by B.B. Pelletier

We all have priorities and, unless you are blessed with an abundance of spendable cash, airguns have to take back seat to the necessities of life. Each person is in a different position, but most of us appreciate a real bargain when we can find one. So, have you visited the Pyramyd Air “Scratch & Dent” sale on this website?

Start with the Used section
The Pyramyd Air website is LOADED with hot-links to other places on the site. If you’re new to the site, there are three main sets of links at the top of the page. The top set looks like file folder tabs, starting with the word “Airguns” on the left. Below that set of links is a second line that begins with the word “Manufacturers.” Beneath that line is the third line that starts with a link to “Featured” guns. On that same line is a link to “Used” guns, which is where I’m taking you now.

Pyramyd is without a doubt the largest airgun dealer in the United States. When a dealer is that large, they have returns. Sometimes a customer is unsatisfied with a gun and simply returns it for another. Sometimes they want to trade in an expensive gun they own for something even better. The company can’t resell these guns as new, so they get sold with the used guns.

Act fast to get what you want!
The used gun section is in constant flux, so here is how to use it. Let’s say you want a nice breakbarrel springer and would like to get one just a little nicer than your budget will allow. You fancy the Beeman R1, Beeman R9 and the Webley Tomahawk. As long as you can get a .177, any of these guns would satisfy you. So, now you watch the used gun section until you spot that perfect deal. A dealer as large as Pyramyd sells hundreds of guns each week, so sooner or later there will be a used gun in your desired category. If it’s an expensive gun, it may stay on the site for a while; but, if it’s a desirable model at a great price, be prepared to act fast!

Save on less expensive guns, too
There’s another class of used gun you should consider. Large manufacturers like Crosman, Daisy, Gamo and Umarex sell airguns by the truckload to stores like Wal-Mart. When a gun comes back, the store doesn’t have time to fool with it, so they send it back to the manufacturer, often by the pallet load. The maker refurbishes the gun and resells it to a large dealer like Pyramyd at a bargain price – and YOU get the savings. For example, the Walther (Umarex) PPK/S that normally sells for $61.95 can be bought remanufactured for just $48.95. That’s so good that dealers can’t even buy the new gun that cheap!

Another twist on the remanufactured guns is that obsolete guns will often be sold off this way. Daisy has discontinued their 22X rifle, but Pyramyd has remanufactured guns at less than $50. That’s a huge amount off a nearly new multi-pump pneumatic.

If you haven’t looked at the used gun section before, start watching it to see what bargains you might find.