Episode 40 – Selecting a Scope

We hope you are ready to get the scoop on scopes. This episode covers everything you could want to know about scope fit and eye relief along with picking the proper magnification for your needs. Don’t forget to stick around until the end to get the breakdown on the different reticle options out there. Crosshair, Duplex and Mil-dot reticles all have their applications. Which is right for you?

7 thoughts on “Episode 40 – Selecting a Scope”

  1. I only been an air gunner a few years , however Tom Gaylord and Pyramyd Air have made my experience so so enjoyable .Pyramyd Air is #1 and Tom is THE MAN ——————-John — AKA –Papa Smurf

  2. G’day BB,
    Wow! Did not know you are now a superstar! Great show!
    I would have agreed with everything you said except I now shoot DTL trap. The cheek weld and stance are probably the most important basic concepts for shotguns as the eye/s are the back sight. So with the Marauder I would adjust the drop at the comb so that my eye and scope reticule would be in alignment every time I mounted the gun instead of having to move my head/face around to see through the scope. High mounted scopes would have a larger drop at the heel to fit the shoulder. Some of the new rifle stocks I have seen have similar adjustable stocks to shotguns.
    Just a thought Too pedantic?
    Cheers Bob

    • Bob,
      Welcome to the videos! You are right about adjusting the stock. Rifles like the Marauder have a magazine that sticks up above the receiver, so the scope must be mounted about that, not only to clean the mag, but also to give room to remove and install it. That’s why high rings are used. The good news is they usually have an adjustable cheekpiece that allows you to align with the scope every time.

  3. Great video on scopes. Do you have a video or article on camera mounts for scopes? I’m not talking big DSLR cameras but just digital pocket cameras? I’ve tried looking online but can only find videos on camera mounts for regular rifles not air rifles such as the break barrels.
    Thanks B.B.

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