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Air Guns Quick Shot kit for the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup

Quick Shot kit for the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup

This is a special guest report on reader Ian McKee’s (45 Bravo), Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup in .177 caliber. I’m calling it Part 3 of his report, though none off the parts is marked that way.

As you know, I am also doing a report on a .25-caliber Bullpup, so Ian is looking at the other end of the spectrum, and today’s report is a special one.

If you’d like to write a guest post for this blog, please email me at blogger@pyramydair.com.

Take it away, Ian.

.177 Avenger Bullpup Quick Shot: Part 3
By Ian McKee

Avenger bullpup
Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • The Quick Shot kit
  • Begin
  • Using the Quick Shot
  • Pros
  • Cons

Avenger Bullpup Ian

Hello everyone,

Let me start off by saying what I am reviewing today is a Quick Shot kit designed by an owner of one of the Air Venturi Bullpups

The Quick Shot kit

Like many people, he felt the need for a forward cocking lever on the bullpup, and decided to not wait for the Gen2 Bullpup (if there will ever be one.) After many failures, and design changes he has reached a point where he thought it was ready for the public and posted a short video of a prototype in operation, and I reached out to get one of the first ones to test for him. 

It is made from some 3D printed parts, a hardened steel rod, a bronze bushing, a carbon fiber rod, and some adjustable links so you may adjust the length of the system somewhat to suit your preference. 

Avenger Bullpup assembly
There are very few parts, and installation takes about 10 minutes with no permanent modifications made to the gun. There is even a short video on You Tube showing the installation. 

The assembly is straightforward, and only requires a few tools — a 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm Allen wrenches and either a small adjustable wrench or needle-nosed pliers to adjust the length of the actuating rod.

Avenger Bullpup tools
The tools needed.

The video shows the installation clearly but I will also address it here with words and pictures for those who like to read instructions.


Start by making sure the gun is unloaded, and engage the safety. Remove your scope, then remove the Picatinny scope rail using the 2.5mm Allen wrench.

Put the front rod support into the front upright scope riser as shown, then align the cocking handle with the slot facing up into the corresponding slot under the rail system, and insert the hardened steel rod through the cocking handle into the front support bracket.

Avenger Bullpup front brace
Front brace installed.

Avenger Bullpup front brace rod
The rod is in the front brace.

Avenger Bullpup cocking handle
Cocking handle and the underside of the Picatinny scope rail.

Snap the rear rod/riser brace over the shroud, and slide it forward until the hole in it lines up with the rear most hole in the Picatinny rail. Insert the included tapered 2.5mm Allen screw into the mount and snug it up.

Avenger Bullpup rear brace
Rear brace.

Avenger Bullpup rear brace installed
Rear brace installed.

This rear brace is also being sold as a stand-alone item to strengthen the Picatinny rail because several owners have bent their rail somehow. 

Using the 3mm Allen wrench, remove your vertical side lever knob and put it and the screw in a safe place. Be sure to mark what they go to. There is an unusual-shaped lever adapter that replaces your factory cocking knob. A short 2.5mm screw holds it in place.

A small plastic piece with a threaded insert (the lever adaptor) also goes in the cocking handle area, the short 2mm screw screws in from the bottom, and the longer 2mm screw goes through the end on the carbon fiber rod and into the top side of the threaded insert. The forward end of the rod uses a 2mm screw to attach to the cocking knob, and you can adjust the length of the rod to where there is about 1/8th-inch clearance on either end of the cocking lever travel. 

Avenger Bullpup lever adaptor
Installing the cocking lever adaptor.

Avenger Bullpup attach operating rod
The operating rod is attached to the cocking lever.

Avenger Bullpup operating rod rear underside
The underside of the attachment.

Avenger Bullpup operating rod front
The operating rod is attached to the new operating handle at the front.

Operating rod is attached to the operating handle at the front.

Lightly lube the hardened steel rod where the cocking lever travels with grease or oil, the kitmaker says Ballistol works well.

Avenger Bullpup side view
Here is a look at the Quick Shot installed.

Avenger Bullpup top
And this is looking down from the top with the scope removed.

Using the Quick Shot

The Quick Shot requires a technique to operate smoothly and cycle the action completely, but after a few times you get the hang of it. 

