Date: 3/12/2020 5:34

BB Guns

A BB gun is the perfect introduction to shooting sports: it's low-cost, easy to handle and operate, and offer hours of shooting fun. They shoot round BBs through typically smoothbore barrels, as opposed to shooting oblong pellets through a rifled barrel, and most use CO2, spring-pistons, or multi-pump pneumatic power. Even if you're already familiar with airguns, a BB pistol or BB gun rifle is a great way to enjoy an inexpensive and carefree experience. These are great guns for backyard plinking (shooting cans, etc. for fun), casual target practice, training purposes, and situations where a more powerful gun isn't practical. Because of the relatively low cost of these guns and their ammo, they make finding out what type or model you like or picking up an extra one very easy and affordable.

Some people think a BB rifle is a toy or only for children. While people of all ages can enjoy BB guns safely, they're not toys. Shooters of all ages should use proper safety equipment and techniques, and kids should be trained and then supervised at all times, even while using something as small as a BB air pistol. It's important to remember that these airguns could cause serious injury or worse if not handled properly. Because most BBs are made of harder material like steel, they do tend to ricochet, so it's important for everyone in the shooting area to use eye protection. "You'll shoot your eye out" isn't just a funny saying they made up for a movie.

People who have only used these guns as kids, or who know that they're a great way to get children started shooting safely, are surprised when they see the wide variety available today. From a BB gun pistol, to replicas of firearms, to full-auto repeaters, these guns allow you to own a piece of history or practice with a replica that recreates the look and feel of the real steel version without the noise and expense of an actual firearm. Get yours today at Pyramyd Air.

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