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Ammo Springfield Armory XD-M compact blowback BB pistol: Part 1

Springfield Armory XD-M compact blowback BB pistol: Part 1

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

The XD-M BB pistol from Springfield Armory.

This report covers:

  • Very Glock-ish
  • Polymer pistol
  • BB pistol-three backstraps
  • Striker-fired
  • Grip safety
  • Grip extension
  • Sights
  • Field strip
  • Grease
  • Assembly
  • EXCEPT!!!
  • Power
  • Holster
  • Summary

Here comes a lookalike CO2-powered BB pistol with full blowback — the Springfield Armory XD-M compact BB pistol. It  copies the compact XD-M firearm with a 3.8-inch barrel from Springfield Armory. I say compact because Springfield also offers the pistol in a model with a 4.5-inch barrel and a longer slide. These firearm pistols are offered in the following calibers — 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 10mm. Several model variations are offered, including pistols with barrels threaded for silencers and a special competition model with a 5.25-inch barrel.

Very Glock-ish

That title is certain to anger both Springfield Armory and Glock. But it’s what many gun writers have said. From the trigger that has the built-in safety lever to the reputation for extreme reliability, the XD-M seems to be close to the Glock in performance. I own a Glock 36 carry gun in .45 ACP, so I will be the judge of that! I can tell you this right now — the grip of the XD-M is less blocky that that of the Glock, making the gun more comfortable to hold for me.

Polymer pistol

The XD-M has a polymer frame — just like the Glock and many other pistols that are hitting the market these days. Ten years ago I was a troglodyte sitting on the fence, shouting vile epithets at “plastic pistols”. I was like an aging Harley aficionado who hated Japanese bikes with a passion. Never mind they were faster, smoother, cost less and used to have more reliability! I liked good old shaky, leaky American iron! But, unlike the political arena, the facts about polymer pistols soon rose up and shut my mouth. Plastic pistols are more reliable than all-steel M1911s.

Don’t bother defending the slabside to me; I own three of them. But what do I shoot? I shoot my 9mm Sig P365 that’s super-accurate and doesn’t kick much. And I shoot the .45 Glock that is also reasonably accurate and also doesn’t recoil as much as it should for that big caliber. It certainly does not bounce like a conventional 1911.

BB pistol-three backstraps

This BB pistol that copies the firearm also has a polymer frame with a metal slide. And this is where the benefits begin. Because with the air pistol you get three interchangeable backstraps to change how the pistol sits in your hand. It came to me with the medium-high arch installed which made the pistol point high. I installed the lowest arch and it now seems to point straight naturally. By the way, you get  three backstraps with the firearm, as well.

A lot of stuff comes with the XD-M BB pistol! There are three grip extensions on the right and two extra backstraps for the grip. In addition to the magazine you also get a large Allen wrench to pierce the CO2 cartridge.

Just press the pin out to change backstraps.


Both the firearm and this BB pistol are striker fired. That means as you fire the pistol and the slide blows back the striker is cocked. There is no follow-up shot if the striker is not cocked. I don’t like that because if a round is chambered and the striker fails to set it off you must cycle the slide for the next shot. That makes this a single-action only pistol. If you want to shoot after the draw the striker must be cocked, so the pistol is carried with the striker cocked and the next round chambered. That’s also characteristic of Glock-type pistols, which is why the second lever is in the center of the trigger blade. Unless it is pulled, the pistol will not fire. It’s considered a safety feature and the manual for this BB gun even calls it the safety.

That center lever in the trigger must be pulled back for the trigger to fire the gun. It’s like a grip safety for the trigger.

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Grip safety

This is a feature Glocks don’t have. John Browning designed the grip safety in 1910 or 11 so the pistol had to be in the hand when the trigger is pulled in order to fire. This is still considered one of the best pistol safety features ever designed. The XD-M has a grip safety and I tested it. It works as it should. So does the trigger safety. Not only does this pistol have all the same safety features as the XD-M firearm, they all work the same!

If you don’t hold the pistol the grip safety won’t be pushed in and the gun will not fire. No thinking is needed for this or for the trigger safety.

