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Education / Training Beretta CX-4 Storm – Part 2

Beretta CX-4 Storm – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Okay, I’m back to the CX-4. I won’t call it the Storm because that name seems to be used by everyone these days. Our last look was just a walk around the outside, with a peek at the novel magazine. Today we’ll load the gun and start shooting.

The first thing I did was charge the gun with an AirSource cartridge. The buttplate comes off and the cartridge is hidden inside, out of sight. Put several drops of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of the cartridge that gets punctured and screw it into the gun until you hear the gas release. The owner’s manual recommends RWS chamber oil, and it does recommend using it with each new cartridge, so what I’ve been telling you for years is now showing up in manuals.

Loading the magazine
Loading the mag reminds me of what the Confederate troops were supposed to have said about the Henry repeating rifle, “That damn Yankee rifle you load on Sunday and shoot all week.” Of course the Beretta mag holds 30 shots to the Henry’s 14, so all-week shooting is even more possible, though a itchy trigger finger will probably reduce that time to a minute or two.

The pellets push in from the back of the pellet carrier.

The pellet chambers are longer than those found in other repeating pellet magazines and they allow heavy pellets to be loaded without a problem. The manual recommended using RWS pellets, and I felt that RWS Hobbys were ideal for a gun in this power range, so that’s what I loaded, but the design of the magazine allows for pellets of all shapes. You can even load different pellets in the same magazine. No BBs though.

Even 10.6-grain Kodiak pellets will fit in the chambers with ease.

After reading that the trigger-pull is 11.5 lbs. I had concern. That’s way too heavy for a rifle trigger. But relax – it breaks at 8.5 lbs. and is remarkably crisp. And by “breaks” I mean that the sear releases at that point. It’s a very common gun term. I had a reader ask why triggers broke so easily and I felt I had to explain it again. It’s a two-stage trigger and not adjustable. The wide trigger blade spreads out the force and makes it feel much lighter.

Firing behavior
You feel the pulse of each shot, but nothing on the outside of the rifle moves. In this respect, I have to observe that it’s a little harsher feeling than the Crosman NightStalker, whose cocking knob on the left side of the receiver does cycle with every shot, but so fast that it’s difficult to see. The CX-4 can be uncocked, however, which is a big safety advantage.

After the first few super-energetic shots that still had liquid CO2 behind them, the rifle settled down to velocities that ranged between 560 and 608 f.p.s., with the bulk being in the 585-595 range. A broad range like that tells me this rifle need to be broken in, and that it will probably increase a bit in velocity. The post I just finished on what happens to a gun during a break-in will refresh you on what’s happening, though this is a CO2-powered synthetic-based rifle rather than a metal spring -piston gun. It still has rough spots that need to be smoothed out.

Incidentally, for those who wonder how to tell if a CO2 gun is shooting liquid, the clue is when you see white snow coming from the muzzle. That’s liquid that has frozen into frost on its trip through the gun’s action. You get the same effect when discharging a fresh CO2 fire extinguisher.

Power part 2
Something about the way the gun was breaking in so fast during the velocity testing bothered me, so I came back and did it a second time. Now the velocity of Hobbys was up to 600-619 f.p.s. Not even the first magazine has been fired, so I will come back and do this again, when the rifle has more miles on the powerplant. But it has already exceeded the specification, which is pretty good.

Next we’ll try the rifle for accuracy.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

63 thoughts on “Beretta CX-4 Storm – Part 2”

  1. I’m very sorry for the off topic, but it seems you don’t do much airsoft reviewing on here and i was wondering if you could do a review on the UTG Shadw Ops Type 96 sniper rifle, im looking for a airsoft sniper rifle that will hold a (at least) 4″ groupings at 50 yds.

  2. sticky
    for that you may want to try a high power gas sniper rifle. i havent personally used the type 96 but it is powerful. its also a HUGE gun not the kind to carry around a field. i cant recomend the utg master sniper because mine came with a bent barrel.
    Nate in Mass

  3. Sticky,

    I will go out on a limb and say that there is NO airsoft gun in the world that will hold anything near 4 inches at 50 yards. I would be amazed to learn that one clould hold 12 inches. And that would be the most-tricked-out long gun with a super-tight barrel.

