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Education / Training Industry Brand B3-1 – Part 2

Industry Brand B3-1 – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

The August podcast was posted on Sunday. Sorry it was late. I apologize for the weak sound of my voice. I actually feel stronger than my voice indicates. I expect things to return to normal some time in the near future. Now, on to today’s blog.

Part 1

This inexpensive Chinese underlever has been around in one form or another for many decades.

Today, I’ll check the velocity of my B3-1. I’ll also check a couple other things for you. Cocking effort first.

Cocking effort
I mentioned in Part 1 that the cocking effort seems high for the power range of this gun. Well, it tested lower than I expected, so I’m just a weakling. To test the cocking effort of an underlever, you place a non-digital bathroom scale on a table and position the cocking lever near the middle of the footpad on the scale. When I did that, the rifle took 31 lbs. of force to cock. I would have sworn it was above 35, but the scale doesn’t lie. I do believe that if the internal parts were deburred and properly lubricated, the effort to cock would drop by a couple of pounds.

Trigger-pull and firing behavior
The B3-1 has a two-stage trigger of the simplest construction. The second stage is very distinct, but the letoff is mushy and unpredictable. My gun fires at about 6 lbs. of effort, and it feels like more. While the cocking cycle is noisy, the firing cycle is relatively quick and vibration-free. Now, let’s take a look at velocity.

JSB Exact 8.4 grains
The first pellet I tested was the JSB Exact dome that weighs 8.4 grains. They averaged 548 f.p.s. in this rifle, but only one was way off the pace, at 528 f.p.s. The remainder were between 547 and 556 f.p.s. The average muzzle energy is 5.6 foot-pounds.

RWS Hobbys
The lightweight 7-grain RWS Hobby pellet averaged 636 f.p.s. The range was from 628 to 644. The average muzzle energy was 6.29 foot-pounds.

Crosman Premier lite
The final pellet I tested was the Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellet. It averaged 579 f.p.s., with a spread from 571 to 590. The average muzzle energy was 5.88 foot-pounds.

I have to admit that I was surprised by the rifle’s performance. I expected less velocity and less consistency from such a crude design. Maybe those who sing the praises have something at that.

In the next report, I’ll test accuracy, and we’ll see just how accurate an inexpensive Chinese air rifle can be.

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B.B. Pelletier
Tom Gaylord is known as The Godfather of Airguns™ and has been an airgunner for over a half-century, but it was the Beeman company in the 1970s that awoke a serious interest in airguns. Until then, all he knew were the inexpensive American airguns. Through the pages of the Beeman catalog, he learned about adult airguns for the first time. In 1994, Tom started The Airgun Letter with his wife, Edith. This monthly newsletter was designed to bring serious reports about airguns to the American public. The newsletter and Airgun Revue, a sister magazine about collectible airguns, was published from 1994 until 2002, when Tom started Airgun Illustrated -- the first American newsstand magazine about airguns. Tom worked for three years as technical director at AirForce Airguns, the makers of the Talon, Condor, and Escape precharged air rifles. Today, he writes about airguns and firearms for various publications and websites. He also makes videos, and you'll find short clips embedded in some of his artices on Pyramyd AIR's website. Tom is a consultant to Pyramyd AIR and writes under the name of B.B. Pelletier.

105 thoughts on “Industry Brand B3-1 – Part 2”

  1. BB,congratulations on becoming “cordless”! I sincerely hope your mending continues rapidly on course.I am working on a guest blog on the Swedish Excellent C1,to practice for the Whiscombe.

      • BB,I believe your reaction would be one of delight.They,or at least the pre-war ones,exibit bank vault like solidness with tool like simplicity….I literally pump with a thumb and two fingers,yet 10 pumps yeilds 585fps with a 14.5 gr ball.This is even more astonishing given the age…90+ years!Of course the lack of rifling helps the velocity but still…I’m impressed.Say the word and I’ll send it to you to play with.

