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Education / Training IZH MP655 BB and pellet pistol – Part 1

IZH MP655 BB and pellet pistol – Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

There’s a great spring gun sale at Pyramyd AIR right now through this Thursday. Some very nice guns are on the list. See it here.

I’ve done a lot of spring guns recently and many of them were vintage, so today I’ll get back on track with a product you can buy. It’s the new MP 655K CO2 pistol pistol from IZH.This pistol shoots either steel BBs or lead pellets, depending on how you set it up.

Unlike the new air handguns of the recent past, this one is an entirely new model, and one that we’re not familiar with. Like many new airguns, this one is a copy of a firearm, though, once again, a model that most of us are not familiar with. It was requested by the Spetsnaz (Similar to, but not exactly the same as American Special Forces. The translation of the name is “Special Purpose.”) to replace the Makarov, and it’s very different from that pistol. The MR 445 Varjag is a departure in thinking from the traditional Soviet/Russian view of sidearms. Until now, sidearms were considered useless by Russian forces, and all their thought has centered on the rifle or carbine. But this one changes everything.

The MR 445 is a modern tactical sidearm. It’s chambered in .40 Smith & Wesson, which represents a huge departure for the Russians or indeed, for any European military or police force. The 9x19mm Luger round (or 9×18 Makarov for the Soviets/Russians) has been so entrenched in the thinking of European forces for the past century that it has been unthinkable for them to consider another round. And, if they did, it was invariably lower-powered, like the 7.65mm that we call the .32 ACP. Big bore handguns were not the thing in Europe throughout the 20th century.

The MR 445 also has a rail mounting system under the slide and in front of the triggerguard to accept tactical flashlights and lasers. So, this is a serious handgun designed for serious use, rather than dead weight on the soldier. It has a 15-round magazine, in a double-stack wide grip. It has a vestigial hammer buried deep within the slide. And the trigger is a strange, solid piece of metal with a crescent cutout for the trigger finger. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen.

As sexy as this new firearm is, Baikal, the makers, just released an airgun equivalent called the MP-655K. Powered by CO2, this pistol holds either 100 steel BBs in a reservoir inside the slide or eight lead pellets housed in a circular clip. There’s another separate BB storage compartment in the grip. BB gun shooters are going to want to check it out.


I took a new photo of the 655K because it doesn’t look exactly like the one on the Pyramyd AIR product page. The controls are silver-colored for one thing.

An ambidextrous thumb release on the side of the grip behind the trigger releases the CO2 system and separate BB storage container for servicing. An ambidextrous 1911-style safety switch can be operated one-handed by all shooters. The slide release is extended, but on the left side of the frame only; however, a lefty can easily operate it with his trigger finger.


The slide release is extended back so you can operate it with your thumb (trigger finger for southpaws) and the safety is ambidextrous.

This is a handgun that owners are going to have to study before use. It has so many unique and unusual features and operating quirks that it’s going to challenge most shooters to learn its ways in the beginning. The BB reservoir in the grip is just a container that does not feed BBs into the gun. It’s simply there as an additional supply of BBs. When you want to actually shoot, BBs are poured into a space in the top of the slide called the BB accumulator. Those BBs move by gravity to the magnetized circular BB clip that accepts them for shooting. To load pellets, you must swap the circular clip inside the pistol’s metal slide with a pellet clip. The gun comes with a cleaning rod that’s also the clip removal tool. I’ll show all of this when I test the velocity in Part 2.


The “magazine” contains both the CO2 cartridge, the gun’s valve and a separate BB container. That container does not feed into the gun. BBs must be poured into the real reservoir on top of the slide.


What looks like the barrel in this photo is just a sliding plastic barrel cover. It’s made to resemble the barrel of a firearm. It even has fake “rifling” cast into the end. The real barrel is the smaller hole on the bottom.

The frame is synthetic, of course. Since that’s the common practice with firearms today, I don’t think anyone can complain. If they do, no one will care that much. I see in this month’s Shooting Times that Taurus is bringing out a plastic version of their Judge revolver, so plastic is now the material of choice for both airguns and firearms.

