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Education / Training B-Square Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

B-Square Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

by B.B. Pelletier

Update on Tom/B.B.: Things are still going along nicely, and the doctor called to tell me that he’s very pleased with the way things are improving.

B.B. actually provided a blog for me today, but I didn’t get to the blog til really late, so I’ll save it for another day this week. It needs a little bit of work and some finishing touches. Today’s blog came from the February 2002 Airgun Letter.

I use this whenever I mount a scope, tune a gun or adjust a trigger. I didn’t want to share my set, so Edith has her own set.

I’ve been using this B-Square Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set since 2001. It’s replaced just about everything else in my tool chest. Until it came along, I used the Chapman set that comes in the yellow plastic box. It was fine, but I broke one of the slotted screw bits early on, and it’s too much hassle to send off for a replacement. Chapman even tells you in their literature that their bits are not hardened and will break. They claim this is to avoid damaging the screw slots on expensive guns, but I’m not convinced.

Expensive guns usually have hardened screws, and you’re supposed to hand-grind each bit to fit them exactly, so if you do the job right, there isn’t much danger of damaging the slots. Having said that, I must admit to having damaged my share of screw slots over the years.

The B-Square set is made of super-tough steel, and all the bits are hardened. The slotted bits are hollow-ground, which is important to a gunsmith. I wouldn’t hesitate to grind one to fit a particular screw slot if the job warranted it, but they seem to fit most screws just fine the way they are.

The bits with long shanks are for installing recoil pads, but they work on regular screws just as well. There’s also a nice selection of the more common Allen screw bits, though I do wish there were more–both larger and smaller. The Chapman set comes with an optional case of Allen bits, which come in very handy–especially in the field.

There are two Torx bits–for Leupold mounts I was told–and six Phillips bits. There’s also a one-eighth inch square-drive bit for installing Remington buttplates. It can also be used to drive small sockets, which the gas guns seem to need.

I’d like to see a few Phillips bits in the larger sizes, as the European spring rifles often require them; but for what can be packed into a compact plastic case, B-Square has done very well.

I like this tool set a lot, but I lost my first one at the security checkpoint in the Dallas airport. I had it packed on my carry-on bag without thinking, and it was confiscated. I have no complaint except that I wish I’d been more aware of where it was that day.

Best news of all is that B-Square will give you a free replacement for any bit you break. No more hassle!

Pyramyd AIR sells this set for $28.95, which is $1.00 less than the retail price in 2002!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

44 thoughts on “B-Square Professional Gunsmith Screwdriver Set”

  1. B.B./Edith
    Sounds like a very good kit. Gun screwdrivers are well worth the money when you need them.
    A couple good sets of allen wrenches are also good to have…one standard and one metric. Selected sizes of the long "T" handle allens are very handy at times also.
    Never get cheap ones that are soft or questionable in size. Worn allens can be carefully ground off to provide a like new fit.


  2. Alan,

    As far as gunsmithing screwdrivers go, I've only used the Chapmans. I've not broken a bit, but I'd rather break a bit than break the screw or bolt. The point is, get and use a set of dedicated drivers if you work on guns. My "normal" screwdrivers are from Wiha in case we're sharing.

    I think the B-Square set looks like a great value, and I think the Chapmans have more bit sizes available.

  3. rikib,

    A little insight to someone else's auction mindset. This may apply in many but not all instances, of course:

    Seller: "I still like this gun but would like to try another and I'm in no hurry. If there's some idiot out there who's willing to pay what I'm asking I'll take it, but otherwise, I'm not really in that big a hurry to sell it. I can wait for the right idiot to come along."

    rikib, I didn't make this up. It's a statement expressed by and artist about his works. I believe it also applies to individuals who sell airguns, or anything else for that matter. So, beware.


  4. AlanL,

    Edith, you might be interested in this also.

    I decided to take a look at the Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle so I did a search on PA. I got a hit on "Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle by Weihrauch" but it showed it as discontinued. ??? I looked to the left where the "see also" items are and listed there is a Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle. ??? Yes, you read that correctly. ??? The same rifle is listed in the "see also" section. So, I clicked on it to see what would happen and up popped the item "Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle by Weihrauch" being sold for $314.50 and it is in stock. Yes, you read that right, it is also labeled "Weihrauch HW30S Air Rifle by Weihrauch".