    I do have a Leapers sniper rifle to test, but it isn’t the Shadow Ops. However it does have the same action and barrel. I would expect it to hold 24 inches at 50 yards on a good day.


  4. Yay! I’m very excited to see the continued test of the Cx4 Storm. I’ve been interested in gettin the pellet version ever since I first saw information on it. (I’d also like a 9mm version, but that’s a different blog!)

    A question: Were would I get a Crosman 1077 repaired? Is it worth it, or should I just get a new one? It is close to 12 years old and I believe the seals are going bad, barely makes it though 24 shots, when it was new I’d get 40 good shots. I checked the Crosman site for repair centers in my state (Idaho) but go nothing.

  5. 1077,

    Good question! It will probably cost $35 to get the seals fixed, and another $20-30 for transportation both ways. With the rifle costing $67, you’re close to the breakeven point.

    But don’t take my word for it. Call this guy and ask about the expense:

    Rick Willnecker Contact him at airgunshop@aol.com or call 717-382-1481.


  6. BB,
    Shame on you! You always suggest the pellgun oil treatment before writing off the seals. Especially with an old gun. Try the oil… might be a quick fix, and cheap too 😉

  7. Good thought on the oil for my 1077. I’ll have to see if I can find the manual and figure out where to oil it. Sadly, it’s been sitting for about two years.

    I wonder what as seal kit would cost? I’m mechanical enough I could probably replace it on my own.

    Or…I may just take the easy route and buy a new one.


  8. Drop three drops of Crosman Pellgunoil on the tip of a new powerlet and pierce it. It fixes 75 percent of all leakers like yours. I am embarrassed that I forgot to mention it before.

    Call Crosman Customer Serviceand ask about a seal kit.


  9. bb,

    just thought i’d comment on a gun that recently suprised me.

    i bought a new daisy 880 at wally world, and used the scope that came with it, and i was able to hit the pig from the beeman pellet trap at 25 yrds, so i decided to kick it up a notch and put my bug buster scope on it, and at 25 yrds, i was getting better then 1/2 inch groupings with cp hollow points!! im a huge fan of multi-pumps, so i also picked up a powerline 901, but i havent gotten a chance to use it yet. im working on also buying better pellets, but im having some trouble with my order at pyramydair, so when i fix it, ill let you know how good it reall is. so far, i’d say thats a great gun for the money!


  10. On the Cx-4, do you know if it is the trigger pull that advances the carrier to the next pellet (like the NightStalker does) or is the semi-auto action advancing the mechanism to load the next pellet?

  11. b.b. I have been shooting RWS Superdome 8.3 in my .177, 34 with great results out to 40′,but start to drift at greater a distance.I am going to try some different pellets and record the results.However,I would like to try the Exact Extra Heavy at 10.2g but have been told that the heavier pellets can damage the piston.Your input would be appreciated,thanks.

  12. B.B.,

    From the comment about the Henry repeating rifle, I’d suspect you have been watching Ken Burn’s Civil War on PBS. Great show. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it over the years but it’s always fascinating.


  13. BB. (off-topic)
    Im looking for a PCP for CO2 rifle or 10 meter shooting, and I wont spend 2000+ for a Feinwerkbau. I an willing to spend around 600 – 800. Im mainly intersted in great accuracy and a good trigger.
    Could you list your choices.


  14. BB: My gun training was from a grandfather whose father rode with the Fifth Michigan Cavalry at Gettysburg. Grandad told me that the Fifth received the first issue of the Spencer carbine, used it to hold the Rebs in the first part of the battle, and, according to Grandad and a couple of Civil War books, were the first to hear the “load on Sunday and shoot all week” comment.

    I’m no historian. The Henry may also have been the subject of such a Rebel complaint.


  15. Well im sorry i said 4″ at 50Yds, i feel dumb now, im completely new to airsoft, well that being said, would you atleast recommend the L96?dont want to spend more than $200Ihave a 3-9×50 simmons scope so all i need is mounts. Oh and i would also like to let you know that your publishing on the IZH61 has made me order one, i’ll give a short review when i recieve it :D. I will also be ordering a Diana 34 panther based on your review. Thank you so much for such a wonderful blog!!

  16. Sheridan 371,

    I have never seen any Sheridan with a number on the back of the breech. In fact, the way the breech is shaped, it’s not easy to put numbers on it.