The MP-655K’s frame is molded with rounded corners to make a “one shape fits all” configuration. Obviously, a lot of thought was given to ergonomics in the design, which is more evidence that they meant this pistol to be used.

The slide, which the owner’s manual calls the barrel jacket, moves freely on the frame; but the pistol doesn’t have blowback.

The rear sight is fully adjustable and delightfully plain. A square notch in back with a front square post. The steel barrel is rifled with six lands and grooves, so good accuracy should be possible. The action is both single- and double-action, though cocking the hammer is more like pressing a button.


The rear sight is fully adjustable and very nice and conventional.


The hammer is buried deep inside the slide but still accessible for single-action operation.

You must be astonished by the price of this gun, for it sells for three times what a BB pistol should cost. But you have to remember that this gun also shoots lead pellets, so perhaps the best way to think of it is like an Umarex pistol. It remains to be see if the gun is accurate and how well it works and what the shot count from a CO2 cartridge might be, but that’s what these tests are for.

I will say this–if IZH has managed to make an accurate pistol and one that functions well, they may have a real winner in the MP-655K.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

70 thoughts on “IZH MP655 BB and pellet pistol – Part 1”

  1. Good Morning, BB. Looks like I beat Mr. B. to the first post.

    I'm having a slight issue. My Discovery (.22) wants to shoot the tinned Crosman Premiers better than even the JSB Exacts! I'm talking about 1/4 inch groups with them at 25 yards. I know that it should shoot better with the higher-quality pellets, but it doesn't. Is there something that I am doing wrong?


  2. blowgunner62,

    Well, it's time to return that rifle to Crosman for not following the rules!

    In my testing for both this blog and Shotgun News, Crosman Rremiers outshot JSBs in the .22 Discovery. Now, I did use the boxed pellets, but as I have said many times, they are exactly the same as the tinned ones. The only difference between the two is the boxed pellets are all from the same lot.

    Therefor we can conclude that the tinned Premiers can be capable of excellent accuracy. So, enjoy your economy pellets.


  3. Well, I can only enjoy the economy pellets after I finish the tins of

    RWS Superdomes
    H&N Crow Magnums
    H&N Field Targets
    JSB Exacts, and
    JSB Exact Heavies!

    Oh well, they hurt my wallet and dont do much on paper but maybe they will get some use anyway.

  4. Good morning B.B.,

    Had to go dig out my Beeman P17 and compair its looks with the MP55K. I'm currious to see how well it shoots and am looking fwd to part two.

    blowgunner62–good morning to you also. Do you know where I can get darts for my 1960's Whamo 2 piece blowgun?

    Mr B.

  5. BG62, save those pricey pellets for some other gun that can use 'em! If your Disco's a cheap date, don't complain…

    But I've generally found that there's no other .22 pellet that can touch the tinned Premiers for the price. The only down side is that it's possible for Crosman to come out with a bad batch, although I'd only seen it happen once (a few years ago).

  6. rikib,

    100% disabled AND retired? Amazing. Most of the guys I kept in touch with were either one or the other, don't know of anyone who's both. I extend my hand to you, brother for serving.

    I reevaluated my course before going third term.

    Don't lose you sense of humor, it's the only thing they can't control!


    w.v. retchu gazoonheight!

  7. Crosman Premiers:

    I was told by a long time airgunning guru that the current Premiers are made by multiple stampings out of a thin metal sheet that is then compressed by a machine, where as previously they were formed from single round balls. All the equipment is 100% different.

    He had the left over lead metal ribbon from the factory with the caliber correct holes in it.

    I’m sure new CP’s will shoot well in many rifles, but I would still horde the old stuff if you can…

  8. KidAgain/DSW:

    In yesterday's blog at 9:29 PM you attributed a question to me that I didn't ask you. I think it might have been Slinging Lead though.