          • You got it Big guy~as a teaser,it all started while chasing a delightful little gun…..which of course traces back to you because you opened my eyes to the pre-war classics.A model 1 D.R.P. in .177,because my .22 is one of my favorites!!

            • Frank,

              I didn’t know what a rare gun you had. If Ingvar Alm doesn’t know about it, like you say, then I have never seen one, because he has owned all the Excellents I have seen.

              Now I’m really anxious to read about it!


  2. As i have said before i have “made in Germany(yeah wright 😉 )” Chinese air pistol Norconia and he always seems to be leeking air ,so i wonder IS THERE SUCH PROBLEM WITH B3 ?!

  3. Good morning BB.
    I sure missed a lot yesterday.
    I hope all goes well today for you and Happy birthday Edith.Sounds like you had a good one 🙂
    Also best wishes twotalon for you today as well.

    Sorry to read you have had a bad turn Matt61.That must have been frightening.
    All the very best to you.
    Ryan,it is good to see you back 🙂

  4. BB:
    The B-3 1 is often advertised over here as ‘Full Power’.
    I assumed that is our 12ftIb limit give or take.
    Looking at the muzzle energy figures I am thinking “Where has the other 6ftIb’s gone?”
    ‘Full power’is used to describe a lot of different rifles performance in the UK.
    Without the figures to back that statement up I will now take it with a pinch of salt(Xtra Large).
    Cheers BB.

    • Dave,

      That’s exactly why I like to test such things and publish the results. When I bought my first B3, it was advertised to get 800 f.p.s. in .177, which would have been close to 12 foot pounds. I didn’t own a chronograph back then, but when I pitted it against a Sheridan Blue Streak (which is just over 12 foot pounds on 8 pumps) it came nowhere close. It was probably in the 400 f.p.s. region somewhere.

      Back when Edith and I started The Airgun letter, I swore that one of the things I was going to do was to make public the results of all my tests. Over the years, I believe that has had some impact, plus a lot more airgunners now own chronographs.


  5. Does anyone know of an airgun that is pretty much all wood and metal, tough, durable, and reasonably accurate? Rough sturdy somewhat imprecise sights, easy to use, comparatively cheap…A mosin nagant of airguns. Such a gun probably doesn’t exist, but no harm dreaming.

    • Epic Beard,

      Yes, there are plenty of air rifles like that. Most will not look as shoddy as a well-used Mosin, but the Hakim does come to mind. Five shots on a dime at 10 yards from a .22 rifle. All wood and steel. Read this:


      Of course you’ll spend $250 and up to get a Hakim. But a Bronco is half that, and the only plastic is in places you won’t notice. It’s mostly wood and steel. Dimes at 20 yards are possible.

      Read this:



    • Epic: How about a Benjamin 392/397, if you don’t mind pumping? All metal(mostly brass,won’t rust), powerful, accurate, and can be repaired with simple hand tools. IMO, the old Sheridan .20 is the Mosin of airguns. You can get them used for a $100 or a little less, if you look around a little. Robert

  6. I bought one of those rifles, either a B3 or B4. Can’t figure out which model as they seem to have lots of variants. Maybe some one will know what I have. It’s the under lever, has the military style adjustable front sight, the rear sight is spot welded on and the scope mount just floats there held on by a clip. Also has a leather seal.

    I picked it up for $10.00 and believe it was never used, still dripping with Chinese oil. Did a tune, lube and deburr along with refinishing the stock. Also cut about 1/4″ off the barrel and cut a 60 degree crown. This thing will drop them right in there at 20 yds and likes Crossman HP’s. Did lots more like make a 6061 handle for the lever, a copy of the AK47/SKS muzzle break and other ods and ends.

    They make a great rifle to play with and will surprise you with a little effort.

  7. Frank B,

    I found but one Swedish Excellent C1 for sale with a search right now. Ironic that it’s in NYS. I’ll be real interested in reading your blog on it.

