by B.B. Pelletier

There’s been a lot of talk on the forums recently about how long you have to wait on the line with Pyramyd Air before a customer service representative picks up the phone. I remember the days when you could just call and get right through, but Pyramyd Air has grown tremendously in the past two years, and it now takes time to get through.

Airgun Express
Last year Pyramyd bought Airgun Express and absorbed their clients and inventory. AGE was probably the second-largest dealer in the U.S. after Pyramyd Air, so combining the two companies really boosted their business. They were already in a fast-growth mode, and this move boosted them into orbit! To deal with the increase, they added to their workforce, upgraded their phone system and made several tweaks to their office operations, but sales continued to outstrip their call center.

Customer reps
While all this was happening, Pyramyd expanded their warehouse space twice. Tom Gaylord took a tour in August, which he wrote up as an article (see I spent the day at Pyramyd Air), but Pyramyd expanded once again after he was there! He reported seeing at least 10 customer service reps, but even that didn’t alleviate the problem of phone waits.

Hire more people!
Well, that’s the obvious solution, isn’t it? And, that’s what they’ve done. They just added three more reps to handle your calls. These are all experienced call center employees, but it will take some time for them to become familiar with the Pyramyd Air inventory, which keeps growing by the day. Still, you’re going to hear some new names when you call in the future. But that won’t solve all the backlog of calls by itself because Pyramyd continues to grow.

Use the internet
Another no-brainer. Pyramyd Air has set up their website for ease of navigation and for speed. They are also pioneering several ways of displaying their products better. Take a look at the Walther PPK/S, for example. On the left side of the page is a blue icon with the number 360 in the middle. If it doesn’t show up on your screen, you may have to click on the green OVERVIEW tab in the MODEL ASSISTANT box.

Click on this blue icon to see the product in full rotation.

Click on that icon, and you’ll be taken to a page that shows a side view of the gun. Once you’re on that page, click on the word PLAY below the image, then pause a moment and click PLAY a second time. The product will start rotating in a full circle. If you want to control the view, click and hold your mouse button down to stop the rotation. You can then control how the gun rotates by sliding your mouse from side to side. Release the mouse button, and the gun rotates on its own again. Several Walther pistols, the Beretta XX-Treme and the Magnum Research Desert Eagle already have this feature. More will be converted.

There are also video clips about several guns. The CP99 Compact, for example, has a video clip in the description. Simply click on the movie projector icon next to the pistol to watch it. Don’t forget to turn on your computer’s sound! If you want to see a real fun video, look at the one on the Jackal 9mm page.

Click on the movie projector to load the video.

And there are models that can be configured by the customer. Look at the Logun S-16s, for example. Click on the Configure button in the description, and you can accessorize the gun to see how it looks, plus add the cost of all the items you’ve selected.

So, there are several ways the Pyramyd Air website can assist you, but the fact remains that they’re growing very fast at this time, and there are still going to be phone delays. They are continuing to work on new ways to improve service, and they want you to know how much they appreciate your patience. They know as well as you that the unanswered phone soon grows quiet and takes care of itself, and they don’t want that to happen.

Having said all of that, I’m sure Pyramyd Air would like to hear how you feel about this situation, and what your experiences have been.