By B.B. Pelletier

A couple years ago, Umarex, the company that’s famous for its airgun copies of famous firearm handguns, decided to do a rifle. They chose the Winchester 1894 lever-action and copied it well. True to their normal design, inside the action of the air rifle is a .177-caliber 8-shot rotary magazine.

The two CO2 powerlets are tucked away in the butt in a removable mechanism, so it’s possible to pull them out without dumping all the CO2. What a great idea. Not only is it economical – it’s a wonderful way for parents to make their guns safe when they’re not around to supervise!

This is one heck of an accurate air rifle
When we think of lower-powered .177 air rifles, we tend to think they’re not too accurate. That’s NOT the case here! While the Walther Lever Action is not cheap, it seems to occupy the same niche as the Crosman 1077. Just like the Crosman, it’s a very accurate little rifle. At about 20 yards, expect to hit a target the size of a penny using the open sights! That ain’t bad!

Want to do better? Mount a scope on your rifle! B-Square makes a clever scope mount that accepts standard 11mm dovetail airgun rings. Leapers’ Bug Buster scope is a perfect match. It’s the right size and it focuses down as close as 9 FEET! Like the name suggests, you could even bust some bugs with a rig like that.

This little rifle is REAL!
It works just like you think it should. Work the lever; pull the trigger. Work the lever; pull the trigger. I own one and love to shoot it and show it off to my friends. A few years ago I saw Steve Kanaly, the actor who played the South Fork foreman, Ray Krebbs, on the TV show Dallas, holding this rifle on the cover of Airgun Illustrated magazine. It looked perfect in his cowboy hands.

Do yourself a favor
If you didn’t click on the additional picture links of the Walther Lever Action rifle when you followed the link I provided above, go there now and click on it. The other photos Pyramyd provides tell a lot about how the gun works.

I’m going to cover the other Umarex airguns in the future, so this (and the PPK/S article from yesterday) is just a start. These guns are nearly perfect for the action shooter who wants an accurate repeater with realism and an affordable price tag.