    But BENJAMINS had numbers on them. While 371 makes no sense, 317 is a valid model. But $100 is high, so the gun must be working and in good condition. If it still has silver nickle on it, it’s worth that much. All-brass guns must be working to command $100.


  17. Sticky,

    I didn’t mean to lecture you, but I have been getting quite a number of requests for airguns that are way out of line with real performance, and the day I got yours, I also got one from a 13-year-old who wanted to know if a certain rifle could shoot one-inch groups at 50 yards.

    I wondered whether HE could shoot them!

    Tomorrow I am doing a posting on expectations. I won’t name any names, so please don’t feel as though I am dumping on you.

    Now to your question. I looked at the type 96 (I hope that’s what you mean by L96) and it looks like a fine sniper rifle to me. But going back to the Leapers Shadow Ops – I think THAT’S a great rifle for the money, too! I tested the UTG (Leapers) Master Sniper and found it accurate enough for sniping at 50 yards as it comes from the box.

    I also read that comment from another reader that the Shadow Ops is too heavy to carry around on the field. Heck! Sniper rifles are SUPPOSED to be heavy. Making them light misses the point!.

    I will try to address your concerns about sniper rifle selection in tomorrow’s post.


  18. Alex,

    There are so many possibilities for you! If you are willing to work with CO2, look at the Alfa Proj CO2 target rifle for $500. I’ve seen this rifle in action and it has everything you want.


    If you want to go into precharged guns, I would consider buying used, because all the good ones are over your $800 limit. But a used gun will probably be like new, unless it was owned by a club or a serious competitor.

    Don’t overlook a single stroke pneumatic like the FWN 600-601-602. You might find a used one for $800. A Walther LGR single-stroke can now be bought for under $800.

    Good luck!


  19. BB, sorry about the description, I’m sure you’re correct because the bolt came out of the rear of the breech in the center and there wouldn’t have been room for lettering. The bolt then curved over and down to the right. Perhaps the 371 (or 317) was on the back of the pump cylinder. I remember it had Benjamin or Sheridan along with the number. The barrel was black but worn. The stock was a beautiful wood grain with a worn finish. Thanks.

  20. BB

    Dont you know of any lower priced target PCPs that I can get new?

    If not, what other Co2 rifles would you consider?

    What do you think of the Tau 200 Senior?


  21. Alex,

    I don’t know of any low-priced PCP target rifles, save for the Daisy Avanti that was imported for a few years. It was based on the Tau 200 chassis.

    The Tau 200 Senior is a good gun. I would rank it along with the Alfa Proj.

    IZH makes a single stroke rifle based on the 46 pistol and that used to retail for under $600. I don’t think it’s imported any longer.


  22. BB.
    Thanks for all the advice.

    I just want to know one more thing: Are either the Alfa Proj Target or the Tau 200 Senior accurate enough for them not to be outshootable?

    Thats my main priority, im looking for something that will make me grow marksman-wise.


  23. I’m planning on buying an air gun. I’m only 14, so it will take a little bit ’til I come upon the money, but in the $165 range(of everything), I’ve narrowed my search to Crosman 2260 loaded out with (Kodiaks, Pellgunoil, Birchwood Casey Gun Wax, and Daisy Rifle Case), an RM-200 Grey equipped with (GAMO hunters, Winchester 4x32mm Scope, and “floating” gun case), a Benjamin 392 with GAMO hunters, and (maybe?) a Beeman 1000-S dual calibre with Kodiaks. Which would pan out best against assorted game(raccoons, squirrels)? Accuracy + ability to quickly and quietly reload and cock is a top priority. (Florida humidity, I’ve found, seems to amplify sounds, and open ground doesn’t help either) Range is from 15 yards to 30.

  24. 14 in Fla.

    If noise is a big concern, go with the spring piston gun.

    The Benjamin 392 is the best of the lot you mention, but if noise is a problem, get the Mendoza.

    Nothing but pellets needed for the RM200. Pellgunoil if you get the 392.


  25. Another bit, does the grey stock actually make the stock more water-resistant, or is it just a layer of paint? Which brings me to something else, where, should I need one, would I find a Sheridan Steroid kit?

