by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Today’s report is a translation that describes how to disassemble a Feinwerkbau 300 air rifle. It was written for us by reader Stephan Szlosze, who we know as CptKlotz, our intrepid German airgunner. We are breaking this into 3 parts because of the large number of photos.

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Before I turn this over, I want to emphasize that disassembly of an airgun is both dangerous to the person doing the work as well as to the rifle. Do not undertake this project unless you have read and understood all the instructions.

Over to you, CptKlotz.

This report covers:

  • Introduction
  • Our thanks
  • Tools needed for the job
  • Step 1
  • Step 2.
  • Step 3.
  • Step 4.
  • Step 5.
  • Step 6


The following guide will explain how to disassemble the FWB 300 series rifles for repairs. Much of it applies to the older 150 series rifles as well, but there are some differences.

Many of the spare parts are still available from Feinwerkbau, including springs and seals.

Our thanks

This article was originally published on the German co2air forums ( It was created by the users Pellet (original text guide), Paramags (additional information and FWB150 details ) and boerni (photos and forum post). They kindly gave me permission to translate their guide so people who can’t read German can use it as well. The original forum post can be found here.

Translation by Stephan Szlosze (CptKlotz). Any text in italics is a comment from the translator.

Disclaimer: If you decide to work on your gun, you do so at your own risk. Neither Pyramyd Air,, the authors or I will accept any responsibility for injury or damage to you, your rifle or your equipment. Please read the guide carefully and proceed with caution.

Tools needed for the job


1. Large flat blade screwdriver (5 mm blade)
2. Small flat blade screwdriver (3 – 4mm blade)
3. Needle nose pliers
4. 17mm wrench

FWB 300 tools

Step 1.


After removing the diopter sight or scope, the action must be taken out of the stock. To do so, you will need to remove two screws.

FWB 300 screws
To remove the stock, first remove these two screws (red arrows).

Now, the action can be lifted out of the stock. The screws that were removed can now be removed from the bottom of the stock

FWB 300 stock removed
Stock removed.

Step 2. (optional)


Now you can start disassembling the action. The first step is to remove the trigger blade. Remove the screw shown in the picture. The blade can then be pushed forward and removed.

FWB 300 trigger blade
Remove the screw and slide the trigger blade forward and off its bar.

Step 3.


Use the pliers to unhook the spring.

FWB 300 unhook spring

Step 4.


Now the two guiding bolts at the front have to be removed.

FWB 300 front guide bolts

You first need to remove the E-clip locking washer that secures each bolt. The picture isn’t very clear but you will get the idea when you see the bolts removed.

FWB 300 front guide bolt detail

This is what the bolts and e-clip (circlip) locking washers look like after removal:

FWB 300 frint guide bolts removed

After removing the locking washers, the bolts can be pulled out towards the front.

Step 5.


Now the base (the part that is now loose) can be lifted up at the rear end of the action. This makes it possible to pull out the rear guiding bolt.

FWB 300 rear guiding bolt

Step 6.


The base now has to be removed entirely. You need to remove another E-clip locking washer and then pull out the bolt to the side.

FWB 300 base holding bolt
The base holding bolt (arrow) can be pulled out.

The base can now be lifted off.

FWB 300 base lifted off

We’ll stop there today, and tomorrow we will finish the disassembly of the FWB 300. Remember to thank CptKlotz for this information.