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Education / Training The 2010 SHOT Show – Part 2

The 2010 SHOT Show – Part 2

by B.B. Pelletier

Part 1

Today, I’ll tell you more about the 2010 SHOT Show, plus I’ll tell you about the Pawn Stars pawn shop I visited. I’ll even throw in a bit about the car museum I saw at the Imperial Palace. But the SHOT Show is first.

Before I begin, I want to thank my pal Earl (Mac) McDonald for taking all the pictures you are about to see, as well as those shown in Part 1. Mac makes my SHOT Show go much faster and smoother than if I did it alone.

Air Arms in the Pyramyd AIR booth
At the Air Arms section inside Pyramyd Air’s booth I was shown the new MPR rifle. It has undergone some changes to make it acceptable in NRA Sporter-class matches, according to Air Arms’ Bill Saunders.

New Air Arms MPR is set up for NRA Sporter-class competition.
Remaining in the Pyramyd AIR booth a little longer, I found a remarkable new kind of folding knife at the show, and I showed it to Josh Ungier, who immediately placed an order. The blade locks in 35 different positions, so difficult cuts of tubing, rope and carpet become easy. It can also become a formidable close combat weapon when the blade is locked at a 90-deg. angle. I didn’t take a picture because I hope to test it for you very soon.

Back to Crosman
I returned to the Crosman booth several times during the show; and on the last visit, I learned that the Super Streak model will be replaced by the Benjamin Trail. While the Trail is the same size and shape of the Super Streak, it has the Nitro Piston plus a barrel shroud that the Super Streak didn’t have, so this is really a brand new model.

I also saw their new Marlin BB gun that has a pronounced western look. They call it the Cowboy, and it looks like a real Western rifle. I’ll test one as soon as possible.

The new Marlin Cowboy looks very Western. It’s a BB gun.
Back to Umarex
Umarex is now branding guns under their own name, and one of them is the new Steel Storm BB repeater. It shoots 6-round bursts or semiautomatic shots one at a time, runs on CO2 and has blowback action. The power for shooting comes from two 12-gram CO2 cartridges. It looks a lot like a Drozd, but expect it to sell for less.

Umarex Steel Storm is a BB submachine gun. Burst-fire and semi-auto, as well. Remind you of anything?
Gamo again
On day four, I ran into Norvin Hornberger at Gamo, who walked me through all their new products. And they had quite a few. I first told him how delighted I was to see three .25 caliber pellets in the booth and he immediately called over the Gamo USA CEO to hear me. I told them both that the Hunter Extreme in .25 and their three new pellets were going to help revive the quarter-inch bore–something I told you guys in the first report. Norvin told me the company was so entrenched in .177 sales that even making .22 caliber guns was a stretch, and that the .25 seemed like a miracle. I responded that I think they may be surprised by the sales, since there are a number of .25 caliber enthusiasts here in the U.S. Especially, the hunters will love the extra smashing power.

Gamo SOCOM Extreme is another hypervelocity spring rifle that joins the Hunter Extreme this year.
Two of the three new Gamo pellets that will be offered in .25 caliber.
Norvin told me that the new Gamo SOCOM Extreme, another 1,600 f.p.s. springer, will probably also be converted to .25 if sales are good for the Hunter Extreme. Of course, the .22 version will be available even sooner this year.

Another big reason to be in the Gamo booth are the new ND3 and ND5 laser illuminators. These are not flashlights. They’re actual lasers that can be focused to have larger beams at distance. They make it possible to see game through a standard telescopic sight without night vision. For hunters, they’ll soon become essential, since you will be able to see game at night a half-mile away without spooking anything.

The light clamped to the scope is a Gamo ND3 laser illuminator. It can be aligned with your scope to allow you to see game beyond the range at which you can shoot.
Fun times
The show ended on a Friday, so that evening Mac and I saw Terry Fator, the impersonating ventriloquist at the Mirage. I’ve seen a few Vegas shows, but this was the best of all. Fator told the audience to take all the pictures they wanted and to video the portions of the show they liked best.

At the end of the show, he went into his souvenir store and stayed until the last guest had a chance to get his autograph and get their picture taken with him. The profits from all the sales are turned over to the armed forces for the benefit of troops stationed overseas. No Vegas headliner has ever done these things before, which tells you a lot about the man who won America’s Got Talent.

The next morning, we hopped in a cab and went downtown to the Gold and Silver pawn shop–home of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars. Chumlee was the only member of the cast in the store when I was there, and I asked him where all the old guns were. He told me that about 100 people a day of the 700 that come into the store ask the same thing, so the old guns never stay long. Ten minutes later I heard him explaining the same thing to another tourist/customer.

