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Crosman Nightstalker

by B.B. Pelletier

There is already an article about the Crosman Nightstalker by Tom Gaylord on the Pyramyd AIR website. I just wanted to add my two cents and share some observations that are a little different.

A real semiauto with a twist
Yesterday, I reported on Crosman’s 451 military pistol. That gun is a true semiauto air pistol in every respect of the term. The new Nightstalker is also a semiauto, but one with a strange twist. I spoke to Ed Schultz, Crosman’s production manager, about why the trigger of the Nightstalker is as heavy as it is. It breaks at around seven pounds, where the vintage Crosman 600 and 451 pistols both break at less than two. Why the big difference? He told me that Crosman engineers made the Nightstalker auto-cocking, but left the advancement of the 12-shot clip manual for greater reliability. In other words, your trigger finger has to rotate the clip to the next pellet before it releases the sear, which is where the extra pull weight comes from.

This is similar to but not the same as Crosman’s 1077 rifle, which is a true double-action only revolver masquerading as a semiauto. The 1077’s trigger not only advances the clip (the same one the Nightstalker uses), it also cocks the hammer before releasing it for the shot. I do know that the triggers on all the 1077s I’ve seen became lighter with use. I have one that is very smooth and light, because it’s probably been shot more than 10,000 times. My newer 1077 is stiffer, but still breaks about the same as a new Nightstalker. I have hope that both guns will lighten with use.

Schultz also told me that Crosman located the cocking handle on the left side of what they call the exoskeleton, so shooters would have some sense of the semiauto feature. I found that I had to back up and focus on the handle to see any hint of motion – it works that fast. That’s when it hit me! Crosman left the indexing to the trigger so the Nightstalker cannot be turned into a full-auto machine gun, like the 600 pistol often is!

No need to seat pellets deeply
Crosman has examined the rifle Tom Gaylord tested and determined it had an indexing problem, which is why the pellets had to be seated so deeply. My rifle works fine with the pellets seated to the normal depth, and there has never been a tie-up like Gaylord experienced. His gun was apparently not aligning all the chambers correctly, and some of the gas was deflecting off the breech and pushing the pellets out the back of the clip.

When you load up the Nightstalker with everything in the kit, it looks wicked! There’s a very accurate rifle inside all that stuff, too!

Nightstalker kit
My Nightstalker is the kit model with all the accessories. Normally, I’m not an accessory kind of guy, but Crosman has put together a very nice package with this kit. The bipod works very well, so I used it for all my accuracy testing. That’s the ultimate test of a bipod. The red dot sight works very well and was also used in accuracy testing. And, the tactical flashlight is just plain cool! It has no useful purpose mounted on a pellet rifle, but it is as bright as daylight and quite impressive! I’m using it off the rifle as the most powerful flashlight I currently own (which is a compliment of sorts, because I seem to collect flashlights!).

Accuracy is super!
My rifle out-performed the one in Gaylord’s test by a wide margin. In fact, it was so much better that I asked Ed Schultz about it. He said the Nightstalkers typically give groups ranging from the size Gaylord got down to what I got. My five-shot groups with 7.9-grain Crosman Premiers measured under 0.30″ at 20 yards. I shot many that size, so this wasn’t just a fluke.

How many shots per cartridge?
I know this number is important to a few people, but frankly those are the same people who never buy the gun! They just want to know all the facts. The fact is, I shot hundreds of shots in 65-degree weather, and the gas cartridge is still working. I know the number was in the hundreds because I had to load all those 12-shot clips! I have no clue what THE NUMBER is, so please don’t ask. Crosman says up to 350 shots on their website, so I’d guess it’s something over 300.

If you like fun airguns, the Nightstalker is probably for you. If you already own and like a 1077, you definitely want to look at one of these. It’s probably going to become an airgun classic!

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

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  1. Hi B.B. The nightstalker is an interesting gun. Another gun i’m most interested in at this time is the DU-10 eagle carbine. Have you ever tested or shot one of these? I read the test on the DU-10 pistol and am interested in it as well. One day i hope to own one of these arms. One of my sons collects CZ guns and competes with two of their 9 mm pistols. Beautifully made and functioning guns.

  2. BB,
    I have both the 1077 and the Nightstalker and I dislike the 1077 and love the NS, I have had nothing but problems with the 1077 forcing me to replace the seals. etc., and the hard trigger pull is really a pain. The NS is a hoot to shoot and truly accurate! Unfortunately, I keep running through Airsource canisters because I lose track of how many mags I’ve shot. I have found that Walmart carries them about as cheaply as any where. Also the stock on the NS is slippery so I cut some crosswise grooves in it with a soldering iron and now it holds just fine. Really enjoy your daily blogs!

  3. BB,

    Thank goodness your back.Can you make a post of the remington genesis.Its for a friend of mine that is getting into airgunning and likes it.So I told him Id had to ask BB first.Thanks BB.

    CF-X guy

  4. airgundoc,

    Thanks for your report. I know the 1077 trigger starts out hard sometimes, but they do loosen up over time. The secret to that trigger is inside the large rectangular box that holds the circular clip. Maybe I should blog it. What do you think?


  5. CF-X guy,

    I haven’t shot the Remington Genesis yet, but I held one at the SHOT Show last week. It looks and feels very solid and quite similar to a Gamo, though Crosman assures me they are made in the U.S.

    I can’t tell you much about the performance, but I can say that both Crosman and Pyramyd AIR will stand behind their product. I wouldn’t hesitate, if that’s what your friend really wants.


  6. Hmm I am thinking about buying a benjamin/sheridan legacy1000 in 22.I am looking for a powerfull break barrel at a low price and with good quality at the same time.I seems like the legacy1000 looks right for me but I would like a little more advice before I do.It would work well for target shooting and hunting with low cocking effort only 28 lbs!

  7. BB,
    I have a Crossman 1077 rifle that works fine with 12 gram co2 powerlets, however when I purchased the airsource adaptor and hooked it up the gas leaks slowly from the magazine well. The rifle will not fire. I am aware certain 1077’s made before a certain date are not compatible with the airsource kit. Mine is a newer model with the fibre optic front sight, so I think the airsource kit should work. Any ideas would help from either you, or other readers. Thanks.

  8. Please blog the 1077, B.B., what I did to improve mine is not recommended (although effective). It was not as easy to put back together as my Crosman 760. And anything else I can do to improve the trigger would help, it’s the only quirk I don’t care for.

  9. Howdy, B.B. I hope you had a great time; it is good to have you back!
    Denny, I own both the DU pistol and DU rifle. Fortunately, the pistol can be had with a left handed grip. Unfortunately, the rifle only comes with a right handed stock.
    Probably the only thing bad I can say is that they are only available in .17 caliber
    Interestingly, both guns came with a test target. It appears that they are identical (absolutely exact)! I have to suspect that the Drulov folks are playing with our minds.
    The wood work on both guns is beautiful. I will be able to be definitive about the guns’ accuracy when the weather warms up!

  10. BB,

    I know it is powerful in .22 caliber.It is,in fact,the most powerful .22cal air rifle ive heard of going 1050fps in .22cal!!!!!.I just want a post with opinions and performance as well as accuracy.

    RWS 350

  11. I would go for for the rws 350 if it was less expensive.I might eventially but not in the new future.My pick for a powerfull quality airgun at a good price is the ben/sheridan legacy 1000 which is my most likely buy right now 800 fps in 22 maybe even higher with ben/sheridan quality for $165 sounds good but am not completely sure yet.

  12. I would like to hear some comments on the lagacy1000 because that is what I am considering other wise the rws 34,or the 350 would be my choices but the price on the rws is what is going to probably keep me from buying them.

  13. RWS 350,

    Okay, I’ll do it. I know what you want now.

    Like the other reader said, the Condor has triple the power, but the 350 is one of the two most powerful spring rifles currently being made.

    I have tested one in .22 so we got lucky there.

    This week,


  14. Legacy guy,

    I don’t have any experience with the Legacy, so I can’t review it for you right now. I’ll see what I can do down the road, but if any of our readers own the rifle, perhaps they wouldn’t mind giving us their opinions?


  15. Yes I would like some comments on the legacy because is looks and seems like a real over all powerfull good quality,accurate and low priced gun but I would definately like some insight first if possible.

  16. legacy guy,

    I think that you should go for it!!!!!!!!.But I suggest that you get the .22 cal.It looks good for the price.And if what I read is real than this is a great air rifle.BUY IT!!!! AND BE HAPPY!!!!!!!

    CF-X guy

  17. TN,

    I hope youenjoy your air rifle!!!!!
    And I wanna thank BB because if it wasnt for him, I would never picked up an airgun.So THANKS A LOT BB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CF-X guy

  18. Just out of curiosity, I saw in the ammo recommendations by pyramid that the Crosman ammo 2-pack was listed. Does that mean that BBs can be used in the Nightstalker? If so, are they magazine loaded or intended for for single shot use only?