    Have you aquired a Whiscombe?

    Mr B.

    • Mr.B,I don’t want to reveal too much,but the one in the auction is a more common model from much later…the owner of that one must have only done a cursory search,because he owns a model C-I,not C1,with a roman numeral one.Mine was made between 1912-1916….and is .21cal smooth bore.Physically it doesn’t have a wood pumping handle,but a knurled nickel plated pump rod and handle,as well as a high comb stock.Fit and finish are way better on the early one,and less than 1,000[way less]were made.The swedish expert has NEVER seen one,and he advised the Bluebook!! Rare as rockinghorse poo:]

  8. While it is fun to play with these cheap guns ,it has to be remembered that their appeal is mostly just that. I recently traded a cup of coffee at a flea market for a very old Crosman 760,(“that dam thing don’t work and I don’t have time to mess with it”, is the way he put it). So for less than $3 total I got a gun that is as powerful as the B3’s I’ve used, and tuned. It is just as powerful , and is quiet, and accurate. It is also a repeater, with BBs. All it needed was cleaning, a O-ring, some pell gun oil, and twenty miniutes to get it running. Robert.

  9. Edith, Happy birthday, belated.

    BB, Twotalon, Matt61, God be with you during your surgery / examinations / recoveries.

    C-S, Welcome as Milan.

    Kevin, I’m impressed at the amount of ammo you went through yesterday. Sounds like LOTS of fun. I have been using Federal ammo from Wally Mart at $15 per box of 550. Are you getting noticeable differences in accuracy with the copper coated?
    The .22lr is a blast be it in pistol or rifle. I no longer have the MkIII, kind of miss it. I have a 1022 and use it all the time.

    Got to go, check back tonight.


    • KidAgain,

      Bullseye. The MKIII is the pistol equivalent of the 1022 when you consider the enormous aftermarket mods that are available.

      Volquartsen seems to be leading the market in mods for the MKIII. They offer enough parts to almost build a new pistol and offer fully modded pistols. Their V6 and V2000 are the flagship models both built on the MKIII platform:


      The remington and federal bulk ammo did poorly in my stock MKIII. Average accuracy and lots of stovepipes. I installed a volquartsen extractor and dremeled the edges of the magazines. The bulk ammo feeds much better but accuracy is still so so. I’ve got a volquartsen target sear and target trigger to install on the MKIII. Just need to find the time.


  10. After reading the articles about the HW40 pistol, I decided to order one.
    It is an absolute pleasure to shoot and I am extremely happy with it.

    It turns out that my wife also likes the HW40. Unfortunately, it requires
    too much strength for her to cock it. Is there maybe a CO2 pistol that
    would be as light, as accurate and, especially, have as nice a trigger
    as the HW40?



    • Jay,

      The two criteria of light and easy to cock are competing with one another. At l;east they do in the world of single-stroke pneumatics. The Gamo Compact is just as accurate and has a nice trigger, but pumping is just as difficult. The two guns that offer lighter pumping are the Daisy 717/747 and the IZH 46M. But they are both heavy.

      I would suggest that you look at a Crosman 2240 for your wife. The trigger is nowhere near as nice as the HW 40 trigger, but cocking is a breeze. It runs on CO2, so there is no pumping involved.

      Now, if you really want to get your wife a nice air pistol, what you could do is find a nice Crosman Mark 1. It’s reasonably light, powered by CO2 and cocks easily. It has a wonderfully adjustable trigger and is as accurate as you could hope for. here is a report about it:


      I looked at that report and because it is an early one, it’s rather “thin.” If you have any interest, I could redo a complete three-part test of the Mark I for you.



      • BB

        I have interest. I have read some about this pistol and am very intrigued. It seems the quintessential garage-sale find. Please add it to your must-do list.

        BTW I just listened to the August podcast, I must say you sound much stronger in issue #42, than in issue #41. If I didn’t know your voice so well from watching the artillery-hold video several dozen times, I wouldn’t know the difference.