Grip extension

The compact pistol only also comes with three grip extensions that match the arch of the three grip backstraps. These make the pistol feel full-sized in your hand. The extensions slip over the magazine and do not attach to the pistol in any way. When the magazine is held tight the mag extension will be tight as well.


The sights do not adjust. There is an orange-ish fiberoptic bead in front and a conventional square notch in  back with white dots on either side. Let’s hope they are close to where they need to be!

Field strip

The BB pistol; field strips just like the firearm. I don’t see the instructions for this anywhere in the owner’s manual and nowhere online do I see them. But the website says you can do it, so here goes.

1. Remove the magazine
2. Lock the slide back
3. Rotate the take-down lever
4. Release the slide and pull it straight forward off the frame (it will be stiff on a new pistol)
5. Compress the slide spring and remove it and the spring guide from the slide
6. Remove the barrel from the slide 

Step 6 isn’t straightforward, so I will give you the secret. Push forward on the breech with your thumb and, if the barrel locks up, push lightly up on the slide cover (the part that would open to eject a spent round) with a finger of your other hand. That will raise the breech enough to clear and the barrel will move easily forward. When you do this make sure you are pushing the barrel the right way — forward out of the slide. When the barrel releases (but doesn’t come out of) the slide, pull it backward and down out of the slide. The real inner barrel separates from the outer shroud at this point.

To remove the barrel I’m pushing forward on the breech with my thumb.

While pushing forward on the breech you may also have to push in lightly right here. That will unlock the barrel from the slide. I have no idea why the barrel says MATCH — ’cause it certainly isn’t!

The XD-M doesn’t come apart as fast as a 1911, but it is simple to disassemble as long as you follow my instructions.


I have to comment that the pistol came with a lot of grease on all the moving parts. I get the feeling you are supposed to keep it this way. A lighter grease like lithium would be best, as you don’t want to slow the moving parts.

Grease covers every moving part inside the pistol.


Yeah, yeah, yeah — the parts go back together the way they came out. EXCEPT!!!


The one secret to assembly is to first assemble the rear barrel inside the outer barrel (the fake one that looks like a real firearm barrel on the outside). The reason for this is a small pin on the right side of the real barrel breech that has to fit into a machined slot in the fake barrel before the two will fit into the slide as they must.

That pin on the real barrel (yellow arrow) has to be down in that notch in the fake barrel (blue arrow) before both barrels will fit into the slide as they must.


The Pyramyd website tells us to expect velocities up to 270 f.p.s. for the compact 3.8-inch barrel. We will see when we test velocity in Part 2.


But wait — there is more! This pistol comes to you with its own holster. And that is realistic, because the firearm comes the same way. Springfield Armory has really put a nice package together with this BB gun!

Springfield XD-M holster
The holster comes with the pistol.

You also get a holster with the pistol. I will test the holster for you. It has a number of features like a quick-release locking button and body-contoured shape. It fits outside the waistband, which means the rear flap goes under your belt.


This is the little BB pistol that keeps on giving. I just hope the accuracy is there. We shall see!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

82 thoughts on “Springfield Armory XD-M compact blowback BB pistol: Part 1”

  1. B.B.,

    With all of the similarities to the firearm I hope you have access to one to compare the innards between the two. I suspect since Springfield Armory spent some money making the molds for the firearm it would make sense to use the same molds for this CO2 version.

    Just saw the picture (Thank you!) of the NOS pellets for the S&W 78g and I wonder if there were other brands of .22 caliber wadcutters available during that era. So are you going to really do an accuracy test with those pellets?


    PS: Section Striker-fired 1st paragraph 6th sentence: If you want to shoot after the draw the striker much (must) be cocked, so the pistol is carried with the striker cocked and the next round chambered.

    • Siraniko,

      Fixed the typo. Thanks.

      Those pellets are not supposed to be wadcutters. They are supposed to be diabolos but the die wore out and their waist expanded — or at least that is the story I heard about the Crosman ashcan pellets.


