Episode 28 – Maintenance for CO2 airguns

This is the second part of a multi-part series on airgun maintenance. CO2 guns are very popular, and there are just a few simple things you need to do to maintain them in good working order. Follow the basic steps outlined here, and you’ll enjoy shooting your CO2 pistols and rifles for years to come.

3 thoughts on “Episode 28 – Maintenance for CO2 airguns”

  1. I own a Hammerli 850 air magnum. The owner’s manual says that you cannot leave a CO2 cartridge in the gun because the pressure will destroy the seals. I am not concerned with removing the cartridge without getting burned. I know how to be careful enough to avoid this. But what I really want to verify is that the rifle’s seals can be damaged if the cartridge is left in after use. Thanks.

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