by B.B. Pelletier


H&K’s big USP BB pistol is a heavyweight.

Here is another BB pistol that copies a firearm design, only this one is branded by the manufacturer. The H&K USP BB pistol is a BB-caliber version of the firearm–not just a copy. That means if you collect H&K pistols, this one belongs in your collection.

First, I want to set the record straight. The gun says “cal. 4.5mm (.177)” on the left side of the slide and again on the magazine. That is incorrect. This is not a 4.5mm pistol–it’s a BB pistol and BB is a caliber in its own right. If you measure it, it’s 4.3mm, which is .173 caliber, but BB is the correct term for this caliber.

The problem is people unfamiliar with these guns will see 4.5mm and may mistakenly try to load it with pellets. Clerks at stores will be equally confused by the markings and may direct customers to the wrong ammunition. These markings need to be clarified to avoid this confusion. This is a BB gun, pure and simple.

General description
This is a CO2-powered pistol that fires in the double-action-only mode. As a quick review, DAO means that the trigger cocks the hammer before firing. The slide doesn’t do it, so the trigger pull is always equally hard. Many U.S. law enforcement agencies favor DAO actions because they feel they offer added safety, since the trigger is so hard to pull. So, this BB pistol is actually a USP model with the LEM (Law Enforcement Modification), which is the DAO trigger.

This is another heavy BB pistol, so if realism is your game, this one’s for you. Loaded with a CO2 cartridge but no BBs, the gun weighs 1.963 lbs. (1 lb., 15.4 oz.) or 890 grams, making it heavier than any variant of the H&K firearm it copies. Like the USP firearm, the BB pistol has a synthetic frame.

The magazine, which also contains the CO2 cartridge, does not drop free. You must press down on the release located at the rear of the triggerguard and pull out the bottom of the mag at the same time. The magazine holds 22 steel BBs. A speedloader comes packed with the gun, so loading isn’t hard. Simply pull down on the follower at the front of the magazine and install the speedloader over the top of the mag. It simultaneously holds the follower down and offers a funnel for the BBs.


The Mag holds both the CO2 cartridge and the BBs. The cartridge is held in by a large synthetic plug.


Speedloader fits over the magazine, providing a funnel for the BBs. Mag holds 22.

No blowback
This is an important feature that customers want to know about. This pistol doesn’t have blowback. It makes good sense not to in this case, because with DAO operation, a slide that blows back isn’t doing much more than faking recoil.

The sights are non-adjustable combat sights. The front has a single white dot and the rear has two dots. Line them up horizontally on the target and put the front dot on what you expect to hit.

Besides the magazine release, the safety switch on the left rear of the pistol is the only other control that works as designed.


Safety switch is at the left rear of the slide. It can be worked by the thumb of the firing hand.

This is supposed to be a fairly fast BB gun–in the 360 f.p.s. range. That seems to be what a lot of shooters are looking for, so we shall see what this one really has to offer.