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Air Guns Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle: Part Three

Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle: Part Three

Crosman 3622
Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle.

Part 1
Part 2

This report covers:

  • Dot sight
  • Fill the rifle
  • Sight in
  • The test
  • First group
  • Group two — JTS Dead Center 18.1
  • Group three — Falcon pellets
  • Group four and my mistake
  • Group five — JSB Exact RS
  • Ten Falcons
  • Results
  • Summary

Today we start looking at the accuracy of the new Crosman 3622 precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. Today I’m looking to learn something about the rifle’s potential so I can give it a real accuracy test.

Dot sight

You will recall that I ordered the steel receiver that Pyramyd AIR calls the breech on the rifle I’m testing. The sight that comes mounted on the 3622’s plastic receiver doesn’t fit on the steel receiver, so I had to do something else. I could have mounted a peep sight, but I have spent a lot of time talking about peep sights recently, and I wanted to do something different. Scopes are a great way to go with the steel receiver, but today I mounted a dot sight instead.

To mount the dot sight the front sight has to be removed because when it is adjusted the dot will come very close to it. I asked Ed Schultz if there was anything I should know before removing it (hidden pin or screw) and he said the front sight was just glued on. So, using a large flat-bladed screwdriver and a whack with a hammer, the sight was off.

3622 front sight off
The front sight came off easily.

3622 dot sight on
I mounted a UTG Micro Reflex red dot sight.

Fill the rifle

As I have said I will used the 3622 in my reports about the Air Venturi G9 hand pump, but today I did fill the rifle from a carbon fiber tank. I would have used the RovAir Portable compressor, but my Krypton Compressor isn’t getting much use these days because of the RovAir, so I thought I’d use a tank so I can refill it.

Sight in

I sighted in from 12 feet. The first shot with a Benjamin Single Die pellet that I call the Benjamin Bullseye hit in the left side of the bull I aimed at, so I dialed in some right correction and backed up to 10 meters. It took another four shots to get things where I wanted them to be.

The test

Today I shot 5-shot groups from 10 meters with the rifle rested directly on the sandbag. Since it is a PCP, this works well. And five shots allows me to try more pellets.

Once the rifle was sighted in I didn’t bother adjusting the sight again until the last group. I’ll tell you about that when we get there.

Build a Custom Airgun

First group

The first group was shot with the Benjamin Bullseye sight-in pellet. Five went into 0.517-inches at 10 meters. If you look at the group, it seems a bit too open. Oddly, the 3622 doesn’t seem to like the Bullseye. Because Crosman makes that pellet, I expected it to work better than it did.

3622 Bullseye group
The 3622 put five Benjamin Bullseyes into a 0.517-inch group at 10 meters.

Group two — JTS Dead Center 18.1

The next group was shot with JTS Dead Center 18.1-grain pellets. Five went into 0.308-inches. Now, that’s a lot better! But I made a mistake with this pellet that I’ll rectify when I back up to 25 yards. I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

3622 JTS group
The Crosman 3622 put five JTS pellets into 0.308-inches at 10 meters. 

Group three — Falcon pellets

Since the first two pellets are on the heavier side, I thought I’d try a 13.43-grain  Air Arms Falcon next. And, when I looked at the target through my binoculars, I was impressed. Five pellets are in 0.506-inches. But four of them are in 0.088-inches! I was so impressed that I did not consider the previous group of JTS Dead Centers I had just shot that has four pellets in 0.054-inches! I think it was the lone stray pellet in each group that foiled me. The Falcon’s stray is farther from the group of four, and that made me think the Falcon group of four was smaller. Or maybe is just seemed that way through the binoculars. I didn’t notice what I just mentioned until I examined the targets after taking the pictures.

3622 Falcon group
Five Falcon pellets went into 0.506-inches at 10 meters, with four in 0.088-inches.

Group four and my mistake

Had I measured the last two groups I would have done what I’m about to tell you with the JTS pellets, but since I thought the Falcons shot better I shot a second group of five of them — just to see. This time the 3622 put five into 0.191-inches. It deserved a silver trime comparison coin but I thought it was over 0.2-inches between centers and didn’t measure it before taking the photo. At any rate we now know that Falcons are accurate in this 3622! BB is getting sloppy — excuse me, shootsky — careless!

3622 Falcon group 2
The 3622 put five Air Arms Falcon domes into a group measuring 0.191-inches between centers at 10 meters. I should have used a silver trime comparison coin in this photo, but as you can see this one isn’t easy to measure.

Group five — JSB Exact RS

I thought if the 3622 likes lighter pellets let’s try the JSB Exact Jumbo RS that also weighs 13.43 grains. Five of them made a 0.407-inch group at 10 meters. It’s larger but this is another pellet to try at 25 yards.

