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Scope height of the Avenge-X

Today reader Ian McKee, whose blog name is 45Bravo, tells us about his experience scoping his Air Venturi Avenge-X rifle.  This report was an answer for one reader but I know it applies to many of you.

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Take it away, Ian

Scope height of the Avenge-X
by Ian McKee

scope height scoped rifle
Avenge-X scoped.

Hello everyone, this blog is in response to an email I received from blog reader Hank who goes by the user name Vana2. 

Good news for our Canadian readers, Hank informs me that Air Venturi can now ship the Avenge-X to Canada, and some of the shops now have the Canadian-legal barrel change kits that have no baffles in the shroud! He also asked about the heights of the different magazines above the receiver so he can choose the correct height scope rings for his rifle, and I thought more people could use this information as well. 

The .22 caliber Avenge-X Tactical I received came with a single shot tray, one 10-round factory magazine, and a 16-round magazine. The measurements I give today are for the .22-caliber mags. The sizes for .177 and .25 may be different. 

The standard 10 round magazine is 35mm (1.38 inches) tall from base to the highest point, the 16-round magazine is 43mm (1.69 inches) from bottom to top.  

scope height stacked mags
|The height difference of the two magazines is 8mm (0.31 inches).

When inserted into the rifle the magazines protrude 5mm (0.2 inches) and 13mm (0.51 inches) above the height of the receiver respectively. 

Hank also asked what scope rings I use. I like Leapers/UTG rings, and their optics on my hunting guns. I would love to have one of their Integirx scopes for precision shooting, but it is not in my budget at this time. 

My choice of rings for this rifle is the UTG Max Strength 30mm medium height rings for Picatinny / Weaver rails. The medium height rings give me 15mm clearance between the rail and scope tube, so I have 2mm clearance between the magazine and my 3-18×50 First Focal Plane scope that has a 30mm tube.

The scope has the ACSS Athena BPR reticle, which is too fine and cluttered for hunting, but is great for long range shooting, and with 100 MOA of adjustment, it has a lot of room for drop at extended ranges. 

scope height diagram of UTG rings
With 15mm clearance it gives me just enough room to clear the magazine.

The scope that I use was a gift from Joe Rhea (Cyclops videos) and Rick Rhem (Shooter 1721). Unfortunately it is not sold by Pyramyd AIR. 

My choice for the medium rings was twofold. With 2mm of clearance it is the lowest ring available that will allow me to get the scope as close to the bore as possible, and use the higher capacity magazine if I wanted. It also gives me more room for loading the single shot tray than a shorter ring would allow. 

scope height mag in rifle
Just enough room to fit, with 2mm to spare.

It will be interesting to see what Hank chooses for his rifle, hopefully he will give us a guest blog with his choices, and why. 

Do any of you have an Avenge-X yet?  If so, what mounts and optics have you chosen, and why?  Leave your choices and setup in the comments.

Shoot safe, and HAVE FUN!


Note from BB: This report is very timely, as tomorrow’s will be, as well.

It turns out that I also use the UTG Max Strength 30mm medium height rings for Picatinny / Weaver rails on my Avenge-X. Ian and I did not correspond on this choice. We each made it independently. I do use an obsolete 4-16X44 Mini SWAT UTG Accushot that closely resembles a UTG OP3 Compact scope. I don’t have a high-capacity magazine for the .177 Avenge-X I’m currently testing, but the clearance at my breech looks remarkably similar to what Ian shows in today’s report.

scope height BBs scoped rifle
BB’s scoped Avenge-X.

And — I have something else for you. After examining the targets from Monday’s report on the accuracy of the Avenge-X I did more investigation of the internals of the muzzle of my rifle. After removing the muzzle cap and using a jeweler’s loupe, I can see a particle of lead on the inner edge of the tube that extends past the baffles and provides threads for the external muzzle cap to screw onto. This particle is very small and difficult to see, but I believe it is the reason for the three wide shots in the Part 6 accuracy test. Apparently on high power the pellet went just wide enough to nick the edge of the exit hole in the barrel, causing those three wide shots. The results are the same — I need to adjust the power down so that doesn’t happen again. And THOSE two pellets need to be tested for accuracy again after that adjustment.

42 thoughts on “Scope height of the Avenge-X”

  1. “Just enough room to fit, with 2mm to spare.”

