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Education / Training The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 3

The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 3

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2


The results are in today. The new Air Venturi Bronco is a superior plinker!

I’m back in my office following the 2010 SHOT Show. The SHOT Show report will have several more parts, as there was just too much to get into the first report, and it’s hard to write a blog in a hotel room with only a couple hours of time. In Part 2 of the SHOT Show report, I’ll tell you about my visit to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop–home of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars! But, today, I’ll get back on track with the first of two accuracy reports on the new Air Venturi Bronco.

Several readers have said the Bronco seems to offer the features they’ve been looking for. I hope that’s the case, because I tried to put together a rifle that addresses as many of our desires as possible. I know I got the light cocking effort, ease of holding, great trigger and general look I was after; so, let’s see how it does on paper.

Before we do that, though, let’s talk about the blonde stock for a minute. I thought the Bronco would be unique at the SHOT Show, so imagine my surprise to see an Air Arms S410 with two versions of a blonde stock! Bill Saunders told me they were looking for ways of reducing the weight of their new MPR Sporter-class target rifle (more on that in a later report) and they discovered poplar wood.

A popular blonde
Poplar (not popular) is a fast-growing hardwood species. It’s apparently strong enough for gun stocks but still lightweight. It’s a favorite in the furniture trade as a secondary wood. Generally, the grain is straight without a lot of figure, and it takes a stain like a white cotton shirt at a blueberry-eating festival. Weight plus the possible color spectrum were what brought it to the attention of Air Arms. And, as I noted, they showed their very popular S410 in a blonde poplar stock at the show. So, if it’s good enough for them….

Therefore, we know that the Bronco is not the only blonde at the party. But it’s still one of the prettiest, in my opinion. Every veteran airgunner who saw it at the show saw the C1 similarity right away.

Today, I’m going to test it for accuracy with the open sights it comes with. A right-out-of-the-box test, if you will. And I’m not going to clean the barrel, because I don’t expect most customers to do so, either. In fact, I’m going to split this test in two parts. The first will be shot with discount store pellets, like I would expect many buyers to use. Then I’ll use the premium pellets that I would recommend. So, today you’ll be getting a second test within a test as we compare the results of discount pellets to premium pellets.

The shooting was at 10 meters, off a bag rest and artillery hold with the rifle on the backs of my fingers. As light as it is, it is very easy to shoot this way.

In this corner…Daisy Precision Max
Bargain pellets first. First up were Daisy Precision Max wadcutters. That’s a pellet you always find at the big box stores like Wal-Mart. They’re pure lead and made in China.


Daisy Precision Max wadcutters were mediocre at 10 meters. Though the sighting was careful, they went into this open group.

I didn’t have a lot of hope for the Daisys. They were more accurate when they were made in Spain, but even then they were not among the top bargain pellets.

Crosman Copperhead wadcutters
Next up were Crosman wadcutters. They gave a much better group, with three of the five going into a very small hole. Remember, I am a 62-year-old man who wears bifocals shooting open sights without his glasses on.


Crosman wadcutters showed a lot of promise, with three going into a very small hole at the top. This gave me the idea to try Premiers

The Crosman group was also well-rounded, giving me a lot more confidence in the gun. Remember, these are economy pellets I’m shooting.

Gamo Match wadcutters
Gamo Match wadcutters were next. Though you can find them at Wally World, they’re really a very good pellet in a lot of guns. In fact, I heard they work quite well in the Edge. If I get some time, I will try them.


Best group thus far. Gamo Match are worth shooting in the Bronco.

Well, the group speaks for itself. With my old tired eyes, I shot a dime-sized group. They’re both inexpensive and accurate; two of the best things a pellet can be.

And in this corner…RWS Hobby
Now it was time to move into the premium pellets. While RWS Hobbys are not really a premium pellet, they’re often very accurate in some guns, so I lumped them in this test.


Hobbys didn’t fare well in the Bronco.

The results are obvious. The Bronco I’m testing doesn’t like them.

RWS Meisterkugeln
Next up were RWS Meisterkugeln heavy (8.2 grains) pellets. They were better than the Hobbys, but still only average. If I had them, I’d shoot them–but Crosman wadcutters did better.


Meisterkugeln tightened up from Hobbys, as expected.

