Rock & roll with an airsoft submachinegun

By B.B. Pelletier You owe it to yourself to check out the M11 A1 by KSC, an airsoft replica of an Ingram M11 A1 .380-caliber submachine pistol used in the movie True Lies. Jamie Lee Curtis wiped out a squad of terrorists attacking her and her secret-agent husband (Arnold Schwarzenegger) by dropping an M11 down … Read more

Why I like big bore single-shot air rifles

By B.B. Pelletier I promised a reader of the April 11 blog that I would explain why I like my big bore airguns to be single shots. Big bores can be VERY accurateAnd, single-loaded bullets are also VERY accurate. Ask anyone who reloads ammunition for firearms why they do it, and one of the answers … Read more

5 more tips to improve your accuracy

By B.B. Pelletier 1. “Aim small, miss small”That’s a quote from the movie Patriot. It means that if you aim at a small enough target, even a near miss might land your pellet (or bullet) where you want it. Here’s how it applies. If you are shooting at targets, don’t shoot out your aim point. … Read more


By B.B. Pelletier Whenever you shoot, safety is your most important consideration, so let’s talk about few important aspects of how to be safe with an airgun. Point that muzzle where you WANT to shoot! Our No. 1 safety rule is ALWAYS point the muzzle in the direction you want shoot. I did NOT say … Read more

Two BB guns you’ll never see

By B.B. Pelletier Today is a fun day. Imagine you work at the Daisy Manufacturing Company around the year 1960. It might have been a few years earlier, but probably not much later. You’re cranking out BB guns by the million each year, and the monotony is getting to you. So you decide to do … Read more