    • RidgeRunner,

      Maybe that’s why they have little incentive to go in that direction. That would also help with quality control. Keeping production just high enough to satisfy the demand while not allowing quality to go down with their new line.


      • Siraniko,

        You have stumbled upon the corporate model. Diana Group has the Chinese air rifles for the low enders. They have the German sproingers for the mid to upper range. They have the Brocock line for the mid to upper PCP and the Daystate for the top tier. They also have MTC for mid to upper optics.

        Now as for the Delta Wolf, it is for the top tier tacticool. You will likely see used Impacts on the market once it comes out. It is the latest and greatest and will likely put the Impact to shame.

    • RR,

      Yea,… I have been following the “teaser” release(s) on the DOC site. (Where did you see the information?) It had better come close to FX before FX is in trouble. As for cost,… I seem to recall 2500. At this point, I would have to go for a Safari. I am looking forwards to seeing both guns in serious competition in various events in the future.

      Corona might be putting a hold on a whole lot of things (events) from the way things around the world are rolling at the moment.


        • RR,

          I had not made the rounds to HAM yet today. That is a more concise and better put together roll out than DOC did. I have not been directly on the DS site,.. so I can not speak to that. Yes,.. it will be interesting to see it move forwards.

          To me,… while (maybe before?) rolling out all of the tech. features,… accuracy, shot to shot/string ES, shot capacity/duration per fill would be more important to make known up front. If this is fully developed, then they already have that information. Who cares about all the tech. if it is not more accurate than stuff that is already out there? That said,… I always love to see innovation, regardless!


          • Chris,

            They rolled out the Brocock and it is not more accurate than what is out there. They rolled out the Dreamline and it is not more accurate than what is out there. They rolled out the…

            What world do you live in? Marketing has nothing to do with quality. It is all about how to spend your money. “Here is the latest Doodlysquat! Buy now before next year’s Doodlysquat comes out! Be the first one on your…”

            Does your Red Wolf really shoot better than an Air Wolf or an Air Ranger for that matter? I don’t know, but I bet the difference ain’t much.

            • RR,

              Well,.. that is certainly another (more realistic?) way to look at it. Still? And yes,… when you get into the high end stuff, the differences in accuracy are going to get pretty hard to tell. At that point,… you are left with the looks and the functions/features you want. That (accuracy) is another reason that I like to see what shines at the big competitions.


              • Chris,

                Do keep in mind that those airguns at the “big competitions” have usually been tinkered, tweaked and tuned.

                You have a top shelf Daystate that is awesome right out of the box. BB has a top shelf Air Arms that is awesome right out of the box. I have a top shelf RAW that is awesome right out of the box. I do not know about the rest of the world, but when that price tag hits four digits I expect it to be awesome right out of the box. No excuses.

                • RR,

                  Yes,.. you have mentioned that before and something that I fail to remember (modified – stock guns – at competitions.) That is where the Gen II’s and Gen. III’s come from. Not to mention,.. the new boutique makers showing off their newest offerings/concepts.


              • B.B.,

                “Don’t bother defending the slabside to me; I own three of them.”

                “Ten years ago I was a troglodyte sitting on the fence, shouting vile epithets at “plastic pistols”.”

                I still am a Troglodyte talk to me after the plastic pistols are still used after 100+ years by Elite Units!

                “(XD-M, Glocks, generic plastic pistols)…and used to have more reliability!”

                vincit omnia veritas

                “Plastic pistols are more reliable than all-steel M1911s.”

                vexata quaestio

                John’s Grip Safety: “This is still considered one of the best pistol safety features ever designed.”

                Manual Safety objections, “No thinking is needed for this or for the trigger safety.” are marketing bamboozle when the shooter is trained to the level of automaticity a! If you carry Cocked and Locked you had better be!

                I’m going to take an Aspirin (no Aleve, Motrin, Excedrin, Advil, and definitely no Tylenol) for this Troglodyte!

                Rant over the Troglodyte will now climb back into the SLIME with my USM1911A1 and await targets of opportunity with the assurance that I will be able to put rounds on target without contributing to the micro plastic pollution!