        You are on the mend my friend!

      • Thank you, Tom. The 2240 looks quite nice, especially for the price.
        A Crosman Mark I would really be a terrific find, so please do update that
        article when you get around to it. It’s quite a coincidence that we
        were looking at a Ruger Mark III at a local gun shop recently and we
        both liked it (actually there is quite a range of them).

        Thanks again,


    • JayB… ya, what Tom said!

      The 2240 is a steal for what you get. It’s .22 caliber but… it is accurate (not as much as the HW40 but still quite good). The trigger sear can be polished and smoothed and their are tons of aftermarket modifications available.

      A heavier, but excellent Co2 pistol is the Umarex Smith & Wesson model 586. The trigger is a little weight-y compared to your HW40 but, it is a very smooth and predictable trigger in single action mode (it shoots both SA and DA)It’s a 10 shot repeater and with the 6″ barrel, I chrony about 472 fps with Gamo Hunter pellets. With better pellets (H&N or RWS) the accuracy is amazing for a replica repeater of this type and it is all metal other than a few small plastic parts. Sights are fully adjustable and barrels are changeable. I have both 6″ and 4″ barrels for mine. Your biggest problem will be getting your wife to let you shoot it, it’s that good.

  11. Broken Springs – I finally got the stock back for the RS2 I am rebuilding for my dad. It looks great. It has a semi-matte finish that is really tactile while still showing the wood really well. I have a friend who is a millwork contractor who did it for me – thanks John. Anyway, I put it together and started re-testing. I noticed that 1) there was very little recoil and 2) the sear engagement was inconsistent giving accuracy problems that I could call based on the feel of the trigger let off. So, I took it back apart to discover another broken spring! What in the world is going on here?!?! A broken spring in this two weeks after one in my 34! At this rate I should open up the 94 also, after all it seems maybe a little to easy to cock and shoots smooth! So my question is, is this relatively normal? How often do OEM springs break like this? Do Maccari springs last longer?

    • Well my friend first of all i am sorry . 🙁 Then what caused it -LUBING THE PISTON DONT DO IT !!! You all know abaut dieseling effect, now to make things short oil “explode” in the chamber of the gun and pressure on the spring is four or more times bigger so to release pressure spring crack ,so i am going on the plain regular spring and i can bet that it is not gonna crack or broke if i dont lube it (and i won t )

      • I didn’t use any combustible lubrication on the seal or piston. Only a very thin coating of moly on both per B.B’s write up on tuning a springer (and Vince’s help.) Sparing layer of heavy tar on the outside of the spring and silicone on the oustide of the plastic spring guide. It has not been dieseling or detonating.

  12. ajvenom,

    Last week, you asked about the adapters needed for the used
    Webley Raider
    on Pyramyd Air’s site. I just got an answer from tech support, and they’ve given me the correct items
    you’ll need to charge the gun. They’re now listed under the accessories link for the gun.
    Remember, this gun’s made in England and is the old-fashioned quality you’d expect from
    English craftsmen and the rich heritage that Webley built up for decades. You can’t go wrong with this gun.
    It will surely be a keeper!


  13. Edith,


    I know it was Sunday, but I was out shooting all weekend.


    Matt, sorry to hear your going through stuff too. I was on that prednisone for a while too, with back spasms down my hip into my calf. Did help, but my doc says no more, not good stuff.
    It’s ok to use to break a cycle, but then you’ve got to do something else to cure it.



    Funny you should mention the Ruger Mark III .22lr pistol. Bob, and Mark, my two new field target shootin buddies, were telling me how cool they were. They were thinking the older ones might be built a little better, so I went to the pawn shops, to feel a few triggers and get a general feel for them.

