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Education / Training Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver 2.5″: Part 2

Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver 2.5″: Part 2

Webley revolver
Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver.

Part 1

This report covers:

  • RWS Hobby
  • Easy way to load
  • Air Arms 8.4-grain domes
  • Sig Match Ballistic Alloy 
  • Shot count
  • Shooting behavior
  • Trigger pull
  • Summary

Today we test the velocity of the new Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver with the 2-1/2-inch barrel. The factory claims 380 f.p.s., but with that short barrel I doubted it. Today we’re going to find out.

RWS Hobby

The first pellet I tested was the 7-grain RWS Hobby. If any lead pellet is going to go 380 f.p.s., this would probably be the one. Since the revolver works in both single action and double action I fired six pellets in each mode. In the single action mode the Hobby averaged 396 f.p.s. The low was 392 and the high was 403 f.p.s. That’s a difference of 11 f.p.s. — not too shabby. And shut my mouth — this revolver gets even more than the advertised 380 f.p.s.!

In the double action mode the revolver averaged 397 f.p.s. with Hobby pellets. The low was 392 and the high was 406 f.p.s. Single action and double action are about the same.

Easy way to load

This suggestion was sent in by a reader for a different revolver but it works even better with this one. Break the revolver open slowly and the cartridges will not pop completely out. When they fall back down they are easy to load.

Webley MarkVI open
If you break the revolver open slowly the cartridges do not pop all the way out.

Webley MarkIV loading
When the cartridges drop back down they are easy to load.

Air Arms 8.44-grain domes

The next pellet I tested was the Air Arms 8.44-grain dome. I tested it the same way — six in single action and six in double action. In the single action mode they averaged 370 f.p.s The low was 360 and the high was 377 f.p.s. for a difference of 17 f.p.s. For such a short barrel this revolver has great power!

In the double action mode six pellets averaged 369 f.p.s. The low was 364 and the high was 375 f.p.s., so a spread of 11 f.p.s.

Sig Match Ballistic Alloy 

The last pellet I tested was the 5.25-grain Sig Match Ballistic Alloy wadcutter. Now, these pellets are much lighter and we expect them to go faster than the stated average. And they did! In the single action mode they averaged 457 f.p.s. with a low of 451 and a high of 464 f.p.s. That’s a spread of 13 f.p.s.

In the double action mode this pellet averaged 450 f.p.s. The low was 437 and the high was 458 f.p.s. That’s a spread of 21 f.p.s. And because the double action mode was slower than the single action mode I wondered if the gun was running out of gas. Because some shots did not register on the chronograph there were 38 shots on this cartridge since it was pierced.

Stock up on Air Gun Ammo

Shot count

Now, how many shots will we get? Given how fast these shots were going from such a short barrel I expected around 50 shots. So I went back to Hobby pellets and here are the results.

65……….didn’t register. Shot 67 was 354 f.p.s.

I stopped at this point. I could tell from the discharge around shot 60 that the gas pressure was getting lower. I think any shooter will be able to discern this. Were there even more shots? Probably a few, but you risk sticking a pellet in the barrel if the gas suddenly gives out. Fortunately because of how this revolver breaks open it will be easy to clear.

Shooting behavior

This revolver is quite smooth shooting. The double action trigger pull doesn’t seem to move the barrel sideways the way some DA triggers do. However I did feel the trigger pull through some slack as the cylinder advanced, and then it became slightly heavier. With practice I believe I could work double action as well as single action. I’ll try some of that in the accuracy test.

The single action mode is very crisp. There may be some creep but it’s not that much.

Trigger pull

In the single action mode the trigger breaks at 3 pounds 13 ounces. In double action the pull goes to 10 pounds, even. That might sound heavy but believe me, for a double action revolver it’s not. People pay a lot of money to get their firearm revolvers tuned to shoot this well!


We have a good one here. If a Webley Mark VI revolver has ever been on your radar I think this is one to consider. Accuracy comes next.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

33 thoughts on “Webley Mark VI CO2 Pellet Revolver 2.5″: Part 2”

  1. BB,

    I think and hope the marketeers are starting to realize that stating the truth can sell better than lying. 60 shots seems reasonable from a CO2 cartridge putting our that much power from a 2 ½ inch revolver barrel.


