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Education / Training The Beeman P1/HW 45: A shoulder stock, red dot sight & more!

The Beeman P1/HW 45: A shoulder stock, red dot sight & more!

by B.B. Pelletier.

If you own a Beeman P1 air pistol or an HW 45, I’ll bet it’s one of your favorites. The gun has so much going for it, and today I’ll show you how it can be made even better!

A spring pistol with several differences!
For starters, the P1 is one of the all-time highest-powered spring pistols ever made. It achieves that distinction despite being quite compact, if not small. Weihrauch has folded the spring piston into what looks like an oversized slide on a Colt M1911A1. Through the use of an extra-long stroke, they manage to generate magnum power in a space other air pistols cannot.

It’s easy to cock
A weaker mainspring allows for easy cocking effort in spite of the power. The piston comes straight back at your hand, so the recoil force is very much like a firearm. The gun can actually be cocked to two different levels for low and high power, though I never shoot mine on anything but high. I found that if I shot too much on low power, the gun would diesel with every shot. Don Walker at Beeman told me to dry-fire the gun twice, after which I should shoot it only on high power. I’ve been doing that ever since.

Dry-firing the P1 sounds dangerous, but the pistol has a PTFE (a term for Teflon) piston seal that actually forms to the compression chamber that way. Webley rifles used to do that also.

The trigger is excellent!
This is one time an airgun trigger is better than a firearm’s. No M1911A1 I ever examined has a trigger as crisp and light as my P1 – not even the ones costing $3,000! Put that trigger with the superb barrel, and you get accuracy that a 1911 is hard-pressed to match out to 50 feet.

What’s better than a P1?
A P1 with a shoulder stock, of course. Years ago, Beeman sold an optional shoulder stock for the P1 and I bought one. It was solid, rugged and looked great. Because of the pistol’s great power, it made the gun a viable hunting airgun for smaller game.

Beeman dropped the shoulder stock from their line several years ago, but Pyramyd AIR created one of their own! The Pyramyd AIR HW 45 shoulder stock (also fits the P1 because they are the same gun) is walnut, not the beech that Beeman sold. As a result, it’s more highly figured. And, it sells today for $27 less than Beeman charged back in 1995. So it’s a great deal.

If you stock it, get a better sight
With the shoulder stock, I was able to hold the P1 much more rigidly, increasing my accuracy. It pushed my limit for hunting small game out to 20 to 25 yards. I chose a red dot sight – and in those days, there weren’t a lot of them available. I paid $130 for a Pro Point and got half the performance you can get from the BSA 30mm red dot! Check the price and see what you think.

If you want your P1 to lead an entirely different second life, try a shoulder stock. It changes the way the gun shoots and feels, turning it into a nice little carbine.

115 thoughts on “The Beeman P1/HW 45: A shoulder stock, red dot sight & more!”

  1. HI bb. which out of these pictols is the best for what im looking for. Im looking for a pistol that is under 500fps, single stroke, and very accurate. SHould i get the P3, the Beeman Hw70LP, or a walther cp88, or do you reccomend something totally different. My price range is around 200$ Thanks

  2. You’re not reading.

    The P3 is a single-stroke pneumatic.

    The Beeman HW70LP is a spring gun.

    The Walther CP88 is a CO2 gun.

    You said you were looking for a single-stroke gun. That means a single-stroke pneumatic.

    Did you mean instead that you want a spring gun that cocks with one stroke of the barrel? That is called a breakbarrel gun.

    If you reread the description of the Beeman HW70LP pistol you will see the term breakbarrel. This is the one gun of the three you listed that meets all your requirements.


  3. Sorry – I did mean round balls ( not BB’s ). Any opinion on the their best use, advantages / dis-advantages? Any recommendation on brand of round balls? Thanks. You got a great site and knowledge base here.

  4. Round balls are all pretty much the same. Some are plated, but that doesn’t make much difference. They all weigh within a few tenths of each other because of what they are.

