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Education / Training B.B. tells all – Part 2

B.B. tells all – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Good morning. In a few hours, I’ll be on my way to Orlando and the SHOT Show. I just wanted to congratulate our own Wacky Wayne, whose raised beds were the editor’s choice in the current issue of Organic Gardening magazine. Wayne is now beside himself, having one of those bittersweet moments in life when the walls fall down and the dancing girls come in. I’m speaking of more success than a business can stand.

He’ll survive, because everyone does. On the other side, he’ll be wearing a broad smile on his sleepy puss. Right now, though, he’s busy putting out the fires he started. Well done, Wayne!

For today’s blog, Mo asked if I would change anything in a post I made back in June 2006–BB tells all. It was an answer to a new reader named Cesar who had the same kind of questions I often see from new readers. I don’t know if Cesar still reads this blog, but since Mo wanted to know if my answers would change today, and CJr seconded his request, I thought I would update that blog post for you.

Here’s the original post, with my updates in italics:

Today I’d like to answer several questions submitted last week by new reader Cesar.

What is the best air rifle, right out of the box, that you have ever owned?
Spring rifle – TX200 Mk III (SEE, CF-X guy?). Actually a Whiscombe is slightly better, but since John Whiscombe has stopped making them, there will be no more boxes to take them from.

Still holds true

Spring pistol – Diana M10

Still true

PCP rifle – Talon SS from AirForce

Today it’s a tie between the SS and the Benjamin Discovery.

PCP pistol – I didn’t own it, but I did shoot an FWB P34 that I loved

Still true

CO2 rifle – Crosman 160

CO2 pistol – Crosman 600

Yes to both

BB gun – Daisy No. 25 pump, 1930 model

No change there, either

What’s the best group you have ever made?
I once shot a 5-shot group at 40 yards that was so tight, a .22 pellet would not fall through. It was shot with a 12 foot-pound British Skan R32 PCP rifle.

That’s still the best group ever.

What is your favorite air rifle moment?
I like the moment in the movie A Christmas Story, when Ralphie gets his “Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.” Even though no such BB gun ever existed, it was nice to see a young boy get the object of his dreams.

That’s still the best airgun moment I have, however, I forgot to mention that my wife, Edith, made a moment like that for me years ago. I knew I was receiving a Beeman R1 for Christmas (the rifle that gave me the idea for the R1 book). What I didn’t know was that there was going to be a SECOND air rifle under the tree that year. It was a tuned Beeman HW77 carbine that I had agonized over after seeing it at Atlantic Guns. I really wanted it but thought that one air rifle was enough. Edith obviously thought otherwise and completely surprised me that Christmas.

Now, Cesar, I’d like to answer a couple questions you didn’t ask (but I wish you had).

What’s the stupidest airgun ever made?
The Wham-o Kruger cap-firing BB pistol takes this honor. If there is a weaker BB gun on the planet, it wouldn’t be able to shoot BBs all the way out the barrel. A new Kruger will fail soon enough and fall into that category.

Now that I have written a big article about Wham-o airguns and firearms for Shotgun News, I have to temper my remarks about that BB gun. It’s still the stupidest one ever made, but now I like it a lot more

The Kruger used toy caps to propel a BB almost as fast as a three-year-old-child could throw it! The guns usually failed after about 50 shots.

What’s the best airgun for the least amount of money?
Does anyone think there could POSSIBLY be an answer to that question?

I still feel the same about this question. It’s like trying to say that if they are cheap enough, lima beans taste just as good as Godiva chocolates. No, they don’t, and no amount of money will ever change that.

How far will an airgun shoot?
How long is a piece of string?
No. Hao Long is a village in Vietnam.

Same thing. There cannot be one right answer to a question like this. And, after you explain in detail why that is, the questioner says something like, “I understand all of that. I just wanted to know how far my Gamo Hunter Extreme would carry.”

Then why didn’t you ask THAT?

It is often said that a powerful airgun shooting a diabolo pellet will shoot out to 500 yards and no farther. In American Rifleman, I once read that a rifled slug from a 12-gauge shotgun had a maximum range of 800 yards, so the 500-yard range sounds correct; but as far as I know, it has never been tested.