  19. Good afternoon all,

    Received one of the NightStalkers with the accessory kit from Pyramyd AIR on Friday and took it out shooting this AM. I’m IMPRESSED! At 10 yards, was getting nickel/dime sized 5 to 7 shot groups. One 7 shot group measured 0.46″ edge to edge, which would be 0.28″ center to center. Pellets were Crosman Premier Hollow-Point in tins and this is with the red-dot sight included in the kit.

    That’s the best I’ve done to date with any airgun, including my Gamo NRA Special 1000 that has a 4x scope instead of a red-dot.

    The IZH-61 I also received shows great promise, but need to see what pellets it likes and practice getting a more consistent sight picture with it.


  20. BB, “My Nightstalker has been charged for more than 2 months and will remain so indefinitely. The seals should hold, as I found no warning in the manual to the contrary.”

    i forgot that this is a screw in and not a cheap 12g that leaks. i have a co2 bb gun that i thought could hold it in, but after a few shots and putting it away for a few days I found out all the gas leaked out 🙁

    so as confirmation, NT’s can hold these 88g’s pretty well in there without leakage?

    because 300 shots is a lot and it would be sad to shoot a few clips then lose the entire bottle after a few days.

  21. doh! forgot to ask this..

    would nightstalker be accurate enough to lets say hit a soda can from 5-7 yards away?

    and when you guys are talking about shot groups what does that mean?

  22. Hi iishort86:

    “Groups” refer to the size of the holes on a paper target. Generally, I’ll shoot anywhere from 5 to 10 shots at a target, which is called a group. Then I measure the size from the outside edges of the two farthest shots, and that’s the size of particular group. The bigger the measurement, the bigger the group and the less accurate the gun/shooter/ammo was for that particular group.

    Definately, the NS will hit a soda can from 5 to 7 yards! No sweat, in fact! I’ll bet I could hit a soda can with mine at 30 yards! At 10 yards, I could have easily hit a dime yesterday, that’s how accurate my new NS is. If you can’t tell, its my favorite air weapon. 😉

    I shot about 100 shots yesterday with my NS and will see if I can fire another 100 next weekend. If so, that’s confirmation that the gas cartridge is sealing well.

    To be honest, once you get one, you’ll probably easily go through a cylinder per shooting session. They are FUN and you can really dispense some lead with them! The only reason I gave up after 100 shots yesterday is that I wanted to try out my new IZH-61 as well, and then didn’t go back to it becuase the baby was crying and the wife was ready for me to crank up the grill and cook dinner. 🙂

    I can’t wait until little Robby can go shooting with me. He’s 3 and a half months old, and I already have a pair of red ryders on the shelf for the both of us. 🙂

    thanks and 73,
    ben, KD5BYB

  23. I have one of the first n/s in the uk .the rifle works fine but the extra tk kit on sale here yet.do you know if any other sights will fit the rifle as the open ones are pretty poor and will not line up properly.

  24. Hi covfatbloke,

    I just picked up a Nightstalker this past Christmas as well. Its a great airgun! I shoot it at the club and in the field. Very accurate and fun. Especially the double-tap trigger which allows me to empty the clip in a matter of a few seconds.

    With regards to the sights though, the TK kits are not avaiable as of yet in Canada either. Althought the Nightstalker sights are similar to my M1 Carbine, I do find them hard to use in dimmer light or on a cloudy day. The top of the Nightstalker though does have a 11mm rail that allows you to mount any of the .22 rimfire sights. However, a .22 optical sight may be difficult to use on a carbine with a high shoulder stock. Not to mention the hight of the Nightstalkers peep sights will obscure your low profile .22 optical sight.

    I have tried installing a pair of Weaver “see through rings” which would allow me to use both the metal sights as well as the optical. However, I found that the contact surface of the 11mm see through rings were not as sturdy, and can sway a little under presure.

    Since the Nightstalker is a copy of the Beretta CX4 Storm carbine, I decided to see if the picatiny rails from the CX4 would line up with my Crosman. However, the picatiny toprail for the CX4 was quite pricy. Instead, I went down to the local gunshop and picked up a Weaver 63B rail for $12CDN. The mount holes for the rail lined up with the 2 mount holes on the top rail of the Nightstalker, which I afixed with a pair of #6 selftapping screws. With the rail rigidly in place, I then mounted a Bushnell Trophy Red Dot sight.

    I also noticed that Beretta CX4’s side rails were quite similar to the Crosman side rails. So, I took the side rails off a friends CX4 and found that the mount holes perfectly lined up to the ones on my Nightstalker. (FYI: The Beretta part number for the Side rails are: “E00269.” Both the left, and the right rails are the same part.)

    I ordered a pair of rails from the local gunshop. They cost $12 CDN a piece. The rails have an alignment ridge at the base that would make them stand a bit tall on the Nightstalker, so I took a file to them, and quickly removed the ridges. I then took a pair of self-tapping #6 screws and secured the pair of rails to both sides of the Nightstalker. I then mounted a laser sight, and a tactical flashlight to the rails.

    I now have a fully outfitted TK, and its even more fun than I thought. Much cheaper to put a 1000 rounds through my Crosman than it is to put a 1000 rounds through my M1 Carbine, or through my Super Blackhawk! 😉


  25. Wild Wild West,

    sounds like you’ve had tons of experience with the NS.

    how has the seals been holding co2 in the bottle?

    any leakage through out long days/weeks/months without shooting?

  26. I could create a Yahoo Group for storage/posting of NightStalker pictures. Any interest?

    I intend to shoot the NS tomorrow and see if it held in the CO2 cartridge I installed last weekend.


  27. Hi there iishort86,

    I finally had a chance to shoot my Nightstalker last night at the range after a 2 week break. I had initially put 120 rounds through the rifle 2 weeks back before I stored it with the Airsource installed.

    The very first shot came out a little weak , however the consecutive shots were up to par. I drew a crowd at the range, and everyone wanted a go at the carbine. (Rattling a mag from the hip with the laser sight was all the rage!) In the end, we probably put close to an additional 250 shots throught out the night on the same Aircsource.

    Everyone was quite surprisingly pleased with the Nightstalker. The only drawback to some of the club patrons was that the Nightstalker is classified as a firearm up here in Canada. So, that put a damper on some of the crowd being able to leagally purchase one. However, by the end of the night; “a fun time was had by all!”


  28. Hi iishort86:
    I have had a bottle in for up to 2 weeks. The gun was in my cold basement; therefore not much pressure on bottle so it seems very little if any leaked out.

    I kind of did the same at work. A co-worker of mine was bragging about the new Colt look-a-like AR-15 he had built and commented he was bringing it the next day for everybody to see after work. Well…I couldn’t let him get all the attention. I let him get everybody rounded up and after a few minutes I commented I had that-ole-pellet gun in the car I had been telling them about. I gotta tell ya, the Nightstalker stole-the-show when I threw the laser on a box about 30 feet away and quickly un-loaded 12 rounds into it and then loaded another clip and repeated it again. It was a new tank warm from being in the trunk; and you all know firsthand, the spent CO2 gas kind of wisp away it the air…

    You could see the kid in each of them as grins appeared on their faces. “Man”, “Wow”… yes the NightStalker stole bragging rights! I could have sold a dozen NS’s right then and there.

    I will post my gun pics after kd5byb reviews my offer to join his Yahoo group.

  29. Hi campmorenow,iishort86, BB,

    I agree. New toys are fun!

    I neglected to mention that I had stored my Nightstalker in my safe at a comfy 20 deg. Celsius (68 deg. fahrenheit.) for the 2 weeks. Since the Nightstalker is considered a firearm up here in Canada, I had to store it in my gunsafe. (Yes… We have funny laws up here! Just like they do in GB. But then; being a spin off from the Old Empire, I still take my tea at 3:00PM.)

    Speaking of whisps of CO2, I am not sure if you or any of the other Nightstalker owners have noticed, but on my Nightstalker with a fresh bottle and during the first 100 or so shots, I do get quite an annoying blast of CO2 following each shot. I find it a bit annoying, as it detracts my aim. To resolve this, I built a flash supressor for my Nightstalker that ports the blast to the sides which allows me a clear line of sight.

    I am planning on picking up another Nightstalker soon (just for laughs… Not sure how to explain that to the wife yet…) However, I will let you know if the blast problem is common for this carbine.

    Have fun, and be safe!

  30. I’ll bet that wisp of smoke is moisture vapor from the cold CO2 propellant…

    Didn’t get to shoot the NightStalker today – weather here was poor, wife not feeling well, and didn’t get a chance to break away from my fatherly duties taking care of my little 3 month old future airgunning partner. 🙂

    Campmorenow – nice photos! Where did you purchase the muzzle break?


