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Ammo Springfield Armory M1 Carbine CO2 Blowback Airsoft gun: Part 3

Springfield Armory M1 Carbine CO2 Blowback Airsoft gun: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Springfield Armory M1 Carbine airsoft
Springfield Armory M1 Carbine Airsoft gun.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

Part 2 testing
Today’s test
0.20-gram TSD Tactical BBs
0.25-gram Valken Accelerate BBs
0.30-gram ASG Blaster Devil BBs
0.36-gram ASG BBs
No lag time!
0.40-gram ASG BBs
0.43-gram ASG BBs

Today’s test will be interesting to me because I have no clue how the Springfield Armory M1 Carbine airsoft gun shoots. Usually I have some idea going into a test and can select the right ammo to suit how I think the gun is going to perform. This time I have almost nothing. The only things I do know is the gun is powered by CO2 and also the same gun shooting BBs did very well.

Part 2 testing

We learned in Part 2 how fast the test gun shoots. It’s on the high end for the recommended 0.20-gram BBs. It seems to slow down to a useful velocity with 0.30-0.36-gram BBs (407-387 f.p.s.). I am curious to see what they look like on paper.

Today’s test

I shot off a sandbag rest at 10 yards for this test. Five BBs were shot at each target, unless the results seemed to warrant shooting 10. That did happen in a couple instances, as you will see.

One thing to remember about this airsoft gun is there is no adjustment for elevation. Windage yes, but the elevation is fixed. That will play into the test results, as you will see.

I’m using the sights that come on the gun. It really isn’t suited for mounting any other sights, but these are fine.

0.20-gram TSD Tactical BBs

The first to be tested were 0.20-gram TSD Tactical BBs. This is the recommended BB weight for this airgun. The first BB hit in the 10-ring, so I shot the other four without looking again. Three of the remaining four BBs hit at the top of the target paper but the last BB was lost. The four BBs that hit made a group that measured 3.103-inches between centers. I can’t recommend this weight BB for this airgun because the BBs do not correspond to the sights and they spread out too fast. Yes, downrange they will drop a little, but this isn’t the level of accuracy I want in a skirmishing airgun.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.20-gram group
The 0.20-gram BBs did not group well. The four that hit the paper are in 3.103-inches between centers at 10 meters.

0.25-gram Valken Accelerate BBs

Next up were some 0.25-gram Valken Accelerate BBs. These were quite a bit better than the 0.20-gram BBs. In fact, after 5 shots the group was so good I photographed it in the target trap and returned to shoot 5 more.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.25-gram group
The first five 0.25-gram Valken Accelerate BBs made a very small group. I didn’t measure it, but it’s just over an inch between centers.

The second five opened the group a little, but nine of the ten BBs are still in a small area. All 10 are in 2.416-inches at 10 meters.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.25-gram group 10
All ten 0.25-gram BBs went into 2.416-inches at 10 meters with nine in 1.148-inches.

0.30-gram ASG Blaster Devil BBs

Next to be tested were five 0.30-gram ASG Blaster Devil BBs. Would they group even better than the 0.25-gram BBs? The only way to know is to try them.

The first BB hit inside the 10 ring, but all five BBs went into a group measuring 2.293-inches between centers. With the way that the 0.25-gram BBs shot, I felt this BB was not right for the airgun.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.30-gram group
The 0.30-gram Blaster Devils did not do so well. Five are in 2.293-inches at 10 meters.

0.36-gram ASG BBs

Bob Li of ASG sent me three additional heavy BBs to test in airsoft guns. The 0.36-gram one will be tested next. The first 5 BBs scored 49 points with 3 Xs on the 10-meter target. So I took another picture of the first five shots.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.36-gram group first 5
The first five of the 0.36-gram BBs gave such good results that I photographed them in the target trap.

I decided to continue this group as well, and this time it really paid off. Ten shots scored 99 points, with at least 7 Xs! 

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.36-gram group 10
Ten BBs are in a group measuring 1.342-inches between centers at 10 meters! The score is a solid 99. This group did not enlarge with the final five shots.

No lag time!

This is the sort of accuracy I have seen with some sniper long guns in the past. And the good thing is I noticed no lag time between the shot and the impact on target. This BB would be a good choice for skirmishing with this M1 Carbine.


At this point in the test I felt I had found the best BB. But I had others that were even heavier. Should I continue? Well, since this is my last test of this airsoft gun I figured why not?