Five JSB Exact RS pellets made a 0.497-inch group at 10 meters.

Ten Falcons

Still thinking that Falcon pellets were the most accurate in the 3622, I shot a final group of 10. For this group only I adjusted the dot sight one click to the left. This time ten pellets went into 0.563-inches at 10 meters. That told me I was done shooting for the day, because I felt the group should have been a little smaller.

The 3622 put ten Falcons into 0.563-inches and BB is getting tired.


Today’s test gave me three pellets to try at 25 yards. It also suggested that I scope the rifle for that test because I found it difficult to keep the red dot centered today. Best of all, we now know that this 3622 I’m testing is accurate.


The Crosman 3622 is an accurate air rifle. I don’t think it can be beat at the price. I will now switch over to using it as a test rifle for my report on the Air Venturi G9 high-pressure hand pump. Because it fills to just 2,000 psi I’m thinking I’ll fill it with the pump from this time forward, but that depends on how I do when I pump it the first time.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

52 thoughts on “Crosman 3622 PCP Air Rifle: Part Three”

  1. B.B.

    If the targets were shot in order, I would say the rifle just needed to warm up.

    Couldn’t you have just reglued the front sight onto the steel receiver(barrel)?


  2. B.B.,

    I hadn’t had the photograph problems others have had UNTILL this morning! Can’t get the images to load nohow. If i click on one it takes me to the P AIR page for the 3622; i think that says IT is messing with the blog page.

    Errata: The caption under the JSB RS pellet group which i cant see says: Five JSB Exact RS pellets made a 0.497-inch group at 25 yards. You only shot at 10 yards according to the text?

    Also, can’t tell if your groups are sloppy if i can’t see them! Careless is something i would not ascribe to you.
    Oh! shootSKI does not shoot SKY!


      • The reason I ask is.

        My daytime job is being a Computer Security Specialist for Uhaul of North Houston, Texas.

        This morning just to see about compatibility issues I logged into the blog with a Windows 10 machine a Windows 11 machine using both edge and chrome and Firefox and Brave as my browsers with no issues.

        Also, a Chromebook with no issues.

        My iPad, my iPhone, My MacBook Pro. Using both Safari and Chrome and Brave as browsers.

        I also used one android phone to view the blog.

        In all of them, the pictures came up.

        Yes, when you click on a photo, it does take you to the page for that particular Airgun the blog is about.

        I would say since it’s not affecting all users. if you’re not able to view the images something that may have accidentally been set in the browser SECURITY is preventing that from happening.

        Just a thought.


      • B.B.,

        Your welcome.
        Having changed not one thing of course this morning your target photos appeared!
        They don’t enlarge when i tap them as they used too; still link to the P air sell page for the 3622.


      • 45Bravo,

        I was using an Android Tablet and Chrome as my App.
        Both my Tablet and Chrome are current and up-to-date.
        Most often when these kinds of Interoperability issues arise it is IT messing with small patches that develop Cadillac Circuits (paths) or “short circuits” not the users system or in transmission.
        But Interoperability is full of Specification Boundary problems…i know i developed the Interoperability Test Network for the US Navy and DARPA back in the early 1980s.


        • Just tried using Google translate and I still don’t know what you’re talking about! (LOL). Just teasing but I’ve never heard of these. For those that like to experiment, I have started using DuckDuckGo’s browser and think it runs faster than Google’s. It also has built in tracking cookie blockers and even ad blockers (don’t tell PA IT). Anyway, the rare times I have had issues with images not loading, I just hit the “refresh” or “reload” icon at the top of the web browser screen and they usually load.

          Fred formerly of the Demokratik Peeples Republik of NJ now happily in GA – if only NJ had a “reload” setting

          • Fred

            NJ does have a refresh button,,, every two years.

            It isn’t the state, it’s the voters. If they want it to change,, it will change. Apparently those in NJ don’t. Be careful about extolling the merits of your new state, because you might tempt enough of your old neighbors to join you, there.


  3. BB

    Group three-Falcon pellets. Under the photo that I can’t see, it claims that you put 5 shots into a smaller group than the first 4 went into and clicking the photos all lead me to the 3622 product page as well.


  4. As Shootski said, no pictures noway.
    Still by just reading I couldn’t stop thinking that with certain guns we try to give them the best chance. Some others (Gamo Gen3i maybe?) don’t get one…

    • Bill-

      Yuuuuup! It will be interesting with Crosman under the same umbrella now, if the keyboard kommandos will know how to properly interpret ‘results’.

