things a 511 Tactical bag, Surefire flashlight, and recently a small Grundig Shortwave radio and a MTM Special Ops watch.
    Though I don’t consider myself to be a ‘survivalist’ per se, I do want to teach my two boys to be at least somewhat self sufficient if an emergency (I’m thinking more earthquake than terrorist related) arises.
    I’m a photographer. Like many I have a closet full of camera bags that either don’t work as well as I thought they would, or my kit outgrew them. I was really surprised when I was looking at bug-out/tactical bags how many of them would make ideal camera bags…but far better made.
    Same for general travel. The 511 tactical bag I chose was not bigger than a medium overnighter, far better made than what was in the deptartment stores and not all that much more expensive.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  7. BB and fellow bloggers, may I have opinions on what is preferable in a 10M target pistol – the IZH, the Crosman 2300 or Daisy Avanti. I’m leaving out the Air Arms as the 3,000 psi pressure required would present some difficulties for me in that it would require a new fitting on my hand pump that I use for the Discovery and my SCUBA tank doesn’t have that pressure capacity.

  8. Fred,

    Off the pistols you mention, the IZH 46M is the only one that is a true 10 meter pistol. The Daisy is close, but not up to competition and the Crosman 2300 is the wrong kind of pistol altogether.

    Remember, 10-meter pistol is a sport that has rules. Take a look at the Gamo Compact, as well.


  9. Fred, as b.b. suggests I’d have a look at the Gamo Compact. It is nearly 1/2 the price of the IZH46. I purchased it because it was in my price range and used IZH’s just aren’t that common.
    I also looked at the Avanti, as I am very pleased with my 853, but as b.b. points out it has entirely the wrong grips.
    My experience after 6 months is that it is way more pistol than I am capable of outshooting (if that is ever possible).
    We have a local pistol club with 10m air following and the two Gamos that are in use by members seem to hold their own against some very high priced competition.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  10. Hi one and all,
    I’m looking for a bag to carry my TalonSS, CO2 tank, 24″ barrel, pump, etc. and am wondering about your likes and dislikes in bags. Thanks!


    Since Crosman is now selling the Marauder now I thought we’d be hearing some GREAT NEWS from you, what’s up?

    Mr B.

  11. BB,
    Can you report on that Colt Gold Cup (I think that was the model???)that you said you gave to Mrs. BB. How does It compare too the Wilson?
    Shadow express dude

  12. SED,

    I would like to report on that National Match (earlier than the Gold Cup) pistol, but I don’t want to anger our readers. I need to get a few airgun reports out first.

    Please remind me in a few weeks, because the story is VERY interesting! I think you would all enjoy hearing about it.


  13. RE:760xls
    this is confusing.I’ve wanted to get one and the plastic receiver is not
    a problem for me.what I can’t get a definite answer to is whether it has a rifled barrel or not.One poster even claims to have gotten different answers from crosman when calling about unrelated items at different times:0


    P.s any opinions on the powermaster 66 ? loacal wally has 1
    NIB for ~$40

  14. JTinAL, I’m nearly positive that the 760 XLS has a rifled barrel. I wonder if the Crosman rep was getting the 760 and 760xls mixed up?

    Plastic can bother me, but it depends on the piece. Part of me thinks that plastic equals cheap and not lasting as long as steel and wood. Then I think of all that plastic that gets buried in landfills for the next thousand years.

    I have a Daisy 953 and it’s loaded with plastic, but it’s such a great rifle that I don’t care. Same with my Daisy 747 and Crosman 1077.

  15. B.B.,

    Thanks for the heads up on AirForce bag. I'll go into my waiting mode. Please, if possible, let us know when they become available. Also we hope that PA will cary them.

    Isn't it about time for another installment on the Marauder?


    Here on the East Coast the deer hunters for the most part are using tree stands. You could adapt that idea to turkey hunting with great success. Simply put your stand in their roosting tree and ambush them when they come home to sleep. For sure, even the most wiley 17" Tom won't be expecting to get wacked in his home place! (For you Volvo)

    Only one problem that I can see is using too much gun and getting knock out of the tree. I'd recommend a H & R single shot in 410.

    As Dr.G. would say, report back to us.

    Mr B.

    PS Kevin will probably say that this isn't a good idea, but you know how he is.

  16. MrB,

    Well, Crosman took pre-orders for Marauders. They’re still not actually shipping anything yet.

    I’ve been in contact with Crosman/Josh a couple times. He sounds pretty excited by the new gun. (me too!) I am kinda surprised that it will be another Benjamin and not a Crosman. I’d think that they’d want their main line name on a flagship model like this.

    I really think it’s cool that a company with this much heritage can still come to market with such a desirable product.

    Spent a few hours today at a Crosman repair station. I’m about to butcher the valve in an old CR180. Can’t get it to hold pressure and it looks like it’s out of spec. I’ll take some pics and probably blog it.


  17. Mr. B.,

    The next Marauder segment requires me to perform major gunsmithing on the gun I have. Because I’m about to leave for Little Rock, I haven’t done that yet.

    I had to get many blog reports in the can to cover me while I’m gone and I just didn’t have the time I need.


  18. When is the PA move to be completed?

    Reason for asking is I have a order for half a dozen items. One of the items was backordered. So I elected to ship the whole order when it in. Which it didn’t.

    And now almost everything on the list is back ordered. So I figure they will not fill the order until after the move.

    Not complaining – knew they were moving when I placed the order. So shouldn’t be surprised.