    Their main advantage is deep penetration. Their disadvantage is they can by inaccurate in some guns.


  5. I own the HW45 for a week now with a .177 and .22 barrel. With the .22 the gun feels better for me. Pure fun! Question: did you dry-fire the gun at high power level?

  6. Thanks. Actually, I own a Diana RWS 34, which my father is borrowing to take care of a squirrel problem in California. But I am in New York, and I need something small. The range we are talking about here is about 10-15 feet.

    I used to own a tempest, which would kill birds.

    Actually, I am leaning more towards the HW70LP by Beeman, because it is smaller. But is the velocity sufficient?

  7. Hello B.B., you said to dry-fire the P-1 twice and then shoot it on nothing but high. You DO mean just twice when you first get the gun right? Not every time you take it out to shoot it? I was confused because you said later “I do it(dry-fire) every time now”.Thank you..

  8. The two times of dry-firing are done once and that’s all. I am unable to find where I say that I dry-fire the gun from time to time.

    However, it is possible to just cock the trigger without cocking the gun. It’s like setting a double-set trigger. You can do it as often as you like because the piston never moves.


  9. Ok BB, great..I guess I was confused by your sentence “I’ve been doing it ever since”. I wanted to make sure you meant firing on high and not dry firing it before every outing. Can’t be too careful..Thanks..

  10. What is the real fps of the .22 HW-45 because 500 can not be real when the P1 gets 500 for a .2. And also a quick verification, is the HW-45 just as accurate as the P1.

    Thank you for your advice

  11. The HW45 and Beeman P1 are the SAME guns. They just have different names on them.

    Why can’t a .20 and .22 have the same velocity? They often shoot pellets of the same weight.

    The P1’s I have tested all get about 550 f.p.s. in .177 with 7-grain pellets. I haven’t tested the other two calibers, so I don’t know what they get. Velocity number come directly from the manufacturer or, in the case of Beeman, from the importer.


  12. Also with the last post. For this gun is it safe to use the Hyper-Velocity Lead Free Field Pellets (Type 1 – For Standard Guns) in eather caliber or will accuracy be comprimized. Also with the last comment by range I mean hitting a target without significant pellet drop or side to side movement. Aslo how loud would you say this gun is compared to the Drozd because that one has a movie.

    thank you

  13. Up above you say the stock increased you HUNTING distance to 20 to 25 yards. But later you say that you have only used the .177 cal. Could you say what ammo you use to hunt. Also is it safe to assum that you are grouping at 1.5 inches because you say that this is the min for hunting. Can you please clarify.

  14. BB

    What would you say the funnest gun to use under $370. I see all sorts of great guns but I want some thing I will not out grow but not as boring to use as a 46m because I never plan to compeat but I want fairly good accuracy. note best if it was a pistol.

  15. I was thinking of the HW 45 because it can make things blow up. but it is a single shot. I have a fairly big yard so it can be powerful. I do not think the Marksman 2004 will keepme ammused for that long.

  16. Oh yea and with the last comment would this gun with the .22 on low power (if there is in this cal.) penentrat a deers skin? I looked at the Nighthawk and I read around and the back cover seams to be flimsy and I will probibly break it I like this gun and I read all the comments about it and it does not look to be that reliable. I thought about the Drozd I forget why but each time I think of it I find some thing I dont like. The Desert Eagle looks like a very good choice but I think I want more accuracy. If I had a choice i would get the Talon SS CO2 but that is a little out of my price range. For me this is a problem I have looked at every gun on this web site and I can not find the prefect one. But my top 2 choices are the Nighthawk (if it is a little more relible) or the HW-45 for the thumping power and I prefer pistols.


