Rimfire Ammo

Rimfire ammo offers a cost-effective and accessible option for various shooting activities. Discover high-quality cartridges to suit your specific needs. These small calibers pack a big punch, from .17 HMR and .22 WMR to the iconic .22 LR.

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With its primer located around the rim of the casing base, Rimfire ammunition boasts a straightforward and cost-effective manufacturing process. This simplicity, a testament to its ingenious design, makes rimfire ammo popular for small caliber firearms, such as .17 and .22 handguns and rifles.

One of the most common rimfire calibers is the .22 LR (.22 long rifle), which is widely used for target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, and competitive shooting sports. Rimfire ammunition is typically less powerful than centerfire ammo, making it more suitable for recreational shooting and training processes.

Rimfire FAQs

Is rimfire ammo suitable for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense?

Rimfire cartridges are versatile and offer a wide variety of applications. For hunting, they are best used for small game due to their small caliber and lower power output than centerfire cartridges. They are often used to hunt squirrels, rabbits, and birds at close to medium range.

Rimfire ammo is particularly good for recreational shooting, such as marksmanship training, plinking, and general target practice. The lower recoil, reduced noise, and affordability make it ideal for those who like to shoot often.

However, it is not recommended for self-defense. While they could be used in a dire situation, they are not as effective as centerfire rounds of larger calibers and will not pack as big a punch in a life-threatening situation.

What are the advantages and limitations of using rimfire ammo compared to other types of ammo?

Rimfire ammunition has a unique set of advantages and limitations compared to other types of ammunition.


  • Affordability - rimfire cartridges are generally more cost-effective than centerfire, which makes them popular for recreational shooting.
  • Low recoil - rimfire rounds produce minimal recoil, which is beneficial for beginning shooters or those who prefer a more comfortable experience.
  • Lightweight firearms - rimfire guns are typically lighter and more compact due to the small size of the cartridges, which makes them easier to handle.
  • Versatility - rimfire ammunition is suitable for various shooting activities, such as hunting small game, plinking, and target practice.


  • Limited power - rimfire cartridges have a lower power output than centerfire rounds, restricting their effectiveness for hunting large game or for self-defense.
  • Reliability concerns - rimfire priming is more susceptible to misfiring or being duds, which could impact reliable performance.
  • Limited caliber options - rimfire cartridges are produced in small calibers, the most common being .22 LR (.22 long rifle), which restricts use to recreational use and small game hunting.
  • Range limitations - due to the lower power output and trajectory characteristics, rimfire rounds are effective at shorter ranges.

How reliable is rimfire ammunition in terms of accuracy and performance?

Rimfire ammunition, known for its affordability and versatility, offers relatively decent reliability in terms of accuracy and performance. It can provide good accuracy when used in a well-maintained gun. Consistency in manufacturing can also contribute to reliability. Rimfire cartridges are more accurate at shorter ranges; long-range applications are not recommended since the power output is fairly low. Skill also plays a large part in accuracy. A skilled shooter will be much more accurate than an inexperienced shooter. As for performance, rimfire ammunition performs impeccably in recreational applications and small-game hunting at close to medium range.

Can rimfire cartridges be reloaded?

Rimfire cartridges are primarily designed for one-time use. With the primer compound distributed around the rim of the casing, it is extremely difficult to effectively reload rimfire cartridges at home and can be quite dangerous.

How does the cost of rimfire cartridges compare to other types of ammunition?

Rimfire cartridges are generally more cost-effective than other ammo and are an excellent choice for regular shooting activities. Their simple mechanical manufacturing process saves labor, and their small size uses less material than many other types of cartridges, giving them a lower production cost. Additionally, they can often be bought in bulk, making them even more budget-friendly.

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