                Nice Manual of Arms trainer for the XD-M
                Possibly more if it shoots straight!


                • “…I was a troglodyte sitting on the fence…”
                  I hear you; I would have to change that to “I am a troglodyte,” hahaha!
                  However, that being said, B.B. is far from the only one singing the praises of the P365:
                  This guy even bought two:
                  After reading all that, I would be curious to at least shoot one.
                  Take care,

                • Shootski,

                  From your comment on a previous blog about what would I think of 3,742 FPS with a 500 grain projectile being launched from an air gun,…… I have formulated “somewhat” of a response. 🙁

                  1st.,… Air resistance to anything. In space,.. not so much an issue as things can go very fast with little propulsion effort. Not so on earth and not so with planes and shooting projectiles. So, I do not see much changing there (earth air resistance).

                  2nd.,…. Much of what we understand of “lift and drag” are based on assumptions you say. OK. So if what we understand stands as ABC and we nail down new facts and it changes to XYZ with (all things) understood,…. then what?

                  2nd,.. Part B,… Then what? Given your foil/wing example,… Change the shape of the wing? Change the wing material? Change the surface material of the wing? Make the wing able to change shape in response to air flow? Flaps do that now.

                  Could a wing be made to self re-form based on the surrounding air pressure? (squeeze and expand, like a squishy ball) Like a water balloon or paint ball might do in flight? Could a wing be made to inflate and deflate in flight to change it into a more efficient wing?

                  3rd.,….. Propulsion. I would think that something like the Air Force in-line air transfer design would be quite efficient. That would be for air guns. Port shape and size and valve design coming into play.

                  So,… for airguns,… what would change? Projectile shape or material? Could it be fluidized or semi solid? What? What would (anything) even look like to get those kind of numbers?

                  Needless to say,… you have my curiosity piqued. 😉 Feel free, or not,.. to be as speculative as you care to be.


                  • ChrisUSA,

                    No need to speculate! This is done on a fairly regular basis using Helium and an Arc Generator that heats the He to high temperature and consequent high pressure.
                    That was just a shot across the bow of you and other Airgunners of what can and could be done. These are more or less lab fixtures so they are big and heavy just as you would expect them to be. My reading in the course is over 800 pages of extremely dense equations! It takes me an hour per page on average; especially since I need to go back to my Differential Equations textbooks to review my basics.
                    I think the key takeaway I have so far is that we need to stop thinking about Internal Balistics (what goes in inside of the air source, valve(s,) Transfer Port, barrel in the way we always have! The number of folks that still believe some of the forum Airgun Scientists that Supersonic or heaven forfend hypersonic MV are impossible needs to end now! It has stifled demand for better long enough. Miniaturization, or at least right sizing, of what already exists is the first step. That will create the environment for the new old hunting long range air powered hman carried tool to win back what was lost with the expedient of Black Powder!

                    Back to reading…


                    • Shootski,

                      Just caught that last part,…. “hunting long range air powered human carried tool”,… bit. Now that would be interesting.


                    • BD,

                      Thank you and I will check out in the AM. Looking forwards to reading it. That is getting pretty close to Shootski’s concept/actuality of igniting Helium. As always,.. you seem to stay at the front of the latest in tech./mods.

                      What? Take a air gun valve full of Helium and ignite it with something as simple as a Coleman stove spark unit? Yes, the valve would have to hold pressure,… to a point,… but it sounds do-able.

                      Would it become a firearm at that point? I think so.


                    • BD,

                      Well, I checked it out. Quite hard to jump back to a specific page. I remember that.

                      Those fellows know their math pretty well, getting over most peoples heads pretty quick I think.

                      Near the last post, pg.31, there was 2,787 fps recorded using Helium with a 15.43 grain projectile. Post # 601. 2-24-17.

                      Pretty amazing!,…………. Chris

                  • Chris

                    Just using helium alone will add close to 50% more fps than plain air even without heating it and can be bought in big tanks from most any commercial compressed gas company like welding supply shops. Its comes in 6000 psi tanks so just need a regulator setup to adjust output pressure and correct fill foster to use in a PCP.

