BSA Supersport .25 cal.: Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

The BSA Supersport breakbarrel spring rifle is not an old model. It probably dates from the late 1990s, but the Blue Book of Airguns makes no mention of this model. Also, other references exclude it entirely, which leads me to think it’s a recent model.

The BSA Supersport is an attractive, lightweight breakbarrel.

There are two versions of this model. This one is the plain Supersport. The Supersport XL has the fancier stock, but otherwise is the same rifle. The gun I’m testing for you is in .25 caliber, so those who starve for a mention of the quarter-inch bore will find this blog interesting. The rifle I’m testing (Mac is doing the shooting and velocity testing while he’s here in Texas with me) is serial number AAR-840865-10. read more