    Saw one with pearly white grips that was a NRA model, in the red plastic case, but the action was sticky compared to a “Standard” next to it, so I passed on both. The next shop had two “Standards” and a “Bull” barrel, or is called target barrel model? Any way, it’s a very heavy, thick, round, 6″ barrel. The action was smooth, and trigger pretty nice, but one of the standards was actually smoother, and it’s trigger must have been worked on, or replaced, cause it was like one of my match rifles. The pistol looked like new, I was sold.

    Extra magazines and a auto loader would be nice. I’ll check out that site. It’s a very accurate pistol, I’ve still got most of those 10,000 rounds of Federal 40gr rd nose HV, and lucky for me it shoots them real well. A very fun and well made pistol. I want to go play “walk the ball” with Bob and Mark now that I have one too. I can imagine how much fun it would be if 4 guys are shooting at them at the same time, always a moving or about to move target, sounds like great fun.

    If you ever get out this way, bring it too, so we can play.

    Wacky Wayne,
    Match Director,
    Ashland Air Rifle Range

    • Wayne,

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a glorious weekend. The lobster tails were delicious. I ate them while we watched Green Zone. Loved the Bourne series, so I’m usually guaranteed that it’ll be a good flick if it involves Matt Damon, guns & explosives 🙂

      Pain? We have a foolproof liquid we apply whenever we have pain. It’s called Soothanol X2 and is made by NorthStar Nutritionals (I used to write for their parent company, which publishes all types of monthly alternative medicine newsletters). Soothanol goes right down into the bone and will relieve just about any pain you have. Its special property is that it eventually shuts down the pain transmission from the source to the brain. If you have chronic pain, you’ll have to reapply it eventually. Generally, one application is all I’ve ever had to apply to stop the pain. I hesitate to call it a miracle, but it comes pretty darned close. I bet I’ve given away more bottles than we’ve actually used! It’s one of the essentials in our first-aid kit. And, just to protect Pyramyd Air: I am not a doctor and have no training in medicine. Check with your healthcare professional before using this or any other product.


        • Fused,

          Thank you! At our house, birthdays are always a big deal. When it’s your birthday, you get to eat & do anything you like. I not only had the lobster tails & saw a great movie, but I also took a long nap. Life is good 🙂


      • Edith,

        Thanks for that tip. Must be a great company, if you did work for them. I’ll find and bookmark their site, and I’ll get some for sure. I fell onto an in-feed green chain, while fixing a roll up door in a warehouse 30 years ago, and cracked some ribs and messed up my back. Sometimes I get all cramped up, so sounds great to me:-)

        I like Matt Damon too. Sounds like a great B-Day, especially with Tom getting FREE of his IV.


        I think, the “standard” is the Mark I, but I have no idea. I can’t find any names on it, just “RUGER 22 cal long rifle automatic pistol” Seems like it should say semi-automatic to me… I don’t know why both pawn shop guys called them “standard”, I don’t see any name at all on it.

        Anyway, it’s got a 4″ tapered barrel, all metal sights that have great spacing and work real well with these old fussy eyes, and the breech doesn’t stay open on the last round like the newer ones. You have to use the button on the left side to hold it open if you want.

        The trigger is the most important thing to me these days, I don’t like anything heavy at all, or when I go back to my FT rigs, I have to get dialed back in on my timing. That’s mostly why I shop at the pawn shops, not much of the new stuff has a decent trigger, but at the pawn shops, you find stuff other folks have worked on. The marlin 1894 cowboy carbine I found has a trigger so much better that any of the newer marlins I’ve bought. Someone had worked the action and trigger for cowboy shooting me thinks:-) Same thing with the Ruger Blackhawk in .45lc …. way better than the way a new one feels.

        You can get some junk too, but most of these shops will take stuff back within 30 days, especially for regular customers. In these tough times, some real nice pieces turn up.

        Yes, we would get no work done, but we would gets lots of play done. ….
        so what’s the problem:-)

        Thanks for the tips on the speedloader. I agree those things can be a pain in the butt… or make that thumb:-)

        Wacky Wayne

        • duskwight,

          Thank you! Each birthday is a celebration…because not having another birthday would be really bad. I’m glad to be getting older. It’s a great feeling!