0.40-gram ASG BBs

None of these ASG heavy BBs have a name, so I’m just identifying them by their brand and weight. This 0.40-gram BB is a weight I have never tested before. And the first five went into another nice-looking group.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.40-gram group first 5
Here we go, again. The first five 0.40-gram ASG BBs made a perfect score of 50 with 4 Xs!

When I completed the group there were 10 BBs in 1.493-inches at 10 meters, with a score of either 98 or 99.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.40-gram group 10
All 10 BBs went into a group measuring 1.493-inches between centers at 10 meters.

There was no audible lag time between the shot and impact on target with this BB, either. At this point I felt the best BB weight had been found, and it is 0.36-grams. But I also had a 0.43-gram BB on hand, so why not test it?

0.43-gram ASG BBs

This is the first BB that had an audible lag between the shot and impact on the target. The first BB went into the X-ring, so I wondered if this would be another hyper-accurate one. But as I shot I could see the other BBs hitting above the bull. In the end five BBs went into a group that measures 2.886-inches between centers. Clearly this BB is too heavy for the Carbine’s powerplant.

M1 Carbine airsoft 0.43-gram group
The group of five 0.43-gram BBs measures 2.886-inches between centers at 10 meters. Too heavy for this airgun!


The lack of an adjustment for elevation makes selecting the right ammunition more important for this Carbine. Remember I shot at 10 meters, which is 33 feet. But in a skirmish the Carbine might be used out to 75 or even 100 feet.

This test does not establish the final accuracy of the Carbine, but it points out that the gun is accurate. I did not adjust the Hop-Up because I didn’t have to.


The Springfield Armory M1 Carbine is an accurate airsoft gun that performs quite well. It mimics very closely the BB gun from the same people. 

I do think Pyramyd AIR should consider recommending a 0.36-gram BB for this gun. The performance is so much better!

Higher-end airsoft guns are not Pyramyd Air’s mainstay products, to be sure, but there are probably many airgunners around the nation who have a use for an accurate airsoft gun like this. If so — here it is!

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

32 thoughts on “Springfield Armory M1 Carbine CO2 Blowback Airsoft gun: Part 3”

  1. B.B.,

    With that weight and at the velocity those things are being launched I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end! Seems like they developed the steel BB version first then the plastic one this time, due to the higher velocity and preference to a heavier weight.


      • B.B.,

        Usually when the power plant is made for airsoft first, I recall, the reviewers are commenting on the low power of the steel BB version. This one is the complete opposite which supports my speculation. This is supported by your findings that a heavier than standard plastic BB is required to get the best accuracy from this gun.


  2. Typically, from my experience and involvement in airsoft since the early 90’s, the guns are brought out in airsoft first, as that is where the largest market is world wide. (go where the money is,)

    The “steel bb” airgun market is a lot smaller in comparison.
    Parents see the plastic airsoft projectiles as safer than the steel counterparts.
    In countries where firearms and and hard projectile airguns are heavily regulated, airsoft has a easier acceptance due to their greatly reduced energy.

    Also, the heaviest projectile here, .43grams, only weighs 6.6grains.
    The suggested .20gram ones weigh 3.08grains.

    A 6mm ball, weighing in at 3grains, loses its energy pretty fast, not that it had much to begin with….


  3. Ian,
    A ‘modern’ tin .177 pellet pellet weighs around 6grains,about the same as a heavy airsoft ball.
    The lead hobby version comes in at 7 grains, and at 10 meters, match wadcutters can be famously accurate,
    but not exactly cheap to use.
    Airsoft lets users play with select fire, which is allot of fun, even though this carbine is not the A2 version,
    you dont have to load ammo into a belt first, like on the Sig system. BB’s are just so range limited, even though this smooth bore is very accurate. I wonder if a heavy conical airsoft would double or even triple the effective range of this great looking can roller.It would need the belt system. I wonder if airsoft material will tolerate rifling. So light and handy. I want the A2 version. 6mm bore sounds much better than .177 too.

    • 1stblue,

      The Hop Up system, properly adjusted, probably gets much more range out of a way light sphere then I would expect from a WAY light bullet shaped airsoft projectile!

      Send me some airsoft bullets and one of these M1 Carbines and I will run the tests and provide you a full report using my LabRADAR. If you want me to source the bullets, airsoft ball ammo, M1 and range time we could negotiate a price off line!
      It will cost you! Lol!


