Reloading .22 rimfire cartridges: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

This report covers:

  • Baseline the test rifle
  • The rifle
  • The test
  • Sight picture
  • First target
  • Sight adjustment
  • Fine bead
  • Center hold
  • Third group with a fine bead
  • Two misfires
  • Discussion 1
  • Casting bullets
  • Discussion 2
  • Cleaning cartridge cases
  • Summary

Today is the day I show you what’s been happening behind BB’s curtain. There is a lot to this subject and I am so grateful for something that’s new and different.

Baseline the test rifle

When I reload some cartridges I need to test them for both velocity and accuracy, so a baseline rifle whose accuracy is known is the best way to proceed. I also need to generate some empty shells that will fit in the test rifle when I shoot them again. A .22 long rifle case resizing die is available, but to save that expense I simply shot the cartridges I intend reloading in the same rifle I intend to shoot them in after they are reloaded. I could also have hand-tested each case that I picked up off the ground at some range would fit into the test rifle’s chamber, but that would give me different headstamps (cartridges from different manufacturers), and I wanted more control over the test. Besides — it gave me an excuse to shoot my rifle! read more