  31. i just got my NS today and im pretty happy with it.

    i can easily hit a circle thats about 1 inch radius from 6 yards away. all my shots using crossman premier domed hit within the circle.

    it’s still nothing as accurate as my old bb pump guns but those are pumps and are known for accuracy.

    only thing i have to complain about is the spray back of co2 in my face when i shoot. Is that much co2 supposed to escape the clip area and spray back at me? i mean i can taste it when im shooting.

  32. yes i’ve shot all 4 clips that came with the package and all were the same. Im getting sprayed by co2 every single shot.

    and accuracy was the same for all clips as well.

    any suggestions besides giving crossman a call?

  33. iishort86,

    You do need to call Crosman about this. The clip advance mechanism and the breech seal sound bad.

    I expect they will tell you to return the gun to the dealer where you bought it.

    Don’t be discouraged by this. It happens. Often the company will go out of their way to make things right, to offset your inconvenience.


  34. yup they told me to send it back to their factory for repair and or replacement.

    before i send it back ill go take it to the back yard and shoot from about 15-20 yards away and see what the gun will give me. ill probably go through the entire gas can just to make it worth the money i paid for it.

    i shot it again this morning using a chair the rest the gun on and so far it seems like the accracy is much better then me holding it in the air, duh.. of course this was pretty close range, maybe 10 ft tops. [i have a small room 🙁 ]

    ill report back once i get a chance to shoot in the backyard.

  35. i shot again inside the house first from 1 yard away and it was a little high so i stepped back to 3 yards using a table to rest my gun on when i shoot and i calibrated it to shoot about dime size groups but a little below the tarket mark. I adjusted the front sight to be as low as possible, but still it was a tad low the tarket dot. Stepped back some more and I was about 7 yards away from the tarket and the groups were still about dime size but now way on top of the tarket.

    this is supposed to happen right?

    only thing im questioning is that im not even standing that far away from the tarket. this is pretty sad if the gun shoots too high or too low from the tarket mark if im only moving +/- 2 to 3 yards away.

  36. iishort86,

    You need to think about the angles involved with what you are doing. Look at how high above the bore the front and rear sights are! If you placed the muzzle against the target paper and shot, the pellet would strike that far below where the sights are looking. All close-up shots will suffer from that angular problem.

    As you get farther and farther away from the target, it becomes easier for the sight line to intersect the bore line. That’s why your shot groups move so much as you back up. Try sighting in at 20 yards (60 feet).


  37. I just purchased a nightstalker. I have a problem, in the seven clips of pellets I have fired, at least twice in each one after a few shots the bolt does not return far enough forward to allow for fireing the next pellet. I push it forward and then I can fire. It usally repeates itself once more in that clip. I have tried the other clips with the same problem. Any ideas?

  38. Update of my posting May 01,06 about Nightstalker bolt not going all the way forward. After around 100 shots the problem stopped and has not repeated. Must have been a burr somewhere and it smoothed out. Shoots just fine now. Thanks for your input.

  39. How loud is the nightstalker? I was interested in an Airforce Talon SS, but the difference in money has me interested in an NS for squilling in the city limits.

  40. Hey BB. I was looking into the Nightstalker, and after reading your article on bore leading, I was wondering whether you had experienced any on the Nightstalker. Also, besides PellGunOil, is there anything special I should get for maintanence?

  41. Kiwi,

    The NightStalker’s velocity is low enough that it doesn’t lead up. If you get one with defects in the barrel it might scrape off lead, but that would not be normal for this rifle.

    Pellgunoil is really the only maintenance item I would recommend.


  42. Nehna_Arab,

    Because the NightStalker is so new, we have to look to similar airguns to make a prediction about its longevity. I have a Crosman 1077 that is about 15 years old and has been used by the public to shoot tens of thousands of rounds at sporting events. Crosman has a field tems with several 1077s that do the same thing.

    If you take care of it, I don’t think you can wear out a Nightstalker in your lifetime.


  43. B.B.

    I enjoy your posts and have learned a great deal.

    I recently purchased a Nightstalker based on your reviews and the experiences of others and love it. The most fun I’ve had with an airgun since I was a kid!

    A question for you I hope you have time to answer. I was only able to find the base model at retail in my area, so I do not have the extras the TK kit has. I thought about purchasing the rails direct from Crosman or an alternative, but wondered how they mount to the gun? I see the screw holes on the exoskeleton, so do the screws simply self-tap as you thread them in? I didn’t know if this limited other brands of rails as I like the ones offered by:

    since they can be cut to size and are available as singles. Any thoughts?


  44. Tom_H,

    I pulled off the left rail for you. The screws appear to be self-tapping, but of a type I’m not familiar with. Alternate threads are larger! They seem to bite into the plastic and give good torque without stripping.


  45. Nehna_Arab,

    Have YOU heard of a muzzle brake for a NightStalker? I haven’t. I suppose a Beeman might work but the NightStalker barrel is thinner than a Weihrauch barrel, so a thicker shim would be needed.

    As for barrel alignment, if there is sufficient clearance at the muzzle of the brake and if the inside of the brake is aligned with the outside of the NightStalker barrel, there should be no problem.


  46. B.B.

    Thanks for the reply regarding the rails. As for Nehna_Arab’s muzzle break question. I recently purchased the Beeman Universal from Pyramid and it works with the thinner shim on my particular rifle. Took a bit of TLC to get it to slide down correctly, but it was worth it. I love the look it gives the gun.

    Next up the Bug Buster 2 scope and a laser. Do you think the Deluxe Tactical Tri-rail/ring medium profile that Pyramid sells will provide sufficient clearance for the scope to clear the mohawk sights? If not, I will need to figure out a different configuration.


  47. Tom_H

    Your goal is to keep the scope between the front and rear sights. No mount on earth can get a scope above those sights (well, there is one, but it costs $500, looks ridiculous and doesn’t work as adversized).

    The mount you have selected is identcal to any medium-height mount.

    There is no need to have the scope mounted above the sights because they will not be visible through the scope. The scope that’s on the gun in the picture already works, so we know the rear sight isn’t a problem.

    With all of that taken into consideration, I’d say yes, these rings will work.


  48. Halo 2 battle rifle meets Famas G2? I just got an NS the other day and I was wondering were I can get the Weaver mounts. I want to trick it out and add a sling, so I need those attatchments.
    I took me a second to get used to the peep sight, but I was hitting the bottoms of pop cans from 50 ft. Very consistent, but my front sight was almost all the way forward.
    Oh, and I counted about 308 shots before I ran out of gas in 70-80 degree weather.
    I am working on making a silencer by paking a bicycle-seat post with foam and just sticking it over the muzzle like a sleeve, and I’m also working on a mock magazine for the rear. I might make it out of a deck of cards, unless I can find actual kits.

  49. nib41,

    I just tried to fit the RWS 850 Magnum fake silencer to my NightStalker, but the barrel is too big.

    I suspect there is nothing easily adaptable from the airgun sidfe, but6 perhaps something from the airsoft world could be made to fit.


  50. My buddy has a Tokyo Mauri FN-P90 mock silencer that is threaded just a bit to small for the NS barrel. You could probably drill the threads out and it’d fit perfectly.

  51. just wanted to let you NS owners know that crosman seems like they are no longer returning any emails and or phone calls.

    i wanted to get my gun serviced since the trigger is now acting up and the co2 pray after each shot is still happening and accuracy is not as good as many others have gotten.

    i am in contact with pyramid air and hopefully they will take care of this for me.

    boo for crosman!!

  52. I was reading about mags not indexing. Mine sometimes has 6 pellets left in the mag after I have pulled trigger 12 times. Seems to a lot of gas coming out of the magazine area??

  53. Donald,

    Your magazines are not advancing. This can be due to a fault of the gun or to improperly loaded pellets. If the pellets stick out on either end of the magazine, they will not advance. Be sure you aren’t using pellet that are too long and stick out.

    If any of your unfired pellets have a half-moon cut on their nose, that is the sign of not indexing correctly. Any gun problems required you to return the gun to the dealer who sold it.


  54. Hi,
    just got one. Had fun.

    at the end of session the gun started firing like an automatic.

    Is this a fault or the gas running out? Got one gas bottle left. If I use it only to find its faulty I’ve wasted a bottle.

    Heres the answer to a question raised above = The “webley pro silencer” fits the NS.

    Can’t seem to get the crosman rails in the UK Is there alternative? Will the Weaver 63B rails fit on side of NS?


  55. Gary,

    Full-auto fire is typical of a CO2 powered semiautomatic at the end of a charge because the sear doesn’t catch as the gas pressure drops too low. The question you have to answer is did you get over 20 magazines from the gun before that happened?

    If not, there might be a problem. If so, and if your firing was fast, which uses more gas, then you probably just ran out.


