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Get Information On Sniper BB Guns

Individuals who want to hone their skills as snipers, whether to go hunting or play better in paintball games, may choose to practice with BB guns. Rifles can shoot ammunition at higher speeds than BB pistols, making them a better choice for snipers. When choosing among rifles, shooters may prefer pneumatic rifles rather than spring piston rifles. While spring piston rifles may fire rounds at speeds of approximately 300 feet per second, multi-pump pneumatic rifles can shoot at speeds of approximately 700 feet per second.

BB Guns for Snipers

Among the BB guns that can be used for sniper training is the Remington AirMaster 77, which can shoot both BBs and pellets. Another popular choice is the Daisy 5880 Shadow. These rifles can be mounted scopes, giving snipers the ability to shoot at distant targets with accuracy.

Those who serve as snipers in Airsoft games may want to purchase a mini electric BB gun in addition to using a rifle that lets them pick off enemies from a distance. They may find that they need to use the mini gun should opponents get too close to shoot at with a sniper rifle. Mini guns can be used up close as well as at intermediate distances.

At Pyramyd Air, we maintain an extensive online selection of BB guns, including sniper BB rifles and Airsoft guns. You'll find a large selection of models from manufacturers like AirForce, Crosman, Daisy and Walther.