H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets
The next pellet to be tested were H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets. They tightened up even more, and were quite acceptable.


H&N Finale Match Pistol pellets shot very well in the Bronco.

What about pellets other than wadcutters?
I tried wadcutters first, because of the cleaner holes they cut in target paper. But domed pellets are probably what most people will shoot in a plinker. I tried both RWS Superdomes and H&N Field Target, but they were only average in this rifle. However, do you remember those Crosman wadcutters that were so good? Well, they gave me the idea to try Crosman Permier 7.9-grain domes.

Drum roll, please…

Crosman Premier lites
Crosman Premier 7.9-grain pellets turned in the best performance of the test. I put a U.S. dime next to the target, so you can see for yourself. Four of the five shots stayed inside Roosevelt’s head on the dime, and the group of five can be completely covered by the coin.


The Bronco isn’t just accurate. It’s dead-nuts accurate! Wonder what it can do with a scope?

I never adjusted the sights during the test. The movement of the groups is entirely due to their performance in the Bronco’s barrel. That is a report within a report.

Notice, also, that the cheap pellets did remarkably well in this test. No need to spend a bundle to shoot the Bronco.

The firing behavior was remarkably smooth and quick. The second stage of the trigger was crisp in this test, but I was able to feel it move as I squeezed.

Some people have asked about the expected longevity of this rifle. I think it should be nearly forever, given the light, smooth firing cycle.

The straight line of the stock works well for sighting, and I can tell it will also work with a scope mounted at medium height. I’m glad we went with the western lines of the butt.

Most pellets fit the breech very well. Only the Daisy Precision Match were a bit loose. The Crosman pellets fit quite well.

At the slower velocity of this rifle, follow-through is very important. The artillery hold is mandatory, though the rifle is not hold-sensitive at all.

Next, I’ll test the Bronco with a scope. Given the small size of the gun I’ll use a smaller scope–probably one with a long eye relief.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

80 thoughts on “The Bronco from Air Venturi – Part 3”

  1. BB!…with a cheap pellet or a CP light this gun is a real tack driver out of the box.You must be very proud,and deservedly so!A scope can only help matters,but who wouldn't be proud to outfit their child with a youth Bronco.Army men and Neco wafers don't stand a chance with proper technique…that will make certain that a child with aptitude listens to his coach too….if he or she wants to be as accurate as the coach can be with the same rifle! Bravo!

  2. B.B.
    You have impressed me with this little rifle.

    Lower powered guns have their place in the shooting world as long as they are not just cheap junk that would frustrate the shooter. This one looks to fill the bill for certain applications without performing like a cheap toy.

    It does me good to see a product like this.


  3. It's nice to see that you can still do good with an inexpensive rifle and inexpensive pellets.
    Thank you for trying them out.
    This rifle seems like a real winner to me.

    wv : flies
    just like the pellets out of this sweet rifle

  4. Morning B.B.,

    Thank you for this interesting rifle. What a bargin! My 16 year old daughter, who has never showed any interest in shooting, asked me if I'd teach her how to shoot. Looks like a Bronco is at the head of the birthday list.

    Mr B.

  5. Nice rifle Tom, now get the kid down the block to run the barrel in for you and see if the likes and dislikes changes….somes they do sometimes they don't but it's another thing to know…

  6. B.B.

    Great job on the Bronco.. I'm placing an order this morning for a few. This one is just a little smaller than the RWS 92 which also shoots pretty smooth at 650fps.. but the trigger is not great on it.
    The Bronco should be a perfect air gun to train with. Thanks again for another great addition to the air gun world!

    Wacky Wayne MD Ashland Air Rifle RAnge

  7. Exceptional shooting BB! Chalk this up as another gun that performs well beyond what the price would begin to indicate.

    The Gamo wadcutter pellet has changed recently. They're now made in China and have a very pronounced seam from the die halves. Reports are not encouraging. The older version was fine pellet in most guns I tried them in.

  8. Wayne,

    I know you will put it through its paces and not pull any punches. So far I've found that everyone who finds the right pellet loves the gun. But as today's report shows, the wrong pellet is no good.

    I think you want Premier lites for absolute accuracy and Gamo Match for your cheapies. The second group I shot with Gamo Match was larger than the first, but three of the five went into one hole. They are worth exploring.