  56. Since the gun is on the way, why not just use it and see what happens? None of the reviewers on the British site have a track record and none of them mentions putting Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the AirSource before puncturing it. You will be doing that, of course.

    My Nightstalker has been holding for a full year now with no signs of leaving. It sill works well, a fact I just confirmed. Since I got it, it has never been without a cartrudge in it, and yet it does not leak.


  57. BB

    well….ur advice is reassuring, i DO trust you BB. and i didnt realize it was a UK website, now that i think about it, wtf do brits know anyways (JK!…..kind of).

    so yea…now im glad i ended up buyin the pellgunoil WITH my Nightsalker tk.

    is that one of the uses of the oil? so, if i understand correct, put the oil on the tip of the CO2 tank?? right??

    also, you should put a couple drips down the barrel too right??

    thanks a lot BB…..i posted on here for the purpose of reassurance of my purchase……the reason i BOUGHT the damn gun was cause of all the positive feedback i saw on HERE….

    also, are you SURE theres no problem with LEAVING the tank in the gun at all times???? cause i would hate to put one tank in, and have use all 350 shots, obviously…..who wouldnt.
    but…ur the expert i guess, and if u say its okay……..then well…..should be okay! right? hahha

    thanks again bb…..ill be checkin back soon!

  58. Yes, two drops of Pellgunoil on the tip of the AirSource cartridge as you put it into the gun. Some oil gets blown into the valve by the gas, where it gets onto the surface of all the seals. No oil down the barrel. Keep the barrel dry and never clean it.

    I have left an AirSource cartridge in my NightStalker for six months without a problem. I’ve also left them in a 1077AS and an AS392T for a year without problems. The pressure in an AirSource cartridge is the same as in a 12-gram powerlet, and all my CO2 guns have powerlets in them all the time.

    If you feel uncomfortable doing this, then don’t do it. But store all your CO2 guns in a dust-free place – and NEVER is a foam-lined gun case! The foam breaks down into dust after several years.


  59. Hi

    I got my nightstalker the other day. Best fun i’ve ever had with an air rifle. However, I have had similar problems to some of the other respondants. The manual does say that some co2 may escape from the breach area but I do seem to get a lot with a new cartridge. I can relate to the ‘i can taste it’ comment from iishort86. I use accupel pellets and am careful to seat them properly but i do sometimes get a few pellets left in the clip. I am also getting the failure to cock problem already mentioned, not a lot but i have noticed it seems to happen if i creep the trigger towards the shot rather than a heavier pull, this is also when i get pellets in the clip but not always.
    I know, I should return the gun and I intend to call the company i bought from tomorrow, but i will miss it when its gone. It is fantastic when it works!!

    On anther subject you say NEVER store your gun in foam lined gun case? I’ve had my Walther CP88 nearly 10 years, it came in a foam filled walther case and still lives there. I have also bought a Flambeau Zerust takedown shotgun case for my NS which is foam lined. Both are designed by reputable gun companies, are they wrong to use foam?

  60. D,

    On the foam, there are all kinds of foam and some of it is fine. I just can’t tell anyone whether what they have is good or not. Most foam is hygroscopic, so if you live in a humid area it could absorb enough moisture to rust the gun. You haven’t had that problem, so you probably won’t. But I have seen guns rust in one day, under the worst circumstances.

    As far as the NightStalker goes, you got it right. You need a new one. Either your gun isn’t indexing properly, or you have a torn breech seal. The trigger work you described makes me think it’s the latter, but in any case you need a new one.

    The “taste” you describe is a carbonation tase from the CO2 gas. That’s a lot of gas to be puffing out. I just shot my gun a few days ago and it did puff, but not that much.


  61. hey bb

    i was ‘anonymous’ a couple entries ago, sayin how i was kinda nervous bout the NS after reading reviews from that uk site

    anyways…the NS came the other day.

    so far….i freakin love it. hahahha…it IS a very fun gun….KINNNND of cheap in some parts, especially the piece that slides over the cartridge…….and YES it is sometimes a pain to slide that damn cartridge in and out, but overall ive gotten used to it, and its nothin!

    i havnt seen too much co2 puffing or blowback at all….except for the typical minimal amount as any co2 gun has.

    however..im tryin to adjust the aim…..

    now…im VERY amateur BB when it comes to target shooting, and adjusting sights….
    i bought a daisy laser sight to attach to the gun, via the ‘universal barrell mount’ that came with the laser.
    so far, what im finding out…is that distance DOES matter…….? correct? seems like a zero in the laser with impact PERFECTLY for, say 5 yards, BUT when i back away at a distance of around 10 yards, the laser is off by an inch and a half or so…….this is very frustrating, since i THOUGHT i zeroed it in with dead-on accuracy.

    like i said….im an AMATEUR….so now im figurin its all about distance and elevation? does this mean i have to freakin READJUST my laser and other sights EVERYTIME i try to shoot at different distances….EVERYTIME?!?!?!

    please tell me no, and that im an idiot……because this would be VERY frustrating.

    Please BB (and everyone else) help me with this?!?!?

  62. You are learning. Sights and barrels are angled to look at the same thing – the target. The closer you are to the gun, the greater the angular separation. As distance increases, the angle makes less difference. Your 5- and 10-yard experiences are exactly correct.

    The movies always show the crosshairs of the scope held on target, but in real life, unless you adjust the scope every time, that is impossible.


  63. yea bb, that sounds pretty dead on right there.

    and thanks for the encouragement, btw

    that makes perfect sense, i get it now…with the angular separation.

    i was also wondering….how many shots (or maga) do u go through before u start to notice the power of the co2 dwindling? i myself notice that after 100 shots, theres a noticeable decline in power. i usually gauge this by the sound of the shot…..when the pop turns dull and its making less of an impact on the target obviously

    so, does this sound right to u?

  64. aw man, im kind of an idiot….

    i was shooting my night stalker, and put my finger in the way of the bolt that goes back when u fire……the co2 started making a sputtering noise! and the next 10 or so shots had this sputtering noise also…….then quickly after that, my co2 drained….when i easily had at least 75-100 more shots.

    so freakin out, i grabbed a new co2……pushed the bold forward, loaded the co2, screwed it in, and it started leakin for about one full second, then stopped. i loaded pellets and fired em. the shots sounded okay…..looked okay………..but, this is only my 2nd co2……..when u put in a fresh one, ur supposed to be able to see the co2 gas shootin out the barrell………right??????

    man, now im really worried…..am i gonna be able to send this back to crosman to get a new one?????
    then again, NOTHING might be wrong……i hope.

    i know, im an idiot, PLEASE someone tell me if this is gonna really mess up the gun!?! and how should i know?? coz it SEEMS to be shooting fine…..but the one second gas leaving after i screwed in a new co2 has got me worried!!!!!!!


  65. The next time you install a gas cylinder use Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip, where it gets punctured. Your gun is getting dry. If you oil it this way it will last a log time.

    Yes, you ARE supposed to see gas coming out of the barrel on the first few shots. That’s excess liquid CO2 flashing to gas in your barrel. It blows off pretty soon.

    Don’t use anything but Pellgunoil on that cylinder.


  66. but B.B.

    u havnt addressed xactly what happend when my finger accidentally got in the way of the bolt cocking back when firing………as i said, when this happend, the co2 sounded to immediately start sputtering and leaking….similar to how the manual says when the co2 tank is low…..however, i had at least 100 shots left or more……and it was my VERY first tank for that gun….so im not supposed to know what ‘normal’ is yet. and as i said, i put in my 2nd co2 tank, and when i screwed it in, and it pierced the tank, there was a short release sound like gas was leaking out for about a full second…..i am concerned because, does this mean i am not getting full potential of that co2 tank now, since my little mishap????? i dont remember the tank doing that at all the first time; it screwed in very clean the first time, with no sound at all, except the usual very FAINT noise of the gun popping the tank.

    please, i want my gun to be up to full potential. and how is crosman with replacing guns?? would they kindly do this for me if i send it back???? i am within the one year warranty still, of course.

  67. You slowed the boilt. The bolt holds the valve open, and you interrupted the cycle. That’s why it hissed.

    Keep your fingers off the bolt in the futrure.

    You have done no damage to the gun, if what you are telling me is all that happened. There is no need to replace your rifle.

    Perhaps you screwed the second tank in too slowly. That will cause a prolonged leakage. Just be sure to use that Pellgunoil next time and everything will be fine.

    If you doubt that it’s performing right, shoot it through a chronograph and compare to my numbers. If you are within 10 percent, everything is okay.


  68. thanks bb…..this IS reassuring me tremendously, know that i know exactly what happend when my finger got in the way of the bolt.

    and what is the chronograph ur talking about, and how do i find it to compare the numbers?

    ive been shooting my gun lately, and appears to be shooting fine…so thast good….

    also, the pellgunoil….crosman recommends like, every 3rd co2 tank……would it be too much to put a small drop before installing EVERY tank? or should i just stick to the crosman guidelines. i would honestly think its safe to put a small drop on the tip of every OTHER tank, vs. every 3.