    I read that Beeman was now distributing the HW30S so I went to the Beeman page and the rifle is not listed there. I then went to the Weihrauch page and the rifle is not listed there either.

    Also, aside from the above, I could not find a review of the HW30S by Tom Gaylord. This gives me an uncomfortable feeling.


  5. rikib & Chuck,

    Tom has also priced some of his collectible guns really high when he's gone to airgun shows. He said he didn't want to sell them, but people always ask if something's for sale. So, he puts an absurdly high price on a gun just to dissuade potential buyers. One time, somebody bought a gun priced that way. It was a sad day for Tom because he thought it would never happen.


  6. AlanL, Chuck, et. al.,

    Can't explain the HW 50S appearing as py-1988-4053 and py-2152-3500 since they appear identical with the exception of one being out of stock and the other in stock in .177. The only other difference I see is that one also shows the option of .22 cal but it's shown as out of stock at this time. There's also an HW 50S as Py-1730-4344 but the obvious difference is the new fiber optic sights vs. the original sights that include a front globe that accepts inserts.

    The difference in the HW 30 on the PA site is the difference in sights. After the sale of Beeman it's my understanding that Beeman will not be distributing Weihrauch guns but Pyramyd AIR will be the distributor.

    As Chuck already said, B.B. did an article on the R7 which is the same action as the HW 30. Here's another good article on the HW 30/R7:


  7. Apologies to Slinging Lead. It was Slinging Lead that posted the link to B.B.'s article on the R7.


    Don't have an uncomfortable feeling about a HW30 or an R7. They're a classic low powered springer that's great for plinking or feathers at short distances.


  8. rikib,

    The gunbroker site (and possibly others) charge no fees for a basic listing that doesn't sell. Which means that there is no downside to listing a high starting price or having a high reserve price. If it cost the seller out of pocket to list an item, then you would see more realistic prices. But, it doesn't, so you don't.


  9. Chuck,

    Regarding the HW30S rifles. Pyramyd AIR doesn't
    like to use the same product page when a product has changed in ways that could confuse customers.

    This model HW30s, which is discontinued,
    has fiber optic front & rear sights.

    This model HW30S
    is the newest model and it has iron sights. The post globe accepts inserts.

    If we were to just change the description & the specs section without creating a new page,
    then people who have written reviews about fiber optic sights might confuse people who are looking
    for a gun with front sight inserts, which the gun now has.


  10. Chuck,

    You wrote, "I could not find a review of the HW30S by Tom Gaylord. This gives me an uncomfortable feeling."

    How can it possibly? You got a review by AlanL!!!


  11. Chuck and AlanL,

    Rest your minds regarding the Beeman R7/HW30S.

    I lucked onto a used Beeman R7 two years ago at an estate sale, and it is hands down the best weapon that I have ever owned. The quality and workmanship are very, very high, and the Rekord trigger is easily the envy of every other gun that I own whether firearm or airgun.

    Kevin is right, don't think twice about picking one up or the HW30S equivalent should you find an opportunity. Mine is now officially a family heirloom and will be passed down to one of the children just as soon as I finish with it. Of course, I probably won't finish with it for a few more decades, mind you, but they can wait. 😉

    BTW, I use mine for squirrel hunting and routinely make head shots out to 30 yards. I'll be upgrading the scope at the Little Rock show (hopefully) which should give me another 5 yards of usable accuracy. B.B. is definitely right, accuracy beats velocity when hunting with airguns, and it's accurate as all get out.


  12. Chuck,

    I'll be very interested to hear your impressions on the HW30S when you get it. Congratulations on your decision.

    I received mine with the Post & Globe front sight (which is exactly what I wanted) but with Beeman paperwork in the carton (which is not what I wanted.) Pyramyd currently seems to be in a state of transition with regards to the Weihrauch rifles, between the "made for Beeman" models and the "pure Weihrauch" models. I'm very curious as to what you will receive.


  13. AlanL,

    Just heard from someone at Pyramyd AIR that the HW30S does not say Beeman on the receiver, but it most definitely will have Beeman literature in the box. Beeman imported some HW guns that did not have Beeman written on the receiver, and some models that did have Beeman on the receiver. Yet, both guns will have Beeman literature in the box. I don't know what their thought processes were, but obviously this distinction meant something to someone at Beeman. These are the original guns imported by the old Beeman company. When the stock is replenished, there will be no Beeman literature in the box.


