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Education / Training Air Venturi Tech Force M8: Part 1

Air Venturi Tech Force M8: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Ari Venturi M8
Air Venturi M8 is very much like the Bronco.

This report covers:

  • Comparison
  • Stock
  • Powerplant
  • Double trigger blade
  • What is it?

Here is an alert to everyone who missed getting an Air Venturi Bronco. From what I see so far, just having taken the .177 caliber Air Venturi Tech Force M8 out of the box and shooting it a couple times, this rifle is as good as the Bronco. For some of you it is even better, as you will learn today.


The M8 is practically identical to the Bronco. Both rifles are 40 inches long and weigh 6.5 lbs. The M8 stock has a slightly longer pull of 13 inches, to the Bronco’s 12-1/2 or 12-3/4 inches. Both rifles are said to cock with 18 lbs. of effort, which puts them into the comfortable range. The Bronco came with adjustable open sights, while the M8 has no sights. Both rifles have the 2-bladed 2-stage trigger that uses the first blade to take up stage one of the pull.


I like the Bronco’s western-style stock. I should, because I was the one who asked for it when the rifle was developed. I also like the original blonde finish of the Bronco stock. In a sea of nearly identical air rifles, the Bronco stood out as something a little different. And I like to think it was also something a little special

The stock is where some of you may like the M8 better. I have read plenty of complaints about the western-style stock from shooters who don’t like the straight wrist. The M8 stock is a more classic sporter stock with a straight line (the butt doesn’t drop much), a conventional pistol grip and a Monte Carlo comb. There is no cheekpiece, so the rifle is 100 percent ambidextrous. I haven’t found a serial number on the rifle I am testing, but that’s okay — I don’t think it will go back. I may buy this one if the principal difference between the 2 airguns bears out.

The M8 stock is conventional. It has a pistol grip with thin flat checkering on both sides. The forearm is also checkered with the same flat diamonds. They are for appearance only and do nothing to help you grip the stock. The wood on my test rifle is a very attractive beech that has some grain in the butt. There is also at least one knothole that has been filled with wood putty. The matte wood finish is very even and attractive in a medium brown. A red rubber buttpad keeps the rifle from slipping on your shoulder, or when you stand it on its butt.


The M8 is said by some to be more powerful than the Bronco. That is what I referred to as the principal difference between the 2 rifles. I know the description says they are about equal in power, but I have heard that the M8 is more powerful. Thankfully we have a good baseline on the Bronco from my testing, so we will know how thee 2 rifles compare after I test this one.

I measured the length and external diameter of the spring tubes of both rifles and they are identical. I believe the M8 is also built on the Mendoza R10 powerplant. So, this may actually be your last chance to buy what is in most ways except the name, a Bronco.

Double trigger blade

We never got an answer about the trigger blade when we asked. I am telling you now that the Tech Force M8 does have a double-bladed trigger the same as the Bronco. The first stage is taken up when the first blade is pulled back even with the second blade. There is an entirely different sensation to the trigger pull than you get with a single-bladed trigger, but after you get used to it, I think it is better. It is the equal of a glass-crisp 2 stage trigger with a single blade, because the shooter always knows when the rifle is about to fire.

Air Venturi M8 trigger
The M8’s trigger has the famous Mendoza double blade.

Like the Bronco, the safety comes on automatically when the rifle is cocked. There is a lever on both sidfes of the spring tube to take it off, so even this feature supports the left-handed shooter.

What is it?

This rifle is an all-day spring-piston air rifle. It cocks easily and fires smoothly. The trigger releases crisply. In other words, it’s everything those uber-magnum spring guns are not, which can be summed up in one statement — it’s fun to shoot. It seems to be everything the Bronco is, but in a slightly different package. And the price is right. If you wanted a Bronco but missed the boat, here is another boat that’s still at the dock.

When these are gone I don’t think they will be replaced, because Mendoza has raised their prices across the board. If you want one, the time to act  is right now.

48 thoughts on “Air Venturi Tech Force M8: Part 1”

  1. I know you are blogging just to have a sense of normalcy in a trying time. You never did put in actual print your finding as to why the Bronco kept producing those fliers which were not that evident at 10 meters but became apparent when you moved out to 25 meters. Is the muzzlebrake of this removable? Hopefully this will prove to be better this time around.