  69. Hi B.B.

    Thanks for your advice, I spoke to my supplier and my NS is on its way back to the UK service centre.

    One other thing. There was a big sticker on the box when it arrived which said ‘smooth bore’. When I looked down the barrel (safety on, no airsource installed!!!) I can see it is not rifled. Is this common for a)the NightStalker b)many other airguns? Is it an economy issue, ie cheaper for crosman. It certainly doesn’t seem to adversly affect accuracy according to my experience and yours and others posts. If that is the case and a very accurate gun can be made with a smooth bore why do people bother with rifling? Or did I just get a cheap export version?

  70. D,

    The U.S. version of the NightStalker is rifled. It isn’t an issue for Crosman, it would be the buyer who specified the smooth bore. Crosman would want to build them all alike, if they could.

    There could be some subtle legislative reason why it is a smoothbore, but I wouldn’t know what it is.

    With Diabolo pellets, rifling isn’t really a big issue unless extreme accuracy is required or you want the gun to be accurate at long range. The drag of the pellet stabilize3s it fine with or without the spin from rifling.


  71. Hi BB

    You were right regarding the rifling. If the NS was rifled it would be classified as a semi automatic rifle and they are banned in UK hence the smooth bore for us. My gun has gone back now for the faults to be fixed. I will try some accuracy tests when it returns, it might be interesting to compare with the rifled versions.
    Many thanks

  72. Hi BB

    Glad to help.

    My next question is… The NS comes with a 3/8 rail, I notice there are 2 screw holes as well. I have had no experience with mounts or rails or weaver rails, its all new to me. What is the best way to convert to a wider rail so I have a better choice of accessories? I don’t really want to permanently modify it yet as it may void the warranty.

    many thanks


  73. hi guys,

    i was wondering….anyone have or heard of the Logun s-16

    its a freakin wicked, powerful lookin airgun….semiauto with a 16 clip mag…..bout 850fps….precharged.

    i wanna buy one, but its sold in the UK….any advice?

    ive never bought anything from there…..so i dont know how difficult it would be for me to order one…let alone ordering a powerful airgun…..
    also, anyone know conversion rates for the pound? its about 424 pounds….whats that translate to in u.s. dollars…?

  74. Logaun S16,

    The Logun S16 has been sold here at Pyramyd for over a year. It’s right on this website.

    It’s not a semiauto. It’s a bolt action repeater. The retail is $900. The pounds is worth about $2 today, plus shipping and duty.

    All it takes is a call to Pyramyd and you can have one.


  75. yea…

    stupid me, rite after i published my comment last nite, i found it rite here hahahha….thats a pretty steep price….i really like the Talon, but dont like the fact that its single shot……unlike the S16…..but twice the damn price of the talon…

    anyways, what are your thoughts on these guns? im under the assumption that they are very inconvenient to refill however, the gas that is……do u really have to own a ‘scuba tank’ or drive down to your local ‘refill station????’ BB, is this really as much trouble as it seems? i hope im terribly mistaken

    thanks for your advice

  76. Talon/S16,

    Yes, PCPs do require some means of filling. And for that they give the best performance in the airgun world.

    The inconvenience lasts until you get set up to fill the guns, then you are a member of the fraterity and they are just as convenient as a spring gun. I shoot PCPs 90 percent of the time. 100 percent when the shot is important (e.g. hunting).


  77. so, what happens when you put in a new co2 for the nightstalker without cocking forward the lever…..?

    coz i just now put one in and forgot…

    um…this isnt something i should worry about, is it? it seems to shoot fine still….

    just hope it doesnt cause me any damage down the line.

    help anybody, thanks


  78. i just bought the ‘speedloader pro’ kit (that round blue thing, yea) off the crosman website. quickly loads 4 12-shot mags — for the 1077 and the night stalker of course.

    found it for 20 bucks, 5-10 bucks less than everywhere else.

    anyone have comments on this product? good, bad, both?

  79. I need feedback, after the sixth co2 cylinder, on my NS< the next one just emptied all the gas out the barrel, once I screwed the bottle in. What can I do to solve this situation? I am in Honduras Central America far from a Crosman Service center. Please advise as I really enjoy using the NS

  80. LG,

    I don’t know the inside of the Nightstalker. It’s an AirSource gun, so the first seal will be deep inside. That’s usually the first seal to go when you don’t use Pullgunoil.

    I appreciate your situation, but I don’t know what to advise you. The NS is a complex gun when you do get inside. If it were me, I’d send it off to be resealed.

    Have you contacted Crosman direct? Just email them. I assume your dealer can’t help.


  81. i heard something about how your not supposed to use pointed pellets with the NS?? is this true? and why…..

    also, how are hollow point pellets for the NS?

    i use crosman premier on all pellets.

  82. OHHHHHHHHHH….i see, i see………..wow, so the pointed pellets are actually longer?? hmm……

    so i can assume also that youre saying pointed pellets are not going to necessarily harm the GUN/BARREL, right? …..but rather the performance of the pellet is just not going to be ideal…am i wrong??

    anyways, whats the brand and type of pellet you prefer for the nightstalker bb?

  83. bb,
    i am interested in the NS, but am debatting between it and the 1077. i like the look of the NS better, but would like to do a little hunting, would the NS be able to take out squirrels at a reasonable distance. the 1077 has a higher velocity rating, but i would like to hunt with the nightstalker…..Q.

  84. Just tested out the NS and so far, I love it. great accuracy, I have no idea how many shots were fired per airsource, I would say about 250-300. I did find the mag difficult to get in, they could have done a little better job with that, but all in all, a great gun. as far as the speed loader, it worked well enough on the crossman premiers, but the beeman wadcutters got deformed in the back, and they don’t stay in the mag very well. I would like to know if anyone has an opinion on the best pellets for the ns?

  85. B.B.
    You seem like you have a lot of knowledge about the NS, but i was wondering if you knew anything about the Beretta CX4 Storm. I really want to buy this gun, but if the NS is better, why spend the extra $150? To this end, i was wondering if you can mount a scope on the CX4. Also, is there anywhere you can buy extra clips? Also just on dependability and all that jazz. Oh, and is the CX4 a true blowback like Pyramid Air states it is, or is the cocking mechanism just blowback? Im kinda new to this whole ballgame, so any help would be great!


  86. hey, i have a question, incase of using co2 88 gram i use co2 90 gram from brass eagle company which i think is gave more power,anyway i just wane know if this damages the gun and by the way it fits fine inside and looks good too!

  87. The power will be exactly the same with either cartridge. Daisy makes Brass Eagle, and I suspect the 90-gram cartridge is identical to Crosman’s 88-gram AirSource cartridge. If it really does hold two additional grams of liquid, you will get a few more shots.


  88. I purchased a Nightstalker last week in the UK and so far I love it :).

    Last night was the first time I’ve counted the number of shots I got from one cartridge. I got 15 magazines before the power dropped to a point where the rifle was missing shots and leaving pellets in the mag. Well over 50% of the mags were rapid fire.

    Am I getting enough shots from my cartridge?

    When I stored the rifle last week, there was around a third of a cartridge left, but when I went to use it 5 days later, it was completely empty. Do I have a problem?

    I am currently trying to source some Pellgunoil in the UK, but I’m having no luck. Will any other silicone oil do the job?

    Lastly, I seem to get condensation from the CO2 on the side of the rifle in use…is this normal?


  89. Neil,

    I suspect you have a very slow leak and silicone oil should stop it. Yes, pure silicone oil is a good replacement for pellgunoil, but not the stuff in a spray can for door locks. You need a pure silicone from an airgun store.

    15 mags times 12 shots is 180 shots. If half were rapid-fire, that’s still a little shy of expectations. I’d hope for 250 under those circumstances. I bet the oil will fix everything.


  90. Thanks for the info B.B….much appreciated.

    The local airgun store does a silicone oil, so I’ll be off to get some in the morning 🙂


  91. Hello,

    I just purchased the Nightstalker from Pyramyd AIR Guns and I’m having the problem with the pellets not being aligned with the barrel. I have already tried seating the pellets deep with very little improvment.

    What should I do? Send it back and get another or what?