                    Nope no firearm without any explosive reaction involved.


                    • Well if you want to push the envelope you might as well go directly to hydrogen. Not safe, so you better know what you are doing. With a nice long barrel I would expect some powder burner velocities would not be unreasonable.

                      Or just go to a big enough gun so the helium molecules are not restricted much.

                      Well I just refreshed my 50 year old chemistry rememberer and see helium gas is composed of single atoms while hydrogen is a molecule of two atoms. So probably no big gain going to hydrogen.


                    • 2nd Edit:
                      The nitrogen atom is smaller than even the hydrogen atom, so the hydrogen molecule (two hydrogen atoms) would be bigger than nitrogen atom.

                      The hydrogen atom is larger than the helium atom because the electrons in the helium atom are held tighter than those in hydrogen by a greater charge in the nucleus. The helium atom does weigh twice as much as the hydrogen molecule though.

                      I always wondered why someone did not try hydrogen.


                • Shootski

                  I am with you and also a Troglodyte that favors my 1914 Springfield Armory built model M1911 that is still shooting today after 106 years in service. Yes it has been serviced and had a barrel replaced once but it also saw several years of service in WW1 with who know how many rounds of the copper jacketed round nose ammo used in the war. it does not get shot much but it does still shoot and never fails to feed rounds and put them on target down range.

                  Back into my hole I go.


                  • Buldawg76,

                    Barrels are to be shot out not cleaned out! Lol!
                    I flew with a 1911 in my LPA holster into the early 1990’s. I shot loads of our European stored Colt 1911s while stationed in Stuttgart and loved all the old girls long after the Berretas had reportedly replaced them as our Front Line Service Pistol.
                    Understand I have a SIG SAUER P320 X-FIVE and love Shooting it at the range but it will never be my primary carry.
                    I would feel naked without my full size Kimber.


                    • Shootski

                      I got my 1911 from a friend who’s father passed away and his mom was selling off all his guns. I knew I wanted the 1911 but had no idea just what I was getting in the early 70s time frame. I was barely 18

                      For 100 bucks I got the gun, 4 mags, a new barrel, three boxes of the original military ball ammo that it had been used with in WW1 and the original holster that has the foldover flap with the soldiers name stamped into the leather on the back side. ” Campbell, Perkins 1917 ”

                      The barrel was replaced because when I went out to shoot it I got thru one mag of 7 rounds and on the second mag it shot three rounds and then would not fire again. The slide was stuck out of battery and the barrel was hanging about three inches to far out the front of the gun. I had to drop the mag and manipulate the slide to get it to go to battery and the barrel was still out three inches from the end of the slide. The recoil spring and barrel bushing were nowhere to be found. I took it to a gun smith to have repaired and he told me that the barrel in it was as you said “shot out ” so that the bullet actually wedged sideways in the barrel and tried to take the barrel with it. Still have that barrel and there is absolutely no rifling whatsoever anywhere in it to be seen. The barrel retaining link was spread open completely just enough to get past the take down pin allowing it to eject the bushing and spring. I am lucky I still have my hand and all my fingers cause if it was a plastic gun my bet is I would no longer be right handed.

                      I do also have some plastic guns but my favorite open carry gun is my ruger P89 mainly due to the 15+1 capacity. My concealed carry is a S&W 642 featherweight 357 in my right front pocket. I never go anywhere without it period.


      • Chris,

        I am not putting off Corona. No sir. I am about to have a Corona right now!

        But yes, the virus is putting a lot on hold such as travel by cruise ship, air plane, bus, or train. My neighbor and I just talked at the mailboxes, and he said he is not going to buy his usual concert subscription for this spring/summer at the local community college. My wife and I have stopped going to restaurants. (Consider the sick waitress who shows up to work anyway because no work means pay/tips and no rent money.) My wife and I had planned to go to a few MLB games for the first time in years, but even in the open air, it’s more about touching a railing that someone else touched. The next time someone sanitizes a surface in Wrigley Field or Comisky Park will be the first time.

