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TenPoint Crossbows Nitro 505 XERO Reviews

TenPoint Nitro 505 XERO Crossbow Package

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Rating 4.04.0 (40 reviews)
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Rating 5.05.0 5.0

By WadeM on 2022-01-29 13:10:09

Fast is an understatement!

I've shot a lot of Ten Point models and this one is not only the fastest but it's also the most advanced when it comes to the components. You can tell the team at Ten Point spent time ensuring that this model was built to deliver not only speed but performance! From being able to decock it when the hunt is over to the time on range shooting and setting it up you can tell the components are built to handle usage and that's important to me.

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Rating 1.01.0 1.0

By Disappointed Chad on 2023-09-19 10:55:08

Improve your quality control

The fiberglass immediately started to crack and flake off the bow. Really poor quality control for such a premium product.

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  • Rating 1.01.0 1.0

    Improve your quality control

    The fiberglass immediately started to crack and flake off the bow. Really poor quality control for such a premium product.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Impeccable Accuracy, Superior power, PERFECT

    Absolutely the best choice I could have made, AWSUM

  • Rating 3.03.0 3.0

    Nitro 505

    It looks super cool, had some issues with it at first. During the crank it snapped and made a really loud slam, breaking the crank, TenPoint did fix everything free of charge. However, it let a grove in the shaft which I think makes cranking have some issues. I really enjoy shoot it and hunting with it. The battery that comes in the Burris optics died with under 2 hrs of use, so go ahead and throw that away and grab an energizer battery. Also the bolts sucked, they all flew considerably off mark consistently. I had some custom Knox’s made and no it’s bull-eye every shoot.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0


    This is second to none in the xbow class. It is FAST FAST FAST. the kinetic energy this thing produces is mind-blowing. I sighter in with this Garmin Xero and it is pinpoint accurate from 10 to 90 yards in one-inch groups. Both are pricy but this has been the best investment for my hunting pleasures. Ten Point is top dog in this category.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Great combination of speed, power and accuracy

    I’ve been deer hunting since 12 years old and I have to say that this is the finest crossbow I have ever owned. It has just an awesome combination of speed, power and accuracy.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Awesome crossbow!

    This 10 point crossbow is awesome my son and I both use this bow and it is unreal how much power and accuracy it has. My son shot a really nice 13 point the first day of bow season last year and then I shot a nice 10 point the same year with this bow. I’ll attach pictures of both deer. Both of these deer only ran about 50 yards because of the power from this bow. My son shot his at about 50 yards and I shot mine at about 40 yards. The bow is very light and easy to use in a tree stand. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0


    Of course! As a first-time crossbow owner, you're sure to be impressed with the TenPoint Nitro 505. Its speed and accuracy are impressive and make it a top-performing crossbow in its class. The moss green color is a nice, unique touch, and the included Garmin scope is a real bonus. Garmin is a well-respected brand in the outdoors industry, so you can trust that the scope will be of high quality. This crossbow is designed to provide a smooth and comfortable shooting experience, making it a great choice for first-time crossbow owners. Whether you're using it for hunting or just target shooting, the Nitro 505 is sure to exceed your expectations.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Latest Crossbow

    I was impressed with the speed and accuracy of the 505 with Garmin scope

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    The first crossbow I’ve ever owned

    I’m am very impressed with the quality, speed, light weight and compact frame of the bow.The Garmin scope takes all of the guesswork out of your shot and allows you to just focus and enjoy the hunt.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    My Nitro Crossbow is the best!

    I find my Nitro crossbow to be accurate, as well as fast and enjoyable to use. It is extremely easy for me to maneuver in the woods. The reverse limbs allow the bow to be well balanced and the weight situated more towards the middle. Thank you for a great product!

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Absolute perfection

    By far the most advanced bow (crossbow or compound) I have ever owned or shot. I bought this crossbow specifically for hunting western ohio open farmland on my lease. I was fortunate to be able to harvest my first velvet buck ever a (10pt) ironically! It was the opening day of archery in Midwest Ohio on September 10,2022 during a special controlled hunt. This bow performed better than expected. Its flight path of bolt at such record speed was as precise as my long range rifle. The kinetic energy behind this crossbow is absolutely astonishing as it quickly and humanely made the kill. Ten point has been world renowned for years as they take the time to effectively research and test their equipment before putting it on the market. This is my 3rd ten point within my family and for me I would have to say unfortunately it’ll probably be my last as I don’t believe I’ll ever need another one. The cocking and decocking mechanism will be pinnacle as I age and should last me a lifetime with normal care and cleaning. This crossbow in my opinion is the best of the best. Thank you Tenpoint for another remarkable crossbow from my first one over 13 years ago until my lastest one you have never failed to provide an exceptional product.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    This 505 is awesome

    I tried several others, but this 505 is the best overall.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    With Great Reliability

    Overview hands down a WONDERFUL crossbow, in every way, so fast an Reliable, smooth shot, lightweight and balanced well, also COMPACT, and accurate to shot. Very good looking crossbow, Thanks Tenpoint for creating ((unmatched products)))!!!!!!

  • Rating 1.01.0 1.0

    Ten Point Havoc RS440 with Garmin Xero X1i

    This is my 2nd Ten Point crossbow I have bought and I’m very happy with it. The Havoc RS440 with the Garmin Xero X1i scope is a excellent combination and the safety features are top notch. Very compacted and easy to use. Thanks again for a great product.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Ten Point has itself a new lifetime customer

    I spent a lot of time searching for a replacement for my old crossbow and was on the fence about spending this much on a crossbow. I came across the Vapor with the Xero optical and this thing is quite impressive so far. I was easily burying the nocks shooting 70 yards out with a new block target. Can’t wait to see what it does next season to the deer. The optical matched with this bow is a killer combination. No more gap shooting or guessing how far out my target is. Just range, lock on and shoot. The cocking and decocking system is a huge plus as well. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  • Rating 2.02.0 2.0

    Great bow and scope

    I’m very please with the quality of the bow. The cocking process is more involved than my older xbow and takes some getting used to. I guess that is to be expected with the high velocity performance. Make sure that you use a practice broadleaf that you will be hunting with when you site in. If you use a standard field tip you bow will be WAY off.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Power and more!

    As soon as a live deer target presents itself, I am confident my Nitro 505 will be a killing machine!

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Nitro 505 Xero

    Great crossbow. Fast, accurate and hard hitting. Garmin has a learning curve but matches the bow well. Be ready to buy extra bolts due to the kinetic energy when hitting target.

  • Rating 5.05.0 5.0

    Best I’ve ever seen.

    Half way through the Pa archery season, I decided to upgrade my equipment. The Nitro 505 with the Garmin X1i is so much more than I expected. I can’t say enough about this setup. It was a breeze to sight in and the accuracy was phenomenal. The Center Punch broadhead did just that at 27 yards putting a 1 7/8” hole dead center through his heart. Ten point with a TenPoint. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Rating 2.02.0 2.0

    AlphaBrites unacceptable at the Nitro 505 velocity

    The bow is fine but the AlphaBrite 400 grain arrows are useless at this velocity. The AlphaBrite inserts depart mid-flight and can be found laying on the ground short of the target. This bow was sighted in with conventional Alpha nocks and when checked is consistent. The accuracy with AlphaBrites when shooting deer is terrible. We have wounded 2 deer without recovery. Finally diagnosed the problem last night on an 8-point where the point of impact was about 15" left and 8" higher than the point of hold. The LED and insert were recovered about 40 yards from the blind, well short of the target, glowing in the grass. Fortunately, the deer died mercifully and allowed me to diagnose the serious problem with your arrows.

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