For speed shooting from the bench it is great, it makes the Avenger bullpup more competitive, time-wise, with rifles that have forward side levers. If you like to load singly with the single shot tray, it doesn’t impede putting the pellet into the tray. 

So far, I have fired over 2500 rounds using the Quick Shot. I did notice after about 1200 rounds it didn’t want to fully cock the gun when using the left side handle, I found the screw that attached the linkage to the cocking knobs had loosened, and snugging it down again has cured that. 

The maker now suggests checking and lubing everything after every tin of pellets, but I had not done that until the 1200-round mark. 

I was initially worried about possibly changing the point of impact with the mechanism attached to the scope risers, but I have not noticed any problems with unusual shifts in the point of impact during my time with it so far and I have shot it at distances ranging out to over 100 yards. 

Pros and cons


The Quick Shot kit gives the Avenger Bullpup an ambidextrous forward cocking lever that some owners want, and many people have said the lack of one has been a deal-breaker for their purchasing an Avenger bullpup. 

The Quick Shot kit adds rear support to the long scope rail and a third point of contact for the scope rail. 

The left hand cocking knob is conveniently located for fast shots when shooting targets for speed, such as speed silhouette, or similar events. [Editor’s note: This sounds ideal for sports like Pyramyd Air’s Gunslinger competition, where there are many large prizes.]

You can still operate the cocking lever normally by grabbing the lever where the factory handle was originally.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear


The right side knob is located about 4 inches forward of the pistol grip, so you have to reach forward to cock the gun right handed. But the maker is working on a possible fix for that. 

It takes a few shots to learn the correct technique to work reliably. 

If you don’t fully cock it you will double feed a pellet. 

It works with the factory-sized magazines and with the single shot tray. But some owners have bought  oversized high-capacity magazines for their Avenger Bullpup, and the Quick Shot kit will not work with them because of the actuating rod. 

What do I think about it?

It works, it is well made and well thought out. It solves a perceived shortcoming to the design that some owners want. 

I have tried it on both my .177 bullpup, and on my .22 bullpup, I think it will stay on my .22 pup, as the .177 is destined for Field Target work, where speed is not an issue. 

Whenever I can I encourage other people to shoot it so we can get feedback. I am always looking to promote airguns to new people. Most shooters like it as well as the gun.  

I had one person shoot it and he was surprised by the accuracy of the Avenger on steel at 100 yards, but he said it’s not as smooth as an FX.  I asked what model FX he owned, he admitted he did not own one, but he had shot one before. I asked why he didn’t own one as they are a well made airgun, and he replied, “The cost.” To which I replied that you have to look at this for what it is. This is a $400 airgun, with an $89 add-on that is making the airgun do something it was not designed to do. It will never be as smooth as a $1300 or more rifle. 

Everyone shoot safe, and have fun.


author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

16 thoughts on “Quick Shot kit for the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup”

  1. Outstanding kit design and workmanship. I would expect to see something like this on some sort of competition air gun to gain and edge but I would have tried to purchased a gun that worked as I wanted in the first place . Like a Hatsan BullBoss or Gladius. Now I am guilty of purchasing air guns without considering everything it has like this one but I never got it for rapid firing. The FX Indy ( the short one) for example.
    I could see … accepting the challenge to make something that worked. That’s always fun and very gratifying when you accomplish it.

  2. Ian,

    This is the exact reason I have never purchased what I call “first generation” ‘pups. Unfortunately, most “second generation” ‘pups jump in price to well over a grand and less costs more.

    As I was saying with the Bulldogs yesterday, TCFKAC had the chance to make things right out of the gate but dropped the ball with the first one and did not fix it with the second. Some never learn.

    I am glad you find this a worthwhile mod kit. It seems to work well. I am sure if one was to look around, something like this exists for the Bulldog. Like you said, this kit is a whole lot cheaper than most 2nd gen ‘pups.

    • I agree, I rarely buy first gen ANYTHING. If I see room for improvement coming down the pipe.

      When Tom reviewed the Plastic Stocked Avenger, the accuracy and adjustability was there, and the long list of features they have. I figured a wooden stock was on the way, and it was.

      I picked up one of those, and am not disappointed with that purchase, thats when I found Air Venturi had been making upgrades to the platform unannounced (the addition of a internal baffle system, and upgraded valve components) ..