        I already canceled my annual trip to Coachella. (HAH. Just checking to see if anyone is actually reading this all the way through. I’m more of a Wacken Open Air guy.)


        • Michael,

          Now that is the spirit! 😉 Lucky for me,… my social circle is somewhat limited at the moment,.. and usually pretty well is. Not much changing here. Yup,… getting no better. You have to wonder when they lock down the whole of Italy. New events cancelled all the time.

          Be safe and take care my friend. You have a Corona for me and I will have a Miller High Life for you. You see,…. that way we never have to see each other and can still have a toast! That way we are good on the new 6-8′ distance rule. 😉


        • Michael,
          From what I have read so far, hand sanitizer and the like will not kill the virus, but this stuff will.
          I have some on order to wipe down our labs…I hope it works as advertised.
          Take care,

          • Dave,

            Some have resorted to stuff like Vodka. However, 80 proof (40% by volume) is not enough, but rather 120 proof (60%). Surgeon like hand washing still wins out,… on person. Something is at least better than nothing though.


              • Shootski,

                Absolutely. Duration is very important. Completely wet both hands, lather up with either liquid or bar soap, and work the lather onto the hands for at least 20 seconds, then rinse completely. Best to use toilet paper in your hand to turn off the faucet (which is why public washrooms have the waste basket next to the exit).

                Wash your hands before handling food or touching your face. always wash hands immediately after going to the bathroom, even just number 1.
                I really like to time the whole thing rather than try to remember to sing for just the lathering. Everything works out in the 50 seconds it takes me to sing the 1st verse, chorus, 2nd verse and chorus again of Foghat’s “Fool for the City”:

                Going to the city, got you on my mind,
                Country sure is pretty, I’ll leave it all behind.
                This is my decision, I’m coming home to stay this time

                ‘Cause I’m a fool for the city. I’m a fool for the city.
                I’m a fool for the city. I’m a fool for the city,

                Breathing all the clean air, sitting in the sun,
                When I get my train fare, I’ll get up and run.
                I’m ready for the city, air pollution here I come

                ‘Cause I’m a fool for the city. I’m a fool for the city.
                I’m a fool for the city. I’m a fool for the city.


                Big ol’ ‘staches will rule again.


          • Dave,

            At some point I might not have a problem with the coronaviruse killing me (just kidding)! In about three weeks my 401K has lost 22% of value (wish I were kidding).


            • Michael,

              If you had the $ to play with,….. now and maybe even 3-6 months from now would be one heck of a time to buy. A lot of good companies that will get devalued,… but will come back strong when things get back to normal. You know for a fact that those that do have the funds are sleeping with their “shopping” list.

              However,… that would not be me. I am sure that mine is not doing any better than yours.


              • Chris,

                My wife and I do have such a shopping list for whenever the markets dive momentarily. But one problem is given the nature of things, we should probably hold on to a bit more cash than we would normally be willing to take bargain shopping that is also rainy day money and this is a rainy day.

                Also, this market drop will not be momentary. The markets dropping this time is not the result of skittishness but of very real things about to go bad economically world-wide. Normal supply-demand dynamics will be upended for at least six months, perhaps as long as 18 months.

                For example, people not traveling and not going to crowded events or restaurants cuts the income of millions of Americans. These Americans with cut income buy much less. Their reduced spending cuts into the income of millions more Americans who spend less money, etc. So businesses start laying people off. Reduced commerce reduces the tax base, increasing deficits and making it harder for towns to provide services such as, say, street maintenance and first responders. It’s a vicious domino effect. Supply/production/output is reduced, increasing unemployment. Reduced employment reduces demand, which causes further production decreases which increase unemployment. Economic growth reverses while inflation rears its ugly head.

                So, employment drops, production falls well below capacity, markets drop and inflation appears while growth becomes shrinkage. That is the textbook definition of a Depression.


                • Michael,

                  Thank you for the tutorial. While I may not have your depth of economic dynamics understanding,.. I understood every bit very clearly. I do pay attention to world news and financial news to some (pretty good) degree. Watch it enough,… and even a dummy can get a pretty good feel for how things are.