    14 in Fla

  26. BB,

    I just visited http://www.topgunairguns.com/TAU300.htm
    and found the Tau Brno 300, it seems to be a PCP version of the Tau 200 and it says it will be available soon.
    Im guessing this rifle will be similar or slightly higher in price compared to the Tau Brno 200.
    By any chance do you know when its comming and if Pyramyd will sell it .
    If you had access to one of theese rifles, would you trust it for being a good PCP since Tau Brno doesnt make any other PCPs, Would you prefer the Tau 200 in CO2 or any other CO2 gun, or would you get a higher priced PCP.

    Thanks a million for all your help and wonderfull reports.


  27. BB,

    Oh I’m only new to airsoft, ive been shooting all my life but i thought a gun which shoots 500FPS and the reviews and videos ive seen should be able to hold a 4″ grouping, i watched a video on youtube of a man hitting pie pans from 25, 30, 45, and 50 yrds with the L96 http://youtube.com/watch?v=FtdRjlX3jF8 I’m a very good shot getting half inch groupings from 50 yrds open sight from my .22 marlin, and just as good at 30 yrds with my 392 (which is no where near as accurate) So i do have some judging when it comes to rimfire rifles and pellet rifles, just not airsoft seeing ive only been interested in the sport for a bout 1 week and have no idea about anything airsoft besides electric and spring guns… But thank you for your reply and i appreciate your apology.

  28. Alex,

    You have found the Daisy Valient. Daisy contemplated selling it or did sell it for a brief time, then they dropped it for some reason.

    Since the same manufacturer makes the Air Arms S200, they probably don’t have issues with their seals, as most CO2-to-air conversions often do.

    You are the only person to request this rifle, so I don’t know whether Pyramyd AIR will feel there is enough interest to carry the rifle.

    Why not contact Top Gun Airguns and see when they can get one for you?


  29. Sticky,

    Thank you for that video link. It proved what I was saying perfectly. The groups at 75 FEET (25 YARDS) were already 8 inches wide, and they could not hit the 12-inch target at 50 yards. Still, that was good accuracy for an airsoft gun.

    The narrator was incorrect in one respect. He noted that BBs sometimes fly off, but he attributed that to inconsistencies in the barrel, while they are actually due to inconsistencies in the BBs. They have voids left from the molding process and thus cannot be consistent.

    Now, as for your half-inch groups at 60 yards from your Marlin, that is phenomenal I have a customized 10/22 and a Ruger 10/22 Target and neither rifle can shoot a 10-shot half-inch group at 50 yards. You have a wonderful rifle! Never part with it.


  30. Sticky,

    I watched the video a third time and this time I saw three hits on the pie tin at 33 yards (100 feet). Of course the 50 yard target was missed entirely.

    I guess the low quality of UTube is the reason I didn’t see this segment the two times I watched it before. But now I have seen the pie tin hit three times in succession at 33 yards. So that does prove that this airsoft sniper rifle with its tighter barrel is capable of hitting a 12-inch target at 33 yards.

    But no airsoft gun made will get a 4-inch group at 50 yards – EVER.


  31. BB,

    Well I’m not saying i can shoot a half inch group at 50 yrds all day long :P, but those are the special days that i do, believe it or not, i actually hit bullseye from 150 yrds (which .22 rimfire drops about 8 inches at that distance?) 2 times, it did take about 12 shots, but all were atleast in the target and 2 in bullseye! Lol, but im very sorry, im not trying to argue your knowledge of airguns, i can only hope to be as knowldgeable as you about airguns one day, I must have watched the video wrong when i watched it, and you are right now that i watch it again. Thank you very much for pointing that out! I was completely amazed by that (when i thought it was 50yds), it still seems like a fine rifle for being airsoft, but nothing near the accuracy that i like. Also may i ask something? On my 392, I am much more accurate (3/4 inch groupings at 30yds, sometimes 1/2) with plain open sights and JSB exacts, but when i add my williams peep sight (supposed to help accuracy) it opens up double that, im lucky to get a 1″ group at 25 yrds with it! Can you explain why? If you cant tell already, im a big fan of believing that true accuracy is done by open sights and the shooter, i’m not a big fan of scopes being as i’ve been shooting fairly well all my life without them lol.

