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Fun Taylor Takes on Field Target

Taylor Takes on Field Target

Disclaimer: This blog post is purely fictional and intended for entertainment purposes only.

blond rhinestone-clad musician faces a field of targets, air rifles in her holsters. On the table in front of her is a microphone and a beaded bracelet.

After dominating the music scene for over a decade, your girl Taylor has set her sights on a new target: becoming the queen of Field Target shooting.

Apparently, T-Swizz has always had a competitive streak and a fascination with precision sports. Between touring and recording her latest soon-to-be chart-topping album, she’s been honing her skills at a secret private range. And now she’s ready to try her hand (and eagle eye) against the big boys.

You have to admit, if anyone’s got the dedication and competitive spirit to master this sport, it’s Taylor. She’s spent her whole life proving doubters wrong. And with her trademark pluck and determination, there’s no doubt she’ll be topping the podium in no time.

Taylor’s Transition From Pop Star to Marksman

How did Tay-Tay go from belting out breakup ballads to banging bullseyes? Rumor has it she picked up a pellet gun to pass the time during her Reputation Tour and discovered she had a knack for nailing 10 rings.

When asked about her new hobby, Swift said: “I’ve always loved pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Field target allows me to focus my competitive drive into a precision sport, plus the outfits are really fun!”

Taylor Swift, armed with an air gun and clad in a stylish ensemble, struts onto the field amidst a sea of seasoned marksmen. As the sound of her hit song “Shake It Off” blares in the background, she exudes confidence, ready to take on the challenge of hitting those tiny targets with precision.

Field Target Champion Tyler Patner shares why this technically demanding sport appeals to Ms. Swift, “Field Target clubs/shooters are some of the most friendly and inviting people you’ll ever find. People will let you shoot their rifles, give you tips and advice while you’re on the course, and encourage you until they’re blue in the face. There’s no other competitive atmosphere like it that I’ve ever been a part of, and it’ll hook you immediately.”

Critics argue Swift’s success comes from her fame and fortune, not skill. But one look at her tack-driving technique silences the doubters. Love her or hate her, you have to admit – when Tay sets her sights on something, she hits the bullseye. Whether dominating pop or field target, Swift proves she’s a straight shooter in more ways than one.

Swifty’s Shooting Skills: Her Natural Talent With a Rifle

It turns out our girl Swifty is a natural with a rifle. Who knew she had such a steady hand and keen eye? When she sets her sights on a new skill, she doesn’t miss.

After a quick tutorial from the pros, Swifty took to the range like a duck to water. Her first few shots were a bit wide, but she quickly found her groove. “It’s all about concentration and breath control,” she told reporters. “Just like hitting those high notes.” Within minutes, she was nailing bullseyes like she does number one hits.

Taylor’s Top Tips for Aspiring Field Target Shooters

Follow these pro tips from the pop princess herself, and you’ll be topping the scoreboards in no time.

Practice Your Stance

How you stand is key to accuracy and consistency. Taylor recommends the “modified unsupported standing” stance. Stand sideways to your target with your non-dominant foot forward and hold the rifle slightly off your shoulder. Bend your knees and lean forward at the hips, keeping your back straight. Relax your muscles—tenseness translates to the trigger squeeze.

Focus Your Breathing

Deep, rhythmic breathing helps steady your aim. Take slow, controlled breaths to keep your upper body still. Inhale as you aim, exhale smoothly as you squeeze the trigger. Holding your breath or jerky breathing will throw off your shot.

Squeeze the Trigger

Place your finger on the trigger and take up the slack. Apply pressure in a straight-back motion, slowly and steadily increasing force until the shot breaks. Do not jerk the trigger—your shot should surprise you when it goes off. A smooth trigger action is key to precision.

Follow Through

Keep your position and continue aiming at the target after the shot. Don’t drop your head or rifle to see if you hit the target. Follow-through builds muscle memory and consistency. Break your stance after a few seconds, check your target, and make adjustments for the next shot based on your point of impact.

Practice, Practice, Practice

No one masters field target shooting overnight. Get out on the range as often as possible to build your skills through repetition. Work on one area at a time, like trigger control or breathing, and be patient with yourself. Over time, it will all come together, and before you know it, you’ll be giving Taylor a run for her money!

Disclaimer: This blog post is purely fictional and intended for entertainment purposes only. Taylor Swift’s actual talents may or may not extend to the air gun industry or field target shooting. 

52 thoughts on “Taylor Takes on Field Target”

  1. Hey PI,

    As you should know, most lanes in FT are shot in the sitting position!
    So that is the stance that should be practiced.

    Maybe you should stick to bows and arrows and let Tom do the airgun stuff?


      • RidgeRunner – this is a fair question. Yes, I expect everyone who works in the marketing department to understand airguns. Although not all of them shoot FT, that’s very true. Wish I could change that, but I am also realistic of how much of our employees time I can expect to command outside of work, and if anyone wants to do FT and do it well – that’s a commitment. I tried and could not make it, due to my family obligations, and that’s more important to me, personally.