    Anyway, I can sympathize with you. It is indeed a huge pain in the keester to have to sign in with your password every time you want to post a comment, even if it is still within the same browser session. I got around this hassle as follows:

    I use Mozilla Firefox as my preferred browser. I use the Master Password option, which remembers all your passwords for you (only if you want, of course.) Now then, even if you have Master Password enabled under Options, some websites, especially banking websites, ignore this preference and still force you to key in your password for that site every time anyway. Google Blogger does this too, which is ridiculous!! So here is the workaround:

    Let's assume you already have this blog comment page open in a separate tab or window. Before you key in your password, click on this enable autocomplete link. It will take you to squaretrade.com. Once there, click on the bookmarklet named remember password at the top of the page. When you click it, it opens a small window in your browser. Click 'OK' and the little window closes. Now proceed to key in your password and click either Preview or Publish Your Comment. When you submit the form, your browser should offer to remember the password (because the website's autocomplete="off" command has now been overridden); Click 'Yes'. Once your browser has your password for this site stored, it will ignore Blogger's autocomplete restriction, so you won't have to use the special bookmarklet again each time you visit the blog comment page. From now on, your Master Password will autocomplete your password for this site and you don't have to bother remembering it again. (As with all passwords, always write it down in some safe place in case you ever need to refer to it in future.)

    Note: I saved this bookmarklet to my Bookmarks so I don't have to navigate to squaretrade.com each time I need to use it. It works on almost any website that blocks the autocomplete command, not just Google Blogger, so use it judiciously!


  9. I noticed, back in my avid pellet weighing days, that most brands of pellets will vary as much as .8g from highest to lowest weight with a lot of large groups within +/- .2g of advertised weight. Recently, I weighed a hundred Crosman Premiers 10.5g, in the box, and had a similar spread, 10.1g-10.7g, but 90% of them were in the 10.5g and 10.4g range. The conclusion is the CPs in the box still appear to be coming out more consistent.

    Oh, and after weighing the CPs, my eMatch score improved by only one point. Dang! The finger is pointing back at me again! I hate that.


  10. It's interesting that there are password problems with blogger. I never have to enter my id and password. I think the reason is that I'm usually already logged on with gmail.com (google mail) for my email browser and blogger (a google product)likes that and automatically considers me logged on.


  11. Mr.B: I'm not Blowgunner, but one time I was running 1/2" metal conduit for a job, and I learned something interesting during break time, while doing that. We found that the right size wire nuts and a 4' piece of conduit would provide decent accuracy to about 40 feet or so. Minute of small coffee cup, with very little practice. The thought crossed my mind, that if you added a point to the small end of the wire nut, it would maybe make a fair dart. Robert.

  12. Chuck,

    Yes, that is exactly the reason. Pretty much all Google products are linked and use the same account/password: GMail, GooglePayments, Blogger and so forth. Which means that once you've logged in, if you use Google to search, they are also monitoring and recording that, all of which adds up to an enormous data mining coup for them. Believe me, Google knows more about you than you do yourself!


  13. Robert,

    How hard do you have to blow? I can't even make a spitball cross the room! From what I've read, length of the blowgun seems to make a big difference. How short can you make this tube and still get the range/accuracy you describe? For instance, can a blowgun the length of a cane or umbrella deliver the goods?


  14. AlanL,
    If I had something to hide I would be concerned but if they're that desperate for data they can have it.

    BTW, you don't think they're the only ones doing that do you? You're internet provider has more info about you than google does. They can even be subpoenaed for a list of all the sites you've ever visited. Anyone who thinks they have personal privacy on the net is mistaken.


  15. Regarding blowgun darts on a jobsite about 1980 a foreman used about a forty inch piece of 1/2" electrical conduit for a blow gun. The darts were the bottom of the pointed water cups and about a four inch piece of electrical tie wire stuck in the point. Quite accurate and would stick in drywall. Pops

  16. AlanL: It didn't take much breath, and the wire nut was a slip fit in the conduit. We were just fooling around, and didn't make a project of it. I also was suprised at how little practice it took to get some accuracy. I could see how one could kill a rabbit at close range with the right dart. Jess Galan in one of the last two Airgun Digests, had an article on blow guns. Also, the "Backwoodsman" magazine also has had some stuff on blowguns.Robert

  17. AlanL,

    My Whamo blowgun would nail a squirel to the side of a tree. I had to use plyers to pull the dart out of the wood. I used to shoot and kill pigeons on the roof of our two story house when I was a kid. With the "right stuff" on the end of a dart it would kill raccoons.