Tomorrow’s blog will be published later than usual. It will go live at 7:30 a.m., Eastern, to coincide with the Airgun Breakfast, where we will reveal our secret to the airgun community. You will be the first to learn about it among those who are not at the SHOT Show.

Also, I will try to publish Friday’s blog from the SHOT Show. There won’t be many words, but pictures of some of the interesting things I see during my first day at the show.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

95 thoughts on “B.B. tells all – Part 2”

  1. B.B.

    I thought I read that there was absolutely no photography allowed at the SHOT Show. Is that not the case?

    Can’t wait til tomorrow, the suspense is killing me!

  2. Thanks B.B.

    I just had to know. I had a tough time deciding which rifle to get on my visit to Dubai and was tied between the TX and 460. This will be my first underlever.

    And boy is it going to be exciting!

    Most of my other rifles are .22, so this one will be .177


  3. BB knows my answer to best airgun for the money. How can you possibly NOT own a Crosman 2240 for Pyramyd Air’s price of only $55 bucks? Look at the customer reviews. I think I have 3 of them right now and just ordered another. Out of the box, they’ll out shoot almost any airgun costing 4 times the price at 25 yards. A simple trigger polish and spring replacement (you can do it yourself in 1/2 hour) and then they go head to head with many $300 guns.

  4. Spoiler Alert. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news so all I’ll say is if you do a search on the Benjamin Marauder……it will really ruin BB’s surprise. This is only for those of you who absolutely can’t wait.

  5. Good afternoon B.B. I was in Atlantic Guns last Monday. They still have pellet guns and you’d probably recognize a couple of the guys behind the counter.A safe trip to the Shot Show for both you and your lovely bride. Am I the only one who feesl there is something up your sleeve beside the Benjamin Marauder?

    Vince, I wonder what Wayne said to that person whos’s been beside him for the last day or so?

    derrick38, I’m with Kevin and am about ready to give the Crosman 2240 a home.

  6. derrick38,

    I own and love a Crosman 2240 and plan to buy more. Can you refer me to a website or someplace where I can buy a manual to perform the adjustments that you alluded to above in your post. Also, what sights or scope do you use. Thanx

    Bill D.

  7. I’m gonna shove all you guys off the fence today on that 2240.

    First, does anyone here have a 2240 that ISN’T a tack-driver? If you do we probably need to talk.

    One warning: You’ll WANT to spend more money on the gun to make it even better after you see just what it will do. There, you’ve been warned. I don’t even buy them w/o a Crosman steel breech upgrade kit anymore. If you remember back to a previous blog where BB asked us to design our own airguns with all the features we’d like to see in our airguns, I mentioned modularity of components so we could plug in the things we wanted we needed. Crosman is close to perfect with the 2240, 2250 and 2260 rifle. All parts are available direct from Crosman. So. if you want to try a longer barrel, it’s only $12 and freight away…There’s also many aftermarket parts: custom wood grips, shoulder stocks, high power valves, bulk CO2 conversions…

    If you’re concerned about the CO2. Gotta just get over it. It’s a non-issue as far as I’m concerned. You get 50+ shots on a cartridge. Buy a 40 pack of cartridges and you’ll be shooting for a long, long time.

    As an aside, I’ve owned 9 or 10 HW’s a couple Air Arms, Several Webleys, a BSA, 2 10-meter match rifles…So I’m not easily impressed by sub $500 airguns. To find a $55 dollar gun that I like this much… So, draw your own conclusions as to how good this thing must shoot.

    I’ve mentioned this also many times. It needs a VERY simple trigger job to really bring out it’s true potential. You need to polish the rear of the trigger and 2 edges on the sear. A buffing wheel or a Dremel make his a 10 minute job. You’ll need to also spend about a dollar on a lighter trigger spring–or cut 2 or 3 coils off the factory spring. That’s it. There’s several forums and devoted to this gun. Ask on the Crosman forum or ask here and I’ll send you links or shoot the pics you need to walk you through.