      • Ok, guys – let’s cut them some slack; after all, this is a fictional piece. In any case, folks tend to think that even when FM is standing, it seems he is sitting. It would be great if we could encourage even one more young woman and/or man to get into this hobby by passing on stories like these. Who knows, Ms. Swift could be one of them.

      • Yogi & Ridge Runner, just to go on record, since it was not very obvious from my original answer, and I did not want it to come across as defensive posturing. I think our marketing team knows more about airguns than most other marketing teams in all the airgun companies in the category. The depth of knowledge in each airgun field/discipline/application is not a substitute for being able to market airguns. More importantly, to draw a conclusion that they don’t know anything about Field Target, just because most shooting positions in Field Target are sitting positions, and there was a suggestion for how to hold a standing stance, seems like jumping to conclusions to me. Shoot safe and have fun.

  2. Nicely done, except I think we need more photos of Swifty’s form if we are to learn anything. 😉

    Tay doesn’t need any more publicity, she is doing quite well in that department (and many others). Perhaps she can attract more females to the field target sport. Nothing wrong with that!

  3. This thing is so bad, I could not read it all. The comments are far more interesting than the blog entry. There seems to be a contest at the end of this pile that we can enter and get a few Bullseye Bucks. As far as I am concerned, they can keep them. I am not about to click on that thing and give them the illusion that I approve of this.

    • Ridge, I actually found it entertaining, and once you take out the celebrity references, the advice given is sound and can be applied to most shooting disciplines.

      It even applies to things like golf, stance, breathing, taking the shot (or swing), follow through and practice.

      Doing the same thing every time the exact same way..

      On a personal note, many celebrities when they are in settings among friends and away from the pressures of autograph/selfie hunters and the biased media, you might be surprised how many of them enjoy the shooting sports and outdoors in one form or another.


  4. Lighten up guys. To me this is an obvious spoof on the ridiculous controversy over TS and the NFL coverage of her. Anyone remember the spoofs on “Laugh-In” and SNL? This is supposed to be a light hearted, humorous spoof. I think some are taking it way too seriously.

    • Elmer Fudd,

      This is beginning to look more like a hijacking and this plane is not going to Havana.

      Honestly the filling of the Top Tips seems lifted from the Teach Me to Shoot with the Offhand position more applicable to Metallic Silhouette shooting than Field Target.


        • Hahah! FM’s favorite warped humor magazine since before his teen years; still remember one issue which spoofed the movie “The Guns of Navarone” under the title “The Guns of Minestrone.” They had brilliant caricaturists and writers back in “Mad’s” heyday.

  5. All,

    My post which would have been #3 is STILL UNDER Moderator ARREST!

    IT WOULD HAVE POINTED OUT SWIFT’S Anti Gun social media posts, song lyrics, a well as personal donations to anti gun organizations!

    This on a sight that sells guns and ammunition.


    • Regardless of that, the original blog post is in jest and for fun and entertainment only (as stated in the post a couple of times). In my opinion, entertainers who choose to publicize their political positions are taking themselves way too seriously. And are needlessly alienating a lot of potential fans. I try not to get worked up about political opinions. I certainly am not going to get offended by a blog post made in jest.

    • Hi Shootski, I approved this campaign, because maybe I am a dreamer? I came to the USA in 1996, and being able to own a gun and defend myself was part of it. Back then having a pop-star such as her supporting guns and shooting sports would not have been out of the question. Would not it be cool to live in a country like this again? Where a pop-star that can literally impact an election year, could also be an independent and critical thinker, and not just pandering to her environment and woke requirements?
      To everyone – yes, this campaign is very much tongue and cheek, and if you did not see humor in it but some ill intent of promoting anti gun stance, then read again – all I can say – we did this campaign with a legal risk to my company, and hope that says something, and maybe was not something you considered.

      • Val,

        “Would not it be cool to live in a country like this again? Where a pop-star that can literally impact an election year, could also be an independent and critical thinker, and not just pandering to her environment and woke requirements?”
        It certainly would be. But we don’t and so long as we lend any celebrity or others an opportunity for further name and fan base lauding we become part of our growing problem of piecemeal losing a natural right.
        I understand the intended humour and timeliness in this project. What I don’t like is that it provides SWIFT Fanboys with the false narrative, even fictional, of a position she does not hold.
        IF celebrity is really required for this type of campaign there are, in fact, some celebrities who still openly support the Constitution of the United States of America.

        Thank you for your response; i do hope you do not suffer any legal blowback from various organizations and individuals.


        • I see what you mean. Doubt any of her fans are my customers or blog readers currently, but maybe. And maybe they will send her a few fan letters asking her to look at guns differently. And maybe we can have a conversation. My fear, is, and often confirmed, that we are all living in our own echo-chambers. We surround ourselves with like-minded people – after all, are not we here because we are like-minded people? At least when it comes to airguns?