    Continuing to pray that you be given the strength you need and for Edith’s recovery.

  2. I saw the 2 bladed trigger and almost bought this gun with the intention of handing it down to my nephew after discovering the Broncos had been discontinued, guess I’ll have to save up again before his next birthday.
    maybe this time I’ll have time to break it in for him first.

  3. Cool. A shame that such a rifle may not last in the marketplace at that price point, but good to know this opportunity is here now.

    One question I’d want to know is, how much of a hassle might it be to get at least a front sight mounted out on the barrel? If it were compatible with the sight risers on the Bronco, one could mount the rear aperture of one’s choice.

    My continued best good will, well-wishes, and string overtones for Edith.

      • Hi everyone…

        This rifle doesn’t seem to be half bad. Out of curiosity, I checked whether Air Venturi, Mendoza or Tech Force airguns are even available in Germany. Appears that they aren’t 🙂

        Maybe it’s the competition from guns such as the Diana 21 and the Weihrauch HW30 (for people who are willing to pay a little more) and other cheap springers (for people who want to pay less). Maybe it’s also the required testing to get them certified as a 7.5 joule gun.

        Would the two-bladed trigger hold its own compared to a Rekord or T06?


  4. I would like to have nice sights on it if I do get one,
    I remember the Bronco had issues. What’s gonna fit this one? I’d prefer not weighing it down with a scope.

  5. BB
    I’m glad to hear the M8 does have the double blade trigger. And the way you just described how the trigger feels is pretty we the same way the Savage accu-trigger feels.

    And it sounds like more good news about the main tube being the same size as the Bronco.

    And I have to say that I’m one of the people that like the conventional stock over the western stock. I broke my wrist when I was a kid when I use to race dirt bikes. So the wrist don’t quite bend right. So glad to see the stock that’s on it. And wood putty in a knot on the stock. Is that something common because I don’t believe I ever seen that on any of my guns before. Not that it’s a big deal. But that it’s just something I didn’t expect.

    And I bet the power plant is matched up nice for a .177 caliber pellet. I bet this gun will be a pretty good gun out to 35 or 40 yards. Get it on a bench rest on a nice calm day and I’m thinking it’s going drop them pellets pretty close together.

    And from the things that you just said about the gun tells me it will be ordered with my next pellet order. In about another week. And I even got a extra Hawke 1/2 mildot scope sitting around just waiting to be put on the right gun.

    And sorry BB but I just can’t make a comment on the blog right now with out saying I hope Edith is doing better. And still praying that she will be well soon. And praying for you also.

  6. Everyone,

    Last evening Edith went in for another CAT scan, both with and without contrast, and another set of MRIs. They are concerned about her abdominal distress, which is distending her torso and causing her pain.

    She is in a much better frame of mind as of yesterday. I can see that she now understands that this process will take a lot of time, and she has to rely on the hospital staff to do their jobs.

    Edith worked in the alternative medicine industry for many years, including writing Dr. Atkins’ monthly newsletter, so she considers herself to be a colleague of the doctors and nurses. But now she understands that she can’t treat herself. So she’s going to relax and let the health care professionals do their jobs, and that change has made a world of difference in her attitude. Now she is joking with the staff and letting them do their jobs. I think we have turned the corner.


    • B.B.,

      Here I go again sticking my nose where it wasn’t invited.

      Allowing health care professionals do their jobs is one thing. Continuing to question and understand their findings, treatment options and justification for their chosen path of treatment is still critical.

      If Edith hadn’t been such a bulldog about questioning your health care professionals about your treatment during your health crisis I’m not sure you’d be with us today.

      Still praying for your strength and Edith’s full recovery. Get sleep, eat well and stay strong. Blessings,


    • Thanks for the update B.B. !!!

      I am sure that many people, like me, are checking for news of Ediths condition several times a day.

      Good sign that she is relaxing and joking with the staff – positive energy helps in healing.

      Hoping for steady and speedy improvement in Edith’s health!

      Take care!


    • BB
      That is good news about Edith. I know its hard but that’s good to be making the best of the situation.
      I remember when I was young and in the hospital. My mom told me to just keep thinking of the fun things that I like to do and the time will go by. And before you know it you’ll be better and out doing the things you like.