    I would love to be able to keep this gun as I love it to death, really nice gun, but I cannot get any use of it.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  92. BB,

    i usually go on here for your trusted advice on the nightstalker, which is a great gun, dont get me wrong….BUT, i wanna move up to the BIG BOYS. i love the look of the Air Force guns, as most ppl do….now, thing is, more power = more money. before i hand over a good 5-600 bucks (at LEAST), i wanna do more research on these guns……best way is through you i feel.

    to sum it up as quickly as i can, my main curiosities:

    im fairly new to air guns…the nightstalker being my only 2nd gun. now, im only accustomed to co2 guns….whats the deal with the refill methods for these airforce guns?

    now, when i read about the refill methods of these guns, the words ‘scuba’, tank, etc etc keep being mentioned. now, im visualizing having to own one of those huge scuba tanks in my garage just to ‘play’ with this gun, and its ultimately sounding like a huge hassle just to own one(persuade me otherwise bb, as i know im wrong!)

    now, i AM exaggerating….recent reading has led me to believe other wise. i read about the hand pumps, etc ,etc….but these accessories are very costly also from what i see. which makes me question the entire investment to begin with. am i gonna be spending near a 1000 bucks just to own one of these rifles? lets be honest?

    also, if i can get past all that….WHAT kind should i get bb?

    now, i want power….not necessarily condor power (i may have answered my own question) but the talon power seems quite adequate….i know for sure i want at least 800-1000 fps….im just sick of the mediocre 400-500 co2 fps 😛

    also, how ‘easy’ are the airforce guns to use? i hear how u can adjust the power etc etc…that sounds really cool….is it all that simple?

    bb, i was also wondering if there is ONE blog dedicated entirely to these guns…ive seen em mentioned and talked about amongst other topics, but more or less im looking for a FAQ or ‘basics’ guide to these guns.

    and lastly, before i ramble on some more, what is YOUR overall take on this gun? im leaning towards the talon ss, since as i mentioned, the power and price is just unecessary to go up to the condor.

    so, whats your take bb???

    (thanks! i love your blogs btw)


  93. BB!

    forgot to also ask, say i do buy a Talon SS…(which even moreso now im leaning towards), i HAVE to buy a filling method with it as well rite? 😛

    as in, its not gonna come prefilled is it, but rather empty…? im thinking if i buy the talon ss…i have to buy the air force hand pump with it too (im not sure if i wanna hassle with a scuba tank, and refills etc)…

    what do u think?

  94. Ploy,

    I agree that the Talon SS is the rifle for you. Later on, you can add a 24″ .22 barrel and almost double the power.

    What you need to begin with besides the rifle is a scope and mounts and a way to fill the gun. The pump costs more than a scuba tank, but comes with the correct adapter, which makes it cheaper. I use a pump most of the time, but some people hate them. If you don’t mind walking five miles and carrying heavy things, get the pump. If you look for close-in parking spaces and own a riding lawnmower for less than an acre of lawn, get the scuba tank. With the scuba tank, you also need to get a refill clamp.

    That’s it. The rest you can buy later.


  95. BB..

    first off, your awesome my man.

    thats what i needed to hear. i will most certainly start off with a Talon SS .22 cal.

    now, i see on pyramydair i can BUY the talon SS ‘gun only, no sights, no clamp’

    when they say ‘no clamp’ what exactly are they referring to? if i want to incorporate a hand-pump, should i not even worry bout this clamp — does the clamp more or less assume the user will use the scuba refill method?

    plus, i already have a scope for the Talon SS….so, the ‘gun only, no sights, no clamp’ should be it — i think…?

    again, lemme tell u my initial setup (purchase):

    -Talon SS (gun only, no sights, no clamp)

    -air force hand pump.

    BB, elaborate. (is this all i need first off??)

    and like u said, i can even purchase the longer 24″ barrel down the road (which would make the talon a condor, minus the ‘condor open valve power source’ or whatever, correct?)


  96. Ploy,

    The clamp refers to the refill clamp that connects the gun’s reservoir to a scuba tank. So if you are getting a pump, you don’t need that.

    In regards to the 24″ barrel, you have it correct. Just adding that barrel, which is double the length of the standard SS barrel takes the power from 25 foot-pounds up to a maximum of 45 foot-pounds. Put in velocity terms, the .22 caliber Crosman Premier that goes 820-850 f.p.s. in the SS will go about 1,000 f.p.s. with the 24-inch barrel WITH NO OTHER CHANGES.

    Yes, all you need is the rifle and an AirForce hand pump (that comes with the adapter to fill the rifle’s reservoir.

    Watch Tom Gaylord’s article on using a hand pump and expecially watch the video if you can.



  97. BB

    just saw the video….great btw.

    only problem is, i suckered in, and just bought the SS…..WITH the scuba tank 😛 hahhhahha

    Paul from pyramyd customer service convinced me over the phone when i was purchasing this. he was excellent btw, he spent at LEAST a good 40-45 mins telling me everything i needed to know.

    one thing that bugs me now though, after watching the hand pump video…..

    Paul explained it would take at least a good 45 mins to fill the airforce tank……not constant pumping, but pumping, then waiting 5 mins….pumping, then waiting 5 mins, and so on….

    all because to apparently ‘cool down’ the seals…..does this make sense to u? not necessarily the seals, but the 45 MINS!?

    …and from the video just now i saw, tom explained u can fill an airforce tank in….5 MINS?????? which was 100+ pumps…smth like that.

    anyways….explain these two contradictions for me. if the damn tank only takes 5 mins (according to tom) i might as well spend an extra 10 bucks for the hand pump, and save the trips to the dive shop.

    am i wrong? Pauls supposedly a veteran air gunner, and sounded extremely knowledgeable….but on the other hand, i know Tom is in the same boat.

    what do u think BB??

    – 5 mins to manually fill an airforce tank…?

    – or 45 patient mins to fill a talon tank…?

    please let me know. if it takes 5 mins for me (im a 160 lb person) then i might as well cancel the scuba, and exchange it for the hand pump.

    the scuba sounds great, as fast as it can load a tank. but id be willing to put up with 10 mins of manual labor JUST to save the trips to the dive shop, and having to lug around a heavy scuba tank. 😛

    your thoughts?


  98. Matt,

    The answer depends on a couple things. 1. Which kind of hand pump are you using? The AirForce pump is supposed to be able to take continuous pumping without a rest. ALL OTHER PUMPS need to rest after each 5-minute session. Rest them for 15 minutes (you’ll need to rest, too).

    2. Are you talking about filling the tank from empty, which you will only do when it is brand new, or between firing strings, which is what Tom Gaylord was talking about. Between strings, you only put in 1,000 psi or so, and it takes 125-140 pump strokes and 5 minutes. Pumping from empty takes about 475 strokes and it takes 3-4 sessions with breaks in between.

    Do you understand?

    As for whether you can do it, or will want to do it, do you like to work? Do you have a riding lawnmower or do you walk. Or (shudder) do you have a service? That answer tells you whether you are a pump man or a scuba tank man.


  99. BB

    haha, i already committed to the scuba tank :P….

    so, its no big deal….i have no problem pumping, but im past making it an issue now! hahha…im just excited to get my gun. i figured out later what u just said, about filling the tank from EMPTY will be the labor/time intensive…and the ‘5 mins.’ was, as you said NOT filling from empty…..so, i completely get it now! 😀

    oh, and btw im in the service industry and own my own business…
    i definitely have no problem working, if thats what youre wondering hahhaa……but like i said, im finished tryin to even worry bout scuba, hand pump, blah blah 😛

    its not like im going to cancel, exchange and RESHIP my order JUST to spend an extra 10-15 bucks and exchange the tank for a hand pump. im over that now

    other thing i was wondering though (of course i have more questions nfor you BB!) was that Paul at customer service, convinced me that .177 cal is fine….even though i read the most popular is .22 cal.

    anyways, i shouldnt worry bout that EITHER, because i can get a .22 barrell down the line anyways 😛

    guess the main thing i wanted to ask…..

    is an Airforce in .177 caliber….kind of….dumb?? uknow what i mean? as in, am i wasting my time? now, im sure youll ask ‘it depends what u use it for’

    well…..its not like im doing long range, 100 yard target practice…..but ima be honest, i just want a new, powerful TOY hhahah, thats it. of course i want the gun to be accurate……but if it was that only, the .177 would be kind of contradictory to that, rite?

    which is why the .22 cal is the most popular…because most buyers are looking for accuracy…

    am i correct?

    ANNNND…if u could touch up a bit on gun maintenance for these guns…..i hear its low-maintenance….but, an investment like this, i wanna be do everything right, of course…

    again, thanks for your continued patience with me BB!!! i know most of my questions are rather novice 😛

  100. bb,

    id appreciate it if you could please comment on the swivel stud set…..i want to attach the 9.95 sling on here using the swivel stud set….this should be fine, right? you have any opinions on these products?

    also, the air force laser…is it really worth 95 bucks???


  101. Ploy,

    The sling swivel stud set works fine. The rear stud attaches to the buttplate on the tank, though, so you will have to detach the rear swivel whenever you refill the tank.

    Also, you can only use the sling for carrying the rifle. Do not attempt to use it as a hasty sling for shooting, because the joint between the tank and gun cannot take the lateral force that will cause.

    The sling Pyramyd sells can be made to work, but you also need quick-detachable sling swivels to attach it to the AirForce swivel studs. Those clips that come with the sling cannot be used.