  2. BB
    I have so far been successful at putting an end to collecting airguns, Covid outbreak may have helped there, nothing to buy. But airguns like this are made for collectors.
    I don’t need another springer, PCP, pumper or CO2 rifle or pistol but replicas of historical guns really “Trip my trigger” and test my resolve.
    I have collections within the collection, like the Daisy 1894 rifles, Colt SAA variations and semi auto 45 pistols. Many others are variations of the same airgun, like nickel plated.
    This is a shorter version of the two I already have, black and silver (Exhibition), BB and pellet. Kind of like the Ace in the hole version of the Colt SAA I have.
    This pistol would fall into my European collectables, like Mauser Broom Handle pistols and Lugers. Some are airsoft because there is no BB or pellet shooter. Like the long barreled Artillery Luger with adjustable rear sight. and drum magazine. Airsoft rules at replicas !
    This pistol belongs alongside the other Webley pistols and the Gletcher NGT Belgian Nagants.
    Alter a lot of mind searching I believe I have put an end to my dilemma. Birthday and Christmas gifts … to myself. However, I can’t wait for those occasions because the airgun of my desire may no longer be available. Buy it now and open it on the occasion ! Right 🙂
    Bob M

      • So BB,
        Who do we assign the Pseudonym “Great Airgun Enabler” to? That silver tonged devil of airgun literature BB Pelletier, the Godfather of Airguns or Tom Gaylord. Reputation is everything. 🙂

    • Bob M,

      Mrs. RR and I no longer worry when a birthday or Christmas rolls around for each other. Any and every day is a “Happy I Love You Day”. For the kids, yeah. For each other, any time is the right time.

      • RR
        That any and every day is a happy, I love ‘me’ day, has resulted in me acquiring a small Arsenal of airguns, AKA the collection, AKA the modern museum.. Although I cant complain too much. One of those good problems, like having too much money. I’m sure you of all people can understand the situation. Almost too much of a good thing.

        So now the question is, do I start a sub-collection of short barreled and snub nosed airgun revolvers or what? It’s a never ending situation I enjoy a lot.

  3. BB,

    I have to admit this little thing is tempting, but the long barreled one and one of the Nagant pistols would be more to my liking.

    I do have to admit that I have a soft spot for the old Webley air pistols. This Junior that moved in is real nice and has a very light, crisp trigger. I reckon I need to find an old MK 1 like I had as a kid.

    • I don’t know why, but I kinda like it.
      I am normally not a short barrel pistol guy, I like the longe sight radius but this intrigues me.
      And those velocities from a short barreled pistol, I wonder what the standard barrel length model would turn in velocity,
      I can’t wait to see the accuracy portion.

      Oh a question for the Webley people out there, we know Hollywood has a history of putting suppressors on revolvers, and sometimes it actually happened in history,
      Has there ever been a Webley revolver in history that actually WAS fitted for a suppressor? Even just for testing purposes?


      • Ian,

        I do not know if it has been tried, but the only revolver that I know of that it could possibly work on is the Nagant. The cylinder moves forward and seals the gap before firing.

  4. B.B.,
    This sure is a pretty piece! I sort of don’t want to venture into CO2, but this one is very tempting.
    Would the short barreled pistol be louder than the longer barrel because the CO2 has a little more time and volume in which to expand?

  5. Wow! Managed to log in at the first try – maybe someone listened to all the complaining about WordPress. Thank you for that fix, Someone. Anyway, this Webley is nicely done and a credible shooter to boot. The report has gotten FM fired up to shoot ’em up with the 38T and the MP40…been so hot around here bet FPS for both will be higher. Time to round up targets outta the recycle bin. Not to worry, they will be re-recycled. 😉

  6. B.B.,

    I’m certain you know that today is the US Army Birthday and perhaps that it is Flag Day; but do you know the connection between the two events?

    Today is the 247th birthday of the U.S.Army, born out of necessity on June 14th, 1775. The Second Continental Congress resolved that six companies of expert riflemen, be immediately raised in Pennsylvania, two in Maryland, and two in Virginia… [and] as soon as completed, shall march and join the army near Boston,tobe there employed as light infantry, under the command of the chief Officer in that army, which the next day George Washington
    would be named that chief officer. This is what led to our celebration of flag day because up until this point, the colonists were fighting under several different flags, often ones that represented who there were, where they were from and what they were fighting for. With the foundation of an Army now created, This action led to what was the first American flag of continental colors.
    A US NAVY sailor sends:
    To the Army past and present…Happy Birthday!


    PS: Note how the Continental Congress raised six companies of Sharpshooters.
    How would we do that if we allow our current State Governor’s, legislators, and US Congress to disarm us?

  7. BB
    As much as I enjoy having a large airgun collection it contributes to my overall anxiety living here in Southern CA.

    Yesterday I escaped being caught up in two wildfires. The 65 acre Barrett fire and the 575 acre Border 13 fire. May not be entirely over yet. Both were heading in my direction. Tecate mountain is now light pink from fire retardant.
    If I could get insured it might compensate for the loss but never replace it all.
    So … which vehicle do I drive out of here and which do I leave to burn. Always turns out to be my Dodge Ram, I can take more stuff with me. But not everything I need to save. Which airguns and firearms, if any, do I save? If I have the time?
    It wasn’t always this way but this cycle of drought, and the politicians here have turned California into a hell hole.
    I need to build underground or construct something of brick and steel to feel safe or just move away. Waiting to burn is not satisfactory.
    Thinking of getting a steel Conex shipping container to store my motorcycles and what ever in if a fire is on the way. Anybody have a suggestion for a large fireproof storage place?
    Bob M

      • pacoinohio
        No doubt about it. I would have to prevent fire from getting under it to the wood floor and find an alternative to any rubber door seals, like a rollup. But the cost is a thing to consider. Could be considered a desirable investment in the property I guess, especially in this area. So would a big steel / garage / storage building.
        Anybody have experience with cement Hardy Board siding holding up to fire?