  14. Thanks Edith! I will still check for you the minute I get home, and I'm crossing my fingers it's an HW– no doubt there's no difference, but it's a personal bias. -AlanL

  15. I can see both sides of the hardened bit debate, but it seems most important to have the screwdriver bit fit the slot as closely as possible in both dimensions.

    For field use, I have a very, very cheap multi-bit screwdriver that I bought for $1 at the local dollar store. The slotted bits are hollow ground, and it has 3 Phillips, a torx, and a square drive I think. Given its source and price, I'm not worried about the bits being overly hardened. In combination with whatever hex keys are necessary, it does a good job. I bought several, but then showed them to some other people, and the inventory dried up quickly.

  16. Ouch. One of my nightmares is leaving some forbidden item in my carryons and having them confiscated at airports. Flying is now a fairly anxious experience worrying about my guns and various equipment.

    In my how-to amateur gunsmithing book, the writer makes a very big deal about using specialized gunsmithing screwdrivers as opposed to standard ones.

    Slinging Lead, yes, I was appalled by the cost of my repairs, but I do live in the bike capital of the U.S.A. with good bike paths, and I am a cautious rider. The actual cost of the new wheel was submerged somewhere in a $200 cost that included replacing the chain, cleaning and tuning. Then, they gave me a slew of reasons for replacing the freewheel gear cluster, and as long as they did this, they said that it was worth my while to upgrade to a better gearbox that would allow more efficient shifting. I had my consumer feelers out and working but there was such a tide of new information that I didn't know what to make of it all. It is a family owned concern that I've worked with before and they seem nice enough. The ride does feel significantly better, so I don't think I was ripped off.

    Volvo, flamethrowers, eh? Obviously, it was not good to be on the wrong end of them, but the other side was not that great either. I understand that the casualty rates of the flamethrower operators was extremely high–approaching 90%.

    In the course of surfing on YouTube, I've come across a strange new genre of video. Guys like to set up their girlfriends and wives with extremely powerful guns. The women have clearly had no training at all or any idea what to expect. When they pull the trigger, the gun or the scope hits them in the head, and the cameraman howls with laughter. The women don't seem to mind either. As one of my college friends confided to me: "There are some very weird people out there."


  17. Hey, hey, hey, AlanL wait just a minute!!! You are getting way ahead of me here! I haven't ordered any HW30S's. I'm still thinking about it. Maybe I won't (who said that?).

    Edith, Thanks and thanks Kevin for the explanation of why there are two items listed for the HW30S. However, I still have an issue with the search function on PA turning up only the one that is discontinued.

    AlanL, sorry, didn't mean to slight your opinion of the HW. I believe you.

    Also, folks, I misspoke when I said the HW30S didn't show up on the Weihrach page going through the "Air Rifles" option. It is there and clicking on it does go to the one in stock. Don't know why I missed it the first time I looked.

    Edith, tell Tom I got his Bronco today (well not his as in his personal copy but I mean his the one with his skin in the game). I'll report my impressions in a future comment. Suffice to say I'm very pleased…so now you can skip over the long version when I post it 🙂


  18. Chuck

    The best pellet in the Bronco I had, was the 7.9 grain Crosman Premier Lights. Next was the Beeman Crow Magnums.

    While easy to cock and shoot, I found I needed to use a very light hold, with my thumb on the right side of the stock for best accuracy.

    My best group at 10 yards went through one VERY tiny hole.

    Given the smooth trigger, the accuracy, the excellent buttpad, and dark consistent blueing, this rifle is a steal at it's current price.

  19. Matt61,

    The rear cogs needed replaced because they wear with the chain. As the chain wears, it essentially gets longer due to metal being ground away from the pins and rollers. In turn, the rollers of the chain wear away at the cogs in the back and the chainrings in the front. The chainrings last longer because the they're larger than the rear cogs and the chain is wrapped 180 degrees around the ring, so you have roughly half the chainring loading against the chain. On the rear, the derailleur prevents the chain from wrapping 180 degrees around the cog and you end up loading roughly 1/3 or so of any given cog. So if the cog has 15 teeth, the chain is only engaged on about 5 teeth under drive load. As the chain approaches only 1% of wear, it's considered worn out and continued use will result in excessive wear to the chaingrings and derailleur pulleys and the bike will shift poorly and require more components to be replaced at greater expense.