  17. I bought a new in box Beeman P1 3 days ago for $259 local. I also picked up a Sheridan Silver Streak for $139 and with only 4 pumps on the silver streak it has WAY more power than my P1. I am a bit disapointed in the P1 (I have the .20) in regards to power and accuracy. It is not accurate at all for me at any kind of distance, and it doesnt really penetrate much of anytyhing. It seems my walther CP88 has more thump, AND the benjamin HB22 does have more punch as well and is WAY more accurate.

    Maybe I got a lemon, but it’s not really fun to shoot when you cant hit anything!

  18. P1,

    I think you got a bad gun. A .20 caliber P1 should easily top 400 f.p.s., while a Silver Streak on 4 pumps should not.

    Also, the P1 will hold a group the size of a nickel at 50 feet in the right hands. It has to be held like an M1911A1 to do that.

    The CP88 should have about half the muzzle energy of the P1. So something is wrong with your gun.


  19. Me again,

    I will disregard the deer skin penetration statement. We don’t joke about things like that on this blog.

    Windage adjustment means the ability to move the strike of the round from side to side. Gotta have that to center your shots.

    The rest of your questions are all over the place. You compare apples to bedposts! A Talon SS is an air RIFLE. The NightStalker is a semiautomatic carbine. The rest of the guns you mention are handguns.

    What are you looking for? What do you want to do with the airgun you get?


  20. Sorry about that.

    I want somthing that I can enjoy using but I prefer a pistol because of my eyes. I have to shoot left handed but I am riight handed. I want something that I can enjoy using, wont outgrow and is accurat under $400.

    I said about the deer because I scare them for my mom because they eat the plants.

  21. Okay,

    I recommend a cheap airsoft gun to scare the deer. Pellet guns with power can cause painful wounds, but an airsoft gun is nearly perfect.

    Because we are on the HW45/P1 page I’m assuming you are considering it. I have owned one for 10 years and it is one of my favorite air pistols. Despite the person who seems to dislike his (above), I think a P1 is a wonderful airgun.

    The NighHawk and Desert Eagle are both accurate guns, but the P1 is built to last a very long time and is much more robust than either of those two.

    That would be my pick.


    • BB, I concur! The P1 is a fantastic gun. BUT I am not sure they are good for any but small birds and maybe rabbits in .177 caliber. I watched my .177 P1 bounce 7.0 gr lead pellets which chronograph at around 550 fps bounce of the heads of more than one squirrel! These were shots in the 5 – 10 yard range and I could SEE the pellets hit the squirrels head and bounce off! It would knock the squirrels down, and they would get up, shake their heads a couple of times and run off! The first time it happened I was astonished! After five more shots with exact same results I just gave up on squirrels with the .177 P1! These were squirrels raiding my bird feeder pans on my back porch, hence the close range shots out the back door!

      I now have one in .20 caliber, but do not trust it for squirrels! But it is fantastic shooting practice indoors to keep me in form for my 1911 Springfield Trophy Match .45 auto!

      I no longer live at that location, but for squirrel control use my 2289 Backpacker with 14.3 gr chp to cleanly dispatch any rogue squirrels. Not required often, as my feeders are all hung from trees and “squirrel proof” now! Only squirrels which chew up my deck railings get dispatched, and that is maybe one every 1 or 2 years! They are welcome to all the seed that drops on the ground, but if one goes rogue and starts chewing on my wood deck, end of line for it!! Me and the squirrels co-exist now. Found in the burbs you just can not kill enough to keep em away, so squirrel proofing things was a better way! Got burned out on eating squirrels! And every time I killed one, two more moved in!! Losing battle!

  22. Also about the deer, for an airsoft gun what fps would be adiquit to get them at a range from 20-160ft. I know 100fps is not enough because I can be 10 ft away and they do not notice IT JUST BOUNCES OFF!

  23. I was just thinking (which is good) about this and I was looking for some thing less than $50 and could have the range. Would the Marksman 2004 or the Beeman B17 hurt them?