    I've a small blow gun, like the kind you see being sold today that's about 3' long that is ok, but it's a much smaller caliber with a dart that's much lighter than the Whamo's. I'd call it a plinker rather than a hunter.

    Mr B.

  18. As kids, my friend and I, who were always building "weapons", found some copper plumbing pipe and a box of wire nuts (his dad was a contractor, and we were adding on to our house). We would thread a firecracker into the wire nut and stuff it in the back of the pipe. We got excellent range (for 10 year olds), and a nice bit of noise:). Our wooden cannon (drilled a hole) loaded with smokeless powder and shooting marbles didn't work, however; that was probably a very good thing.

  19. BB/TwoTalon,

    Finally got to give .495 balls a try, and they work great — so well I doubt I'll use the .490's for target work anymore. You told me so:)!

    After doing the "science", I decided to play around with something that has aroused my curiosity, namely working up a light/loose load for 25 yards or so that can be loaded easily with the 5/16" untipped ramrod I have. I've noticed that the antique rifles almost never have heavy rods (and not even a tip in most cases), and a little more research calls into question whether they even used a shortstarter regularly before the mid-1800's. I used the .490's and a light cotton patch with spit and a 50gr. load and had a good time just trying to hit the paper! Need to do many more trials, but it sure is fun not using all the clap-trap sometimes. Now that I have a feel for it, I think I can use a heavier patch and still load easily.

  20. BG_Farmer
    Your rifle will let you know if the fit is too loose.

    In general, a load that is easy to push down will not shoot well. Erratic pressure curves and blown out patches are a typical result.
    Keep your eye on it.

    I coul say a few things about spit patches, but will let you fool with it for a while.


  21. I've got a 5 ft cold steel big bore (.625) blow gun and you can get darts on line (search google) for it that are very accurate but not really up to par for hunting. I haven't made these yet, but here is the plan I've formed in my head.

    wooden dowel (not sure what diameter I'll use) 8" long for the shaft.

    heavy paper rolled into a cone and saturated in super glue for the cup, super glued to the end of the dowel

    modified exacto knife blades inserted into a cross shaped slot carefully cut into the end of the dowel and held in place by quick drying epoxy for the tip.

    Like I said, I haven't made these but they sound feasible. I think the paper cup and shaft would be easy enough, but the success of this design really depends on what kind of blades are out there. If you could come up with a razor sharp broadhead design for the tip this would have plenty of killing power for small game.


  22. Does anyone know if and how a faulty valve in a 12oz CO2 bottle can be repaired. I assume I can just unscrew the top off and look at the valve for damage. After emptying the bottle, of course, which, actually is already empty because the valve is damaged. I took it in yesterday to have it filled and the clerk tried to fill it but I don't think he knew what he was doing and ruined the valve. He claimed it was a faulty valve and not his fault – gee, really? There are two places in town that fill CO2. I guess there is only one now!


  23. KidAgain,
    Just to let you know I believe it started phasing in about two years ago that you could receive both your retirement and disability pay. I'm not sure if it is fully phased in yet. But my father retired army is 100% disabled and my little brother is retired air force 40% disabled. I thank you for your service to our country. Hope there is no ill will between us brothers in service to our country.

  24. AlanL,

    Thanks. I thought you were saying "who're do you think you're fooling" in regards to my weak excuse for using anony button. Guess I missed what you were saying.

    I'm busted. It was just that, weak excuse. I just didn't log in. For penance I will enter one of those ematch competitions with my crosman 760.


  25. If anyone is interested I just received an email that the Mossberg 500 Pump Action Cruiser .410 6 Shot Pistol Grip 18.5" Barrel is now available for just under $300 at rrams.com for home defense.

  26. rikib,

    thanks for clearing that up for me. I did meet a Vet a few years back that said he was officially 200% disabled. He was POW in Nam. I
    We were at a potluck dinner at the VFW and when he was offered rice with his enchiladas he said "no, I've had it before".