  9. Joe3006Springfield,

    I'm coming to this party late, but the Drulov DU10 is a fine gun with match accuracy.

    The Colt 1911 is really nice for the money.

    The single-shot Crosman 2300 from the Crosman Custom Shop is a great shooter.

    .22 cal pellets are much easier to handle than .177 if you've got some dexterity problems.

    If anyone has a FUNCTIONAL non-basket case Crosman 600 for $125 let me know. Heck, I'll go $130. I'm serious.

  10. Derrick,

    Thanks for the heads-up on Gamo Match. Just when you think you have some control over things, somebody goes and screws it up.

    You haven't tested the new pellets yet? I will wait until PA flushes the Spanish pellets out of the system, though that may have already happened. I will check today.


  11. Wait a minute! Hold the phone! An inexpensive rifle that shoot cheap pellets accurately?! I think the Myans are right. The world ends soon!

    Now where did I put that short list? Wait, if a short list lists over 20 things is it really a short list? BB, you are destroying my short list!


  12. BB,

    I've not bought or shot the new pellets. There were pics up on the Yellow forum a couple days ago. Think I have 3 or 4 tins of the old ones in .177 and .22. I think my pile is up around 50 or 60k pellets right now. I like a little variety.

    That's a great deal on functional Crosman 600s. I've got 2 right now and wouldn't let them go for 3 times that.

    Yep, I'm gonna have to go to Roanoke. I'm going to the Findlay, OH "Toys that Shoot" show Saturday, April 10th. One airgun show outproduces 100 gun shows and flea markets.

  13. totally off topic..

    Any recommendations on what to ask for a Birmingham Webley Longbow in .177? It's in better than 90% condition, and hasn't seen nearly any use. This is one of the Birmingham Longbows that Pyramyd had brought in just prior to Webleys move to Turkey.

    Any advice will be appreciated

  14. Derrick 38
    I have heard that the 600s are fussy about pellets. Saw somewhere that they only worked with the crosman wadcutters which I heard were discontinued.
    Is this so?


  15. B.B.

    Thanks again for putting this fine gun together. Your great at fill the needs of the real shooters… new or pros. What would the manufactures do without you?

    Really, they keep screwing up while your on the sidelines helping whoever asks.. when they do.. you give them something worthwhile.

    I for one am very grateful!

    and yes… I'm trying to soften you up for the USFT trade.. but it's all still very, very TRUE!

    Wacky Wayne, MD. Ashland Air Rifle Range

  16. Twotalon,

    Some 600s can be fussy, but they will all feed several pellets. Premiers often work well.

    What cannot work are pointed pellets or dome with sharp ogives. They jam in the skirt in front of them and do not allow it to shear off in feeding.


  17. Frank B,

    would love to take that 1077w off your hands but the wife just found out I have a couple new additions to my collection and… well, silence is a good thing, but the silent treatment is a bit creepy! gonna have to pass this time thanks.

    Though this Bronco's kind of teetering the scales on the long term silent treatment possibilities! Naw… $100 worth of going to the show or shopping would be best, huh?


  18. dsw

    When it comes to undisclosed airgun purchases and the subsequent shopping mall madness bribes to the wife, two wrongs definitely make it right.

    WV: large! as in Leo's getting larger.

  19. B.B.

    Interesting. So, Gamo is now at the head of the class and my favorites, the versatile RWS Hobbys aren't doing so well. I'm curious what types of pellets go into the FWBs at the Olympic level. Do they try the same brands of pellets we do or is there some other category?

    So, is the Bronco stock also made of poplar? I did miss the fact that the R series will continue to be made by Weihrauch. Good news.

    Derrick38, I think you're right about Daisy. It explains exactly why I like my Daisy 747 which is cheap and accurate.

    Mike, thanks for the rundown on the Smith and Wesson military and police from the perspective of many years. I read an article the other day in which the user admitted that Glocks are not all that accurate although things are changing with the new Generation 3 Rough Textured Finish RTF; they can group into 2 inches at 25 yards from a rest.


  20. a lot of times when I run out of "premium match pellets", I find gamo, avanti and crosman match pellets work well along with hobbies. I like the blonco, except for the blond color. Sorry.

  21. I am NOT going to complain about the Bronco blond stock! If I find that I really can't stand it (not likely but probable) I will ask Stain Master Kevin to come back out of retirement.