  32. BB,

    Oh and by the way, it wasn’t actually 60yrds it was 50 with a 5 shot grouping. I’ve always been told im a “deadeye” when it comes to shooting, which is why I ordered the IZH 61 to see if im any good at 10m, and im also ordering the Daisy Avanti 747 to see if im any good with 10m pistol! Ill let you know how i do when i recieve them. Could you recommend a quiet pellet trap for these airguns being as i live in a complex with neighbors on both sides?

  33. Sticky,

    The peep sight problem is caused by low light. I’m guessing you need a larger aperture in the sight, because you are getting different sight pictures from it. A good peep should cut your open sight groups by 40 percent.


  34. Sticky,

    I recommend the AGE Quiet Pellet Trap. That’s what I use and it is silent.

    I have always believe that what I do in my house is my business, but no doubt there are local laws prohibiting the discharge of airguns within the city limits.


  35. BB.

    Ive been looking for a ten meter gun and ive found that a single stroke pneumatic is the best and easiest to use power plant since you dont need any tanks, powerlets, or pumps.
    I read your blog about shooting at altitude, and what im worried about is the altitude i live at (7300 feet) and i wonder if a single stroke rifle such as a FWB 603 or a pistol as a FWB 103 will work fine. Im guessing that the only thing that single strokes loose at altitude is shooting velocity.

    Do you thik that the loss in velocity at this altitude is enough for me not to buy a single stroke gun for ten metre shooting?

    Thanks a lot

  36. Alex,

    There will be a power loss but I don’t think it will be too severe. Could you stand a 10 percent loss?

    Can you test for this beforehand? Like buy a Marksman 2004 and test it as low as you can and again at altitude?


  37. Will Benjamin Sheridan 392s handle Kodiaks at mid-to-long range? Or should I stick with the GAMOs? Also, should I worry about the stock cracking from water damage?

  38. BB.

    I dont have any single strokes, nor a chorograph.

    The most similar i can get to a FWB 603 is a Daisy multi pump rifle.
    I havent chronographed it yet, but the manual states that it should shoot at 177 meters per second with 8 pumps(thats similar to what FWB says about the 603), also the Daisys manual says it should shoot at around 150 meters per second with 5 pumps (which is similar to the FWB 103).
    I have shot that rifle with those number of pumps and I feel they are decent velocities for ten meter shooting.

    Hope you can give me your opinion


  39. hi mr pelletier, now the proud owner of a beretta cx4 storm, shot about 600 rounds, the gun is now shooting over 600ft per second and getting faster. also the best pellets by far are crossman premiers 10.5 grns. hitting a square target at 60yds easy, the target is 1foot square.ps thanks for all yourinteresting remarks.ps i come from scotland.. regards sandy……

  40. Alex,

    Since it’s me I would NEVER put a limit on a gun like that. I would look for the best gun closest to what I wanted to pay.

    You have asked about BOTH a rifle and a pistol, so you either have $1600 or you don’t know whether you want a rifle of a pistol.

    Resolve that first; then we’ll talk.


  41. BB.

    What happens is; i wwant to buy a pistol now and im thinking of a rifle for the near future.
    so i guess we should talk about pistols now.

    The problem is i cant afford a top of the line pistol, costing 1500+. My budget is around 800 although i could reach 1000 if necesary.


  42. B.B. – I wanted to inform all potential buyers of the CX4 that Umarex USA does not have the required schematics on hand to repair the CX4, is so required (as in my case!).

    This is confirmed in an email today (July 30th) from Mr. Glenn Seiter of Umarex USA, who informed me that it would be at least another week before the schematics for the CX4 would be in the hands of Umarex USA.

    I would advise any potential buyers to hold off purchasing this exciting, new, air gun until Umarex USA confirms it actually has schematics for the CX4 in house, and on hand, as needed…

    (P.S. – Mr Seiter also confirms that no extra 30 round mags are currently available to buy, for those that might want them).

    Doug L.
    Vancouver Island

  43. I have been interested in both pellet and airsoft guns for a long time and have a lot of modestly priced ones. I am looking to upgrade but I like to see and touch what I am spending hundreds of dollars on. How can I find any stores that carry high end air guns? I will be in Cleveland in a couple of weeks. Does Pyramid Air have a storefront yet?

  44. Jeff,

    Their store has been sidetracked by some other operational issues, but it is still in the works.

    If you know the guns you want to buy they might be able to help you.

    Give them a call and see what they can do for you.


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