  5. Thanks for the well-done report. It is nice to know how the front sight is attached and can be removed. It appears to me that the 362 rifle and 2240 pistol have the same front sight as the 3622. Alliance Hobby sells a milled down rear sight that will fit the steel breech. It is held on with the screw that goes all the through the breech. Does anyone know if it would be safe to remove that screw to install the rear sight while the gun is pressurized?
    It’s good to know that this rifle is accurate. Looking forward to the 25-yard accuracy tests.

    • Elmer,

      I do not recall that it is a problem to remove the mentioned screw while the air rifle is pressurized, BUT I would not recommend working on any air rifle or air pistol while it is pressurized. That is a VERY BAD habit to get into. It does not take much to recharge any air rifle or air pistol.

      I have seen and heard of more than one incident where an idiot did such and ended up with parts imbedded in themselves or if they were lucky, the wall. The first safety rule of firearms is you should make the assumption that it is loaded. This same rule should be applied to airguns also.

  6. BB,

    Superb report. I just may have to add one of these to my modest “collection” here at RRHFWA. This does indeed sound like a very fun little PCP to kill feral soda cans with.


    Dot sight
    You will recall that I ordered the steel receiver that Pyramyd AIR calls the beech (breech) on the rifle I’m testing.

  7. I am having trouble understanding what shootsky and others find so disturbing about going to the 3622 page when they click on the photos. Is that not what this blog is about?

      • LOL! I strongly suspected that would get a rise out of you.

        Once upon a time I had heard of roller skis. I even remember a Kool-Aid commercial where some teens were roller skiing down a hillside. At my age I am doing good not to fall down when walking. I do not think I need to take up another hobby, especially one that involves falling on hard ground. Besides, where I live there would be too many trees to dodge.

        I had not tried the reply photos when this was commented on. It had enlarged those for me previously. Has IT been messing with stuff? More than likely. How else do they justify their existence after they get it right?

  8. Hello all,

    Why? Why?

    Picturing a Piccaso. Using a brush to go over the canvas because I dislike what is there. Why sell a plastic receiver that most will trade for a metal one? Why do I have to resort in using a screwdriver to remove a plastic sight and adopt a better option? What is the price of the red dot? Might be because I don’t own a PCP. I do not get it. Make it right the first time.

    Better a classic Weihrauch 50s. Better an Feinwerkbau 124. You, current manufacturers, might have a new customer. Then again, what would be the price pont? Well, put your engineers and technology to work or get out of the way. Have Fleabay and others selling century old products taking your business. At least from me and others that out bid me.

    Have a thirty year old Vitamix blender that pulverizes any new blender (a gift from my aunt.) Lets not forget my kitchenaid bread mixer from the 1980’s . Just saying.

    I have a molcajete to make salsas with. Way before the Spanish concored the Americans.

    • The Americas aka the new world. As in all new technology, dislike the phone’s spell check. That molcajete is a twenty pound mortar made out of volcanic rock. Belonged to my great grandmother. My aunts say that it was a gift from her mother in law. One hundred and fifty years old. Will outlast any earthquake or an atomic blast. Only worth around $1000 pesos. Gives food a distinctive mineral taste. Sort of water from a plastic bottle and water from a natural spring

  9. I see the images in the blog, using an iPhone, and a ipad.

    And yes, the point of the bog is to sell Airguns and convey information.

    As to what order the priorities should be in depends on who you ask.

    Just remember, if it wasn’t for Pyramyd AIR hosting this blog, we would not have this valuable resource

    Nor a forum for us to meet daily and reach tens of thousands of people every day.

    Personally, I want to thank Val, and his entire team that makes it happen.


    • Ian
      Totally agree with you on appreciating PA and Val for hosting the blog. I hope that mentioning downsides, like not being able to see the photos for some hours using my iPhone, or expressing different, maybe unpleasant, opinions is also welcomed.

    • 45Bravo,

      Might i gently remind you (and the P Air folks) that a WELL INFORMED customer is likely to not make returns unless there is really something faulty with a product.
      That they will provide honest reviews. That they WILL appreciate the Resource of the Blog when they stumble on it in a WEB search. That they will typically buy at a higher level both in quantity and quality.
      Last but not least they provide a window on what the larger Readership is thinking; i should think that has been and will continue to be of more value than the monetary cost of the Blog.

      I hope the relationship will continue; i suspect Val reads most of my scribbles given his past direct responses to me. He certainly doesn’t need to agree with me and no doubt doesn’t…he is NOT a YES MAN!


