by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

The B40, of course. I just wish they would fix the trigger to have a definite second stage. Then, they would give Air Arms a run for the money! Other than that, the B40 has great power and accuracy in both .177 and .22 calibers. If you can learn to live with a super-light trigger, this one is for you.

I have to include the Beeman R7. It has too many nice things to pass it up. The size is right for an adult or an older youngster, and the trigger is a Rekord. The Beeman R9 is a classic that a lot of shooters buy as their first adult air rifle. It has both power and accuracy at a reasonable price. Being a powerful breakbarrel, it is very sensitive to hold, but that makes you a better shooter.

The Daisy Avanti 853C is a wonderful target rifle. Sure, it has a lot of plastic, but they hold up for decades of club use by hundreds of kids, so let’s put the reliability issue to rest. The gun holds up!

The RWS Diana 48 is my pick here. It offers power, accuracy and easy cocking (for the power) for a great price. The scope-mounting solution is less than desirable, but that aside, the rifle is a real treat! It’s nearly perfect for hunters. I do favor the .22 caliber over the .177, though both perform very well in this rifle.

The HW 50S is a fine Weihrauch rifle with target sights and a Rekord triggewr. It’s the old Beeman R8 that hasn’t been made for many years, but in a European stock. An intermediate rifle between the R7 and R9.

Guns that should be on the list
The BAM B50 probably belongs on this list, but I haven’t tested it yet. Nothing gets on my list unless I know it’s a great airgun. I also didn’t include some models like the Daisy Avanti 753, which is, essentially, the same as a less expensive model (the 853). The same goes for the RWS Diana 52.

My next look will include all airguns over $400. There aren’t that many that belong on my list, so that will end the rifles, and we can get on with pistols next.