Date: 1/10/2020 16:29

Custom Colt Peacemaker SAA

Custom CO2 BB Revolver

Flip the Gun

Base model: $109.99
Customization: $0.00

Custom Build Test Drive: $0.00

Total: $109.99

Estimated build completion date 10-08-2020

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  • Base

  • Hammer

    GoldNickelWeatheredFanning GoldFanning NickelFanning Weathered
  • BB Barrel

    3.5" Gold3.5" Nickel3.5" Weathered5.5" Gold5.5" Nickel5.5" Weathered7.5" Gold7.5" Nickel7.5" Weathered
  • Cylinder

  • Grip

    Ivory Matte BlackIvory w/ EmblemFaux Wood
  • Trigger

    Gold Nickel
Design the Perfect Peacemaker BB Revolver
This historic gun can be yours when you design your own custom Colt Peacemaker BB Pistol. Available with multiple design options that showcase the wide variety of models and looks from the real steel version, if you've always wanted a chance to customize one of the most iconic and famous revolvers of all time, now you can, with Build Your Own Airgun from Pyramyd Air.
  • Choose a look and style for the hammer: standard for the classic look, or the fanning hammer option for a unique look specialized for holding down the trigger and fanning the hammer to shoot.
  • Next, pick a look and length for the BB barrel: 3.5", 5.5", or 7.5", with the longer barrels offering greater velocity.
  • Finally, pick your favorite configuration for the look of the cylinder, grip, and trigger.

The legendary sidearm that was standard issue for military service starting in 1875, this airgun revolver uses brass cartridges shaped like authentic firearm cartridges to fire BBs. Load a BB into the bottom of the cartridge, load the shell in the cylinder using the loading gate, and turn the cylinder. The action and operation are so realistic they have owners of the genuine firearm version smiling from ear to ear. All custom designs of this pistol undergo our thorough Test Drive service to ensure reliability, so you can buy with confidence.

The Colt Peacemaker SAA BB Pistol is the airgun version of the classic revolver that helped shape the history of the United States, so customize your design and get one today!