    The third pic (if you don’t count the diagram), the pic above that caption, is a really good one.
    It definitely “speaks 1000 words.” I’m sure Hank will appreciate it. 😉
    Keep up the good work,

    • It is made by Primary Arms.

      I would have preferred to use a Leapers/UTG scope, but all of the UTG scopes I currently own only have uncluttered Mildot hunting reticles.

      This rifle deserves a scope with a reticle that is made for precision shooting.


  2. hihihi,
    You might find Hard Air Magazines report on the Barra CO2 1866 Lever action interesting. I can’t add more for now. My life has not been my own lately with three people’s lives depending on me lately.

    • Bob M,

      I believe I understand your predicament and yet, something likely will change. Question is, will you have a say in your future?

      Anyway, thanks for pointing out another review which, albeit devoid of your personal opinions, was nevertheless somewhat interesting. 🙂

      By the way, I emailed Barra in the hope of a positive reply as far as shipping one of their 1866 CO2 lever action rifles to France but, sadly, they failed to respond. One day I hope to find out how theirs compares to the Umarex Legend example. 🙂

  3. Ian, thanks for this report.

    I wish all scope ring sellers would provide a diagram like Ian’s. It would make choosing the right rings a snap. Hey manufacturers and retailers, are you listening?

    Getting a scope as low as possible is very important. I have a Diana 350 that arrived with a Hawke Airmax scope and rings that provided a lot of clearance between the objective bell and the rifle. It is very difficult to get a consistent cheek weld.

    • RG, that diagram is from UTG, and is one of the photos in the listing on the Pyramyd AIR site.

      Things like that are why I like UTG products and Pyramyd AIR.

      Sometimes it’s the little things like a single diagram that will influence your purchasing decision, they provided just the right information you needed that the other manufacturers or retailers didn’t think important.


  4. Thanks Ian,

    Like Dave said, your pictures speak a thousand words. I do hope that you are thoroughly enjoying that Avenge-X.

    The issue I usually have is the opposite of what RG experienced with the Diana 350. my face is long enough that most often I have to squish down to see through a scope that is mounted real close to the barrel. It is something that varies with different people.

    What many fail to realize is that stocks, scope rings and mounts are not a one size fits all. The person RG purchased his Diana from may have a long face and his quite comfortable with where the scope is mounted. BB does not like the new stock on his Weihrauch, but it may suit others just fine.

    I myself seem to be most fortunate that with most of the “old gals” living here at RRHFWA, they will not even accept a scope and I have no trouble seeing through their sight systems just fine.

    I have noted that on those air rifles that have adjustable cheek pieces, I like them adjusted down as far as they will go. For me, they are a waste of money. I guess they are the manufacturers’ attempt to make a stock into a “one size fits all”. That likely also explains why I do not have any adjustable butt pads around here. If they don’t fit me, I don’t bother.

  5. Two peanuts walk into a bar. One was a salted – the assailant used a salt rifle; must have been a Bug-A-Salt. That’s nuts!

    That was pretty bad, FM; you’re gonna get banned from this blog.

    Good writeup, Ian. 🙂

    • FM,

      I doubt it was a toy. Too hard to make and only found along the edges of the “Empire”. Range estimator? Maybe. The different size holes would help with such. We will have to send Mr. Peabody and Sherman into the “Wayback Machine” to find out for sure.

      Am I telling my age?

  6. Thanks again for the details Ian!

    Without having the airgun and scope in hand to check the fit, finding the dimensions needed to determine the correct scope ring height is difficult. The correct height is important, wish that the information was more readily available.

    Too low and the bell of the scope may contact the barrel or the scope tube or saddle may interfere with the magazine.

    High rings insure good clearances but may cause cheek weld issues, adversely affect the balance (making it feel top heavy) and exaggerate the effects of canting the airgun.

    As far as I know, the Avenge-X and the barrel kits are available for order by the Canadian distributors but none have actually crossed the border yet. They should be here in a couple of weeks.

    I’ve ordered the 4-16×44 MTC Copperhead as a compromise between low power for pesting and high power for testing and target work at longer ranges. Being light weight (18 oz) it should compliment the Avenge-X; being compact I may have to use offset mounts in order to get the eye relief back far enough to suit my shooting style. (Strongly influenced by archery, I shoot standing straight and don’t lean forward over the stock)

    Looking forward to getting my Avenge-X and doing some tuning and testing.


