By B.B. Pelletier

There are VERY few true semiautomatic pellet guns in the world. The Drulov DU-10 pistol is one of them. It’s even available as a rifle. (I haven’t tried it, but the pistol is so high quality that I have complete confidence in the rifle, as well.)

Semiautomatic action means the gun fires with every pull of the trigger, but the action is cocked for you by the gun. Crosman’s 1077 rifle is a 12-shot repeater that also fires with each pull of the trigger, but you’re rotating the cylinder and pulling back on the firing hammer, making the trigger pull much heavier. The DU-10’s trigger pull is very light and crisp, and you can rip off five shots in less than two seconds. Because there is very little recoil, they will all go where you aim.

This pistol has a Czech precision-rifled barrel, so you can expect your shots to stay on a dime at 10 meters (33 feet). That’s only true if YOU are able to hold that well! This is a true target pistol that can actually hit the period at the end of this sentence nine times out of ten from 10 meters, but few shooters can hold that well.

Compared to the legendary Crosman 600 semiautomatic pistol made in the 1960s, the DU-10 holds its ground. It’s made far better and will make you proud. Plus, finding a good Crosman 600 shooter isn’t that easy, and you’ll pay over $200 when you do locate one.

Gas it up, put in the pellets & you’re ready to go!
The DU-10 comes ready to shoot, and you can gas it up with either a common 12-gram CO2 powerlet OR a bulk-fill CO2 tank that attaches to the gun for a top-off. The first way is the easiest for most shooters, but the second method is far less expensive once you’re set up for bulk filling. Either way, the gun shoots the same.

It takes five wadcutter pellets in a straight tube-type magazine that inserts at the rear of the receiver. The magazine works very well with wadcutters (flat-nosed pellets that cut a perfect circle in target paper), and I recommend H&N High Speed Finale Match pellets for best results.

Want to shoot better? This gun can train YOU!
Who wouldn’t like to shoot better? This gun can help you hone your shooting skills and help you become a better marksman. It grows with you. And, it comes with an optional left-hand grip, if you need one.

This is an expensive airgun, make no mistake. In fact, it’s about the same as the street price of the Russian IZH-35 .22 target pistol that it resembles. But the Drulov is more reliable, better finished and more accurate than the IZH-35, so you really do get what you pay for, in this case.

This is a different air pistol. You have to really want quality to buy something like this. As an owner, I give it a high recommendation.