Date: 20/9/2017 19:51

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Get Information On Metal BB Guns

Shooters who are looking for new guns for firing metal BBs will find a number of styles and can often find advances in technology and craftsmanship. Those who plan on plinking may opt for the convenience offered by a more traditional pistol. Some pistols are styled after actual handguns, like the Baby Desert Eagle from Magnum Research. Models like the Crosman T4 can fire both BBs and pellets, providing shooters with even more versatility. In addition to pistols, there is a wide range of rifles designed for shooting metal BBs. From the Crosman 760 to the Marksman Laserhawk series, shooters can choose from among pneumatic, spring piston and gas-powered models.

Gun Accessories for Shooting Metal BBs

There are many accessories shooters can add to their BB guns as well. A laser or red-dot sight can help beginners shoot metal BBs accurately. Those who will be shooting metal BBs in the early evening may want to add a lamp to their pistols or rifles. Owners should also use safety glasses when firing metal BBs.

Those who play Airsoft can choose among many appropriate styles of BB guns, including assault rifles, sniper rifles and pistols. Some models are styled after the M16. These replica M16 rifles can add a touch of realism to many military-scenario games, as rifles have been used by the United States military for more than 40 years.

At Pyramyd Air, you will find a large array of air guns you can use for target shooting, plinking and hunting. You can also purchase ammunition, ranging from Airsoft pellets to metal BBs.