  102. oh jeez thats great.

    well, i just bought the swivel stud set and sling on here earlier today 😛

    …so, u saying the clips on the $9.95 sling wont connect to the ‘swivel stud set?’

    …that ill have to buy different detachable clips…..

    so, sighhhhh…..where can i find these and how much 😐

    oh, and also with my purchase i bought a tin of jsb exact pellets, and crosman premier lights, the bipod…and even tho i know i dont need it, the thumbrail accessory…….it looks cool more than anything…so 😛


    thanks bb.

  103. Ploy,

    Detachable sling swivels are a gun-related product. Whenever you see clips like on the sling you bought, they came from the world of airsoft. However, ballistic nylon is the same, so the sling will work. You will have to thread the new swivels with the sling after removing the old clips.

    Here is a set of detachable swivels:


    They are for a one-inch sling, so measure yours before ordering them. Most firearm slings are at least 1.25 inches wide. You won’t need the studs because you already have them.

    Tru Uncle Mikes swivels if you want a firearm set. They are available from Midway USA.


  104. bb

    thanks for the info….

    well, since i want to buy it NOW so i can get it shortly after my ss arrives (it comes monday, and yes im very excited and anxious!), can you just tell me what size the sling i bought off here is?? ….and tell me what size i should get, because i really dont know the size, and would think since u work here, you should know best 😛 ….please advise!

    also, couple things: is it okay to dry fire my talon? and should i dry fire at least once before shooting the gun for the first time? i thought i read smth along those lines before…i dunno

    hey, thanks again bb!

  105. Ploy,

    I don’t work THERE. THERE (where Pyramyd AIR is located) is Cleveland, Ohio. I live in Texas.

    Cheap slings are probably all one inch, so why not wait and see what arrives? You can still use the gun without the sling. It isn’t so heavy that it can’t be carried all day without tiring you.

    If you buy 1.25″ Uncle Mike’s sling swivels, they will also fit a 1″ sling, so there is your universal solution.

    As far as dry-firing your SS, who sid that? That’s bogus. Just shoot the rifle with pellets. Maybe someone was trying to come up with a way to “wake” the valve with a first shot, but without a pellet loaded, nothing happens. It takes backpressure to wake the valve. Just shoot the rifle normally.


  106. sorry if i offended you bb, i shouldnt have assumed u work there.

    anyways, so you saying its not okay to dry fire the talon at all? its not like i plan to do that, but its ‘okay’ if it were to happen, rite?

    also, what are you thoughts on the logun s16 compared to the talon ss.

    besides the advantages of the loguns multishot clip, which gun would you prefer??

    thanks bb!

  107. Ploy,

    You didn’t offend me. Because this blog is sponsored by Pyramyd AIR it’s easy to think that we’re all under the same roof, and if that were true it would be a simple matter for me to walk out into the warehouse and check specs on your sling.

    I just wanted you to understand why I can’t do that any more than you can.

    Regarding the Logun, if you read my report you will learn that I think the 11 lb. trigger is absurd. The rifle is accurate, but not more than a Talon SS, and that trigger prevents it from being as accurate as it possibly can be.

    I see the clip as a disadvantage, because it limits the range of pellets you can use.

    It is okay to dry-fire a Talon SS. I am just saying that to do so before shooting is bogus because it doesn’t accomplish anything. You need backpressure (caused by the pellet in the bore) to “wake up” the gun. I don’t know where this was dreamed up, but it doesn’t work. Go ahead and try it for yourself.


  108. yea….ill tell u what, i cannot WAIT until AirForce comes out with a multishot pcp gun…..The Eagle, perhaps hahhaha…..

    who knows….i just trust that when they finally do, itll be up to the same caliber of quality that the rest of the guns are made of, no doubt.

    BB, my talon ss officially arrives tomorrow from fedex….theyll be here anytime btwn 8am – 7pm, of course requiring adult signature………yea, real convenient times for working folk. 😛

    thanks for the logun summary too…i figured the same thing.

    also, for the talon ss, i been reading that i should not fill past 200 bar…..or, of course just near 3000 psi, but never past it…correct? ANY other fill tips u can provide me for the talon ss will be MUCH appreciated bb…i plan on having this gun a lifetime.

    thanks as always!

  109. Ploy,

    If you read the daily blog you now now who I am. I was the Technical Director at AirForce for three years, and I’ve been shooting an SS since before they first were offered in January of 2001.

    Fill to 3,000 psi (206 bar) and your gun should do fine. The standard tank isn’t very fussy, and AirForce has recently changed the Condor valve so it isn’t fussy anymore.

    Just shoot your rifle. I use JSB Exact domes in mine, and I get half-inch groups at 50 yards on calm days. The Sniper School at Fort Benning used the SS as an informal trainer and they got half-inch 50-yards groups, also.


  110. BB,

    well..i got my gun….looks great, but one problem. i cant use it!

    for some reason….i THINK something is wrong with the refill clamp. i went to my local dive shop, filled up the scuba tank and everything…came back home, only to find that ‘somethings wrong’

    and i know im a novice, but i REALLY dont think this is a beginners mistake. first off, the refill clamp i have, looks different than EVERY other refill clamp ive seen demo’d by tom gaylord, or other misc. pics.

    those clamps i notice, allow u to move the talon tank. the clamp airforce gave me, stays in one fixed position — horizontal…which tom gaylord put in the instructional video ‘is not preferred because it puts unnecessary pressure on the joint of the tank’….in the video, he then swings it upright. i cant even do that…. 😛 ….?

    so…i dunno. i waited all this time for my gun, took a day off work JUST to be here to sign for the gun…get it late in the day, fill up the tank at the diveshop, now this???

    plus….the bleed valve for my refill clamp…just looks BIG….unlike the small ones i seen on the video AND at my local dive shop.

    i already contacted pyramid, and technical support (of course to my luck again, they already left 5 mins after i called) will call me tomorrow.

    the troubleshooting section in the back of the manual is of course very broad and simplistic. i FEEL air leak out basically, BEFORE it fills the talon tank….this is not even a ‘leak’ from the talon tank.

    it just seems that btwn the clamp…and the adapter, air is being lost….shooting out underneath, thus not reaching the inside of the talon tank.

    please help bb….if theres ANY input u have to this, it would be great. tech support will call me tomorrow, but still…id like to know if you ever ran into anything like this.

    my guess..? is that the refill clamp is defective…..?

  111. hey bb….actually, i just realized the clamp on the website is the exact same one i have….for some reason, i thought differnently. most likely because i saw tom gaylord and my dive shop use a different one — which allows the talon tank to move.

    anyhow, i just tried again, and same problem…it honestly just feels like airs leaking downwards, rite btwn the refill clamp and talon adapter…? the o-rings seem fine, so i dont understand this….nothing looks defective, but somethings got to be wrong.

    i was also thinking, it COULD have been my dive shop….first off, just a couple pimply faced teenagers filling my tank…plus, they took it in the backroom to fill it…so, i have no idea wtf they were doing….im not sayin they sabotaged it, but hey, who knows….they didnt exactly give off an aura of expertise when i approached them, lets just say that haha…

    i think ill go back to the dive shop tomorrow, and have them see if they can help me out…ill bring my entire setup, tank, clamp, adapter, talon tank… i figure its easier than trying to describe my problem over the phone to tech support… 😛

  112. Ploy.

    I AM Tom Gaylord.

    Have you watched the DVD that came with your gun? I explain in there how this all works.

    Does your scuba tank have an O-ring inside the open end of the valve on top?

    Is the large O-ring inside the mouth of the black steel adapter into which the AirForce tank screws for a fgill?

    Have you closed the plastic bleed screw on the refill clamp. These are the only things that will allow a leak.

    I am on the road, going to the Roanoke airgun show, so I will take longer to get back with you. Check these three things, because your leak is one of them, of you are not seating the refill clamp against the O-ring in your scuba tank valve.


  113. hah, it makes better sense to me that, you ARE tom gaylord….

    at first i was like ‘man…this bb guy..AND tom gaylord both worked for airforce…hmm..?’


    as i said, i am still a novice, but its not a beginners mistake, as your solutions suggest so! no offense, but cmon!? of course i checked all that, and of COURSEEEE i watched your dvd….i watched the chapter on how to fill your tank at least 8 times last nite, trying to see if i missed anything!

    yes, the 0-ring is present and very visible inside the scuba k-valve, as well as the adapter.

    i dunno tom….like i said, im gonna take my entire setup into the diveshop with me today, while i wait for phone tech support from pyramyd….

    i figure (hope u agree) that the diveshop should be able to figure out just as good or better than pyramyd since the diveshop deals with scuba tanks and k-valves all day.

    anyways…im sure ill get to the bottom of this soon, thanks BB!

