by B.B. Pelletier

Today’s post comes as a comment to a comment we received for a gentleman whose son’s neighborhood is overrun with raccoons. See comments to the August 24 post, What is a L-O-N-G shot? The message went like this:

Look into the Airforce Talon SS very powerful…around 850 fps in 22cal, adjustable to around 400 by turning a knob. It comes with an intergrated silencer that makes it quiet as a mouse.

Let’s take a look at this unique precharged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.

The Talon SS is powerful
The AirForce Talon SS can generate up to 25 foot-pounds in .22 caliber when the heaviest pellets are used. That puts it ahead of almost all spring-piston air rifles except the Webley Patriot (Beeman Kodiak). The SS weighs only 5.25 lbs., instead of the 9+ lbs. of the Webley, and the cocking effort for the SS is 4-6 lbs., instead of the 50 lbs. needed for the Patriot.

A superb pest eliminator!
The Talon SS is being used extensively by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for pest elimination. They contract with other government agencies and departments to eliminate pests all over America, and they’re using the Talon SS because of its power, accuracy, reliability and quiet operation.

Commercial exterminators like to use the SS because of its power adjustability. A contractor can eliminate a rabid dog in the morning and remove sparrows from inside the local Wal-Mart that same evening. The power adjustment feature enables them to shoot small birds indoors without endangering the roof or lighting fixtures.

In minutes, you can change barrels AND calibers!
The owner can swap barrels in his SS in five minutes. That means you can change from a powerful hunting .22 to a smaller .177 for precision target practice. You don’t have to buy another air rifle to have BOTH calibers! All AirForce rifle barrels are made by Lothar Walther, a leading airgun barrelmaker. Barrel changing means even more than just different calibers.

Different length barrels give different levels of power. The standard SS barrel is 12 inches, but when an optional 18″ .22-caliber barrel is installed, the rifle jumps to 31 foot-pounds, becoming the power equal of the Talon. An optional 24″ .22-caliber barrel takes it up over 42 foot-pounds! That’s two-thirds the power of the Condor, all by simply changing the barrel! The longer barrels also give a smoother range of power adjustment, so at low power they are more consistent than the standard 12″ barrel.

The SS is quiet
As the reader notes, the SS is quieter than a normal PCP rifle of equal power. It is not completely silent, but the report is muffled by the air chamber in front of the muzzle. An SS at 20 foot-pounds sounds like a Sheridan Blue Streak developing eight. It has no silencer, but a cleverly designed muzzle cap strips away a lot of the excess noise. Of course, when longer barrels are installed, it’s as loud as any other PCP.

So, in one rifle, you get fine accuracy, great power, light weight and the ability to change calibers and barrel lengths. Yes, the Talon SS is certainly an air rifle to be reckoned with!