    W.V. – resista – resista the blonda complaintsa.

  22. Matt, the R-10 (for example) used in Match Competition are the same R-10 you or I use…sorta.
    They are 'handpicked' (though I assume this is done by machine) and packed individually.
    If you check Pyramyd's site the basic R-10 is $12.95 for a tin of 500.
    The R-10 Match are $32.00 for the same amount.
    I would imagine the same goes for H&N and Eley, which, along with RWS are the most commonly used competition pellet.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  23. Hi BB,
    I am enjoying the report. It looks like a nice little rifle, closer in power to the Diana 25 than the 27 though.

    You were talking about cheap, available pellets. While the CPLs in the box are not available, they are almost as cheap as the discount store pellets. I think they are on of the best buys in our industry, even if they are not perfect.

    David Enoch

  24. Pellets for a Crosman 600? Some 600's are very picky about what they will cycle, others are jam-a matics. Mine will both digest Eley Wasps (good luck finding them) Crosman wadcutters, H&N Match wadcutters, RWS Hobby, Marksman Field Target Specials, and Milbro domes (even more luck needed finding these). For the most part, 600's seem to like wadcutters and domes with a pronounced round head.

    One of mine is a bit more tolerant and will also feed boxed Crosman Premiers, and Crosman/Benjamin Discovery hollowpoints.

    The 600's chew through CO2 and should be bulked at first opportunity.


  25. Derrick and everyone,

    We have just heard back from the Gamo Customer Service Manager that no lead pellets are outsourced to China. They get their airsoft BBs made there like everyone, but all lead pellets are still made in Spain.


  26. All,
    I have gone through three 500 pellet tins of the 7.71gr. gamo match. I have one 500 tin left and four 250 tins. On PA they say that the 500 tins are 7.71 and the 250 are 7.5gr. However, my 250 tins say 7.71gr. too. I compared the to and the 250 tin pellets are lighter and much less uniform and have larger seams. They are both made in Spain and the 250 tin was purcased fairly recently. If I get any more I`ll get 500 tins.


  27. Bud,

    Both weight pellets exist in both size tins. If they are out of stock when you order, they shouldn't show up on the site, but they are still there.

    Gamo says they have no plans to send their pellets to China. Apparently that was just an urban legend.


  28. B.B. and all, thanks for the information about elite pellets. How about that. JSB Exacts nowhere to be seen. I have taken note of the price of the R-10 match pellets which does seem to take a lot of the fun out of airgunning.

    Is 30,000 pellets a year's worth for the Olympic level? That doesn't quite compute with the tales of 5 hours of practice per day and more. Either they don't shoot that much; they practice with a different pellet; or they do a heck of a lot of dry-firing.

    On the subject of the dime, I'll just add another perspective. It has its effect, but whenever I see a group that good, I want to know the numerical group size too.


  29. Hi B.B and others,

    I have an off-topic question.

    Is it possible (or feasible) to modify a target rifle, lets say the Feinwerkbau Mod. 500 to achieve around 700-800 fps with a medium to heavy pellet? With decent accuracy out to 30yards. By decent, I hope to keep the pellet within a 1.5" target at 30 yards.

    Is it possible? Has anyone done it? Could someone point me in the right direction?



  30. Mo,

    I'm sure that you can find someone who could convert that rifle to do what you want, but why would you want to do that to a gun that costs around $1700.00?

    There are many guns out there that can shoot 700-800fps into 1/2 inch or less at 30 yards for around $500.00 or less.

    Mr B.

  31. Mr.B,

    I knew that question was coming. 🙂

    I have a good enough reason though. I'm currently in India and the Air Rifle market here is a nightmare.

    Used rifles sell for 2-4 times the price of a new one. Sometimes even more!

    The reason is that Commercial import of Air Rifles is prohibited by the government and the only way to get your hands on a rifle is to bring one while travelling into the country. Funny, there are no restrictions on that! For import however, it is restricted to only .177 rifles/pistols and the process is tedious and infested with red tape.

    I was interested in the conversion since a friend of mine has two target rifles he's willing to sell. I'm not a big fan of target rifles and hence wanted to know if a conversion was possible.

    Adds up, dont it?


  32. Mo,

    It is possible. It requires work on the valve and firing system, In the U./S. several people do it for customers.