Pawn Stars pawn shop has two employees dedicated to crowd control during the day.
Poor Chumlee has to answer the same questions from hundreds of customers every day. He takes photos with about every fifth customer. Those are Pawn Stars souvenir shirts on the wall behind him.
These are the championship rings they have on display. The 2001 Super Bowl ring in the center is priced at $100,000.
As you might expect, a lot of the neat stuff you see them buy on the show is already gone, but I did see a few things from the show. Rick’s refurbished barber chair is on sale, and the wooden airplane propeller that might be linked to Charles Lindberg was mounted on the wall. No prices were seen for these items. The Coke vending machine was there (or another one that looked just like it), and I think Chumlee’s Harley is for sale for $20,000. It sure looked like the bike he bought from them in 2009.

The hot-air balloon Cory bought hasn’t sold yet. The worked a deal to lease it back to the guy they bought it from, so at least they’re making some money from it.

After the visit, we went over to the Imperial Palace to see their car museum. Many of the cars were for sale, and they apparently buy and sell from there all the time. Over 300 restored cars were on display, with the cheapest selling for $14,000 and the most expensive at $1.5 million.

Three-wheel car with a two-cylinder JAP motorcycle engine hung out in front was one of the quirky cars at the Imperial Palace car museum.
This was definitely the best SHOT Show I ever attended. It had tons of new products, and this year I stayed an extra day to depressurize after the show closed. The coming year should be an exciting one for all airgunners.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

87 thoughts on “The 2010 SHOT Show – Part 2”

  1. Morning B.B.,

    The quarter bore–yes sir–will have to move a gun in that caliber closer to the head of the line.

    A knife that locks open in 35 different positions, you've piqued my interest, might be a must purchase. Although I've about settled on my SOG Spec Elite, 4" blade, as my every day carry knife. Love the way it opens and closes. If you haven't picked one one and tried it out you're in for a treat.

    Antique cars with what looks like jute boxes in the back ground, maybe?

    How'd Mac take the picture of the Championship rings–no glare? I am thinking that they had to be under glass.

  2. Tom do you have any info on what Colt and others have in mind for the 100th anniversary of the 1911? I HAVE to imagine Colt with come out with a commemerative edition.

  3. Mr. B.,

    Yes, the rings were inside a glass case. And those jukeboxes are for sale, as well.

    I picked up a couple other knives at SHOT, including one made by a company in PA. Have you heard of Titusville Ironworks? They are a small maker that makes 100 percent of their knife material on-site.

    I also got a Boker Kalashnikov for a great price.


  4. B.B.,

    Job Security

    Maybe it's my infantile perspective since I'm a newbie airgunner but this seems like the best (worst?) time to be addicted to airguns considering all the new products entering the market from all over the world.

    The new Gamo/BSA ND3 & ND5 laser illuminators could be a solution I've been looking for. The unique mount shown in your picture is very interesting. Looks well made and is adjustable for windage and elevation! Although it's not clear on PA's specs whether all 3 mounts are included, PA shows 3 mounts in their photo's:


    Once this is mounted on a gun I'm concerned about the gun fitting in its case. Do you know whether one of these 3 mounts shown on PA's site has a quick attach/detach feature?

    Since these aren't in stock yet PA tech support, in my experience, can't answer this yet. Maybe I should just sit back and wait for your blog on these units.

    Thanks for bringing all these new products to our attention.


  5. Kevin,

    Unless I missed something, the ND3 is not quick-detachable. And the mounts, which are essential for adjustment, do come with it.

    The ND5 is a flashlight that doesn't come with mounts, though they do exist. Gamo had one mounted on a spotting scope in their booth.


  6. BB,fantastic report…Pawn stars and the new show Pickers are must watch at my house!Great job on spotting that knife,sounds like a sure hit and unique design.I for one anxiously await the ND3 because of the mount as well.I own the ND5 but without the mounts it is an expensive novelty.I sure would like mounts for it.I've gone so far as to consider the expensive option of having one machined,but recent spending habits have been,well….out rageous!please let me know if you find out more about them!


    Saw some talk about the pellet safe. Good product. Took 4 weeks for me to get mine. I like these better after trying both primarily because I can see the name of the pellet tin I'm grabbing. With the pellet safe you have to label each pellet:

    Wish PA would carry these. Great product.


  8. I've watched a Terry Fator DVD. Pretty talented guy. That's great when someone really appreciates their audience. I often see a lot of time where people let money or fame go to their heads.

    I write million song ideas down and sometime I have to record a few just to see what they sound like when I play them back. I'm not the world's best singer and I'm just happy if someone actually wants to hear one. Perhaps one in thousand can really sing and one in a million ever make it. As for me…I just want to write them a song.