    The most insane part: It’s still made in the USA.


  8. b.b. (or anyone)
    Can anyone recommend a good book on competitive pistol shooting.
    I’m thinking of something along the lines of ‘Zen and the Art of Archery’.
    I’ve looked at the stuff here and other websites…but I’m a ‘sit down with a scotch and a good book’ kinda guy.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  9. Bill D,

    Here’s the site you want. A Crosman trigger job by Nick Carter.


    Nick is working on a Crosman 2300 which is the Crosman custom shop version of a 2240. The 2240 will not have the trigger spring adjuster. Other than that part, the trigger mechanism is identical.
    For the trigger job, you ONLY need to remove the grip frame from the gas tube then take the cover plate screws off to access everything you’ll need to polish and grease.

    Other good Crosman sites for info:
    The Crosman Forum. This is an unofficial Crosman site. It’s hosted by Crosman fans.

    Here are some of the more common (mostly)valve modifications.
    The valve mods will give slightly more power at the expense of reduced shot count. I tend to skip these.

    In my opinion, the trigger job is the only MUST-DO job.

    As to sight choice, my Crosman’s usually wear a Tasco RedDot (BK-RD22)with the integral .22 dovetail, or the Leapers 6X BugBuster.


  10. Derrick,

    How about a blog article on the 2240?

    I’d enjoy reading all the information in one place, as I’m sure others would. I’m sure that BB would like a guest blogger…


  11. Herb,

    BB’s covered the 2240 and one of the variants, the 2300S all over the place. Here’s some of the links:






    If BB still wants more 2240 info I’ll whip something up.

    Wayne, I just did the math. 1 Air Arms S410 with thumbhole stock or 22 Crosman 2240’s!


  12. To all of you speculating on the Shot Show Announcement,

    Here is what B.B. said:
    “But there IS something very exciting in the works, and I will tell you about it in this blog a week from today. On that day, Thursday, Jan. 15th, which is the first day of the SHOT Show, I will be attending the Airgun breakfast that Pyramyd AIR is hosting in Orlando. A huge announcement will be made at the breakfast at around 7:45 a.m. Eastern time.”

    Are we talking about the same announcement? Did you notice the words “very exciting” and “huge announcement”?

    Somehow I find it hard to believe that the Marauder fits these words. I think the Marauder is a “Red Herring”. It’s just another iteration of a good air rifle. Would you really call this a HUGE announcement? My expectations are much higher. I am getting on the edge of my seat. I hope I’m not disappointed.


  13. BB,
    I prefer Lima beans to chocolate…guess that correlates with my fascination with clunks.

    Wait for BB…the Marauder isn’t worth arguing over based on a leak, and BB may well have something better to tell us.

  14. Wayne, congratulations on your award.

    Regarding B.B.’s surprise, don’t jump to conclusions. I remember trying to guess one of his surprises as the Air Force Edge and he says that was an “iguana” compared to the real surprise which was “Jurassic Park” (the Discovery). So, it’s hard to know how to rate the Marauder. I like the name though.


  15. Chuck & BG_Farmer,

    Stay tuned. You won't be disappointed by B.B.'s announcement. Actually, the word "huge" cannot describe it…but these words come close:


    Okay, the last one's not a real word, but it works!

    Edith (Mrs. B.B.)

  16. Edith,

    Thanks for that piece of advice.

    I think that B.B. had to know that the Marauder was lurking in the background and didn’t care if it was leaked or not. It’s A nice announcement non the less.

    The announcement of the Discovery WAS A huge announcement at the time and B.B. hoodwinked us all. I have no clue what this new announcement entails, but I think that B.B. once again has us all hoodwinked.

    Bob C NJ

  17. Derrick38, A question please–I have a LDC for my .22 Benjamin Discovery that is a slip fit over the end of the barrel. Is the OD of the 2240 barrel the same as the Discovery? Thanks much Mr B.

    Edith, here's a thought that fits fantabulous–PA along with B.B. are doing R & D with Crosman and are bringing out a line of guns made by shooters for shooters. That fits fantablous better than anything I can conceive of! Any disagreements one and all?

