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Get Information On Pellet BB Guns

Before choosing an air gun for sale, buyers have to decide whether they will be firing pellets or BBs. Pellets are available in a number of sizes, ranging from .177 caliber to .50 caliber. Competitions require .177-caliber rifles, and ammunition for this size is commonly available. Those who plan on using their air guns for hunting may opt for a larger caliber, such as a .22- or .25-caliber round, depending on the distance from which they will be shooting.

Choosing Between BB and Pellet Guns

While BBs and .177-caliber pellets are almost the same size, BBs are actually a drop smaller. Due to this difference, there are some concerns that arise from shooting BBs from a gun that is not designed for them, including:

  • Less accuracy, as the BB may rattle as it travels down the barrel of the rifle
  • Damage to the gun, as the steel BB may damage the rifled bore
  • Different trajectories due to the difference in speed at which BBs and pellets travel

Those who plan to fire both BBs and pellets may want to look for models for sale that are designed to accommodate both types of ammunition. These models offer accuracy at short distances, but performance suffers when shooting at greater distances.

At Pyramyd Air, we maintain a large inventory of air guns for sale from popular manufacturers including Daisy and Crosman. You can also purchase the ammunition and safety accessories you need, including protective glasses.