Date: 30/9/2023 9:36

Video: Air Arms S510 XS TDR In-Depth Review

Video: Air Arms S510 XS TDR In-Depth Review | Pyramyd AIR

Tyler Patner is here to show you why adding the compact Air Arms S510 XS PCP rifle into your arsenal is a great idea. In this in-depth product review, he'll explain why it's called the Take-Down or TDR, how simple it can be for even beginners, and go over all those awesome features which make these rifles so popular worldwide!


Welcome to the Pyramid Insider. My name is Tyler Patner, and today we're going to give you seven reasons why you need the Air Arms S510 XS TDR.

Now, reason number one that you need to check out the TDR is because of what TDR stands for take-down rifle. And as you can see, it comes in two separate pieces. So it's meant to be easily and quickly broken down. And we're going to show you just how quick and easy that is here. So you take your butt stock section, you align it with the back end of the front half, go ahead and press them together, and then you're going to just spin this dial here at the back clockwise until you set yourself down.

The great part about this is it goes together or comes apart in right about 20 or 30 seconds. So in the field, it's really easy to throw these parts into a bag or carry them in this case, you can get it assembled right there. There's even a cutout in the case for your scope, so the guns ready to go all the time whenever you need it. Now reason number two, you're going to want to check out the S510 TDR.

Is this Q Tech moderator? The barrel is fully shrouded, and that does help for sure. But the addition of this Q Tech moderator on the end from Air Arms has made this gun silent. Previous versions just came shrouded. The addition of that Q tech is huge guys, this gun puts out about 30 foot pounds or so in 22. It is also available in 177. But the Q tech edition is a beauty if you're a backyard shooter going after pets or you just want the quietest gun possible. Really phenomenal moderator there now reason number three is the adjustable power of the S510 series as a whole button specific the TDR.

Now you have a transfer Port style power adjustment, which has five positions and you get a nice positive click detent when you drop into each position. At the most, you're looking at about 30 foot pounds of energy. But when you do choke that off, you're going to be able to get this gun in a. 22 down into the 4500 foot per second range. So you can really do just about anything whether you want to go after rats or pigeons in an enclosed space and you don't want to over penetrate or if you're looking to stretch this guns legs and shoot long range.

Now, Reason number four to check this out is that XS model now in the US here those XS guns. That means it's regulated. Now, this is the first iteration of the TDR that has a regulator in it. And let me tell you guys, it's going to offer you a ton of consistency and a few more shots than TDRs of years past. Regulators really a long time coming for Air Arms. We talked about it in past reviews of their guns, but to see it in addition to the TDR in the smaller platform is really fantastic.

And I think a lot of you guys were asking for it all along. Air Arms has delivered and we now have a regulated TDR. Reason number five is the side lever action. Now, Air Arms was really one of the first PCP manufacturers to move everything over to a side lever and they do a fantastic job of it. It is just so smooth and easy to operate.

I mean, you guys can see it there. It's just so easy and really a phenomenal system. One, they have really stuck two and done a great job with over the years. It's so good, they really haven't needed to change it and super easy to get that quick follow up and you don't even have to move your cheek. Well, when you're on target, which is really phenomenal, they've done a great job with this system.

It's going to make your shooting a little bit smoother, a little bit easier. Love the side lever. Now, Reason number six is the stock itself. Now, this is a two piece stock system. You do have an adjustable butt plate for elevation, which is rubber at the back here.

One of my favorite features of the stock is the kind of magazine holders here you have two of them. The gun comes with two. So if you want to purchase an extra, you have two Mags. There one in the gun. You're ready to go.

That's 30 rounds on deck at any point in time. You got a nice pistol grip, which doesn't have any features to it in terms of finger grooves or stippling or anything. So you don't have to worry if you have larger hands, this is going to fit you just fine. There's not going to be anything getting in your way like those finger grooves might. You have your gauge underneath inset and then you have a on shoot style UIT rail.

Now, if you want to throw a bipod on this gun, it's actually really simple to do. We sell a Harris Bipod adapter, which is going to slide right into this rail, gives you a swivel stud and you can go ahead and Mount most of your bipods right onto that. Super simple. Not a whole lot to this stock. It's very lightweight, very minimalist and really feels great.

Now, if the tactical black soft touch look is not for you, the gun is also offered in a beautiful Walnut as well. So that's something to check out if this black soft touch, like I said, isn't your cup of tea, but either way, tons of features built into the stock. And Reason Number Seven, in my opinion, the most important is accuracy. Air Arms uses Lother Walter barrels in all of their guns, and they are fantastic. Typically with JSB 16 or 18 grain pellets, you are gonna be able to shoot roughly half inch groups.

If you can do the part at 50 yards without a problem with this gun, 177 is just as good. I'm kind of preferential to 22 because it offers you a lot of different things that you can do well, especially once you integrate that power adjuster. But not only does this guy have a phenomenal barrel, but it also has a phenomenal trigger, and that's going to help you in terms of accuracy down range really makes this kind of pleasure to shoot. And obviously the whole package as it comes together, is just really a smooth and flawless system and works phenomenally well.

The addition of that regulator is only going to help your downrange potential as well.

So overall, the S510 XS TDR is just a fantastic choice and one you should check out if you're looking for a more compact PCP to add to your Arsenal. I hope you guys enjoyed the video today. We appreciate you joining us for seven reasons why you need to check out the Air Arms S510 XS TDR next time you're on the website. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. If you did throw us a like down below.

If you disagree or thought there was anything we left out, shoot us down in the comments below. Let us know what you thought of the video as a whole. And as always, don't forget to subscribe. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more air gun content. I'm Tyler Patner.

We'll see you guys at the next one.

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