      When they offered the pup, I figured there would be some more minor changes internally,

      the bulldog is in a different class than the smaller caliber bullpups as it was never meant to be shot fast, (most bullpups aren’t) they were designed for hunting, and a small footprint.
      I was always one that didn’t like reaching into my ear to cock a rear action bullpup that cost over $1000,

      But with the feature list, and accuracy and adjustability the Avenger offers, At s $400 price point, I can reach into my ear to cock the rifle.

      But in longer range shooting I shoot from a bench, and normally shoot from a single shot tray, so I have to back away from the gun between shots, so the rear side lever is not an issue.

      And if you look at the photo of me, notice the position of my left hand, even with the regular cocking handle, if I do shoot from a magazine, it is not to far to flip the lever with my left hand.

      Some people like manual transmissions, some people like automatics.


  3. Thanks Ian!

    Love it when an arm-chair-engineer turns ideas into hardware 🙂

    I always wonder when people complain that the FX products are “so expensive”. IMHO, all airguns have their place (I really enjoy my Maximus), the premium models (from Air Arms, Daystate, FX Weihrauch etc.) are above entry-level prices but all considered I think they are good value for the money. Yeah, they are not cheap but compared to other hobbies and activities the prices are reasonable for that quality level product. Take a look at a set of golf clubs; a modest boat and motor; an ATV, dirt-bike, jet-ski or snowmobile – heck my fishing tackle box is worth more than an Impact and a nice scope! I’m supper happy with all the different airguns available for all budgets these days, …just saying that quality airgun is a good investment.


    • I understand that, I have been printing 3D parts for a guy that has 4 avengers and has bought just about every upgrade for an avenger he can find or think of (he has sourced upgrade parts from as far away as South Africa.)

      For the cost of the guns and upgrades he has far exceeded the price of an FX Dreamline, working his way to an M3.


      • Hey Ian,

        As long as he is having fun eh? 🙂

        Sometimes I don’t stop and do a sanity check. I’m into carving my own fishing lures now – which is a major investment of effort, time and money…and pretty dumb because I don’t need them and will just give them away to my friends. Spent the morning re-sawing logs into lumber to support the lure carving, it probably would have been more practical to buy some LOL! BUT I’m having fun 🙂


        • The other thing to consider, is that you can sell a used $2000 pcp for $1500-$1800 while a $400 pcp with $1600 worth of work in it will probably sell for $300-$600.

        • Hank,

          Carving lures, brings back some good memories. I am sure yours are works of art and too beautiful to allow a fish to chew up. When I was in high school we carved our own lures because we didn’t have the money to buy them. Mostly they were minows or flattish. We did make quite a few small wood headed poppers with tails from our fly tying kit. The poppers could be used with either a spinning rod or a fly rod depending on the size and weight. I should still have some somewhere.

          • Don,

            Yeah, same here. We fished with bait because lures we couldn’t afford lures.

            Back then (before airbrushes, acrylic paints, Super Glue and UV cure epoxy), making lures was not easy and the brushed on enamel paints left a lot to be desired – but we did catch a lot of fish with them.

            I can credit (blame?) my renewed interest in carving lures on a couple of YouTube channels. You might was to take a look (but then maybe you better not 😉 )



            Take care!

  4. 45Bravo,
    Ian, yet another great Guest Blog!

    I think this kind of modification work might have an effect on the future. Just as the Wildcatters finally got the Firearm industries attention in the early 1960’s. It will take time and is always at risk with the bean counters focus on the Big Box store uneducated buyer.
    Even PA needs to do a better job watching the user reviews for blatantly false statements and uninformed “questions” on airguns, pellets, and related items; many of which are already answered in B.B.s Blog. And, if not, could be easily be addressed by most of the Blog Readership…why doesn’t PA clear up some of that? Perhaps a human resource shortage is all i can think.
    Looking forward to your next Guest Blog!
    Thank you again,


      • Ian
        I guess you seen that the Daystate Renegade scope rail has a bubble level in it. Kind of cool I guess. I still set my scope up for how I shoulder the gun though. And yes the level is off to one side when I shoulder the gun and my scope is level. And I’m not having any accuracy problems so far. Matter of fact it’s a very accurate gun. And it is a .25 caliber.

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