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Air Guns Repairing a Rekord trigger

Repairing a Rekord trigger

broken blade
This Rekord trigger blade has been broken at the pivot hole.

This report covers:

  • Back story
  • Vintage Rekord rear triggerguard screw hole
  • No fit?
  • What rifle?
  • Summary

Today we look at replacing a Rekord trigger blade with a steel setback blade from T. R. Robb. There is a lot to learn today so try to follow along.

Back story

I recently received a  vintage Weihrauch air rifle that I will tell you about in the future. When I looked at the barreled action that came from the shipping box, the trigger blade was flopping around in an uncharacteristic way. I examined it and saw what you see in the first photo. The hole where the pivot pin passes through has split open! I have never seen this in my 40 years of looking at Rekord triggers. Apparently it happens, though I don’t know how.

There are several places that sell factory Rekord trigger blades, but because this one was broken and I had to fix it anyway I decided to go with the steel setback trigger blade from T.R. Robb in the UK. It was in my mailbox a week after I ordered it.

The kit contained the steel trigger blade (stronger than the alloy Weihrauch blade that broke) two washers to eliminate sideplay, a packet of grease and a funny little screw that I have no idea what to do with. It was missing just one thing — an Englishman to put it all together for me. Well — how hard could it be? Famous last words!

Rekord setback trigger kit
The setback trigger and the two washers that take up sideplay.

Vintage Rekord rear triggerguard screw hole

Before we look at the installation, the Rekord in this vintage airgun is also vintage. Instead of the nut that slips into the trigger box to accept the rear triggerguard screw, this one has the threaded hole I told you about. Let’s see.

Rekord threaded hole 1
The rear triggerguard screw hole is threaded in the sheetmetal box.

Rekord threaded hole 2
Underside of the same hole.

To put the washers into the trigger box with the new blade I used the grease to stick them to the side of the trigger blade.

Rekord and washers
The washers are stuck to the trigger blade with grease. That silver screw below came in the kit and I’m still figuring it out. I think it replaces the trigger adjustment screw, but it’s smaller and I don’t yet know where it goes.

Rekord trigger box
And this is where the trigger blade and two washers go.

No fit?

When I tried to install the trigger in the trigger box with the washers, it didn’t fit. And one washer is almost twice as thick as the other. Ahh — so that’s why there is also a piece of fine sandpaper in the kit!

Rekord sand washer
It only took a few minutes to reduce the thickness of one washer so they both fit inside the trigger box with the trigger blade.

Not easy

I won’t lie and tell you this job was easy. It took me 90 minutes to get the blade in the trigger box and the rifle firing as it should. I still have some adjustment work to do, but the rifle does fire as it should, so the job was a success.

Hunting Guide

What rifle?

Oh, you want to know what rifle this trigger belongs to? Well, let’s take a look.

Rekord HW 35
On this side the rifle looks like an HW35.

Rekord HW 35 HW 54EL
While on this side we can see it’s an HW 54EL — a Barakuda — an ether-injected breakbarrel that attempted to break the sound barrier with .22-caliber pellets through detonation.

Yes, this is an HW 54EL, ether-injected breakbarrel from the 1950s and ’60s — a Barakuda! It is the rifle for which the .22-caliber H&N Baracuda pellet was created, And now that the trigger is fixed I guess I’ll have to review it for you.


Today we have seen a weakness in the Rekord trigger. We have also seen what it takes to fix it. I hope it was of some benefit.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

39 thoughts on “Repairing a Rekord trigger”

  1. BB,
    This funny little screw, could it be the front setting screw? I don’t know whether this exists on vintage Rekord triggers, but on my modern ones, I have one torx headed set screw on the front side of the trigger box.
    I would guess it goes in with the fine end first.

          • BB, would it be possible (in case you have it) to get a top view of the new trigger blade?
            I would be worried about the two “bumps” potentially not being hardened steel as compared to the two cylinders in the original. They are quite visibly marked, even though being (probably) hardened steel – why else go the extra mile of using inserts if not for the sake of using resistant material …

            • Pops,

              Nope. The trigger is installed and hopefully doesn’t have to come out again.

              What’s with the hardening? The trigger DOES NOT contact the sear directly. It pushes a sear bar that does the work.

