by B.B. Pelletier

Here’s a way to put some spice into your shooting. It’s useful for many types of shooting, but perhaps best for action pellet and BB pistol. Those Walther, Crosman, Daisy and Gamo pistols will show off their stuff when you shoot them at a Shoot-N-C target!

What are Shoot-N-C targets?
They are regular black bullseyes and other shapes with an adhesive back, so they stick to anything. When a projectile pierces the target, a bright greenish-yellow ring appears at the spot where the pellet or BB passed through. You can see that spot from over 100 feet away, giving you instant feedback.

The EASY way!
I’m into easy, so my favorite method of using a Shoot-N-C is to slap it on a cardboard box and set it on the ground. It takes only a few seconds, and you can keep pasting new targets over old ones for thousands of shots! It’s the perfect way to set up an impromptu target range. Just make sure your pellet or BB will be safely stopped after it passes through the box and you’re done! You guys who shoot from elevated decks in the backyard will find this method as convenient as it gets, because the downward angle of your shooting makes the ground your backstop. Just make sure there aren’t any rocks or hard objects in the area to cause ricochets.

Use them indoors, too!
Whenever I feel frisky, I load my Walther PPK/S with 15 BBs and let fly at a Shoot-N-C right in my office. For safety, I use Crosman’s model 850 BB trap to back the target, which is pasted to a flat piece of cardboard. From 8 feet, it’s next to impossible to miss the target, but I still back the Crosman trap with a heavy moving pad to keep stray BBs from hitting the wall behind. The PPK/S is fairly low velocity, so all of this setup works fine and preserves the domestic tranquility, too. I’d talk to the other decision makers in my family before declaring the range open the first time. That was how I learned to put the BB trap inside a cardboard box lid to catch any BBs that roll back. A powerful strip magnet that used to be a kitchen knifeholder helps me clean the carpet after a shooting session.

Perfect for airsoft!
In addition to pellet and BB guns, these targets are perfect for airsoft. If you have a powerful gas gun – like a semiautomatic M1911A12 from KWC or an M199 from HFC, which is BOTH semiauto AND full-auto, you can paste the target to the side of the cardboard box, because these guns will shoot through one side with no problem. In fact, it’s best to have a good backstop behind the box because powerful guns like these will eventually penetrate both sides of the target box!

If you haven’t already tried Shoot-N-C targets, you owe it to yourself to give them a try. It’s a great way to add a new dimension of excitement to your shooting!