                  Yes,… err to the side of caution.


                  • Chris,

                    It all sounds pretty dismal; however, it is possible that the economic ramifications could be minimized. For example, at the moment New York City is going to try not to do the cancellation of events apprach but instead try the approach of fine cleaning and sanitizing everything (everything) several times a day and going overboard in testing/quarantines. If this were done strenously, it could avoid too much economic damage in NYC.

                    But it can’t begin to work until tests are made available on a large scale. Right now there are not nearly enough tests country-wide, and widespread, large scale testing is perhaps the single most important thing. One test for every 400 Americans won’t cut it.

                    Ultimately, who knows?


                    • Michael,

                      The biggest thing would be an (instant) mouth swab test. Good/Sorry about your luck,… either or. False positives would not be good.

                      No way would would I go to a crowded event and certainly not in NYC.

                      I would give that NYC “clean everything down REAL good” approach to saving events about another 2 weeks,… tops. Other big cities have already shut down big events.

                      Hang on,….. Chris

          • TO all

            I can say from first hand experience from when my first wife was diagnosed with AML “acute mylogenous leukemia” in 84 and had to undego chemo that literally wiped out all of her blood cells including whats in the bone marrow so her body could start fresh she was placed in the bone marrow transplant unit at Shands teaching hospital in Gainesville Florida at the university of south Florida. They would wipe the entire unit down from top to bottom daily in a mixture of 50% bleach and 50% isopropyl alcohol and I was told that absolutely nothing can live in that mixture of chemicals period. She was in a air proof tent for two weeks until her body rebuilt its own bone marrow and blood cells. My ex wife made it thru the chemo and is still alive today 36 years later.

            She has scleroses of the liver now from hep C that she got from all the blood transfusions she had back then just to keep her alive before they knew to screen the blood for such diseases.

            That is my go to disinfectant for killing any bad unseeable creepies out there.


    • RidgeRunner,

      Can the magazine on the Delta Wolf be moeved to the other side, or is for right-handed shooters only? Everything else is switchable like crazy, but i could find nothing about that in the article. (I am continually amazed at how much manufacturers desire not to sell air rifles to 10 – 15 percent of all people.)


      • Mike,

        On the Red Wolf, the magazine flips to either side with moving a magnet and pin. Not all DS are swappable I do believe. There is multiple DS magazine design changes of the years. This newest one appears to be able to be butted two up, back to back or side to side,… depending on how you look at it. I like the flip open panel feature too. That is about as much as I know for the moment.


    • Can you give me some info? I just joined this site in order to sell a 1937 Bulls Eye Toy Pistol that is in the original box. I cannot find anywhere to offer items for sale. Is it possible to sell air pistols on this site? Thanks, Brian Brock 303.548.1519 email bfbrock@comcast.net

  2. BB,

    I like the way this seems to be so well thought out. Looks like a perfect trainer for the firearm. Looking forwards to your further testing on it.


  3. Chris USA ,

    We see allot of copies here at Air Venturi . This is the best replica series out now ! No detail was spared in the development and execution of this product . It is so well executed if You lay a XD 9mm next to a BB version You cannot tell the difference. If You carry / shoot a XD You will love the BB or Airsoft version. No , I didn’t have anything to do with the development of this pistol it was the product team , I only service the rifles and pistols .


    • Gene,

      Thank you for the behind the scenes information. Well, they did a very fine job I would say. While the average plinker may not care,.. for a carry practice piece,.. (everything) should be the exact same with maybe the exception of felt recoil. Matching weight/heft I think would also be important.

      It would be nice to see that level of (care to detail) across the industry.


  4. B.B.
    Under field strip. Should #3 Rotate the magazine release read take down lever?
    About your Glock it is interesting that a lighter pistol can have less felt recoil than a heavy steel 1911 pistol.

  5. Off topic:

    For any of you guys that think you have the golden ticket on the next air gun projectile design,.. check these guys out. They will shoot anything from what appears to be mostly shotgun platforms. People from all over the world send in their latest design of projectile and have them test it. Good, slow motion video for the most part.