  18. Mr. B,

    The Discovery and the Crosman 2260 rifle barrels are interchangable, so yes the LDC will fit both. MANY of Crosman’s barrels are 7/16″ diameter so that LDC will fit most of their airguns. Commonality of parts has it’s advantages!

    I’ve got a good idea what BB’s announcement is about. But, I’m staying tight lipped about it. If you know where to noodle around, you’ll get an idea, too.


  19. Complete waste of time, read at your own risk.

    Top ten possible announcements:

    · Wayne is selling his .177 S410 in favor of a Gamo Whisper
    · Bg farmer is re-stocking his Red Ryder with Roy Weatherby furniture
    · Kevin received his .22 S410, and believes it is good enough medicine for elk
    · Jane is actually a 62 year old FBI agent named Harold Jones
    · Dr G. is quitting his practice to purse a career in origami
    · Herb and Derrick are conspiring to start their own raised bed company using recycled Ford Explorer tires
    · Volvo has traded the Volvo for a Saturn
    · Wayne unable to wait until May for the Crosman Marauder has order a 2004 Mercury Marauder
    · Matt is starting his own forum, but in an excellent preemptive move is not releasing the site’s address to avoid being bogged down blogging
    · Wayne is actually an i-robot made in Japan and purchased by Air Arms to promote their products

    Feel free to continue this, or we could just wait a little longer… like in the ketchup jingle

  20. BB asked:

    What’s the best airgun for the least amount of money?

    BB answered:

    Does anyone think there could POSSIBLY be an answer to that question?

    I accept the challenge and answer:

    Yes. The Crosman 1377 is the best airgun for the least amount of money.

    If you don’t own one, buy one. Treat yourself to some custom grips from RBGrips.net. Get a skeleton stock, an intermount and a scope and pretend you are James Bond (Sean Connery, not Daniel Craig).

    To complete the experience, get a Buck 110 folding hunting knife ( a steal for 27.00 at Wally World) and a Trumark FS1 slingshot. All 3 are classics from the ’70’s. All three are made in America. All three are potential heirlooms.

    Shoot safe and have fun.

  21. derrick38,

    Great job on the follow up regarding the crossman 2240 and the 2300S (variant). Never thought I’d own a CO2 pistol but you’ve definitely got me thinking.


  22. Volvo,

    Why would I ruin a Red Ryder like that? I bought a Mark V and sawed off all the California knick-knacks, painted it with bedliner and highlighted with aluminum roof paint for durability. All I wanted was the short-arc bolt:).

    Actually, MarkV holds no allure for me, if I was going to spend that kind of money, it would be a Mannlicher-Shoenauer in .30-06.

  23. I have a 2240 that I bought awhile ago, I only used it a few times, and gave it to my little brother who doesn’t use it. I shot it today, and man is it powerful and loud!.After doing some research, people seem to really mod this thing. I am interested in buying the rifle stock, steel breech which crosman both sell. I have also seen a longer barrel, which I would also like to buy by crosman doesn’t seem to sell it. Where can I buy this? I also want to mount a scope on the 2240, what would I need to make it scope compatible? links or any help would be great thanks

  24. Mo,

    I put the entire URL into Google's search box, hit RETURN & the page came up in the search results. I clicked on Google's TRANSLATE button & up popped the whole page in English.

    Edith (Mrs. B.B.)

  25. I just spoke with B.B. via Skype (skype.com). He's already been over to the SHOT Show hall, and everything is buzzin' & almost ready for opening day (tomorrow).

    I told him to look for Volvo's guesses at Thursday's surprise announcement. He howled!

    Kevin–I hope you get a seat belt for your chair so you don't fall out of it again when you read Thursday's blog.

    Edith (Mrs. B.B.)

  26. Volvo,

    As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jane has secret military connections. How many commercial employers of rocket scientists are there? She might even be like this female agent in a great book I just read called Arctic Event who can fly helicopters, do computer espionage, read multiple languages, and mostly extinguish anyone who gets in her way. But you didn’t read this message.