    Thus the question… when is the move complete?

    … for those that track it. Word verification was “downes” – close enough to downer to me. Back order is a downer.

  19. B.B.,
    Just a thought… you could send your Marder (Marauder) to Vince to upgrade… the he could send it to me for testing.

    Just trying to help.

    Bet we could make a line for those wanting to help you test it.

    p.s. Marder… think it will take off as a nick name? If it does I get the credit.

  20. BB.

    Just a couple of questions: Do the AirForce Adaptive Target Sight Set fit a Talon (or SS)? Are they usefull for target shooting beyond 20 yards? If I want to get the greatest number of usefull shots out of a Talon (or SS)should I get a 24 (or 18) inch barrel and set it to the lowest(er) power? What would you recomend?

    PS. Noise is not an issue.

  21. B.B.

    Having just hauled a laptop through airports, I can say the right bag is very useful. Just make sure to remove the holster. So, a fellow MacBook Pro 15 inch screen user? I would guess that this is the S410 of laptops.

    Any idea when a review of the Air Force Edge might come?


  22. ajvenom,
    If I recall you have a Daisy 953. How is it holding up?

    Thinking of a gift for a youth shooter. His dad told me he’d like to teach him to shoot accurately. The 953 seems to be a nice low cost choice.

    Yeah… I give away a lot of guns. Have like 10 nephews. Usually go with the 1377c with a should stock. But as good as it is the 1377 might be short of what is desired.


  23. A laptop bag should be a one trick horse. For me a laptop bag means travel which is usually by air. A bag that is used as well to carry guns and ammo can get you in trouble when you fly if you are not extreamly careful in removing not only a loose bullet that escaped your search, but the odour from fired ammo. Some airports employ explosives sniffers. Security has gone crazy at airports. A friend of mine was pulled out for an extra-ordinary search because he carried a firearms magazine (magazine as for reading) in his carry on bag!


  24. B.B.,

    Since I was the one who asked about the Marauder earlier today, I think it’s only fair that Vince sends me the gun after he installs that updated valve Crosman sent to you. Besides, I’ve got a printer for my chrony and I’ll review it along with the gun.

    Then I’ll send it to Wayne for hisa comparison between it and his beloved S410.

    Mr B.

  25. B.B.

    I too like the diverse things you review. Although I don’t have a laptop as yet, one has been on my short list, especially as often as my desktop gets high jacked by someone taking orders..

    Mr. B….
    your plan works for me!!.. and don’t worry…

    B.B. has nothing to say about it, as soon as he’s gone, Edith will send it to Vince, because she now knows about the lap dancing drink servers on the corporate jet!

    The pines the birds are roosting in are about 3′ dia. at the base.. I don’t know about getting a tree stand up there..
    or if I’m up to all that work…

    I’m thinking maybe I’m missing the zen thing.. you know “seeing them walk in front of the gun, and saying cheese” kind of thing.. I’m sure it’s only my frame of mind that’s stopping it..

    Today was crazy busy.. no hunting.. no shopping for decoys, no gun buying, not even one shot fired, and it’s after 8pm!!!

    what has my world come to!!!

    off to shoot for an hour or so, or I might have my trigger finger freeze up and fall off.. I heard it happens..

    Oh, speaking of trigger fingers.. am I the only one out here pulling the trigger with my middle finger..(no jokes please.. well who cares..)
    anyway, I like to steady the side of the receiver with my index finger and pull the trigger with the next finger… Sometimes I can’t, because my index finger up there gets into trouble with ejecting shells or something..

    But when I can, and that’s most of the time, I am way more steady, and more able to control recoil in fire arms or springers.. and it even helps with PCPs..

    so who else is wacky about their trigger finger?..

    oh, you think so.. does ya.. ya want to arm wrestle about it?.. we’ll see who owes who.. you be the biggest giver of info there is, dude!!

    I be in your debt big time, and I want you out here so I can pay you back, with a ride on my burro or my waziboy custom trailer he pulls!!

    Wacky Wayne

  26. Oops! On the Talon SS accuracy…I must qualify – I’m shooting 10m and have never shot farther!! But on 10M, super, spot on!!! This is the holy Grail!!! I’m using Crosman Premier, boxed. Listen to B.B.!!! He knows what he’s talking about!!!


  27. DB:

    I have both a Daisy 953 and (as you know from commenting last week) a Crosman 1377C.

    The 953 is a very nice gun, both to look at and to shoot. It may be synthetic, but it is well finished, the stock is nicely shaped, and the mechanism operates smoothly. The biggest advantages for a young shooter would be the repeater function and the one pump feature. It is very accurate with a scope or red dot, if you use the right pellets. Mine likes Gamo Match and RMS Hobbys. The two-stage trigger is very good also.

    However, despite the sort of clunky appearance, an inferior stock trigger, and the irritations of having to pump a lot and fire only in single-shot mode, the 1377C is clearly the more accurate airgun, with almost any pellet. (At least mine is.)

    I have a red-dot on it now to accommodate my poor eyes, but in truth, it is most accurate with the peep sight it came with (you know…flip over the rear notched sight). I can manage to shoot out 1/4″ bulls with three or four wadcutters almost every time at my short basement range of 15 feet.

    I’d think if your friend wants to concentrate on teaching accuracy, a shoulder-stocked 1377C would be hard to beat.

    Of course, I don’t have much experience in airgunning, so there may be something better.

    I’ve got a terrible cold, so writing comment is more fun than trying to work today.


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