    Most of the videos I caught this AM showed a delay/not available, but after 20 seconds or so of waiting,.. they all played just fine. There is a TON of videos. TAOFLEDERMAUS,…. Here is just one.


    Enjoy,….. Chris

  6. B.B.,

    I like how that grip safety is not just prominent but also high up where the web of the hand goes. That seems much more likely to function well than many others.


  7. Off topic,… again,….

    The local evening news just stated that Dick’s sporting goods stores will stop selling all firearms and ammunition. That is a pretty big name,.. if not mistaken. The report also cited other stores (not Dick’s) that have done the same,… have seen their overall store/chain sales go up.

    Just some FYI,……. Chris

    • Chris,

      I live three blocks behind a Dick’s, and they pulled all of their guns out after El Paso. Last I was there was a few months ago and they still had ammo among the fishing gear, but perhaps that is gone by now, too.

      There atre lots of gun stores and indoor ranges around, but they are the only ones selling firearms in these parts (far West Chicago suburbs).


  8. Benji-Don
    March 10, 2020 at 11:13 pm
    Well if you want to push the envelope you might as well go directly to hydrogen. Not safe, so you better know what you are doing. With a nice long barrel I would expect some powder burner velocities would not be unreasonable.

    Or just go to a big enough gun so the helium molecules are not restricted much.


    Well I just refreshed my 50 year old chemistry rememberer and see helium gas is composed of single atoms while hydrogen is a molecule of two atoms. So probably no big gain going to hydrogen.



    March 10, 2020 at 11:52 pm
    2nd Edit:

    The nitrogen atom is smaller than even the hydrogen atom, so the hydrogen molecule (two hydrogen atoms) would be bigger than nitrogen atom.

    The hydrogen atom is larger than the helium atom because the electrons in the helium atom are held tighter than those in hydrogen by a greater charge in the nucleus. The helium atom does weigh twice as much as the hydrogen molecule though.

    I always wondered why someone did not try hydrogen.



    Please, please do not try hydrogen in any gun of any kind or you will likely not live to tell any tale about it. Can you say “Hindenburg” . Hydrogen is highly flammable and used in a PCP is a bomb waiting to explode the moment the hammer hits the valve stem. Just say NO,NO,NO NO to hydrogen.

    Nitrogen can be used and actually is used by a lot of air gun shooters for its properties of being completely dry and moisture free.

    The reason Helium gives better performance than Air is exactly why a balloon filled with helium rises onto the sky where as the same balloon filled with air falls to the ground. The helium molecule is 1/10th the weight of the air molecule and therefore expands at a much faster speed than air does which imparts more energy into the pellet for the same volume of the gas released per shot. The helium molecule can travel approx 50 times faster than air so you get approx 50% more velocity out of the same projectile. It is also not easily ignited under normal conditions.



  9. BD,

    Glad you called me on bringing up the use of hydrogen in an airgun. It is flammable and a stupid idea.


    I would be obliged if you deleted all the references to hydrogen in this report.


      • B.B.,

        Hydrogen inside an airgun would make it a firearm pretty quickly, with an emphasis on FIRE. ;^) A chemisdtry professor I taufght with for many years once said to me, “Be thankful for all of the Nitrogen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. If it were all oxygen and hydrogen, things would get very nasty very quickly.”


        • Michael,

          I lost a few good friends in a space capsule running on 100% Oxygen…no measurable free Hydrogen was present yet the flash fire consumed them in seconds! It was the perfect oxidizer meeting anything oxidizable and an electrical spark.


          • Shootski,

            I’m sorry to hear that.

            Chem teachers sometimes tell this “joke”: Hydrogen, Oxygen and Argon walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve gases here.” Argon had no reaction, but Hydrogen and Oxygen blew up.

            That goes along with the only other chemistry joke I know:

            Little Willie was a chemist, but
            Little Willie is no more.
            What Willie thought was H2O
            Was H2SO4.


    • Benji

      No so much of calling you on it but rather hoping to keep you and many others safe and out of harms way. Our sport is dangerous enough even when following all the safety rules out there.


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