  27. John,

    The steel breech for the 2240 has a dovetail for a scope. You can buy the barrel for the Crosman 2289 seperately by calling Crosman's main number and asking for parts. The 2289 barrel (part# 2289-001) is about 14.5" long and cost me less than $9 a couple of years ago. If you buy the steel breech at the same time over the phone they might lump the shipping of the barrel and breech together.

    Derrick posted some good links earlier today. Here are a few other links:
    Crosman manuals & exploded views:


    13xx info (some applies to 2240):

    .22 multi-shot

  28. Thanks a ton!

    I tried the google translator and it worked. It came up with a lot of mumbo jumbo though!

    For Eg:

    In addition to the system in detail gazobalonnoy?!

    In the homute otfrezerovana fly that allows shooting from an open sight.

    Box vkrutitsya until it stops!

    For the same reason you need protochit (napilnikom or other available means)

    lol.. There’s a lot more but most of it makes sense..


  29. Mo,

    I can remeber back to the good ole days when my

    “homute otfrezerovana fly allowed shooting from an open sight.” I think I remember it was with mary allen margaret. Ahh, the good ole days.


  30. My 1377 just stopped pumping one fine day without any warning. Of course I never stored the gun with one or two pumps. I never knew we had to!

    The barrel is in perfect condition and so are all the other parts, except for the pump tube.

    I dont know if I’m noticing this now cause it stopped working, or whether it always was this way. But when the pump lever is moved all the way, there is a small gap between the tube and the plunger.

    I’ll post a pic so that you get a better idea. Have a look and lemme know if that’s how it should be. If not, I can make a new tube.


  31. Here’s the part I’m talking about. The tube had a bit of damage from where the pump arm used to close. I did hammer that back into shape. (A crude job – more reason to make a new tube)

    You can see the image here: (I’m adding html code to see if it will appear here, but I doubt it.


    The valve pin o-ring is fully cracked too. I’m wondering if a washer made of nylon will work here.



  32. I can’t believe that a 10m, dual fuel, Field Target Rifle with fully adjustable trigger, stock, and rear peep sight, floating Lothar Walther barrel and an adjustable striker and spring travel system to keep pellet velocity within a desired velocity and made by Crosman, doesn’t excite you guys. This is what is known as a really tough crowd!

    Until 7:30AM tomorrow, then.

  33. Mo,

    For myself, I would buy a replacement 1377C tube.

    Is the other part the valve stem? If so you can buy a new valve stem from Crosman or one of a number of vendors. If you want to try a nylon washer, SureHold Plastic Surgery glue works on nylon, although I don’t know if it will take a beating.

    You may already know these, but here are some places to look:
    The New Crosman Airgun Forum
    Bryan and Associates
    Crooked Barn
    Mac1 Airgun Distributors
    Mountain Air Custom Airguns
    Airgun Artisans

    .22 multi-shot

  34. Two Talon,

    On the Crossman site it specifies that the softair automatic rifles including R72 are used for “small game hunting” (with picture of rabbit) and “large pest control” (picture of squirrel).

    Have you killed any animals with your softair guns and do you think that perhaps it is an exaggeration?

    Based on the energy generated by softair, I thought that repeated automatic hits to a small bird from under 10 yards might knock it down for a minute and prevent it from flying, but I find it hard to imagine softair killing a rabbit or squirrel unless they mean for one to use the buttstock.

    Perhaps this is a case of the Gamo Boar advertising writer plying his trade at Crossman, or am I missing something?

    Mebbe Crossman means for one to shoot the animal as in “pretend hunting,” (?) similar to the “pretend shootouts” that the boys use when they play softair.

    Regarding the “small” and “large pest control,” I think that the softair machine gun is good to chase away any animal within 40 yards (mebbe further with heavy bbs) without injuring them, so perhaps that is what is meant on the Crossman site by “pest control.”

    In this manner, it does actually give the shooter some control over the pests, viz. where the pests will NOT be (where you shoot them) versus a real airgun that controls where the pests WILL be (where you shoot them).