    • Wayne,
      At my range they frown on shooting at the ground like your doing “walking the ball”. They say to always shoot into the berm. The reason being that the bullet sometimes ricochets off the ground and can “bounce” over the berm into restricted air space. Otherwise it sounds like a lot of fun.

  14. Eight year olds’ first pellet rifle.

    Well, I want you to think of something a little different. My first pellet rifle, a HY-Score 806 or 805 is good too, same as Diana 16 or 22 or Winchester 416 or 422. These very small break barrels are very collectible and would really be of value in another 50 years, if you can find one. They only need about 10-12 pounds of cocking effort, but shoot a 7.33 grain at almost 500fps when their in good shape. They are 36″ long and mine has a 13″ LOP. Mine shoots so smooth, every kid I let shoot it, wants to get it from me. That goes for adults too, but they are not easy to find, so I always say no, it’s too special to me.

    I got a Hy-Score 806 from my Dad when I was 8 years old, I’m 61 now, and enjoy it as much as I did then. I wish I still had the one my dad gave, but mom sold it in a garage sale when we were hard up. Didn’t think I would care, since I wasn’t using it:-(

    At least I found another one at this late time in life, and this one I’m a keepin..

    Wacky Wayne,
    MD, Ashland Air Rifle Range

  15. Wayne,

    Good for you. You needed another gun. Not clear to me what you bought. Ruger Mark I, II or III? With the 6″ fluted bull/target barrel? Does it have the hi viz (fiberoptic) sights?

    Never owned a Mark I but had a Mark II with a 4″ barrel. I like the balance of my Ruger Mark III Hunter with the 6 7/8″ target crowned, fluted bull barrel better than the Mark II with a 4″ barrel. The Mark III doesn’t feed cheap ammo as well as my Mark II did but and an aftermarket extractor and some filing on the lips of my magazines fixed that. The factory trigger is heavier than I like so that will be fixed in a few days.

    I highly recommend the ULTIMATE CLIPLOADER. It was around $18.00 (at Midway) and is a great speedloader for the magazines in the ruger mark I, II, III, 22/45 and browning buckmark pistols. It not only saves time but will save the skin on your thumb from depressing the button on the magazine to load them by hand. If you buy it you need to do two things:

    1-Adjust the screw (turn it out) on the bottom of the device so that it insures the magazine is fully depressed for loading. My came with the screw turned flush with the plastic device (undoubtedly to avoid damage in shipping) and it would depress completely.

    2-Give the inside of the ULTIMATE CLIPLOADER a quick spray of REM OIL (or similar spray with teflon added) and give your load of cartridges a quick spray of REM OIL when they’re in the hopper of the ULTIMATE CLIPLOADER every 100 rounds or so. Don’t do it every time. Do it every ten clips or so.


  16. B.B.

    Glad to hear of your progress! Hope we all will soon see you cocking D-350 with your index finger!


    Matt, you were right – yes we can 🙂 Visibility is c. 150 m, heavy burning peat smell, however we survive. Nobody in the street cares about my facepiece or even turns one’s head, there are dosens of cheap imitators, pretentious poseurs, booo-hooo :):):)
    I made this photo last Friday, when I was waiting for the train to get to my countryhouse (same thing in the air, however no cars, a relatively cold river and sweet silence). Colors are almost exact, just a little darker, ’cause I shot in backlight.
    Gentlemen, let me introduce…
    The Sun!
    A bloody-pinkish grey stuff around may somewhat remind the sky, but it’s actually not. This is a genuine and high-quality A-grade Disgusting Fume, sponsored by Burning Peatbog LLC 🙂

    I tried to shoot my rifle in the night, when temperature fell to +25 using two candles to light up the target. Nothing unusual 🙂 except for the lightning method.
    Well with that climate maybe we’ll all soon turn into gothic nightstalkers or some sort of Omars 🙂 I want a thermal and starlight vision modes upgrades, as well as a crystalline humor with adaptive narrow and wide angle surfaces 😉

    I don’t know if it is a well-known truth, however I must notice, that outside temperature greatly changes POI, about 14 mm stretch (the hotter – the lower, as spring force rises, albeit overall system efficiency drops) and I guess this is the only setback of gas spring-operated airguns. Of course, one’s stamina and ability to control the gun also drops with degrees crawling up 🙂


    I wonder if the song is about a handshake and departure(?).