  27. TwoTalon,
    I understand. Its more of a fun/academic exercise. I don't care much for the spit patches, either, but they seemed to fit the minimalist approach I was going for. I also had a crazy theory that the spit's lack of lubrication would help make up for the looser fit. Honestly, I can't see how they would load extremely tight patch/ball combinations with the rods you see on old rifles; synthetics were not an option, nor metal until later, at least for civilians.

    I will need a tighter fit than I had, for sure, and that will probably entail a greased patch, but I think I can get "plinking" accuracy at 25 yards with a fairly easy-loading combo. I'm happy seating the ball with the handle of the patch knife if necessary — I just want to see what's possible with what it appears was commonly used in the old days:).

  28. BG_Farmer
    In the old days it was more expedient to use an easier and faster loading load…both for hunting and self defense. Whatever did "good enough" was usually used. Competition accuracy was not required.


  29. KidAgain
    No problem, wish the government would make it clearer. Retired 16 years ago, still not receiving full retirement but better than it was. I won't say anymore as I don't want to get into politics on this blog.

  30. RikiB,

    that comment got a chuckle out of me. I guess you want this blog to stay more focused on air guns and not start another rant war.

    Can't blame you!

    Fred PRoNJ

    ps – no word yet on the .22 rifle from my buddy.

  31. Cjr,
    I have the same question. Last week I had my 12 oz. bottle filled. It took 2 clerks and 5 tries to fill it, but they finally got it. The next day I went to use it and it was empty. So are they repairable or disposable?

  32. Fred
    Yep, really trying to keep my opinions to myself lately. This blog is for air guns like you said, and maybe peaceful discussions about other topics that are none judgmental.

  33. Robert, BB is right. It's a pin, 1/4" by about 1.1" long. Also there are no side washers or spacers. It's a very simple assembly that is easy to take apart and put back together – but if anything wears, it's gonna be part of the gun (because of the lack of washers), and there's no simple way of taking up any play. But if the area is kept lubed with moly (mix some moly powder in 30wt oil – maybe 30% or so) I can't imagine it'll be a problem in our lifetimes.


  34. For what it is worth, for those that are concerned about that kind of thing, there are ways to route your internet traffic through certain sites that randomize your IP address to keep your communications and web traffic history anonymous, including from your ISP (theoretically). Enter Anonymous surfing into a search engine (NOT GOOGLE, THEY'RE WATCHING YOU!!!) and you should come up with a few results. There are other ways to go about it, but I am not technically savvy enough to understand it.

  35. Slinging Lead
    Planned on it was trying to decide between .410 and 20ga.

    Is there something we need to know about the Mossberg 500 .410 6 shot Pistol Grip 18.5" Barrel. Haven't read any negative reviews.

  36. 12 oz. CO2 bottles:

    During my paintballing days several years back I got to know the do's & dont's of filling CO2 bottles. Yes the valve screws off the bottle and can be repaired/replaced. I never did that myself, but saw it done a few times. You have to have a good way to hold the bottle because the valve is threaded on pretty tight. Some type of vise or a strong band clamp. The threads on the valve are longer than you would expect and tight almost the whole way.

    As for a bottle leaking out after it had been filled, check for a leak at the burst disk (the small hex shape on the side of the valve). If you can tighten it easily with a small crescent wrench it may have been leaking there. You may have to spray a soapy water solution on this area when the botlle is under pressure to tell if it leaking.

    A good way to get "a good fill" on a CO2 bottle is to put it in the freezer for a couple hours before you get it filled to cool down the bottle. The liquid CO2 has a hard time getting into a room temperature or warmer bottle. A way to get around this (although a little wastefull) is to put a small charge of CO2 into the bottle and let it bleed off rapidly. This cools down the bottle so you can get a full fill into the bottle.

    Hope this was helpfull. DAVID H.

  37. I'm a redneck in Southern California, a white male in what has now become a mostly Hispanic and Black neighborhood, buy beer (Coors Light) at a corner market that could well be set in Compton or Willowbrook (That's post 60's for Watts FYI). I have a raised Chevy 4×4 and a lowered '66 Ford in my driveway, so who's NOT watching?!!!

    woa! word ver.: zergulab. are the Russians listening in?

