20 thoughts on “Episode 07 – Introduction to rifle sights”

  1. I thoroughly enjoy the airgun education series. I am retired from AT&T and now have an abundant amount of time when I’m not traveling or repairing the old house to make as comfortable as any earth creature would want. As sad as it may be for us senior types our sight is not as clear as it was and I would like to request that you have an introduction to sighting-in your new scope for target shooting. I do hope you can accomodate an old but not elder man’s request. Keep up your fine efforts in your pyramid presentations. I wish I could be a part of your informative ongoings. Thank you so much-Gilbert E. Valenzuela “A true west Texan!”

  2. Gilbert,
    You need to read my daily blog! Everything you have asked for is already covered there.
    I am 63 and I still use open sights, though I use scopes a lot more often. Come to my blog and post a comment and I will help you locate everything you need.
    Tom Gaylord

  3. Thanks for this series of information about sighting. Despite my coaching, this was easier for my 9 year old son to absorb.
    One suggestion, you might stress more about the concept that once you have the front and rear sights aligned, THEN you move where they are pointing to the center of the target you want to hit. My son was a bit confused by the video’s wording and graphic about “hitting the top center of where the sights are aimed”. I also had to talk through that you were purposely not shooting at the center of the target to illustrate some concepts…and reinforced that when he is shooting at the target that the front sight, rear sight and target must all be in alignment in his sight picture.

  4. Jack,
    Thanks for that feedback. Yes, it’s often easier to show a concept than to explain it, but personal coaching is still the most important part of a shooter’s overall education.
    I know what you mean about the strike of the shots in the video being confusing. They confused me, too. I will be more sensitive to things like this in future videos.
    Tom Gaylord

  5. Is it possible to download episode 7 and 8 to use with my shooter education presentation for the Boy Scouts? Watching a video is a god break from listening to me.

  6. I have a question. After you adjust the rear sight, you level the front sight with it, by moving the front part of the barrel, or by moving the front sight notch? I tought that you don’t need to move the barrel anymore while/after making sight adjustments. Please respond quickly.

  7. I have one more question, if you don’t mind. On many guns says that the sight adjustment is 800 meters( for example). It means that if you do the correct adjustments, the bullet will reach 800 (or even more) , and have chances to hit the target?

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