Part 1

This report covers:

  • Not without problems
  • Barrel
  • Preparing to shoot
  • Load the clip
  • First shot
  • First blood!
  • Tinfoil
  • Three feet
  • SHRED-ER Three feet
  • SHRED-ER Five feet
  • SHRED-ER Seven feet
  • Summary

Wow! I am blessed! Some days the tests are difficult and I have to fight through many things just to get words on the screen. Other days, the test flows like a river. Today was a river day.

Not without problems

That doesn’t mean that everything turned out hunky dory. Not at all. I wondered whether the chronograph would be able to record the velocity because the salt spreads out pretty fast. And my chronograph told me that. I tried three times to get a velocity and each time I got an error code that the second skyscreen hadn’t seen the projectile(s). I could see that the salt turns into a white cloud very close after leaving the muzzle. At 18 inches it looks like smoke moving fast.

So we won’t get any velocity numbers beyond what BUG-A-SALT put in the operating instructions. The SHRED-ER shoots lead pellets at 435 f.p.s. Not that it shoots lead pellets, you understand. It just would if it had a metal barrel that was designed to shoot pellets. But it doesn’t.


Someone asked and as far as I am able to tell, the SHRED-ER barrel is plastic. And at the breech there is a bar that starts breaking up the salt charge the instant it enters the barrel.

SHRED-ER breech
The bar across the SHRED-ER breech breaks up the salt charge.

Preparing to shoot

The SHRED-ER comes to you with the safety on. Take it off before you try to pierce the CO2 cartridge. Otherwise you will be pulling the trigger with nothing happening. Guess how I know.

Put a drop of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of each cartridge before you install it in the gun. When the gas starts to flow the oil will be blown into the valve and get on every sealing surface inside. Do this with each cartridge you pierce and your gun should last for years. It is impossible to overoil this airgun. Let’s face it though — this is a mostly plastic airgun and it’s not destined for your estate. 

Shredder powerlet
A drop of Pellgunoil on each new cartridge tip and your SHRED-ER should last a long time.

Load the clip

With the CO2 in the gun and flowing, it’s time to load a clip of salt. The clips have paper on both sides.

Shredder clip back
The back of the SHRED-ER clip has thin paper over all the chambers.

Shredder clip front
Likewise, the front of the SHRED-ER clip is paper-covered. It’s almost like cellophane.

Find a Hawke Scope

First shot

I shot the gun and was surprised by how quiet it is! It’s nothing like shooting a pellet pistol. In fact, I had to break the gun open to look at the clip because I wasn’t certain that anything had come out.

Shredder noise
The SHRED-ER is not loud.

Shredder clip SHOT
The gun was so quiet that I had to look to see if the salt came out.

At this point I wondered where this gun shoots. So I hung up a 10-inch Shoot-N-C target and aimed at the center of the bull from three feet away.

Shredder target
I aimed the SHRED-ER at the Shoot-N-C target with the muzzle three feet away. I used the pistol’s sights and aimed for the center of the bull.

First blood!

What a fortunate thing that was, because I then went into my house to get a roll of tinfoil for targets and a large housefly who has been bothering me for days started buzzing around my head. When he lighted on the white wall above the stove I knew it was time to draw blood. I have shot at this fly many times over the past several days with my other BUG-A-SALT, the 2.0, from as close as 12 inches and he just laughs!

Shredder fly
This big fly has been laughing at me for several days.

I went back to the garage to get the SHRED-ER and when I came back to the kitchen he was still in the same place. I took aim from three feet and squeezed the trigger and the fly disappeared. I have no idea where he went, but whever it was I doubt he went there under his own power! And the wall behind him wasn’t covered with fly guts, either.

When I hit flies with the old 2.0 salt gun I usually see where they go. Sometimes they are killed on the first shot but about half the time it takes a second and possibly a third shot. In just a moment I’m going to show you why with the SHRED-ER this should never happen.

So, while I seldom compare airguns, I’m doing it today. And I have a cool way to demonstrate the power of the new gun.


Remember when I wanted to see how accurate the Marksman rubber band guns were and I used tinfoil targets? I’ve been thinking of them for this gun. And I think you will agree, they do show more than just the pattern. They also show the power. Let’s look.

Three feet

I have long used three feet as the maximum range of my BUG-A-SALT 2.0. So that’s where I started this test. I drew a bug shape on the dull side of the foil and shot at it with the 2.0 first. The first shot was using the sights, which I almost never do. But it’s nice to know they are right on.

Shredder 2 three feet
I shot at the black bug shape from three feet (from the muzzle) with the BUG-A-SALT 2.0, using the built-in sights. That gun is loaded with coarse sea salt, so many of the dimples are large. But you can also see several smaller dimples made by finer salt. The bug target has one large dent on the left side. This “bug” would have at least felt the sting of the salt, if he was not eliminated.

SHRED-ER Three feet

Next I shot the SHRED-ER from three feet at the same kind of tinfoil target. This time the entire target was hammered into a deep depression by the salt.

Shredder three feet
Cowabunga! No fly could escape that! It doesn’t show here but the center of the pattern is about an inch below the surface of the foil.

SHRED-ER Five feet

Okay, the 2.0 is out of the running and is probably going to be retired after a long run of faithful service. I got me a SHRED-ER now, and it lives up to its name.

At 5 feet from the target the pattern expanded to around 6 inches, but the center is still very dense with salt dimples.

Shredder five feet
At 5 feet from the muzzle the SHRED-ER patten expanded but the center remained dense. At this range the tinfoil was not hammered into a depression.

SHRED-ER Seven feet

The last test I did was at 7 feet from the muzzle. The center of the pattern was starting to open up. What I caught on the tinfoil was about 8 inches by 8 inches, but it looks like salt went even wider than that.

Shredder seven feet
At seven feet from the muzzle the SHRED-ER pattern is opening up. 

However, when I enlarge this photo, we see that the target I intended shooting still got hit at least 4 times.

Shredder target detail
Even at 7 feet the intended target was hit at least 4 times.


This bug gun is fun! It’s quiet, It really does what they say and it hits where it’s aimed. Sure I have to take the CO2 out at the end of the day, but until then, bugs beware!

As for loading the salt clips, I will probably try to do it for you guys, but as for me, I’m using store-boughten ammo!