Hy Score 801 – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Before I start this report, here’s an interesting tidbit. I heard something interesting about the Edge target rifle at the SHOT Show, so yesterday I did a special test. The results were dramatic enough that I will make another report on the Edge on Monday. If you own an Edge or are considering buying one, you won’t want to miss this!

Now, let’s get on with today’s report.

Hy Score model 801 is a handsome vintage spring rifle. Note the walnut stain on the beechwood stock. Beautiful!

Some interesting feedback on the first report of the Hy Score 801. One of our readers from Belgium says he’s never heard of nor seen this rifle in his country, so it may be scarce even there. And several readers commented on how lovely the rifle is. That’s my own assessment, as well. I’m so glad I’m able to bring your attention to this little-known classic springer from the 1940s. read more

Daisy Powerline 953 Targetpro – Part 5

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 5? What more can I do with the 953?

Well, one of you asked to see the AirForce target sight set mounted on the Daisy 953, and in a moment of weakness I said I’d do it. Forget the fact that I have already tested the rifle with a scope, which is potentially more accurate. They wanted to see what it would do with these sights and I agreed. Today’s the day.

Installation of the sights
Installation was easy. The front sight could be installed on either side of the muzzle, and I chose the right side for no particular reason. Of course, that sight can also be installed at a wide range of heights. Since the 953 doesn’t let you look through the barrel, I guessed what the right height might be and put it there. That guess was based on where the rear sight was, of course. read more

The 2010 SHOT Show – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Today, I’ll tell you more about the 2010 SHOT Show, plus I’ll tell you about the Pawn Stars pawn shop I visited. I’ll even throw in a bit about the car museum I saw at the Imperial Palace. But the SHOT Show is first.

Before I begin, I want to thank my pal Earl (Mac) McDonald for taking all the pictures you are about to see, as well as those shown in Part 1. Mac makes my SHOT Show go much faster and smoother than if I did it alone.

Air Arms in the Pyramyd Air booth
At the Air Arms section inside Pyramyd Air’s booth I was shown the new MPR rifle. It has undergone some changes to make it acceptable in NRA Sporter-class matches, according to Air Arms’ Bill Saunders. read more

The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

The results are in today. The new Air Venturi Bronco is a superior plinker!

I’m back in my office following the 2010 SHOT Show. The SHOT Show report will have several more parts, as there was just too much to get into the first report, and it’s hard to write a blog in a hotel room with only a couple hours of time. In Part 2 of the SHOT Show report, I’ll tell you about my visit to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop–home of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars! But, today, I’ll get back on track with the first of two accuracy reports on the new Air Venturi Bronco.

Several readers have said the Bronco seems to offer the features they’ve been looking for. I hope that’s the case, because I tried to put together a rifle that addresses as many of our desires as possible. I know I got the light cocking effort, ease of holding, great trigger and general look I was after; so, let’s see how it does on paper. read more

The 2010 SHOT Show – Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

The year 2010 started out different than predicted. We do not have a colony on the moon and there’s no manned mission to Jupiter to see what went wrong back in 2001. I guess that also means Jupiter will not turn into a second sun, and Europa will not harbor life 20,000 years from now.

Big change at Beeman
And there have been some interesting differences in the airgun world, as well. For starters, the Beeman company is now owned by the Shanghai Airgun Company, who will continue to import the Chinese Beeman-labeled guns and sell them under the Beeman name. Pyramyd Air has been selected as the distributor for the Beeman R-series airguns, so the R1, R9 and R 7 will still be with us; and the HW guns that are their counterparts will continue as separate models. read more

Micro Desert Eagle concealed carry gun – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Micro Desert Eagle is an all-metal, pocket-sized .380 ACP.

Today, I’ll show you how my Micro Desert Eagle performs on the range. In Part one of this report, I outlined all the other concealed carry guns I had looked at and even tested before settling on this one. Of course, I hadn’t tested everything on the market, but I had tested a lot of guns that people consider good carry guns.

Most were too large, and that includes an S&W model 37 Airweight snubnose in .38 Special. It also stung like a cracked bat hitting a fastball. I needed something extremely reliable, accurate and with adequate power.

So, I bought a Micro Desert Eagle in .380 ACP. Yes, it’s weak, but so is a 9x19mm Luger round in one of these pocket automatics. My rationale is that a gun I will carry all the time is better than a more powerful one I’ll leave at home. I’m not a cop. I don’t have to carry a gun. I do so by choice, and I choose to carry one that’s comfortable. read more

Hy Score 801 – Part 1

by B.B. Pelletier

Thanks to blog reader David Enoch, who signs in as woguph, for today’s report. Perhaps you’re familiar with how it works. You go along in life, blissfully ignorant of something until someone brings it to your attention. Then, suddenly your life has a huge hole in it until you possess the object with which you were so recently unfamiliar. That’s what David did to me when he introduced me to the Hy Score 801, and I’m passing it along.

Hy Score was an American company that sold airguns from the 1940s through to about 1982. They made a unique design of air pistol, but they also rebadged a number of airguns, both rifles and pistols, under the Hy Score name. And, as sometimes happens, they were careless in naming their models, because there are at least two distinctly different Hy Score model 801 rifles. Although there’s next to no information about them in the Blue Book of Airguns, one of the Hy Score 801 breakbarrels was a Diana 25 (that one they do identify), and the other was made in Belgium. Today’s report is about the Belgian gun. read more