    More importantly, why do you own 2 Talons? Thank you.

    – Dr. G.

  35. Hi .22 multi-shot,

    Thanks! I want to make a tube cause I want to have an integrated breech and scope mount on it. But if it does not come out as expected, I will order a tube.

    The other part is the valve stem. The seal on it is full of cracks. I was wondering whether to replace the seals or make one out of nylon.

    I was plannin on ordering the full seal kit from Crooked Barn. Would you think that’ll be the best option?


  36. Dr. G, I can tell you unequivocally that softair cannot reliably be used for hunting anything larger than a carpenter bee – and that only at close range. A HOT softair gun might do a .25gr BB at 400fps, which works out to less than 1.4ft-lbs. Most are closer to .25-.5 ft-lbs. And the lightweight BB’s shed velocity VERY quickly once they leave the muzzle… much more quickly than a steel BB.

    Frankly, they’re even iffy for stinging animals.

  37. Dr.G,

    That’s probably an error with the page design.

    The R72 shoots plastic BBs at ~250fps.

    Its plain cruelty to use that on an animal and I’m sure Crosman will not encourage it. I’ve emailed them about the error and they would surely correct it.

    To bring things into perspective,
    the CO2 powered 1088BG can shoot ~430fps in .177 and Crosman recommends it only for target shooting, which would roughly traslate into general plinking as well.

    As for your second question, (and I’m sure twotalons will agree) Two is always better than One!! 🙂


  38. Fred,

    I’ll bet that A lot of the guys here are very interested in the Benji Marauder. But I also think that whatever the announcement is, they want(ed) to wait for B.B. to announce it.

    For me , the Benji Marauder is exactly what I’ve been waiting for in an air rifle(PCP), and I’ll be one of first in line to order it.

    But I still don’t think that is the announcement we’ve all been waiting for.

    Bob C NJ

  39. Mo,

    I have to say I don’t know. I haven’t bought anything from 3rd party customizers, I’ve only bought parts from Crosman and EBay or made it myself.

    Give Crooked Barn a call and ask them some questions.

    .22 multi-shot

  40. Fred,

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    The new Challenger (redesign of the Challenger 2000) is intriguing. Can’t seem to find a price anywhere.

    Have you seen a price quoted?


  41. .22 multi-shot, I’ve shot Jim at Crooked Barn an email to see what he would suggest.

    I prefer to stick with the stock parts from Crosman, but its easier ordering from Jim cause he has the whole package which includes everything you need to re-seal the 1377. It costs $32+shipping.

    Lets see what he has to say.

  42. Bob C NJ,

    With the Discovery, Crosman stole the show. It is the only PCP for the price.

    With the Marauder, the only big advantage I see over something like the Career Carbine ($448) is the shroud and asthetics. It may be better quality than other offerings in the same price range, but at this point I see them as one among several choices.

    I was hoping for something like the Marauder, but with a less expensive stock so it would sell for $400 max. Oh well.

    I hoped for a Discovery pistol from Crosman too (possibly a repeater).

    I also don’t think the Marauder is the big announcement.

    Just my 2 cents :).

    .22 multi-shot

  43. I feel I’ve been thoroughly chastised by perhaps(?) ruining the surprise for everyone, if that is indeed the surprise. My punishment is to not post again for one week.

    No price that I could see on the website I visited but if I sell anymore of my son’s college text books from last semester on Amazon, I’m going after that field target rifle as well.

    There is a Santa Claus, there is a Santa Claus, there is a Santa Claus…

  44. Fred,

    I don’t think you’ve ruined anything.

    While the Marauder is a very interesting rifle, it is far from something that would change the face of air-gunning as we know it!

    And neither is the Challenger PCP capable of that.

    I dont think B.B would make a big deal of a new rifle launch. It has to be something else!!

    I cant wait!!

  45. Fred,

    IF (big IF) that was the surprise, aoa (among others) ruined the surprise not you.

    Apparently some major improvements over the Challenger 2000. Depending on price this could be THE entrylevel FT gun.