    • The most accurate ball in this test was .36grams, so, 5.56 grains, and in part 2, the .36 gram ball had a average velocity of 387 FPS.

      With these weights hitting center of a 10 meter target, I wonder what the drop is at 50& 75ft?
      Yes, the hop up will help keep the ball in the air longer with the backspin, due to the magnus effect.
      I know they won’t be as accurate at longer ranges, but at 50&75 ft, it only has to be minute of bad guy..

      But I would hate to be shooting center mass, and hitting him in the knees..

      It’s really funny to watch the trajectory as you change hop up settings. Too much, and the ball starts climbing in elevation, then just runs out of energy and just drops quickly.

      But a proper set hop up can greatly increase the straight line range, with only a few inches of vertical travel.

  4. from: /blog/2019/04/springfield-armory-m1-carbine-bb-gun-part-3/
    “The new M1 Carbine put 10 Air Venturui Steel BBs into 0.804-inches at 5 meters. Eight of them are in 0.362-inches.”
    “Ten Smart Shot lead BBs went into 0.533-inches at 5 meters.”
    from: /blog/2020/01/springfield-armory-m1-carbine-bb-gun-part-4/
    “The Springfield Armory M1 Carbine BB gun put 10 Air Venturi Steel BBs in 1.474-inches at 10 meters.”
    “Ten Smart Shot went into 1.563-inches at 10 meters.”
    Comparing this airsoft version to the BB version, the best airsoft group was 1.342″ at 30 feet, and the best group with the steel BB version was 1.474″ at 33 feet. If we extrapolate what the BB version might be at 30 feet (“x” is to 30′ as 1.474 is to 33 feet), we get X = 1.34″…which is pretty much exactly the same level of accuracy you got with the airsoft version. Admittedly, I have not done much with airsoft, no skirmishing, and just some backyard plinking with spring-powered pistols. Yet I found this result surprising; I would not have expected the plastic BB airsoft version to be as accurate as the steel BB version. Perhaps the hop-up helped; but it looks like some solid engineering and manufacturing here (note to the manufacturer: it would be even more impressive if the sights were also adjustable for elevation), and I think that’s pretty cool. Thank you.
    Keep up the great work,

  5. Hmmm…137 comments yesterday and only 6 so far today. Guess there isn’t nearly as much interest in airsoft guns. I don’t really don’t have any interest in them either but I still read the blog in any case.

    • Geo,

      Stick around! As you (well) know,… the blog comment section can be on track for the day,.. deep in the right ditch the next moment,… suddenly back on the road and then plowing dirt in the left ditch the next moment!

      😉 LOL! Chris

    • Geo,

      Another fine one! Weight and diameter among the 4 were mind blowing. Expansion all good as well. Not bad for 100 yards.

      Worth a watch ya’ all!!!!!! (he puts out a pretty good presentation in my opinion)

      Thanks,….. Chris

  6. Thank you, everyone, who followed and assisted me with my air pressure gauge, trigger problems.

    It is clear to me now, but I was a bit confused at first. Of course I always been able to “cock and shoot” my multi-pump with no air in the reservoir. Not sure why I questioned air pressure and trigger function (not withstanding air valve issues).

    The trigger proper appears to be unchanged, although the trigger assembly has changed. PA sells the individual trigger and the complete Gen II trigger assembly. So, if I really mess up I can purchase an assembled ready to drop in Gen II version.

    The original problem, the blown air pressure gauge has been taken care of. That was rather easy, I am pleased to say.


    • Ken,

      Do you have Generation 1 or Generation 2 Marauders?
      I found the generation 1 rifle stock much to my liking as well as the gen 1 trigger to be better than the gen 2! I will add that I am a very long limbed and XXL hand size guy (feet too; more like swim fins!) so I’m not the fit norm by any means. I even add fatter stocks or putty to most of my pistol stocks/grips to make me happy.


      • Shootski,

        I am definitely smaller than you are. Both Marauders are Gen 2 with synthetic stocks. They suit me quite well.

        If I can only spread out ordering parts that need fixing, I may live long enough to enjoy them.


    • Geo,

      Another good one! A nice showing of what they (slugs) can do in lower (sub $1000) rifles,…with even some springers/gas rams tossed in.

