Date: 24/10/2017 2:54

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Learn More About BB Rifle Guns

With a BB rifle gun, individuals can take aim at paper targets or try to eliminate small rodents from their yards. There are multiple styles of BB rifles, including multi-pump pneumatic guns and single-stroke rifles. Some rifles are easier to cock than others, making them ideal for youngsters who are just learning how to shoot under their parents' supervision.

Rifle Guns Designed for BBs and Pellets

In addition to selecting a BB gun based on the way the rounds are propelled, buyers may also consider selecting models that are capable of firing pellets. While BBs are slightly smaller than .177-caliber pellets, some rifles are designed to fire both types of ammunition. Those who plan on shooting BBs should be certain that the air gun they select is designed to work with BBs. Guns that are made to fire pellets exclusively will have a softer barrel than models intended for both types of ammunition. Shooting a BB from these rifles can damage the interior of the barrel. Among the guns made for both BBs and pellets are the Daisy Model 840 Grizzly G rifle and the Marksman Model 2002 Repeater handgun. While models designed for multiple types of ammunition may not be as accurate as guns designed for a single type, they offer an affordable entry point for new shooters.

At Pyramyd Air, we carry an extensive inventory of BB guns, including rifles and handguns. You will also find air guns in a range of calibers, from .177 to .50 pellets.