    • There are full automatic airsoft guns shooting at 450 – 500 fps for < $200 new and probably < $100 used which I guarantee will scare the deer without injury to them! Please do not risk injuring one with any type of bb or pellet gun!

      They are magnificent animals and unless you hunt them for food with an adequate gun, please don't risk injuring one! After all, they just want to eat also!

      I would love to see deer coming around my home. I would feed them if they did just to keep them around!

  24. The sales clerk that took my order at Beemans. She said “Oh those pellets are too heavy for that little gun, you need to keep it below 12g.” I was in a hurry and failed to asked her why. I’m using the gun for firearms training and general plinking, so this is no critical, but the more I think about it the more it doesn’t make sense. Lastly, for the above mentioned usage, what would be your recommendation be for the best type of pellet? Thanks again.

  25. 12 grains is on the light side of the .20 caliber pellet spectrum. I have never heard this guidance before, but you will get faster velocity if you stay that low.

    I have never shot a .20 caliber P1/45, so I have no favorite pellets. I’d try them all.


    • Quote: “I have never shot a .20 caliber P1/45, so I have no favorite pellets. I’d try them all.”

      Extremely wise advice. And using a good chronograph while trying them is also my recommendation!

  26. The P1 seems very well made, and I like the feel, weight and style. So I’m not writing to complain, rather for guidance. Currently, I’m shooting an older tuned P5 Magnum in groups that I cannot match with a new P1 .177. Will the P1 tighten up in time or do they really occasionally kick out a lemon? Is there a pellet weight that generally works better with the higher power cocking?

  27. Are you holding the gun like you would hold a Colt M1911A1? The P1 is vewry sensitive to hold.

    With your middle finger pull the pistol back into the web of your hand. None of the other fingers apply any pressure – including the thumb. The trigger finger pulls straight back.

    The gun should bounce in your hand. When it does, the gun will group. Don’t try to shoot two-handed or anything else but the classic M1911A1 hold and see what happens.


  28. BB

    Does the weight of the pellet affect the range noticible. you said earlier that the .22 had longer range than the .177 even though the pellet is significantly heaver.

    May be you can do a full artical on the range of a gun with the power and weight of a pellet
    note I would like the .22 HW-45 for your responce. I know you have not used thi one but just with your past experence

  29. I think you may have taken my comments regarding the .22 caliber out of context. For a low-powered airgun like the HW 45, I believe .177 is the preferred caliber.

    Retained energy is just one single factor. There are others like pellet drop to consider. At 550 f.p.s., the drop of a .177 pellet will be a lot less than a heavier .22 going much slower.

    We also get into a “pistol vs rifle” discussion here. Where a rifle is easy to use over a log distance, a pistol is much less so because oif its short sight radius. If you use a dot sight, that would help a lot, but any small error will be compounded by the shorter barrel length. The wobble error of an 8-inch barrel is much more damaging downrange than the error of a 16-inch barrel.

    What I’m saying is you have asked for a lot more than you think. I’ll have to give this some thought to see if I can make sense of the whole thing.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please send them!


  30. Yes, it does. Just click the Buy button to add the airsoft ammo you need to the shopping cart and see what happens as soon as you have at least 4 cans or bags of airsoft BBs.

    • My experience with ALL hyper velocity or alloy or what ever the high velocity pellets are called is the they are seldom as accurate even as an average lead pellet, and fall far short of really good lead pellets.

      IMHO, the only reason they even exist is for “bragging rights” on velocity. BUT velocity without accuracy is futile!

  31. Sorry about changing subject but I have a P1 in .177 is it possible to change to .22 and will it still be reliable? And where can this conversion be done or parts purchased?

  32. Robert,

    I see two possibilites to change the caliber of your pistol. Either buy the other caliber barrel and install it (the powerplant remains the same for all calibers, or have an airgunsmith make a barrel for you.

    Beeman would be the best source for a replacement barrel and John Groenewold would be the best place to buy a barrel to cut down.