      Well done!,……… Chris

      • Chris USA,

        I give this GENERAL bullet (SLUG) mania about eleven months before it runs it’s course! Why?
        Because most airgunners don’t have the backyard range sized to support the best performance from bullets (SLUGS) and typically the sound level is not backyard friendly. I know that the noise answer is moderators. However if the newly BLUE Virginia is an early example of the tide turning…silencers are going to be made unlawful to posses in the Commonwealth as well as all other BLUE states. They DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS will not differentiate on this wether on airguns or firearms!

        Your and all freedom loving USA citizens LIBERTY is at grave risk!

        I’m noting my bullet (SLUG) mania prediction on my Smart Phone calendar for a check back in January 2021 right after the Presidential Inauguration!


        • Shootski,

          You make good points and know much more than I. I will go on record to say they are not going anywhere. We, they, us will adapt. You are starting to show a “practical” side! 😉 What in this latest onslaught of air gun barrage is practical?

          As for the “blues”,… they jumped out of the plane a long time ago and half way down threw off the chutes. Long about November time, they are going to hit the ground hard. I predict a “red” blood bath.

          It is amazing to watch unfold. I think the blues are getting ready to do a circular firing squad formation. If some get brought up for past misdeeds,.. right now will pale in comparison. They will turn on each other like a pack of wolves even more so, giving a whole new meaning to what blue blood is.

          TOO much said,…. now back to air guns! Yes, moderators should be readily available for air guns. It would appear that for the most part,… they are now. Of course,…. many are laser welded to the barrel.

          (All) interesting,… for sure,………. Chris

      • Ken,

        That video has some kind of restriction on it (probably for no good reason). Sorry,…. I ain’t giving you tube or anyone else my phone # or e-mail address,… therefore,… I can not comment.


          • Ken,

            After clicking around a bit,… it would (seem) that air gun bloggers (and other controversial? forums) have the (now new option) on “age restricting” their site. One has to question??? Why? Does this make them “safer” for the general populous? Does it restrict youth exposure? Or,… is it one more layer of tech. where you can be narrowed down and pigeon holed?

            Honestly,.. I do not know one way or the other. How much more will we see this? Must we “sign in” for every air gun you-tube video that we now (currently) enjoy freely?

            It is not the content,… it’s more to do with why there is an option to restrict something that is freely published else ware every day?

            Sorry for the rant. Then again,… maybe I am not either. If I can not click on a fellow blog members link,.. without some BS log in BS,… do not expect me to watch it.


            Ken,… NOT aimed at you,… what so ever. I just get very ? when “big brother” tries to corner you and me.

            • Chris,

              Don’t be sorry for the rant. I think you showed a lot of restraint. Nor did I think it aimed at me. The airgun101 website has been created by some who see all hunting and shooting videos being ultimately kicked off You-Tube. Big Brother is watching Face Book, also.
              It’s a combination of things.
              Have you noted that all hand guns are disappearing from Walmart? Yes, the fire arms are long gone, but now co2 and air powered hand guns will not be sold at Walmart. I have visited a few and this does seem to be the case. I don’t know about actual toy guns, but I won’t be surprised if they are gone as well. Walmart stopped selling AR style rifles some time ago.
              Lately, others have followed, in the wake of mass shootings.
              I don’t expect things to get any easier.


          • Ken,
            YouTube has an algorithm in their software that flags hunting videos as age appropriate. Google owns YouTube so you can use your gmail user name and password to login. I never log out, so I am never requested to sign in when I view hunting videos. Nothing really new here.

        • Chris,
          This is really nothing new. Go to Google.com and create a gmail account. YouTube is owned by Google. You don’t need to use the gmail account but you can login to YouTube when you are requested to sign in to view a video. I just never log out of Google so the next time I go there to view a YouTube video, I am not asked to log in again. I think YouTube has an algorithm that flags hunting videos as age appropriate, thus the request to log in before you can view the video.
          Remember last year when YouTube was shutting down all the content creators that were posting hunting videos? There was a big uproar at that time but YouTube finally fixed the algorithm that was causing it. That was what prompted Giles to create a new web site for airgun creators to post their videos called airgun101.com. If YouTube ever does that again there will be a place where content creators can post their hunting videos. There are several YouTube creators current posting to that web site as a backup to YouTube. So, even now the videos are being duplicated at airgun101.

  7. For watchig video about our hobby you tube is not the friendliest format. The site will restrict content or even remove someones chanel for little cause. That said, check out the video site set up by Giles. It is ‘Airgun101’ it likely has video content from most of the posters you watch.

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