    • Dusk -the smoke makes climate even hotter i suppose ! 🙁 Every day i check when will that bloody rain in Moscow but i dont know man ,i pray but i guess that God just wont listen to me ,even so can he hear people of Moscow 🙁 🙁 🙁

        • Milan

          No, luckily it won’t 🙂 Peat doesn’t produce chemicals needed for that.

          You know, this year is a year of simple truths:
          We didn’t believe in global cooling and we had a -30 winter
          We didn’t believe in global warming and we have a +40 summer
          We didn’t believe in the harm of passive smoking – and look what we got.

          Next time we must not believe that Russia’s going be OK, I suppose 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • That’s pretty intense. I’ve never seen the sun like that. You should probably avoid the cheap plastic facemasks if you can. Maybe a handkerchief soaked in water would be better. Don’t people fend off tear gas that way?


      • Matt

        Mine is OK. It is a certified industry-class respirator with coal filters. BTW, today western wind began to blow, so skies are clear (peatogs are eastwards from Moscow).


  17. TwoTalon,

    Of course we like it! Always love to read your comments:-)

    Aren’t PCPs nice, hardly any effort needed to “keep on plinking”…. as long as you got a tank of air on hand:-)

    Let us know the results of your test as soon as you know please.

    Wacky Wayne

    • Not a test. The doc removed my chemo port.
      The pet and ct were earlier. 1 pet and 3 ct so far. The pet and the first ct were, uh, not good. That was before surgery and treatment. The 2 ct since were clean.

      I should be able to pop sparrows for a week before the TSS runs out of air.
      No 48 or Titan shooting though. Upper left chest area has to heal up.


        • The results of pet and ct scans are immediate, but both have to be looked at by a radiologist who is trained in interpreting them. He sends his info to the doctor who requested the scan. Some times the tech who runs the scan might show you the images, but the radiologist has to give the official word.

          This is ‘imaging’.The machines make 3D pictures on a computer.


  18. When I was a kid, we used to live trap and capture animals for relocation. I remember we used to catch snakes by hand. Of course they were just small non poisonous garter snakes. Still a lot of fun for a kid.

    Airguns should be purchased on what you want to do with them. Of course, the more you spend the better the quality of airgun you will have or the longer they will go without repairs or tuning.

    I’ve been shooting my crosman quest .22 (advertised 800 fps)for about 4 years now. It still knocks rabbits for a loop and pretty smooth for what little I could do to it. With a good scope, it will hit dimes out to 30 yards on a good day, but 20 is a pretty safe bet. It’s made in China and may not win any FT competitions, yet it does have a place in my collection.

  19. Playing catch up again.

    Male sparrows have a harem of several females. If sparrows become a pest then shoot the males and the females will leave to look for another male. Hopefully it’ll be in another neighborhood.


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    We have a team of expert technicians and a complete repair shop that are able to service a large variety of brands/models of airguns. Additionally, we are a factory-authorized repair/warranty station for popular brands such as Air Arms, Air Venturi, Crosman, Diana, Seneca, and Weihrauch airguns.

    Our experts also offer exclusive 10-for-$10 Test and 20-for-$20 Service, which evaluates your air gun prior to leaving our warehouse. You'll be able to add these services as you place your order.

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  • Warranty Info

    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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  • Exchanges / Refunds

    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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Free shipping may not be combined with a coupon unless stated otherwise.

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