              As for the finish that Yogi mentioned, why would I want it smooth? It works just fine as it is.


              • No, was just wondering why Weihrauch would use two extra steel roller inserts if it wasn’t for using hardened ones. And opposed to this why the exchange trigger wouldn’t. Your explanation makes quite clear why they are probably not necessary – thank you.
                As for the trigger surfaces, I agree, the brass washers are there for smooth operation and the roughness on the sides of the trigger are more or less grease depots, so no doubt this setup is buttery smooth.

                • Pops,

                  Those Weihrauch inserts are not rollers. They are just steel pins. They do not move except when the whole trigger moves.

                  I can’t say yet that this trigger is buttery smooth. There is still work I have to do before I can use it like it was designed. But I agree those two washers should do the trick.


                  • B.B.,

                    In the replacement trigger photograph the third hump looks like it was in fact polished.
                    Are the humps/roll pins for some part of the trigger feel or function?


  2. “I recently received a vintage Weihrauch air rifle that I will tell you about in the future.”

    Yes, for sure I am looking forward to your review of this HW 54EL!
    Meanwhile, thank you for this report on the Rekord trigger fix.
    I hope I never need to do it; yet it’s nice to have this info on file just in case I ever do. 😉
    Blessings to you,

  3. B.B.

    They say if you tumble the Robb trigger blade with some aggregate, all the rough spots on the trigger blade will smooth out to perfection.

    What is the serial number , and thus the month of manufacture of said Weihrauch 54EL?


    • Yogi,

      Are you referring to removing the texture on the sides of the trigger?

      Think it might have been left (or added) on purpose as a smooth surface quickly shows tooling marks where a textured surface does not.

      I’d worry about tumbling with aggregate as that deburring process indiscriminately rounds off all edges – including the one that should be crisp and square. If you leave a metal part in the tumbler too long it will become out of tolerance scrap (don’t ask how I know this 😉 ).

      The brass washers provide a good bearing surface and as long as the pivot hole and sear contact surfaces are smooth all should be good.


  4. BB,

    I’m guessing that is Frank Balistreri’s Barakuda.

    Am looking forward to the review.

    Given the track record of Barakudas, please be careful if you test it with ether ampoules – you have had enough trips to the hospital down through the years!

    You might even consider jury-rigging some kind of remote firing mechanism so the trigger could be pulled at a safe distance.

  5. Leaving the ether alone is probably a good idea. I do have to admit that I am curious as to how that mechanism works though.

    You have now shown to us two different fixes to the Rekord trigger. I would have to say you have the most terrible luck with these things. I would also have to say that I am glad it is you and not me and that you are most willing to walk us through such repairs.

    As for the funky little screw, I suspect it is used in a newer version of the Rekord trigger that has the large adjustment screw behind the trigger. With the “set back” trigger it may be needed to replace said screw to clear.

  6. Don’t suppose it would be worth – if it is even possible – fixing the original trigger blade? Just to have as a backup, though it seems the replacement part won’t break in our lifetimes.

    • FM,

      The best part of a set back trigger is that it is set back…
      It is he best upgrade that EVERY Weihrauch should have.
      If B.B.had tumbled that trigger before installing it, it would have a nice smooth finish. As is it is very crudely formed with lots of surface roughness.


  7. BB,

    The ether injection module is a curiosity I’d like to know more about.

    I’ve known about “deliberate dieseling” and experimented with that as a kid. Quickly came to the conclusion that power is nothing without accuracy and abandoned that line of thinking.

    Judging by the amount of YouTube attention it gets it seem that the dangerous and destructive practice of deliberate dieseling is still in vogue.

    I’m surprised at a commercial attempt at deliberate dieseling and even more so at the choice of something as volatile as ether as the propellant. Getting a consistent ratio of air/propellant would be difficult with something that evaporated as fast as ether. I had the best results with a thin smear of petroleum grease in the skirt of the pellet.


  8. Hank,

    You are absolutely right about the Barakuda when you say, “Getting a consistent ratio of air/propellant would be difficult with something that evaporated as fast as ether.” In addition to evaporation, consistently introducing the same amount of ether was always a problem that made inconsistently in velocity common.