  33. Thanks for your quick response I was looking around and found http://www.citlink.net/~schattler/amr.htm it had all part # and lots of usful info but Im not sure if it is too tough to get the right fit. I work in wild life control in Florida and I find my self in many different situations & air power is very benificial especialy with adjustable power do you have any sugestions?

  34. Robert,

    Well, Weihrauch always considered .22 too heavy for two power levels, so a real .22 only has high power. Unless you shoot rats at under 20 yards, I don’t recommend a spring piston gun. They are too weak. I’d go with an AR6, if you can.


  35. I looked into the AR6 but its power is’nt adjustable I get into very tight areas and also am concerned with over penetration ie.. snakes in equipment or I’ll get a visual in a home situation where the animal will escape into a wall and only the head is protrouding out ect.. My P1 is always dead on and very efective I just wanted a little more thump. I was wondering about the Falcon FN8-WG Pistol? I need something I can strap on and crawl or climb around with.

  36. Robert,

    Now I understand. In crawl spaces and attics nothing would beat a Benjamin HB 22. You’ve read the first test, and today there’s another one. Do not over-pump the gun, but stick with the listed recommendations and you’ll be fine. A Crosman 1322 would even better, if you can find one.


  37. Thanks B.B. your responces and opinions are very appreciated as I look around for A Crosman 1322 let me know what you think about the Falcon FN8-WGR Pistol I can’t find what its adjustability range is for the fps highs and lows are or how many shots it holds in it due to it being a repeater.

  38. Hi,
    In one of the above comments you said that a CP88 should have a half the muzzle energy of the P1. According to the Pyramyd website it shouldn’t be that much. It is the CP88 overestimated or the P1 underestimated?
    And what repeater would have the highest velocity (if pssible close to the P1) regardles of the powerplant?
    Thank you,

  39. Jon,

    A P1 gets about 555 f.p.s. with a 7-grain pellet. That’s 4.8 foot-pounds. A CP88 gets about 393 f.p.s. with a 7.5-grain pellet. That’s 2.57 foot-pounds, or just over half as much.

    The .22-caliber Evanix AR6 6-shot repeating pistol has the highest velocity for an air pistol. It gets up to 920 f.p.s.


    • What about a Crosman 600? I picked one up for $200 with a P17 thrown in for free. This was about 3 years ago and the gun was a repainted one in great shape. This last year picked up another with original paint which was about 85% cosmetic, but great mechanical for $235! So yes, maybe a bit pricy, but still, they will only increase in value over the years, and are very reliable, and I think just about perfect for what he wants!

  40. Jorrie,

    You’re not going to be able to cock the P1, so that’s out. The other pistols that have enough power for you are quite loud (Crosman 2240 and 1377). My thought for you is a rifle that I know you can handle. The Gamo Whisper weighs 5.25 lbs. and is very easy to cock. I think this would be an ideal rifle for you.

    I’m here if you need to ask more questions. I’ll try to help you in any way I can.


  41. B.B.

    I can't help but to wonder if that's a loaded question?

    The reason I say that, is because it was at the Shot Show in Beeman's booth, so I figured you must have seen it.

    It's supposed to be basically a P1 with different grips, a two tone color scheme, & is available in both .177 & .22 cal, & while Beeman's web site doesn't show the gun at all, it DOES show pricing in .177 & .20 cal.

    Here's a link for your convenience;


    On one forum a guy said it was "the Weihrauch HW-45 Silver Star which is brought into the US by the Beeman company and sold as the Beeman P11." if that's any help.

    I'll send you some more info somewhere else a little later. 😉

    – The BBA –

  42. B.B.

    Yep, basically a P1 in .22 cal (although available in .177 cal too) with some different esthetics, sights & grips.

    I just wanted to make sure that was all, & that I wasn't missing out on any internal changes that I didn't know about.

    Thanks for clarifying.