    Park makes a great chain wear indicator that runs around $12. Replace the chain when it shows 0.75% wear and before 1% and you shouldn't have to replace the rear cogs.


  20. Matt

    I was going to say something like Derrick said, but he said it way better than I could. Given what the shop did to your bike, you did not get ripped off. I applaud your patronage of a independent bike shop, or any bike shop for that matter. WalMart bikes are crap.

    You will enjoy your upgraded gear cluster, especially with a new chain. This is a very worthwhile upgrade. A kinky drive train is infuriating, especially in MB, where quick gear changes are essential to forward movement.

    I am still very suspicious of your alleged "cautious" riding and broken spokes;^)

    I am a clumsy oaf. I also routinely overreach my capabilities. I have broken EVERYTHING including bike frames and bones. Spoke breakages are very rare and a symbol of pride, based on how hard it is to break them when properly tensioned.

    You are an animal Matt61.

  21. SL,
    I don't have the CPL's but I do have the Crow Magnums. I never use them because I thought they were for shooting crows only. They are 8.8g. I shot some of my favorite JSB Exact 8.4g with terrific results with the gun right out of the box, no adjustments whatever. I have boxed CP's but they're 10.3g, I think. Might be too heavy. Haven't tried them yet. I'll try the crows next to see if they work for me, too.

  22. Edith,

    I checked on my HW30S. It appears to be the "legitimate" HW series and not the Beeman, since the Beeman name is nowhere to be seen on the rifle and only on the papers enclosed with the rifle.

    One curious thing though: I ordered an HW30S, but stamped on the rifle is only "HW30", without the "S". Here's a closeup of the HW30S imprint.

    Since it does have the Rekord trigger, globe sight with interchangeable inserts and the rubber butt pad, I suppose I really did get the 'S' model. I hope.


  23. Has anyone ever designed a hollow, tube-shaped pellet? I was thinking the other day about those thin plastic tubes they sell as novelty/sporting items that you can throw and get incredible distance/stability on. I was wondering what the BC would be on a similarly shaped pellet. Picture it with rings fore and aft for rifling contact and a plastic insert/cap on the back that would pop out once it left the gun. Too far out in left field?

    – Orin

  24. I don't remember who I was talking with the other day that owned a Taurus Judge 45/410. I had been considering the Bond Arms Snake Slayer 45/410, but was steered toward the Judge based on your comments.
    Well my concern is that the Judge chambers a 2-1/2" 410 shell, I've been looking all over the net to find them to no avail.
    The Snake Slayer although only holding 2 rnds, can handle a more standard 3" 410 shotgun shell.
    I've heard that the Judge does have a 3" chamber available but I've never located one on the net for reviews.

  25. Orin
    May not be too far out in left field. Every great idea starts somewhere. Maybe if you started dissecting some RWS Hypers (they have plastic skirts), then if possible hollow out the pellet. Don't know where to go from there maybe I'm way, way out in left field (or outer space).

  26. I would stay away from the current Taurus Judge. With it's rifled barrel, it spins the shot charge and as very little effective range.
    I have heard that they are working on this, perhaps with a choke like the T/C Contender has. I would wait for that model. BTW, the Contender will shoot 3" 410's.


  27. AlanL,
    First I am amazed that you were able to link a photo. Now the bad news, I would guess you have an HW30 as the stamp denotes. FYI, the Beeman “advantage” was the extra warranty they provided. Looks like you can’t rush the “guru” title.
    Can you show me a picture of the trigger?

  28. Mike
    The Contender looks like a nice firearm, but a bit large to carry around the yard to eliminate unwanted snakes.

    That was my problem with the Taurus. They only seem to sell a 2-1/2" chamber. The shells seem difficult to find (unless I'm searching wrong).


  29. Chuck
    I don't know how reliable that gunblast reviews are because if you look up his review of the Bond Arms Snake Slayer he prefers it over the Judge. At least that is the way I read it.

  30. SL,

    The upper pivot on all Shimano rear derailleurs is spring loaded so yep, it bounces as in the video. SRAM derailleurs do not have a spring in the upper pivot, so the derailleur is held more rigidly against the hanger.

    I use Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, Suntour, Sachs, Huret,

    Oh yes, airguns–Uh, I shot my Daisy 717 and I didn't like the plastic grip, so I'm making some new 10-meter inspired match grips out of walnut. Should start seeing the posts on the blog in another day or so.

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