  114. BB,

    Alright, my local dive shop figured it out right away — Pyramyd supposedly sent me the wrong k-valve.

    first off, the guy that helped me wanted me to show him how i set it up to see if i was installing everything correctly. he said whatever i was doign was correct. we then slowly opened up the valve in an attempt to fill the talons tank. he saw exactly what i was talking about in the above comment — that the air was leaking out past the scuba valves opening and before the refill clamp, thus never even reaching the tank adapter to begin with!

    he said the ONLY thing that could be causing this, was that the clamp was not getting a secure enough fit on the scuba valves o-ring, even though it LOOKED like it was…upon further examination, he then noticed that the valve on the scuba tank pyramyd gave me, was too low-profile. in other words, the scuba valve was just barelyyyy short enough to where it blocked the refill clamp, not allowing that secure fit to the o-ring.

    we then walked over to THEIR own scuba tank, and voila….it was perfect.

    he figured all this within the FIRST 4 mins of me being there. so i think its safe to say that the scuba valve pyramyd gave me is not correct / adaptable. which blows my mind…literally…how could pyramyd do this????

    BUUUT, before i declare this, id of course like to hear pyramyds side to the story :P….and in all fairness, a tech has not contacted me yet.

    anyways, the diveshop guy specifically told me to tell pyramyd that i need, preferrably an XS or Sherwood brand YOLK valve (without the DIN adapter)…this makes sense to you, yea? he then saw the brand that pyramyd sent me was a ‘Genesis’….which he said was a UK brand (if that has anything to do with it)

    the guy was even kind enough to fill up my talon tank with their scuba, to hold me over while i wait for an answer/replacement valve from pyramyd.

    that leads me to my next topic: BB, its safe to say (assuming the diveshop employee is correct) that Pyramyd owes me a new scuba valve for free, including shipping….PLUS a $10 credit/reimbursement for what my dive shop will charge me to install that NEW valve on my current tank.

    this is fair to say, wouldnt u agree bb??

    (plus i plan to still buy more accessories and products for my gun…so pyramyd should definitely take that into consideration, rite?)

    im honestly not that upset over pyramyd, theyve been nothing short of AMAZING (especially Paul) in helping me with my purchase…buuuuut, it just doesnt make SENSE at all to me, how they could make a mistake like this (ASSUMING the diveshop employee is correct) after a customer like me drops over a 1000 bucks for this gun + accessories.

    other than that…

    i got home, hooked up the filled tank (thanks to the diveshop of course)…and fired away with my new talon ss for the first time.

    all i can say, is that im in LOVE with it already. easily twice as strong as my damn crosman nightstalker (which i now deem GARBAGE)….

    i dont have a chronograph, but lets just say this: from a short 15 feet away, the pellets from my crosman nighstalker penetrate 20% of a standard phonebook.

    a pellet from the damn talon ss penetrates nearly 75% of the way thru!!!

    only complaint, which is not a big deal at all….is that this gun is nowhere near ‘quiet’…..its definitely louder than my nighstalker….like i said, i could care less tho…

    however…im getting a 24″ barrel pretty soon im sure, and i can only imagine how loud that is……

    ANYWAYS, before i finish this novel..

    what do u think BB?

  115. Ploy,

    I have encountered short K-valves before, but never one too short to work with the AirForce fill clamp. I did have to grind off a lot of the plastic on the handle on one of my scuba tanks before it would turn, though.

    Now that I think about it, though, AirForce has recently changed the design of the fill clamp, and I haven’t used one of the new ones. That could be the problem.

    I think Pyramyd AIR will take care of you. Your message was forwarded to them.


  116. wow…thanks for forwarding that BB…

    but we got it solved. pyramyd checked out my problem, and realized that just like u said, airforce recently changed the clamp refill designs….

    in fact, my luck — i was the FIRST customer that was apparently affected by the new clamps…..yea, some luck.

    anyways, theyre gonna send me a new one, which is good to hear. i think im gonna actually buy a laser as well, before they ship the new clamp.

    whats your opinion on the airforce laser bb? i think its definitely overpriced, what is your overall opinion on it?

  117. BB..

    sigh, okay….another problem (i think)

    got the new refill clamp from pyramyd yesterday…..fits perfect, etc etc…

    only thing is, (tell me how big of a problem this is) the damn pressure gauge seems to stop at around 2500 psi…

    so….the needles gotta be ‘off’…am i correct? or, could this be a different problem other than a bad needle…???

    also….since i cant tell how high exactly im filling it, what happens if i accidentally fill the tank above 3000 psi….how BAD is that?


  118. Pellets jam, hard to insert clip, hard to push barrel adjuster out and its sharp plastic hurts your fingers. Nonuserfriendly sites take too much time to line up targets, all of which lead to the pests getting away. $100 for a gun that wont shoot but maybe 25% of the time and Im being generous. Save your $100 the gun is junk.

  119. My first NightStalker had some of the problems you mention, but the second one shoots like a dream. It’s dead-nuts accurate, too. Of course I’m using a Crosman dot sight and not the open sights.

    Have you asked Crosman to have a look at your rifle?


  120. B.B.
    I just installed my first cartridge in my NS (its second). I think I did everything the instructions said to do. When I had it almost in, a lot of gas came spewing out before I got it seated all the way. Is this normal? It seems to fire OK. What might I have done wrong?

  121. I hope you used Crosman Pellgunoil, because it sounds like you didn’t.

    There was a particle of dirt on one of the seals that had to be blown off before the gun could seal. Once it was gone, the gun sealed.

    Use Crosman Pellgunoil!


  122. That’s symptomatic of an o-ring breaking under pressure. Have you been lubricating with Pellgunoil with each new AirSource cartridge? That prevents that from happening.

    You need to get the gun resealed by Crosman. After that, use Pellgunoil with every new cartridge.


  123. Kyle,

    I checked with Crosman and they do not sell just the rail separately. The do sell a complete upgrade kit with laser, flashlight, red dot and three rails, but they are soon closing them out and we don’t have the closeout price.


  124. I bought the Night Stalker kit last summer of 07 and after the first 2 months of ownership, the seal busted on me! I always used crossman pellot gun oil(for CO2 guns)on every 2-3 CO2 cartridge. The gun was only dry fired when I loaded a new tank in, which was in the instructions to do so. So one morning, I put in a fresh can of CO2 with a little drop of crossman oil, dry fired once and CO2 began to spray out of the but of the gun. Since then, I had it sent in to crossman for warranty work(their customer service was OUTSTANDING!). When I got the gub back, I tested it and it worked fine up until the second tank of CO2 I put in. When the tank was about half full, the gun refused to fire completely! No gas would come out at all when I pulled the trigger. I liked the gun and its look, but overall, it just has not been worth all the hassle it has given me and the money. I don’t know if I will ever buy another air gun from crossman again. This incident has made me look elsewhere for air gus like Gamo.

  125. Scopes don’t have to clear the sights to work. But a lower-powered scope like the one you mention may see the front sight. Higher-powered scopes will not see the sight and you won’t even know it is in the way.

    As far as physical clearance, I think a high mount will clear the sights.


  126. my daisy co2 200 pistol leaks out of the end of canister when i tighting the wing nut to seal it . it leaks out in seconds. is their anything i can do to fix it. is their parts or kits for this gun

  127. Hi, my new Nightstalker is having some trouble. Yesterday I took it out for the first shot only to have a puff of CO2 fly into my face. With some work I wedged the revolving clip out and saw that the pellet was only pushed out a tiny bit. The front end of the pellet was warped so it looks like it wasn't aligned with the barrel when it tried to fire, causing the CO2 to fly out backwards into my face.

    Is there anything I can do to fix it now? Crosman hasn't responded to my email yet and I would like to shoot it.

  128. NightStalker,

    Your rifle is having indexing problems, which can be due to the pellets being used. I advise using Crosman pellets with the NighStalker, because the soft lead pellets made by other companies can deform too easily.

    Try a half-magazine (6 pellets) of hard Crosman pellets (all Crosman pellets are hard) and see how it shoots. Don't forget to use Pellgunoil on the tip of each new CO2 cartridge. Because they are AirSource cartridges, use 5-10 drops each time.


  129. Hi I have some questions about my Nightstalker.

    First off, I was shooting today when the gun acted strangely and started making a full-auto CO2 sound. Does this mean I'm out of CO2 or is there some larger problem with the gun?

    Second, I was wondering how many shots it's normal to get off of one 88-gram CO2 canister. The box said 350, but my gun seemed to run out (made a sputtering noise) at around 130.

    Third, I'm considering using the Nightstalker for controlling the rat population in my yard. I know it's not the most high-powered setup, but I've used Crosman 1077's in the past that worked fine. Anyways, I'm wondering what pellets you recommend for hunting rats with this gun. I don't know if this is a problem only with my gun, but some pellets don't work in my gun.

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