    The short 16-inch barrel of the target rifle will fight you for top velocity, though.

    What is needed is a greater throughput of air.


  33. B.B,

    I tried googling for information and could not find any online.

    Do you know of any websites I can try to perhaps see a conversion?

    One the outset, its good to know that it can be and has been done.



  34. Slinging Lead,
    I recalled the post moments after I sent the reply, and unfortunately the blog lacks the ability to renege. I wonder since Dr. Beeman was in attendance if it was from his collection?

    Perhaps you are just the Nostradamus of pellets? Who knows what the future may hold? Remember when Akron made tires?

    You are tempting, and while I have always had a thing for brunettes, variety is the spice of life. I guess the dirty little secret here is that you need not spend a fortune for respectable accuracy. I have spent more time with my Daisy Gamo and added a scope. The trigger is still an abomination, but even with that drawback I am able to shoot Gamo target numbers at 45 feet. These numbers can be completely covered with a .22 caliber pellet.
    That exercise was a common accuracy test that a longer term keeper rifle needed to pass; I am still considering the trigger change.

    Killer Asteroids,
    They shoot pellets at small asteroid pieces to see the effect it has, hoping to save us in the future by doing this on a larger scale. Anyone want to guess what brand type of pellets the use?


  35. derrick38, according to that link the label still says 'Made in Spain'. Not sure why he says they look like the Chinese Daisy's because they don't – the Chinese Daisy's don't have a ribbed skirt.

    Wondering if this guy just got a bad tin…

  36. BB
    You said that the artillery hold is mandatory even though the rifle is not hold sensitive? Can you explain? I thought the artillery hold IS for hold sensitive rifles?

  37. Max Skunk Works,

    seems in the pellet discussion, your question was overlooked. Per my Bluebook of Airguns, a Webley Longbow in 90% condition commands an asking price of $250 to $325 in 95% condition. A walnut stock commands an extra 15%. This was from the 6th Edition. Now I know there must have been several Longbows for sale at this year's Roanoke show but I wasn't looking so didn't note the prices. Perhaps BB, with his encyclopedic memory for collectibles, can help.

    You might want to go to the Yellow Forum Classified on network54.com and do a search and see what the current asking price is.

    Fred PRoNJ

  38. Mo,
    “Commercial import of Air Rifles is prohibited” does this mean you can receive them from a private source?
    Do you just need one of us to send you a Disco with pump?


  39. Volvo,

    As enticing as that is, it would amount to a private import and can only be done in .177. And the dreaded government red tape to go through!!

    Since commercial import is prohibited, the dealers cant import and sell via the regular route. Sales happen in very small numbers, where the dealer brings the gun in himself, or has someone bring it in for him and then sell it at a sky high premium. And its not advertised either.

    The easiest import I've seen is to get a knocked down gun shipped. Since its just parts, it usually easy. But again, most international dealers wont go to all that trouble.


  40. This rifle looks really nice (especially for the price). I still enjoy my 490 though; but what should I do (in terms of oiling as in how much, where, etc.) if my rifle is honking when I cock the rifle? I also, by accident, dry-fired the rifle because the pellet fell out of the breach when closing the barrel (loose fitting pellets >.<).

    Thanks, Ryan

  41. I have the older Gamo pellets…I guess..mine came in a 4 tin sampler pack. One tin has a 250 count 7.71 gamo match pellets with no sticker on the bottom. They shoot well.

    One thing I suspect is that big box store buyers seem to get counterfiet merchandise. There are so many times I've received substandard merchandise and some models don't seem to be recognised by manufactures, especially when buying parts.

    Then again, maybe they order one time runs on items made in China and pay a little to slap on a name to keep prices down and no repair parts so you have to buy new when they break down.

    I don't buy pellets from big box stores, because a lot of them look mangled in shipping and they sell defective pellets at a reduced price instead of sending them back. Two example: my crosman hollow point non lead pellets……only about 25% were probably ok and my Gamo rockets with wings (flashing on the sides)50% good.

    Big box for the low cost plinking pellets?…..maybe, but for more expensive pellets, I will buy at the local sporting good store or PA.

  42. btw…I forgot to mention that like mendozas because they tend to have little plastic on their airguns.

