by B.B. Pelletier

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I’ve been remiss in reporting the final part of this report, where I shoot the IZH 46 for accuracy. A reader signing in as mentioned my oversight this weekend. I promised to finish the job, and today’s the day. If you remember the series, you’ll recall that I discovered a pumping secret about the IZH 46 that almost turns the standard model into the more powerful M. I used that technique in this test.

Chinese pellets
I’ve always used Chinese target pellets in this pistol since discovering years ago that they’re the most accurate. However, this test showed something quite different. You can’t buy these pellets anymore, so I guess it’s a good thing, because they may not be the most accurate any longer.


Five Chinese target pellets made a 50 when fired from a rest.

H&N Match
H&N Match pellets are always worth a try. They are often the most accurate in a particular airgun. This batch has 4.50mm heads.


Five H&N Match pellets made a better-looking 50 than the Chinese pellets.

JSB Match
JSB Match pellets turn out to be as good as any other JSBs. They grouped tighter in my pistol than the Chinese pellet of choice. Of course, they weren’t available in this country when I selected the Chinese pellet about 10 years ago.


Five JSB Match Diabolo pellets made the tightest group, and a score of 50. These would be worth testing long-term, to determine if they are better for this particular pistol.

How the IZH 46 helped me
The 46 has a much better and more adjustable trigger, so of course it is easier to shoot than the Gamo Compact. This trigger is not perfect, or even close to perfect, but shooters who have never felt a real 10-meter trigger will probably feel better about this one than anything they have ever tried, once it is properly adjusted. The sights on this gun are also very nice. Because this pistol is as long as it is, the separation between front and rear sights helps to define the sight picture.

Finally, I must mention both the grips and the weight distribution. Since I own the IZH 46, I’ve made the grips conform to my hand. Naturally, they fit me much better than the large grips on the Compact. That’s not a strike against the Compact – just a word about making a 10-meter gun fit you. However, the weight distribution, which is very far forward on the 46, is a real plus for me. I need a heavier pistol to keep my arm from moving, and the 46 is really heavy for a 10-meter pistol – especially for the guns of today. Think about that when you consider it as a possible target pistol.

The final word
Well, there weren’t too many surprises in this comparative test. Except for the adjustable rear sight notch on the Gamo, I think everything else was expected. The Compact is a wonderful target pistol at a great price, but know that the grip probably needs to be slimmed, and the trigger is somewhat heavy. The IZH 46 is a great starter 10-meter pistol, as long as you can handle the weight.