      Please keep updating us about Edith. And still praying.

    • Hi B.B.
      Thanks for the updates on Ms Edith Sir. Good news that she is in the right mind now. That goes a long way for a quick recovery. May God give you the strength & courage to overcome this crisis. Take care of yourself Sir. All will be well soon!


      • Yes, it sounds like she’s over the hump of the grieving process and in acceptance now. I just hope it doesn’t change her life much after she gets done with this bout.

        • Hi Reb
          For someone who has not been sick a day in her life as BB said, I can well understand her initial reaction. I too rarely get ill & never to the extent of being in hospital upto now( touch wood). Even having to be in bed with a bad cold is much mental agony for me. But from the way Ms Edith writes on the Blog, she seems to be a very strong & self assured person. So I doubt it will affect her full recovery.


          • Errol,

            “very strong and self assured”,…..yup,…..it come’s through every time. She’s one “tuff cookie” for sure !

            She has set me “straight” a time or two,…or three,…or……? 😉


          • I’d been on the hospital before due to injuries only until this last one. This time it took a while to convince myself that my life had been permanently changed.

      • Reb,

        As understand the human body, women’s catheters go in easier than men’s.

        Tell you what I saw the other day. A guy was being wheeled down the hall and his Foley bag (for the catheter) got caught on a parked bed and it ripped the catheter tube out! I had trouble walking after seeing that!


        • I was talking about the one they install to inject the contrasdye but the other one hurts as well as being restrictive. There’s one for men( it’s called a cowboy Cath around here) but you have to request it, supposed to fit like a condom.

        • OUCH! I could feel the hooks digging into my bladder every time something bumped it this last time. The one they installed for the angiogram swelled up about the size of a goofball to seal off my femoral artery and took about a month to dissolve.

    • B.B.,

      That is all great news. More test,…..aaarrrggg! I do not think I would be a very good patient. Then again, not having been there and feeling that bad, actual experience may prove different.

      Prayers and best wishes, as long as it takes,……


  7. A bit off topic for today’s review, but has anyone had any personal experience with Daisy’s Winchester M14/M1a co2 rifle since BB’s evaluation of it last August? The reason I ask, is that at prices currently offered I am very seriously considering buying one in the next week or two based on BB’s review of it. I’ m just trying to see If the findings on his test example still apply to currently production examples. And who better to ask than the the people I most trust and respect in the hobby/sport of Aigunning? From what I’ve seen here over the past two months or so of quietly following this blog, This is THE information place and you folks are the “Go-to-guys” (and gals) fow new enthusuasts like me. Thsnks for any and all oopinionstpinions anyone might have to offer.


    • Dml25401,

      Yup,…you hit “gold” here. No doubt ! Do your research here and move on if more is needed. P.A. has tons of info as well. It amazes me how much knowledge and breadth of experience is offered here. New myself. 8~9 months. Sorry on the requested info.,……no opinion. One thing I can say is that if something got a good “B.B.” review and you like the price,…buy it! As with most things today, mfgr’s move on to something else,…and before you know it,….what you wanted,… is gone.


  8. B.B. (and everyone),

    Back in late March I purchased a Shooting Crony and printer from PA. Right around that time I was distracted dealing with a family illness/death, and never got around to checking the box thoroughly until this week. It turns out I bought and received 2 printers — miscommunication when I called in my order, I guess. It’s too late to return without paying a 20% restocking fee. I just listed the item on an auction website (can I mention eBay here?). I know this forum is not for selling things, but I thought I would mention this here in case any forum member is looking for a printer at a slight discount to retail. If anyone is interested, you can email me directly – jemellon66(at)gmail(dot)com

    If this is not appropriate, and you have to remove or edit this post, I completely understand, and I apologize for breaking protocol.

    Jim M.