    I’m sure this new offering will be added to B.B.’s undoubtedly long list of probable posts after the shot show concludes.

    I predict a lot of very interesting new information in the next few weeks from B.B.

    Starting tomorrow!


    yeah…probably not… Good try, maybe I’ll get it next time. I think I’m close!
    John from jersey

  47. Howdy Hey Vince!

    Not much time today, but I had to shoot the rifles you worked on, some more after the tiny taste Randy and I got last night…

    Wow, great work!!!.. You did perfect work.. they couldn’t shoot better.. or feel tighter!! NO BULL POOP!!! or sugar coating!!!

    The HAENEL MOD. I D.R.P. was so loose everywhere! … and now it’s tight inside and out and not a hint of recoil.. with a strong shot, smooth cocking, and locking open perfectly.. the spring is a perfect fit! just thunk.. I love it!!!

    The two BSA METEORs are the same way, but now shooting very strong.. and you fixed the cracked stocks too… That long barrel gives such leverage, that it must be only 12 or 15lbs to cock it… Still it feels like it’s shooting about 600fps in .22 cal 11.9 hobby.. I put an old BSA 2-7×32 on the one without a rear sight, and it dialed in with only 5 shots.. and just stayed there… I’m so impressed with your skill level in all the different repairs that were needed.. very cool dude!

    I’m going to like shooting springers again.. at least the under 700fps ones.. and under 500 are my favorite.. such sweet little rifles. Making FT practice time gets harder everyday… in everyway..

    The Diana 22, or in our case the Winchester 422 and Hy-score 806, is for sure the same model I got as my first gun, when I was eight years old.. So I’m a very happy camper with one of each!! all shooting perfectly… “Thudd” and Thunk. HHHMMM… maybe I will name them that… cocking tight just like new.. even smell new when you shoot them, probably because they are new inside..

    Building this inventory of old real wood and metal little masterpieces is just too fun!! I just leave them laying around and people young and old love to pick them up and try them on the silent target in my office..
    You got them better than new, in my mind, because they will surprise the hell out of whoever picks them up and shoots them!!!

    Many, Many Thanks..
    and it looks like you only kept the one Win 425 for all that work.. you still have credit man!!!

    Attached is your next assignment should you choose, Ke mo sa vee….
    I know Kevin.. my spelling again :):)

    Item Number: 119219542
    Item Title: MARKHAM KING 500 SHOT #22 REPEATER
    Ending Date: 01/02/2009 10:24:28

    You can view the listing here:

    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  48. Wayne,

    keemosahbee (means white man that steals the best camera angles).

    Great to hear from you. Glad you’re busy making hay. You needed a gun room addition didn’t you?


  49. Fred,

    Sorry if I was gruff (good excuse, long story). I don’t know what BB’s surprise is, but on the Crosman leaks, at least, I think it’s wrong to reward a dubiously ethical company and blogger with more attention or advanced orders.

    Anyway, I hope you won’t stop posting on my account and won’t bear a grudge.

  50. Kevin,

    Just a second while I stop laughing… Volvo has me on the floor, typing on my knees with tears running down my checks..

    I don’t even get to sit next to my computer.. I’m in meetings all day.. or shopping capital supplies..

    Volvo’s list continued:

    · Wayne is selling his .177 S410 in favor of a .. I traded to Jane for secret docs..
    · Bg farmer is re-stocking his Red Ryder with Roy Weatherby furniture
    · Kevin received his .22 S410, and believes it is good enough medicine for elk.. I convince him of that!!
    · Jane is actually a 62 year old FBI agent named Harold Jones the second.. the first is a robot..
    · Dr G. is quitting his practice to purse a career in origami
    · Herb and Derrick are conspiring to start their own raised bed company using recycled Ford Explorer tires (my spies new that).. it’s ok.. something has to save Detroit..
    · Volvo has traded the Volvo for a Saturn.. with 3 speeds on column!!..
    · Wayne unable to wait until May for the Crosman Marauder has order a 2004 Mercury Marauder, with custom 1957 fins.. with a Air Arms s410 in each one to shoot from my rear view mirror.
    · Matt is starting his own forum, but in an excellent preemptive move is not releasing the site’s address to avoid being bogged down blogging.. and so as not to get caught by the head of the library..
    · Wayne is actually an i-robot made in Japan and purchased by Air Arms to promote their products… be careful with the truth, Dave..