    – The BBA –

  43. I just got my P1 in the mail and love the way it looks and feels in my hand plus the sights are a true glow which I like for a visual. But the gun rattles when you shake it. It sounds like a loose screw in it but I think it is one of the arms that cock the spring. Is this standard on this gun? I have several pellet guns and none of them rattle.
    Also after about 150 rounds it would not cock, then I shook it several times and it started cocking again. I have put another 100 pellets through it and haven’t had any other problems with it.
    When I was sighting the gun in I noticed on the elevation adjustment that the clicks did not line up with the knoches. Maybe I am to pickey. But I think if this is the gun that all others is measured it knoches should line up with clicks and it should NOT RATTLE. Please respond about the things I am concerned about. THANK YOU

  44. Mike in KC,

    B.B. is attending the shot show. I’ve never owned a P1/HW45 but is it possible that the click adjustments are multiple in order to line up with the notches. Many higher quality open sights have adjustments that are too “fine” to create notches for. The notches may represent 5 or 10 clicks of adjustment.

    As for the rattle in your gun I’m also concerned. Read your owners manual and you will void the Beeman warranty if you disassemble it. I have 3 suggestions:

    1-Contact the dealer where you bought the gun and ask tech support for some input.
    2-Contact Beeman and ask for their input on the problems.
    3-Copy and move your comment/questions to the current/active blog and see if one of the many airgunners on that forum have had some experience with the P1. Here is a link to the current/active dialogue:


    Hope to see you there!


  45. Hey Kevin Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I called a dealership of a P1 that I did not buy the gun from and they said the rattle was normal. He said it was the linkage in the gun. He had a gun in stock {P1} and rattled it over the phone, it give me a since of releaf when I heard it, it sounded just like mine. The gun does shoot right on the money and it is sweet looking. Thanks once again for your feed back.

  46. Thanks for the quick response. Guess I'll have to make my own stock. Looks like original just mounts under grips, so shouldn't be too difficult. As to uncocking, I don't plan to give up without a thorough study. Just hoped someone else had already done it. By the way, My P1 has never rattled. Please tell me they're not making them in China now too.?

  47. I would like to know how to go about selling my P1 Beeman air pistol with a WALNUT shoulder stock and a model 25 Blue Ribbon scope. I am the original owner, purchased in about 1989. In this day and age with all the gun violence and I am in my mid 70’s, it’s time move on and let someone else have fun with the gun. The gun is in excellent condition! There is also a holster for the gun.

    • Pete,

      right above you is the best site to go to. BB (Tom Gaylord) has given you the link to the airgun forum aka the Yellow. You will need to register but be patient and read the entire first screen that pops up and you’ll figure it out. As for selling tips and protocols, go here: /blog/2015/01/buying-and-selling-airguns-on-the-internet-part-2/ . While this link will bring you to part 2, there is a link for part 1 so you can start at the beginning.

      Finally, this blog you are on is 7 years old. Only a few of us monitor the old blogs so if you have any questions, you are better going to the current blog where tens of thousands of enthusiasts will see your comments or questions and eagerly help you out. No problem going off topic so long as it somehow involves airguns. Welcome to the blog and I hope you decide to change your mind and stay with airguns.

      Fred DPRoNJ

      • Indeed! I have bought and sold many airguns on that site, and only one problem. One caveat! Use paypal! I KNOW they say you can’t, but I did, and when I had the one problem with a shoddy guy who misrepresented his merchandise (a pellet gun and a lot of parts) I appealed to paypal, and they refunded my money the very next day after my appeal!

        I first tried to work with the guy for two weeks, offering to send all the stuff back for a full refund, but he said STFU! I advised him that if he did not take it back and refund me, and I had to go to paypal, he was getting nothing back, and he did not! It took a lot of time and work, but I did manage to fix the gun!

        SO, even though paypal says no to airguns and stuff, they still stood by me and I had to send them a link to the ad which clearly showed the gun! Figured at that point there was nothing to lose, and I won!

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