subMOA card
SubMOA card.

This report covers:

  • The actual shooting challenges
  • Minute of angle
  • Three divisions reward 9 random winners
  • SubMOA Pro Division
  • SubMOA Elite Division
  • SubMOA Legendary Division
  • How to enter
  • Bottom line?
  • Shooting a sub-MOA group
  • No canting
  • Don’t use Shoot-N-C targets
  • Select pellets
  • Stay in the optimum pressure range
  • The rest
  • Summary

Hey kids — here is a chance to win big shopping sprees at Pyramyd Air with very little investment. And most of you are doing this already! 

Today I will talk about Pyramyd Air’s new SubMOA Challenge. There are actually two “challenges.” The online game seems extremely simple to me. I shot the smallest “group” possible several times. And so did a lot of others. Just position the scope crosshairs on the target with your mouse and click the button five times in a row. However, it appears that some folks “shot” while the scope was moving. That’s a no-no. 

Ooops! Then I saw the boxes below that had to be checked. They were below the “fold,” which means the bottom of the window I was looking at on my computer screen. After checking them it took me three attempts to shoot the smallest group possible. Play fair. Check those boxes!

On the other hand, one of the boxes asks how much coffee I have had. Coffee doesn’t affect me like it does some people. I can drink 20 ounces and fall asleep. Only when I have had 60 ounces or more do I get jittery.

The actual shooting challenges

The rules for the challenge are all over the place. I found it difficult to find them, so I have linked to them for you. Some of the rules for the actual shooting challenges are on the “Submit Your Entry” page. Other rules are found on the “Order Your Free MOA Tool” page, where the “free” MOA tool is listed as costing $4.99 with shipping of $8.99. Huh? 

Then, as you scroll down to the Description below (it’s also “below the fold”), you are informed that this free SubMOA Challenge Card is really free if you use the coupon code SUBMOA at checkout. You still pay the shipping of $8.99, so it’s not actually free, but it does give you a chance to win some big bucks in the shopping sprees that I will explain in a moment. But before that, let’s define the term minute of angle or MOA.

Minute of angle

A minute is an angular measurement that is 1/60 of a degree. There are 360 degrees in a circle, each of which have 60 minutes so there are a total of 21,600 minutes of angle in a circle. At 100 yards a minute of angle is very close to one inch wide, though not exactly (it’s 1.047-inches, to be exact). It’s so close that shooters around the world agree that one MOA equals one inch at 100 yards. Therefore, if the centers of five shots in a 100-yard group are closer than one inch apart, you have a sub one MOA group.

And, since this MOA is an angle, it gets smaller the closer you get. At 75 yards one MOA is 0.75-inches. At 50 yards it’s half an inch and at 25 yards it’s a quarter inch. Now we can look at the official challenge rules.

Three divisions reward 9 random winners

There are three divisions with three winners each. They will be drawn at random from those legitimate entries to that division.

SubMOA Pro Division

To enter this division you need to submit one 5-shot group that is smaller than a minute of angle. This is shot at 25 yards, so the centers of the five shots must be less than 0.25-inches apart. Springers and precharged pneumatics (PCP) can compete but they are not in separate classes. So the edge in this division obviously goes to the PCP. Three winners will be drawn at random from the legitimate entries in this division. Winners receive a $500 shopping spree at Pyramyd Air.

Find a Hawke Scope

SubMOA Elite Division

To enter this division you need to submit one 5-shot group whose centers are less than a minute of angle. This challenge is shot at 50 yards, so the centers of the five shots must be less than 0.50-inches apart. Springers and precharged pneumatics (PCP) can compete but once again they are not in separate classes. So the edge is very clearly in favor of the PCP. Everyone who submits a legitimate entry will win a SubMOA patch. Three winners will be drawn at random from the entries in this division. Each of the three winners receives a $500 shopping spree at Pyramyd Air.

SubMOA Legendary Division

This one is shot at 50 yards with the same rules as above, except to enter this one you need to submit five 5-shot groups that are less than 0.50-inches between centers. All five groups must be sub MOA. Every legitimate entry will win a SubMOA coin. Three random winners will each get a $1,000 Pyramyd Air shopping spree.

How to enter

For all entries you either need to video yourself shooting the groups, and the video must include a still of the MOA card laying on top of the group — OR you need to submit a photo of each group with the MOA card laying on top. And that photo must show clearly that the centers of all five shots are closer together than the required distance. That’s what the MOA card is for. That holds for each submission you send in. To enter all three contests you need to submit a total of seven targets (one for each of the first two divisions and five for the Legendary division. You can enter all three divisions, but you can’t enter any division more than once.

Your entries need to arrive at Pyramyd Air no later than September 19th, 2022, and, since no cutoff time was given, that means 12 p.m., Eastern Daylight time. An entry form is found on the Challenge page, and obviously you need to submit one form per entry. They don’t mention whether five entry forms are required for the Legendary Challenge. Maybe they have provided for submitting more than one group per entry, so check that out. If not I would enter five times for that division with a different group each time. I’m not sure whether a group that has been entered in the Elite Division can also be used a second time for the Legendary Division, but I wouldn’t try it.

Bottom line?

If you read the contest rules this challenge is really a drawing that depends on luck. But how many folks will jump through all the hoops to submit an entry and therefore be eligible? There are some pretty big prizes for your nine-dollar investment, and after the challenge the MOA card will still be useful.

Shooting a sub-MOA group

Okay, I could just say, shoot straight, because you guys and gals know how to shoot small groups. And we don’t want to see any of this shooting up close and then photographing your target with the MOA card on top! So, what are some things to remember?

No canting

Canting (tilting the rifle side-to-side in slightly different ways while shooting groups) is the kiss of death for small groups. And, since we only do it a little, all it does is enlarge our groups by a few fractions of an inch. It’s extremely hard to spot. But to shoot sub MOA groups, canting in a no-no. Use a bubble level on the scope to eliminate canting.

Don’t use Shoot-N-C targets

Tyler Patner shows how this is done in a video. He uses a Shoot-N-C target. If you use one the paint that flakes off will make measuring group size impossible. Use a stiff card stock target or, best of all, an official airgun target.

Select pellets

To shoot groups this small you need to shoot pellets with the same head sizes. A Pelletgage is the right tool for that, and if you’re shooting groups this small you no doubt already have one or more. You also want to select your pellet by weight. So select by size and by weight. And it should go without saying that you want no deformed skirts.

Stay in the optimum pressure range

If you shoot a PCP, you probably know the pressure range in which the rifle does best. Make certain you shoot within that range.

If you shoot a springer, and only a few of them will qualify for this challenge, just make sure you do everything called for. That includes balancing the forearm at the right place for the best accuracy.

The rest

This is not the time to use a bipod, unless you are certain it gives your rifle the best rest. Going along with the balance point mentioned above, the placement of the rifle on the sandbag is extremely important.


The times are tight, living costs have risen dramatically this year, but here is a contest that will pay you for shooting your airgun. Guys, I wish you all the best of luck and, no, BB will not be entering.