    When it did work it was not unusual for the gun to blow apart pellets, sending the front half of the pellet (Kodiaks or barracuda pellets were what was encouraged to use in the HW54EL) and leaving the rear half in the barrel. Round balls were much more reliable.

    Here’s a picture of the ether ampules that were designed for the Barakuda:

  9. Sitting here taking in this chapter of my life. So many changes right now
    Thankfully I have wondered in my life to adapt gracefully to things.
    RidgeRunner…… I hope you’re taking care of all the old gals keeping dust off of them.
    Tomorrow is my first day of chemo so naturally I’m quite nervous.
    Sitting here with five new prescriptions in front of me….. Trying to read the sheet music LOL.
    The big Downer is right handed,
    And lots of pain and symptoms because the cancer is in my top right lung. Trying to scrape together the money for one of those nice roveairs…. Because springers are out. That lesson cost me a week in agony. But I have a day-state harrier
    It is very light and about 6 lb.
    She loves heavy premieres.
    I would enjoy a little bench rest session!
    However, all things in good time.

    • Frank Balistreri,

      you probably have not heard of the dog wormer called Fenbendazole.

      I read about Fenbendazole a while back and copied the following dosages/ treatment with the intention of using it on myself when the time comes:

      “… Fenbendazole kills cancer. 1 gram of dog wormer each morning with glass water plus CBD oil vitamin e b c strong quality. Everyday. But only 4 days 1 gram. Then three days no fenbendazole. Then repeat till cancer is gone…”

      I cannot remember where I copied it from, nor can I vouch for it’s effectiveness, ie it may be merely another snake oil promise. I just know, when my back’s against the final wall, I’ll probably give it a go.

      Good Luck, you’ll need it, especially the homemade variety! 🙂

  10. Well Tom, I feel like the least I can do
    Is shed light on how it was apparently damaged. This is the barracuda I purchased from a fellow in Canada.
    As you know the metal work was in beautiful shape. However the factory stock was just decimated in two areas.
    Very angry repeated scrapes and impressions into stock.
    Does everyone remember the good old days when a rifle or two rode in the rear window of the pickup truck?
    All I can imagine is this gal rode rough trails in a pick up truck. I can only imagine this trigger thing happen at that time or set the stage to appear later.
    I now get angry when I see those cheesy old racks that were metal with some plastic or rubber over them.
    I did end up giving good money for an hw35 deluxe stock…… It had a slight crack on one side of the wrist that didn’t compromise integrity that just looked crappy. I did my level best to make that look good while repairing the crack 100%.

  11. From looking at that broken trigger again, I was wondering if Weihrauch made one trigger for multiple models and drilled holes for the different applications, just using the inserts on the holes that didn’t apply for the particular application?

    Fred formerly of the Demokratik Peeples Republik of NJ now happily in GA

  12. BB,

    Thanks for posting your Rekord trigger repair. I was under the impression that the trigger was really robust and pretty unbreakable (obviously not). As a friend used to say “You can make something fool proof, but you can’t make it damn fool proof!” (I am pretty sure that anything can be broken, given the right circumstances.)
    I was always impressed with the quality of the HW35 rifle, but when I read that someone converted it to intentionally have an ether explosion inside of it, I was even more impressed with how ‘overbuilt’ it was.
    Then, I later found out how destructive it could be to actually use the ether.
    I am definitely looking forward to your review of this piece of history. I will leave whether or not you actually use ether entirely up to you.
    Thanks again.


  13. B.B.,

    Are you going to charge the gun with some Diethyl ether for a comparison test?


    PS: in What Rifle? after the second photograph and caption. Either you let either stand or fall over after changing the spelling to ether.
    “Yes, this is an HW 54EL, either(ether)-injected breakbarrel from the 1950s and ’60s — a Barakuda!”

  14. The two pins / “humps” on top of the trigger blade are the fulcrum points for each trigger stage.

    At the start of the trigger pull, the front one is in contact with the sear transfer bar. As the blade swings rearward, the second one hits the bar. It has a lesser leverage advantage than the front one, creating the greater effort felt at the second stage of the pull.

    I’m pretty sure the “mystery” screw is, as Tom surmised, a replacement weight adjuster screw. It fits more or less flush with the trigger housing, so as to be out of the way of the setback trigger blade. I have a Rowan Engineering brass setback Rekord blade which works the same way.

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