    • 45Bravo,

      I would like to tweak your words and say: if it wasn’t for Pyramyd AIR hosting this blog, we would likely have this valuable resource elsewhere. 🙂

      In other words, and although I really am unsure who benefits more, I believe that both pyramidair and the readership, are beneficiaries of Mr. Gaylord’s blog!

      Actually, I believe, the information offered has a value above and beyond the financial one. 🙂

      Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier),

      I hope you will permit me to now declare, that, in my book of airgun heroes, you even outrank the doctor man of honey-making insects (even before he passed)! 🙂

  10. I’d expect the Falcon and JSB RS to be similar as they’re the same pellet.
    I’m curious to know why you expect the Benjamin pellets to shoot well in a Crosman just because they make them?

  11. B.B.,

    Now that i have seen your groups in your photos and reflect on this: “Today I’m looking to learn something about the rifle’s potential so I can give it a real accuracy test.” I can’t agree more. Even though i think 25 is the minimum distance to ascertain anything of real value about the groups for most every PCP i would be interested in owning.
    That said I look forward to your future accuracy tests at 25 yards and beyond.


  12. BB,
    I read the blog before I went to bed last night and (I think) two of the pictures were in it, with the rest being blank. Looking at the page, now, everything is just fine. (I’m using a ~three year old iPhone, with the most recent software updates)
    The pictures show what was described in the text, quite accurately (no pun intended). The pictures do a wonderful job of illustrating what was described. I prefer having both but feel far more deprived when the blog doesn’t publish.
    Unfortunately, I have come to expect ‘gremlins’ when dealing with all kinds of the modern technology.
    Keep up the good work and count me as a loyal reader (supporter, cheerleader).

  13. BB,

    A bit off topic, but that UTG Micro Reflex red dot is intriguing. Would it work on a break barrel? In other words, could it handle the funky recoil?



    • MiTurn,

      It can handle the recoil and it has. I have been using this dot sight for the past 6-7 years on everything that needed a quick sight.


  14. Sure seems to me that a lot of oxygen and text has been expended today on internet pictures, or lack thereof, and browsers being used. Sigh.

    The topic of the Crosman 3622 seems to have been lost. At $149 this ” entry level pcp” should make all of us sit up and take note based on B.B.’s testing at 10 meters. 10 meters is not the standard for accuracy in a pcp but I think we should all be sitting on the edges of our seats to see what this 3622 can do at 25 yards with the pellets that have shown promise at 10 meters.

    • Kevin,
      I agree that the discussion was somewhat sidetracked by the pictures, or lack thereof.
      But don’t let that particular shortcoming let you think that the readership isn’t paying attention.
      So far, the way that I see it is that BB is underscoring what he said in part 1. To paraphrase- “This rifle has just what it needs to function well, at an ‘introduction to PCP’ price level. (Where are my pom-poms?)”
      Just saying.

  15. My 2 cents is that I don’t mind if the initial picture takes one to the product website, but I like to sometimes zoom in on the pictures. On my phone, I can zoom the entire blog with two fingers to do this, but can I on a pc as easily? Perhaps, but I liked how before, if you clicked on a picture, a bigger one would pop open…. Why the change? If I posted a pic attached to this comment, would it go to the product page?

  16. Micro Dot Optics
    I had great expectations when micro dot sights came out but have now determined they are not the end all for a compact quick sighting system. They have a place for me but not in every situation.
    On a pistol they are great for being light weight, and compact, but I find they obscure a lot of the target when held at arm’s length and can be difficult to acquire and hold the dot centered. The 30mm ones work better but are kind of big for a pistol for carry. Fine when bench shooting.
    They seem to work good on rifles because they can be placed closer to your eye, opening your field of view and it’s easier to acquire the dot with a repetitive cheek weld.
    The slightest arm movement with a pistol shot freehand and you lose the dot. Not a big problem for slow paced target shooting but not too good for quick target acquisition. Supporting your hand on something really helps. So does a two-hand hold.
    A better option for sure if you can’t focus on your fixed sights and the target.

    If compact size is not that important on a rifle, or a pistol for that matter, I prefer the 30mm dot sights or a scope.
    A scope on a pistol is an entirely different thing but somewhat the same for difficulty holding it on target, especially with higher magnifications, and only practical in certain situations, like hunting with a supported hold.
    Just my opinion, tried them all.

  17. I don’t see the pictures either. Maybe the file names changed and broke the links?
    For example, this should be the address for one of the photos, but nothing’s there:

    If they were initially uploaded, and then the names were changed afterwards, then those who viewed the page before the links were broken might be currently seeing the cached images from their earlier visit.

    I have the image issue starting from the April 30 post about peep sights. In that one, only https://www.pyramydair.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03-12-20-01-Buffington-sight-1.jpg shows up.


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