    When crosman was having mendoza making airguns for them, I've noticed that is when their springers had the highest marks on their springer reviews.

    Today, a simple lube tune and trigger work and the chinese made crosman springers may be comparable. I wonder if mendoza would be able to keep up their standard of quality if they continued making airguns for crosman with the number of airguns they sell.

  43. Volvo,

    I wonder if you and I are thinking alike. Ok to get parts causethey don't look like much of anything.

    A Disco could be made to look like anything, espically if it's in a couple of boxes.

    I also think I'm remembering someone here who ships stuff all over the place.

    Are we seeing the begining of a project along with Mo?

    Mr B.

  44. BB,
    Someone stole our idea.

    A long while back you wanted ideas for a new pellet tin. I sent you a web link for a tin that is a perfect pellet tin.

    No someone is selling it under the name Pellet Safe. Check out the video http://airgun.tv/podcasts/index.html
    While your there check out the full power (whatever that means) single SSP.

    Back on topic… I do like blonds. But generally not in a gun stock. This one does look nice though.


  45. To Derrick 38 and Tom….

    After stewing and looking for a repeater I finally did go to the Crosman Custom shop and "expect delivery in a couple weeks"…. I even calle dthem to see if they could do an adjustable trigger (that call got a couple laughs until I mentioned I had a 2 ounce trigger on a .308 that is used for serious long range work…. I managed to pick from the column a, column b, etc and come up with a compromise. You are right about the .22 pellets being easier to use, but I am also trying to get dexterity back so wanted to stick with the .177 by working my fingers more.

    Thanks again for all the advice from everyone.

  46. B.B.

    Do I do that by dropping it down the barrel or directly into the transfer port when cocked? And to work it around do I just move the rifle around or shoot it?

    Thanks, Ryan

  47. Ryan,

    You cock the rifle and leave the barrel down. Hold onto it while it is down (with the butt held by your stomach), and with your other hand drop the oil into the air transfer port.

    You can also drop the oil directly down the muzzle, but you need to stand the rifle on its butt for an hour, to allow the oil to run down and through the transfer port.


  48. Ryan,

    I like to cock and uncock the rifle several times in different positions to spread the oil around the compression chamber walls. If the 490 won't allow you to manually uncocking it, then just let it sit for an hour after oiling then shoot it about 20 times as a minimum. You can shoot it all you like, but the minimum is to spread the oil.


  49. Thanks a lot B.B.
    One more question (for now), is it okay to dry-fire a spring airsoft gun (not excessively, just a few times between shooting)? I understand that when shooting any repeater, dry-fires are bound to happen, but I just want to know if it harms the gun at all.

    Thanks, Ryan

  50. Hi BB,

    Thanks for all of your insight. I really love reading this resource. I want to know if my RWS 48 .177 can be tuned so that I can shoot it in field target effectively. I am willing to have it professionally done. Is there anything wrong with this in theory? OR should I just go get a CFX for about the same price range? I have read your review on the 48/52 and wonder if this is trying to make it something it's not..Thanks for any advice or hints.

  51. Coachadt,

    the RWS48/52 in .177 cal. is a contender for field target competition. It is very accurate and in the spring piston category, can give the FWB 124 a real run for the money. As for tuning it for this, perhaps the best single item you can do is have the trigger worked on.

    For more comments, you really should post your comments on the current Blog as very few of the participants review these old comments. There are a core of us who volunteer to do this and steer new commenters to the current blog. This is found at:


    A new blog appears every day and in between reading and searching the old blogs, you can read and post comments here.

    I have taken the liberty of copying your comment and putting on the current blog. Weclome to the airgun blog and we look forward to your continued visits and participation.

    Fred PRoNJ

  52. Part 1 of the B.B. Pellitier Bronco review says that the Mendoza oiling hole was eliminated and that the cylinder seldom needs oiling. I just received my Bronco and the manual says to oil the cylinder every 100 shots and shows to oil it via the non-existant oiling hole. Pyramid should notify Mendoza to correct this.

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    Shop and purchase with confidence knowing that all of our air guns (except airsoft) are protected by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page.

    A warranty is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials and workmanship.

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    Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? We understand that sometimes things aren't right and our team is serious about resolving these issues quickly. We can often help you fix small to medium issues over the phone or email.

    If you need to return an item please read our return policy.

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