    Hmm… the blowgun on break thing reminds me of a couple of years ago I was a Superintendent of a Construction Company doing Tenant Improvements for clothing stores. Anyway, I was graced with the boss' son who fiddled with stuff during break time and shot my electrician with a spitball, which lead to him getting hit with wire nuts from a sissor lift, which lead to the blow pipe and wire nuts which lead to discussions of a potato launcher. We made this thing out of ABS (sewer) pipe with a 2"X40" bbl. and I believe A 4"x10 or 12" chamber. I didn't have a range finder but I'm confident that we sent potatos (or potatoes, of you're Dan Quayle) all of 400 yds!

    Now before you smart guys tell me how dangerous it is using ABS, I will say that I made him cut the chamber in peices so that 4" couplers could be also used for double thickness.

    What a wonderfull sound that thing made when fired off!

  38. Rikib,

    Is there something we need to know about the Mossberg 500 .410 6 shot Pistol Grip 18.5" Barrel. Haven't read any negative reviews.

    LOL! LOL! LOL! That's the spirit!

  39. Well wife was out today so got a chance to discharge my co2 with a bunch of pellets. I received my long steel breech for my 2240 about a week ago but better half always had something else for me to do. Next two days suppose to be rain and thunderstorms so hopefully I'll get a chance to install it. This will be my first mod wish me luck, any heads up before hand.

  40. I'm laughing because it sounded like you are sold on the gun but are ribbing me, as my comments often appear negative. If it's so, I thoroughly enjoyed the joke, If not than, please re read your comment and enjoy it with me.

    I have never had a 500. Both of my son's do however and they seem to be a great tool for the money. I really don't think anyone could go wrong with one for a home defense weapon.

    I have expressed that .410's are a little light for the job, but recently after a little field comparison to my 20ga. my view isn't the same. I myself use a 20ga in hunting configuration, not the ideal tool either.

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of either 20ga. or .410.


  41. KidAgain,
    Please accept my apology I was reading several posts and crossed them up in my mind. I was not ribbing you. Yes, I think I am sold on the gun, just trying to get finances together for a vintage bike at the moment. If you didn't understand in my earlier post, you may not have retired from the service but I still consider you a brother in the service to our country.

  42. This may seem like a scatter brain idea but there were a lot of posts concerning home defense rifles/shotguns and that they could not be kept under a pillow. What if you had a .22 air pistol w/ tac light and/or laser under your pillow and the shotgun on the floor by your bed. Obviously the pistol would not kill (unless you might happen to put it through the eye). But at 10 maybe 15ft would it not be enough of a surprise to an intruder for you to then grab the shotgun off the floor. Maybe stupid but just a thought.

  43. FrankB,

    '66 F100. 428 w/ worked over aod and a gear vendor. It used to get around 12mpg at 60mph with the 390 in it. I haven't driven it for over a year and do not recall exactly what it got with the above mentioned running gear, but it was ALOT better, and at 70+. Closer to 18 & 20. I've been called a liar a couple of times, but it's true. Now if I'm driving it hard around town she'll use it all pretty quick!

    NY'er, heh? NICE!

    AlanL, I just had to sign in again. And I have my google mail open. glad I cut & Pasted what you said to a word doc.!

  44. Makes me think of my older brother long since deceased. His first car was a Dark Green 2 door Pontiac Bonniville if I remember right it was either a 69 or 70 with a Hemi. You could fly past almost anything on the road, but I'd swear you could literally see the gas gauge go down as you punched it. Nice memories though. I maybe wrong about the year of the car but it's look is embedded in my mind. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

  45. Strongly considering the Gear vendor's unit too!Funny you mention it….I believe the difference,it's as simple as math.My car has never seen a gas pump it didn't want to hook up with!Six foreward speeds might make things even more interesting.
    Watch your six at that corner store. Frank B

  46. rikib,

    The site you mentioned, rrams.com, does not have a Mossberg on sale. Can you please provide a more exact link?


    Hope the workaround works for you. Remember, it is designed for Firefox.