        • Bob,

          Actually I think the steel shipping container is not a bad idea, just dig a hole big enough to sink it into the ground about 3/4 of the way to the top and use the dirt to cover it. With a reinforced concrete entrance way also mostly covered it may very well provide the protection you seek.

          Don’t know how much room you have but if you can make a 200 foot radius around your house without trees that would also help.

          Here is a search, just food for thought on protecting your house https://duckduckgo.com/?q=fireproof+house&t=ffsb&atb=v300-1&ia=web


          • Mike
            Thanks for the link. A lot of info. I don’t think I could save my home when confronted with 60 MPH wind blowing hot embers sideways. Happened very close to me and had to drive through it to evacuate once, flying roof shingles and all. Hot Santa Anna winds from the desert make fires uncontrollable by fire departments. That’s why I want something totally fireproof near.

        • Bob M,

          The cement fiber siding is a good start after the clear zone work for your property and maybe similar work by some or all of of your neighbors. You could also look at a backfire zone that you could torch as a last step before the flames from the wildfire get to your fire line.
          The next step is to learn about AEROGELS as fire retardant. See if it would work on at least part of your preparations to protect the airguns and firearms.

          The last step is to get rid of the STUPID & CROOKED politicians.


          • Shootski
            Great Idea thanks. I have a 24’x60′ mobile home and a 24’x 30′ wood garage with a few sheds on a little under 3.5 acres. Think I will reside everything and get metal roofing.
            Can’t even see any neighbors. Surrounded on three sides with dense brush. If it gets that close I’m a gone and the property will have to stand alone against it.
            Even looking into setting up a generator powered exterior water sprinkler system. using my 10.000 gal water tank.
            This happens multiple times every year now.
            Fire department is getting wiser . They stopped waiting for it to reach a ‘convenient place’ to attack it. The fire brake roads were grown over and inaccessible. Winds just blew it over their heads. It’s all out war from the get go now with non stop air drops.
            Sometimes they let the fire burn out on BLM land and just protect scattered homes.
            Funny how that happened after very unprepared expensive homes burned to the ground.

          • Shootski

            Maybe I’m a bit dense, but I’m not sure exactly how politicians (crooked or not) could have much sway concerning the weather. I am definitely not a great fan of their ilk, but while I find a great deal to blame some of them for,, the Santa Anna winds are not one of them.

            I would be very interested in becoming informed on this, as I am far removed from that coast and other than their rather off putting gun policies, I don’t know enough about them to form a good or bad opinion.

            As for burying containers,, without additional reinforcing,, they WILL have the walls bend inward within a few years. The underground part is definitely the best,, even a “bermed” structure as was suggested with the container isn’t a bad idea, but I would think concrete with some reinforcing would be a better option. Sometimes fire safety is expensive,, but not having it is more so.

  8. edlee,

    In CA it isn’t the weather at the heart of the current Wildfire problem.
    The political types have allowed the Monopoly Electric Utility to use outdated and hazardous equipment for some reason. To additionally allowing them to utterly fail to keep their right-of-Ways well tended. As far as the Wildfire Control bureaucracy they have failed in Strategic Planning, Tactical planning, and are abject failures in EXECUTION of any plans they do have. The sexy stuff gets all the attention by the Media but the hard stuff, the effective stuff gets short shrift.
    Politicians without the will (or honesty) to do what is right and essential is the sand base CA is built on. Unfortunately the rest of the States have politicians who watch CA for ideas.
    Concrete is a great time tested material which in combination with the right AEROGEL is the way to go. The construction industry is mostly very conservative in accepting new materials, sometimes they are just stubborn and ignorant, AEROGELS have been around for over a century and are amazing in fire/thermal protection and some are stronger than Kevlar, Steel, and Concrete! But as the song says, Don’t get no Love!


    • Shootski,

      I knew there were issues in California beyond “gun control”, but I wasn’t up on the right of way clearing or old power transmission systems. Might do some googling.

      I have read about aerogels and I do think they have their place in fireproofing. I think that for the sake of economy, tho,, an extra inch or two of conventional concrete would better serve for a small bermed structure such as we were discussing.

      Another thought came to mind about burying containers. Perhaps using “shotcrete”, (sprayed concrete) with heavy “road mesh” would serve both reinforcing and fire protection before backfilling. Likely to be a lot cheaper than forming and pouring.


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