BBs Goldie
BB’s Goldie is a golden Cerakoted Avenger. The reservoir, receiver, muzzle cap, forward Picatinney rail and cocking handle were colored differently to set off the gold.

This report covers:

  • Doesn’t exist?
  • Huh?
  • Dinosaur
  • Cerakote
  • What now?

Before we begin just a reminder that I will take off the American holiday of Thanksgiving, so there will be no blog this Thursday. There will be a new report on Friday.

Got an odd one for you today. Usually when I report on an airgun I “borrow” the pictures from the Pyramyd Air web page where the description of the item lives. The only time I take pictures of a product is when I want to show some detail that isn’t shown on the website. Well, today the whole product is something that isn’t shown on the website because it doesn’t exist.

Doesn’t exist?

Wait a minute, BB. How can Pyramyd Air sell things that don’t exist? Simple. They don’t exist until you create them.


What I’m referring to is the new Build Your Own Airgun program on the Pyramyd Air website. Let me share an email I received at the end of October.


I would like to gift you a custom Avenger, but only if you are into that kind of thing 😉
If cerakoting is something you don’t frown upon, please build a version that you like here, click Save&Share, and we will even name it after you online 😉

Val Gamerman

Val knows me well. He doesn’t have to offer twice! 😉

And an Avenger? I ALMOST bought the .22 Avenger I tested back in 2020 because it was so darned accurate! Listen to the final summary I gave it:


If you want one exactly like mine you will find it here.

We have now looked at the Air Venturi Avenger 8 times. In every test it has performed in an exemplary manner. It gets lots of shots on a fill, it can be filled as low as 2500 psi and still get 44 good shots, which makes it a candidate for a hand pump. It has a user adjustable regulator that works well and it is extremely accurate. All this for under $300! [In 2020] I’m calling it the best airgun I have tested this century!


If I had not just spent over a thousand dollars on a .22-caliber Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with laminate stock the previous year I would have popped for it. And now I was being offered one for FREE?

But here’s the deal. BB Pelletier is a dinosaur, who says he doesn’t like airguns unless they are blued (or black oxided). And Val wanted me to PAINT my gun??? Why would I ever do that?


Yeah, there is a “however” coming. However, it occurred to me that I bought a used Harley Davidson Road King last year BECAUSE I liked the paint job. I call her Miss Peach.

Miss Peach
Miss Peach is BB’s 2019 Harley Road King. She stands in front of BB’s pickup truck, Goldie. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Goldie is BB’s 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup that brother-in-law, Bob, sold me back in 2016. He called it Goldie because that was his nickname back in college  and the truck is painted a gold-ish color. Incidentally, she just turned over 100,000 miles on my trip up to Tulsa to see my sister, Nan, last week.

So apparently BB does like brightly colored things — just not airguns. Why? Because BB is a dinosaur. BB needs to adapt. And THAT, my friends, is where the Pyramyd Air Avenger named BB’s Goldie came from.

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So, what is this stuff called Cerakote and why doesn’t BB like it? Cerakote is a thin ceramic coating that is bonded to the surface of the parts. BB doesn’t like it because it’s different. Dinosaurs don’t like things that are different. It’s a simple as that. Oh, perhaps there is one more consideration.

Cerakoting is extremely tough. That’s why it’s used on firearms. Some say it never wears off, but that’s not the case. It does wear off; it just takes a very long time. It’s ideal for guns that see rugged use, such as those used by Alaskan guides and such.

The finish is slick, so not very much (or any) oil is needed to keep the gun operational. And it prevents the metal from rusting. But when it’s not done right, some of the ceramic coating can wear off rapidly, allowing the gun to rust. This is especially true of holstered sidearms. 

BB’s Goldie will never see the inside of a holster, so who cares about that? And, from just looking at the rifle, it appears the finish was put on correctly. Prove me wrong — in my lifetime.

So BB’s biggest and only real complaint is/was that he doesn’t like colored airguns. And he FOR SURE doesn’t like “camouflaged” anything because, unless it is a Ghillie suit, camo doesn’t work on a lot of game. People yes; color vision-challenged game, not so much.

What now?

So BB has a new .22-caliber Avenger. Yippie! What’s next? Why, he has to test it, of course. And where will he report the results of his tests? Right here in this blog!

The test rifle was sent back to Pyramyd Air as all the guns BB tests eventually are and he lost his opportunity to test it further. And now he has another and this one is HIS! It doesn’t have to go back.

BB will look for a great scope that he can leave on the rifle once he mounts it, something like the Meopta Optika6 MeoPro 3-18X56 scope that he mounted on the 510XS, and doesn’t want to remove. If this Avenger turns out to be as accurate as the previous one — wowie wow, wow, wow!

The test will therefore be like my other tests. And we will start with Part 2, because I’m considering today to be part 1. I have linked to the previous report, so if you want to know more about the rifle, read that. And stay tuned.