  9. Chris,
    Yes, I did hit gold here in this blog…an uncountable number of regulars and a legendary ( yes I said legendary) tv show co-host whom is very well known and respected in the airgun world (as well as other shooting sports) as the blog owner/manager as well!!! The people here are well versed and extremely knowledgable as well as willing to share that knowledge and experience freely. Gold? Definately. Platinum? Personally, I believe so
    p.s. While you openly admit that you aren’t able to speak speak from experience ( I do like that about the folks here…if ya’ll don’t know you you say so or you say nothing. That’s called ‘Honesty’ and I learned decades ago to respect that above all else). I”ve pretty much made up my mind. I’m going to place my order on Aug. 3rd, basically because of BB’over-all review and the fact that so far no one here has said that I’d be sorry. The truth be told, I did the same with my Colt SAA by Umarex usa and I love that gun. And YES I am checking it for IT’S favorite pellet but it looks like my SAA also is very happy with tha RWS R10 pellet as well as the bbs it was made for A little extra speed the bbs…for s good bit more acuracy, then the R-10s.

      • No need B.B. but seriously, I am learning alot from you folks here both from current and archive topics. ( I have a lot of free time on my hands…have since last november, due too what is often refered too as s catostrophic illness). Anyway that wws when I first encountered American Airgunner on tv, about a week after I was diagnosed with the “Big C). And this past may I found this blig and have been a faithful follower ever since. Thank all of folks herebecause this blog feels kind of like a home, if anyone can understand that. I’m niw quite cimfy here Ni B.B., no check needed…but if ya happen to have a few bucks in that Very Dependable and highly valuable Greek currency laying around loose then talk-to-me-sir,TALK to me!!! lol


  10. dmi 25401–I own 2 Daisy M 14,s. I bought them over a year ago. When I shot the first one, I found out that it was accurate enough for my 10 meter ranges (basement and back yard). It shot almost every kind of pellet that I tried, into 3/4 ” groups ( or less, ) . It did not jam . My club has youth day twice a year. We use Crosman 10 77,s for the younger kids. I let them shoot the M14 (only the bigger kids who could handle it). They gave it a workout and loved it. I get over 100 shots from the co2 cylinders ( some times 120-145 shots). This rifle was so good that I bought a second one. It is just as good as the first one, I have 2 grandsons and I did not want them to fight over who would shoot it ( that’s what I told my wife ). I have nothing but praise for this rifle. Of course, I would like to have it in a wood stock, but it is so light that younger shooters can handle it with ease. When my grand kids are older, I will add some lead weights to them. I already tried taping lead ingots to the stock (around 6 lbs.) It made the rifle feel more like a real M14. I hope that you will have as much fun with your M14 as I do. Get several magazines so that you don’t have to load pellets until the co2 runs out. Tell me (and the rest of the blog) about your M14. Ed

  11. dmi– I forgot to mention that I bought an extra co2 mag as well as the pellet mags. When one of the co2 mags developed a leak, Daisy sent me a replacement without any delay. Their customer service is very good and easy to deal with. Ed

  12. Zimbabweed,

    Thank you for your comment above as this exactly the type of info that I was looking for, and your experience with this rifle is good news. And I had already planned on 2 or 3 extra stick magazines.I am thinking of following your advice and ordering as n extra co2 magazine as well. ( only makes good sense).
    Any ideas where I might be able to get ahold of one of the military-issue style of a leather sling?
    Thanks again the the durability info. Got me smiling now. 🙂

  13. Dmi245401–I use fabric GI slings. I tried leather, but the rifle felt better with the lighter nylon slings. Are there any gun shows where you live? Can you get shotgun news ? Have you tried Ebay or other internet sources ? I use my M14,s to shoot small medicine bottles hanging from a line between 2 trees at 10 meters. ( as well as paper targets in my basement 10 meter range.) I put a narrow strip of masking tape on the front sight and painted it orange for visibility. It is easy to remove when I want a black sight. The backround behind the bottles is in shadow, so a black sight gets lost. The bottles are white, so orange shows up better than other colors, but yellow also works. Ed

    • Ed, I hadn’t thougt about the nylon military style sling, so thanks for idea. Way back when, those held up very well on my issue m16a1 and also on the pig ( m60e) that carried for a bit later in my enlistment. They were fully functional, fairly comfortable, and obviously durable enough to carry that 23lb ‘ m60. They were’nt eye-catching as were earlier style leather but they were pretty good at their intended use. Yes, I’m thinking that the nylon-web is a good idea–O.D. green of course, since I have no inclination to modify the rifle into one of the “tactical style” weapons thatare the current rage ( both military and civilian ). will likely mount a scope to it, but that’ll be about it. Good idea, thanks ed.


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