by B.B. Pelletier

We received this as a review several days ago, but it’s really a procedure for mounting a scope on a pneumatic rifle or pistol. It was submitted by a customer named Greg. Here’s what he has to say:

I”ve been shooting Benjamin/Sheridan Streak rifles and EB/HB pistols for over 25 years…all of which have been scoped with one optic or another! I think that I can help with mounting your scope so that it’s rock solid stable on any of these or the 392/397 rifles. Believe it or not, there’s a method of mounting that makes the new 4-piece mounts even more stable than the old 2-piece mounts…and I have experience with scoping dozens of each many times over.

The process follows…

Buy a 1-piece ring mount kit in the diameter and height you require for your optic. I recomend the Leapers Accushot high mount. Next, buy the Crosman 4-piece intermount.

When installing the 4-piece mounts, spread them apart on the barrel so they’re the same width as your Accushot mount. Before you install them on the barrel, purchase thick 2-sided tape. Cut a small tab from the tape that’s the same width as the 4-piece intermount and long enough to wrap around the barrel. Install the 4-piece mount over the tape and snug down the screw but do NOT over-tighten!

Place your 1-piece ring mount onto the intermount, making sure that they’re the same width apart.

The next step is vital! When you snug the screws on your 1-piece mount (there are 3 or 4, depending on which brand you choose)…lightly snug down the end screws over the intermount, then tighten the center screws firmly. The final step is to go back and tighten down the end screws over the 4-piece intermount. Be sure to follow this order!

Install your scope, tightening the cap screws firmly but not too tightly. Remember, your rifle is a pneumatic and does not recoil. Now, you can sight in your rifle and enjoy it.

If you use this method your scope will never move, and it will also be solid. It also looks better!

Hope this helps. Enjoy your shooting.

Thank you, Greg, for that tip. And for those who want a solid mount that fits over the receiver, don’t forget the Air Venturi intermount.