  47. AlanL
    I'll check the link they sent me and email. I'll post again shortly.

    Frank B
    I maybe wrong I was only like 16 at the time. That was many, many, many years ago I do remember it sucking so much gas he didn't keep it much over a year (it was over 400 I do remember that, dad complained). He opt'ed for a datsun 240 after that. His last was and Opel GT, my parents put it in storage (after his passing) for the rest of us kids. Vehicle storage company did not maintain it as agreed and it basically rotted out, what a shame

  48. As for me I do intend to get a pistol grip shotgun with a short barrel for ease of handling in the event it is needed during the night. But I'm fortunate to have 4 canines that would alert me to anyone on my property.

  49. This blog is for all ages….please consider that.A realistic home defence plan is one that encompasses all likely scenarios…..and a pellet gun is probably not something to dwell on considering the above.

  50. Frank B
    Okay thanks for the answer. I guess what I really meant was asking this as a question (not as a scenario), and you have answered it very well. As I stated I'm fortunate to have my canines that are startled very easily. I did not intend to make anyone think that a 2240 could be used as a home defense and I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. It IS NOT and COULD NOT be used for this purpose. My sincere apologies for any misunderstandings.

  51. Frank,

    Mostly because I'm OCD? I was looking to confirm you as the one that I talked to months ago about looking you up should I ever make my trip to North Caroline to see my youngest son. He was stationed in Montgomery. Gunter AFB.


  52. I forgot your other Identity….good thing I don't work for Homeland security. Montgomery is a few hours drive.I don't know that I'm all that interesting…..

  53. DSW,

    Should you get to Huntsville and then head West, look me up. I'm in Collierville, TN, which is a suburb of Memphis. It's at the other end of Hwy 72 from Huntsville, just a short 3 hour drive from Huntsville.



  54. Looks like a nice new pistol. The price seems high, but ignoring the BB portion, it seems on par with the Umarex pellet pistols. The BB repeater part is icing on top, taking it just a hair past the Umarex features. Seems more reasonable that way.

    Now, if it can serve up Umarex or better pellet accuracy, with action style BB shooting, it's like 2 pistols in one. I'm intrigued. The price is a premium, which seems like a big step for Baikal. Their products have been very high quality, but carried non-premium pricing in the past for what you get. Based on how fantastic their previous products have been (My favorite plinker is the IZH-61 rifle), this has definitely caught my interest.

    I can't wait to see the performance testing. A wise man who blogs as BB gave me some advice when I vas looking for a pistol. Loosely paraphrased, "Anything which shoots both BB's and pellets will be a compromise for both." Hopefully, this'll be an exception. So BB, please don't leave us hanging.

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  • Shipping Time Frame

    We work hard to get all orders placed by 12 pm EST out the door within 24 hours on weekdays because we know how excited you are to receive your order. Weekends and holiday shipping times will vary.

    During busy holidays, we step our efforts to ship all orders as fast as possible, but you may experience an additional 1-2 day delay before your order ships. This may also happen if you change your order during processing.

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  • Shipping Restrictions

    It's important to know that due to state and local laws, there are certain restrictions for various products. It's up to you to research and comply with the laws in your state, county, and city. If you live in a state or city where air guns are treated as firearms you may be able to take advantage of our FFL special program.

    U.S. federal law requires that all airsoft guns are sold with a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms.

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  • Expert Service and Repair

    Get the most out of your equipment when you work with the expert technicians at Pyramyd AIR. With over 25 years of combined experience, we offer a range of comprehensive in-house services tailored to kickstart your next adventure.

    If you're picking up a new air gun, our team can test and tune the equipment before it leaves the warehouse. We can even set up an optic or other equipment so you can get out shooting without the hassle. For bowhunters, our certified master bow technicians provide services such as assembly, optics zeroing, and full equipment setup, which can maximize the potential of your purchase.

    By leveraging our expertise and precision, we ensure that your equipment is finely tuned to meet your specific needs and get you ready for your outdoor pursuits. So look out for our services when shopping for something new, and let our experts help you get the most from your outdoor adventures.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Get FREE shipping on qualifying orders! Any order $150+ with a shipping address in the contiguous US will receive the option for free ground shipping on items sold & shipped by Pyramyd AIR during checkout. Certain restrictions apply.

Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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