    – “Dave, I wouldn’t do that if I were you” Dave.. Dave… dav… da ddd ddda ddave I wooodden’t do thaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    -Derrick, It’s not a good idea for humans to do math. computer don’t like that…

    – The real announcement is that Vince has broken the .177 cal feet per second record using the magnetic energy of the planet.. only problem is, it never stops.. just keeps revolving the earth when shot.. he’s working on it.. but, Jane won’t give him the whole formula, until she gets my Air Arms s410 I trade her… err I mean him.. for the info.. And Vince can’t test it anymore or google satellites will get knocked out and I’ll loose my connection and miss out on raised bed sales..

    The circle of life… whoooaahh man..
    Wacky Wayne

  51. John,

    These guys got it right about the longer barrel for your Crosman pistol.

    It’s probably easiest to call Crosman directly to get the barrel and breech you’re after.
    The part number for a .22 cal 14.6″ barrel is #2250-019
    The 24″ rifle barrel from the (2260 model rifle) is #2260-003

    Last time I ordered a barrel, I think they were $12. The steel breech is $30 from them.

    I don’t think PA sells the breech. I couldn’t find it on their site.

    Once you’ve got the steel breech, you just need a scope and a set of 11mm (or 3/8″–close enough) rings.

    I always order the 24″ barrels and cut them to whatever length I need then re-crown and drill/counterbore for the air transfer hole as needed

    If that’s not up your alley, just get the length you need.

    Longer barrels are a bit quieter on CO2 guns. They’re also a bit faster.

    Note: Their stock barrels are not choked and don’t seem to shoot the worse for lack of it.

    Also just for the sake of information sharing: It’s very easy to covert Crosman CO2 guns from .177 to .22 cal back and forth. The difference is (obviously) the barrel. But you also have to change the bolt. The nose and o-ring seal on the bolts are different between the calibers.
    What’s not always understood is that the .177 and the .22 cal barrels are the exact same outer diameter so they both fit the same breech. Crosman sells different breeches because they come with the appropriate bolt for the given caliber you’ve ordered. Also note that the bolts are both 1/4″ diameter rods. The difference is again in the shape of the nose on the bolt and the bolt’s o-ring seal location. That’s it.


  52. To the Brady Bunch song …

    Here’s the story
    of the wilely Crosman
    Who was bringing up two very new guns.
    All of them
    had stocks of brown,
    like the Discovery,
    the youngest one a repeater.

    Here’s the story
    of a man named BB,
    Who was busy with three blogs all the time.
    He was one man,
    keeping many secrets,
    Until Shot Show time.

    Till the one day
    when Crosman met this BB,
    And they knew it was much more than a hunch.
    That this group would somehow form an alliance.
    That’s the way they all became Agent Wayne, Agent Wayne …

    Ahh well, its late…

    No, I don’t take credit for this!

  53. Let me join the speculation…

    May be the BIG announcement is that the military decided to start developing its own line of PCP rifles for Special Forces. The amount of R&D put into this would certainly change the airgun world.

  54. Hello Tom,

    I come across my old "High Score model 806 BB rifle" and my question is where can I purchase some bb's and is there a problem getting them.


  55. Dick,

    I have no information on the Hy Score 806. You put the nomenclature in quotes, so I'm believing that's what is printed on the gun exactly!

    A BB gun is usually a smoothbore and a rifle is rifled for lead pellets. So if your gun is rifled it isn't for BBs. If its a smoothbore, and steel BBs from Wal-Mart should work.


  56. B.B,

    Just an observation: you just answered a question posted by Mary to Tom, but signed by Dick. I thought that was curious, but then again I might just have too much time on my hands. Whaqt do ou think? 🙂

    Mr B

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