          Thank you for feeling so strongly about it, seemingly we are alike in that regard – care about what’s happening to the country, and worried about what world we are letting our kids and grand kids to live in. In the meantime, I am heading to the basement to shoot some airguns with my 12 yo son, who has been asking for some dad-son time, and I have been to pre-occupied with work for the past few weekends. Stay safe, and have fun. Always enjoy reading your comments.

  6. Elmer Fudd,


    There is NO way for me to NOT REGARD a celebrity’s choices about attacking the Second Amendment of the USA’s Constitution outside of the voting booth with her personal and private voice.
    Using her celebrity to one-up my Vote is Out of Bounds for SWIFT; as well as any other celebrity.

    If you believe me to be wrong on this i invite you to live, for a time, in a Nation without a Constitution that (even imperfectly) guarantees the Vote, Liberty, Justice, and Equality.
    See if that changes your outlook.


    • Did I say anywhere that I agree with TS’s opinion? Do you agree that TS has a first amendment right to express her opinions? It is your choice to get offended over a joke of a post in a blog. And it is my choice to treat the blog post for what it is, a joke.

      • Thank you, Elmer Fudd.
        @shootski see above, we are all gun owners, this was not meant to turn into opinions on Taylor Swift – but here is mine – she is just a kid, with too much power/sway, and a product of her environment. It’s sad, but we all allowed for that to happen by not speaking up more, by not bringing up our kids better (at large, I am good with my kids – who tell their friends, that their dad sells guns for a living).

        • Val,

          I speak up and act on this topic, as many of the readership can attest. I do it because my family lived in Yugoslavia (Austro-Hungarian Empire) before WW2 Hitler and the Nazis marched in and began the end of the Balkans peace and the first round of my families elimination followed by the Communists who finished the job as well as the elimination of most of my family.
          They were disarmed with no chance of self protection from the tyrants large and small.

          Find your voices please or there will be None to speak the truth anywhere to Tyrants large and small!


          • Yes, we at large. I feel responsible – I (as part of we), did not speak out enough. I see where that’s heading, having left Ukraine, that was largely still feeling like part of the Soviet Union, having seen where this ends. Yes, I should have spoken up more in the past 20 years. Hope not too late. I will do my part to the best of my abilities, I know you will too.

  7. I normally don’t read Pyramyd Insyder blog posts the information is not useful.

    Intended at humor or not this blog just adds to the false facts on both sides of our political spectrum. Too bad so many folks cant think for themselves.

  8. Val,
    Thank you for jumping in and clearing the air. I’m sure we all appreciate it.
    These are trying times in America where things seem to be upside down in our society. I believe the people “On our side” in government have dropped the ball and not done enough to push back against all this unamerican behavior.
    Personally, I believe they should reinstate the military draft to set young people straight and instill some pride in our country and what we stand for.

    Taylor Swift is just another young flash in the pan for us older generations and we do not follow her behavior or keep track of her political beliefs. It is in our face in the news and on TV but largely ignored, at least by me.
    I do not have any Idea what she thinks about firearms, but she is obviously extremely popular with young people and if it were true that she was interested in airguns it certainly would be a shot in the arm for the shooting sports counteracting all the others who are dead set against us.

    Nice try. But in the end, I believe “What we got heya is … failure to communicate” (Cool hand Luke 1967)
    Thank you for this Blog. Always enjoy posts from management.
    Bob M.

  9. ROTFWL! I will bet some big money that our hosts wish they had stayed away from this!

    Everybody needs to just calm down. OK, so T-whiz and the bunch who worship her are idiots. In this country, they have the right to be. It is a sad fact that they have the right to vote, but they would likely try to take that right from us.

    OK fine. There is no real reason to get all stirred up about all this. She is not the first idiot to try and rewrite the 1st and 2nd Amendment of our Constitution and she will not likely be the last. Those who think for themselves are likely to ignore what she says, along with the media which is trying to run things.

    Poor, Val. He stepped into this mess with both feet. I for one am most thankful that Val has continued to support BB and us with letting us post to this blog. Not all of them do.

  10. The irony is that famous singers and other artists benefit so greatly from the 1st amendment, but do not realize that the 2nd amendment is the one that ultimately protects the 1st and the rest of the bill of rights. Folks in other countries do not have the freedom of expression that we can so easily take for granted.

    • Amen, Roamin. FM considers the 2nd Amendment the “poison pill” helping guard US from hostile takeover by bad types who could not spell the words “constitutional rights” if their lives depended on it. Modest suggestion from FM for future fictional blog entries – Annie Oakley and Lyudmila Pavlichenko come back from the Great Beyond and team up to take on FT and spread the love of all shooting sports to America’s youth.

      MASA – Make America Sane Again. You all have a good and blessed week!

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