  7. Well done as usual Ian, thanks! This helps show that selecting the right scope and getting it mounted can be complex. But getting it right is critical. Sometimes we might have to use the trial and error method before we find the right combination. However, the end result can be worth it.

  8. Hi RG and all,
    Got the blog email notification today you left on a different report. Figured I would just respond here.

    You asked how its been going. Well actually pretty good. I did retire back in October. And to say I have been loving it.

    My oldest daughter and her husband and the grandson (4 years old) stayed with us till after the holidays. Which was good. We got a bunch of old fallen trees out of the woods and cut it up for fireplace wood. And just in time before the cold weather hit. -5 to 10°F for about 7 days. That’s about 35-40° under the normal temperature for this time of year for us here.

    Got the grandson one of those electric Jeeps for Christmas and he loves it. Have been showing him how to shoot and he is doing pretty good. His favorite so far is the Steel Storm. He likes the brrt, brrt setting the best. Go figure huh. He takes after grandpa after all. 🙂

    But hope you all been doing good.

    • GF1

      I’m glad to hear that. It’s good to get kids away from electronics and into the outdoors.

      They will learn skills they can’t learn on a Nintendo switch.


    • Great to hear from you Gunfun1! Glad to hear all is well and the next generation is having fun with guns. What will be his handle? Gunfun4? 5? 10?

      My family and I are doing well, and I am looking for time to work on my many airgun projects.

      • RG,
        Good glad to hear all is well with you all also.

        Maybe Gunfun1-2. And the way he already uses his mom’s phone it probably won’t be long and he will be commenting.

    • Gunfun1,

      Glad your back!
      Best ever for your Retirement.
      Grandkids are a buch of fun since we aren’t stuck with the hard parts of parenting them. We get to show them how to have FUN doing stuff without all to many if any NO words.

      Lots more years with Fair Winds and Following Seas.
      Okay a little SNOW and some cold too…


      • Hey Shootski,
        The grandson definitely has energy. Wish I still had more left. But doing alright I suppose. And yes he definitely is fun to have around.

        And so far glad I made the choice to retire.

        As far as the snow goes we have been having a inch or so every other day but the last 2 days made it up to 40°F. So it melted the snow but it snowed last night and is back down to 5° with a high of 15° for the next few days or so. Monday is suppose to bring freezing rain. That’s always interesting.

        But have a good one. Will try to comment more coming up.

  9. Ian,
    He is already spoiled with using his mom’s smartphone.
    But he did ride in his dads truck out gathering the firewood with us. He was excited about that. Driving across the field and into the woods. They don’t have any place to do that where they live.

    Oh and good article today.

  10. 45Bravo,

    “Do any of you have an Avenge-X yet?”
    I’m waiting for you and Tom to finish your reporting since i don’t have an empty spot in the inventory…yet.

    Solid facts and an enjoyable good read.
    Well done!


    • Shootski there is a problem with that.

      The gun is so adjustable, flexible and modular, and with three different calibers to change to and choose from, we both can never “finish” with the reports.

      New projectiles are coming to market every day, which leads down a different path or you can call it the proverbial rabbit hole if you will.

      This is a rifle that will have to be revisited, over and over.

      Just choose one and buy it, you will not be disappointed.


      • 45Bravo,

        Well ENABLED!
        PAinR should pay you for that PITCH in all those new projectiles and accessories of which you speak ;^)
        I’ll compromise and say i need a few more in depth reports to establish my baseline purchase.
        Leaning toward the platform that folks still mislabel Tactical.


        • They have sent me some new ones to test, that’s coming up in a future blog.

          I have the “tactical” version, and I am happy I chose that model, as I don’t have any other air rifles that fill that niche with the accuracy, power and shot count that the Avenge-X brigs to the table.

          The tactical version has one drawback, in that you have to remove the scope, or take the action out of the stock to adjust the hammer spring.

          The other versions don’t have that issue, it is because of the way the receiver extension (some people call it the buffer tube) attaches to the receiver that prevents the adjustment without making permanent modifications to the receiver.

          While it’s not a deal breaker, it does make tuning slower than with a wooden stock or synthetic stock Avenge-X.


  11. 45Bravo,
    Hey Ian,

    Now that is the kind of attention to detail i like!
    I’m betting you cover that in detail with photographs of and the different possibilities for getting around the issue.


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