  9. Okay I found out three important things to consider with the ND3 and the ND5…first,the ND5 should not be mounted on any weapon that recoils.the ND5 has no weapon shock resistance.It will however withstand a 1 meter drop,so it's well made.The ND3 is what you want.ND5 mount is designed for Camera use.That makes sense.The second thing to consider is this:Neither unit will be able to operate below 40 degrees farenheight…Can't wait for the ND3 to be in stock personally,it comes with mounts,it's lightweight and aimable and good to 300yds.

  10. Kevin,

    I wrote the descriptions on Pyramyd AIR for the ND3 & ND5. I researched both products very carefully. The items shown come with the lasers. The ND3 definitely comes with all those mounts & everything shown. The ND5 does not show any mounts in the images & does not come with any.


  11. Frank B,

    Thanks for the additional information.

    The only thing that raises a red flag for me is that it won't operated below 40 degrees. Since the temperature at my place in the mountains rarely stays above 40 degrees at night this could be a deal killer.

    I didn't see this additional info on the PA site. Where did you read this?


  12. Mrs Gaylord,

    Thank you for the clarification. I'm beginning to get that "I gotta have one" feeling. The Gamo/BSA ND3 looks like a great deal considering all 3 mounts are included.


  13. Mrs Gaylord,

    I remain convinced that this isn't a character flaw in the male of the species but rather something special additive to our water in the western USA that only affects male outdoorsmen.


  14. I think the Benjamin Trail NP ($229.00 including scope) is an good deal and one to put on the recommended starter air rifle like the rws 34 striker combo etc……

    I wonder how the trigger is on the new Benji Trail NP or if there are any after market trigger kits that would work on them?

  15. Kevin,I found a couple mentions reguarding operating temp. below 40 deg. farenheight,by current users.They further elaborated that BSA didn't consider this grounds for a return…I own a ND-5,tonite I will subject it to 30 degrees if you want.It apparently does no harm{I Hope!}.OK,I looked it up,the blog was sniper's hide.

  16. 01/27/10: Mr.Pelletier, Loved your useage in reference to the word for Japanese, (blog dated: 01/27/10). Sincerly, A long time/continued Pyramyd customer, Wes T… (a said Japanese person)

  17. BB,

    I am expecting delivery of my IZH 46M today. A question regarding storage: Since it is a single-stroke pneumatic, do you store it with a full reservoir? It doesn't have a safety, but I don't keep any pellet gun in a loaded condition. I always have a single pump in all my multi-stroke pneumatics.


  18. Everybody,

    The scope is mounted directly to a wooden fixture that has the same form as a stock. The place where it is mounted is raised to simulate the height of the gun's receiver. Then it slopes down again to the level of the forearm.


  19. FrankB,,

    No. I'm in Schwarzeneggerfornia. My youngest son was stationed at Gunter AFB, though He's been reassigned to Pope AFB, NC. He still owns the house in Montgomery, so I can see a couple of Maintenance oriented trips for me in the future. thought wile I (if I) was there…

    Should said trip come about I will look you up.


  20. Wow,

    Since when was a BSA rifle not worthy of a review? GAMO's(the 2nd larget maker of airguns in the world) 1st PCP is not worthy of a review? You do know it a re-badged BSA rifle that is not available for purchase in the USA right?

  21. B.B.

    Glad to hear that PA is getting into knives. On this subject, I have a project afoot that will astonish you all!

    I've been curious about the ND3-5 products. It sounds like a laser beam broadened from a point into a flashlight beam. Is that right? If so, is there still a danger of looking into the reflected light? And why wouldn't a light of such intensity spook an animal (the way it spooks airline pilots)? Also, someone (shuttle driver) was telling me that it is illegal to hunt at night. Is that true?


  22. re: ""I gotta have one" feeling? I hear that a lot around our house."

    We are defined by our toys, Ms. Edith.

    We buy, we play, we die. Hopefully in between there are some good restaurants.

  23. Anonymous, re a Japanese person. The engine of the car is correctly spelled J. A. P., which stands for the manufacturer, James A. Peterson.
    The letters are cast into the engine, which was made in England.

  24. BB,

    That's interesting because I was told it's a Sportsman HV with a Scorpion stock by A unsuspecting GAMO rep I talked to when I called about another product. Oh well, if it no good, it's no good. Thanks for the info.

  25. Scott,

    I'm not up on all the possible BSA models there are, but this one has the push-to-cock button in front of the forearm, and it has a magazine.

    That's why I said it is based on the Hornet.

    The fill pressure is 232 bar, i believe (or possible 250).


  26. Edith,my collection wouldn't rate an index for Tom's dictionary….and sometimes I overwhelm myself just with the care and maintaining,let alone research and inventory!Based on your Wii Boxing skills,are you curator AND security??

  27. Hey, if we're going to start insulting Jewish American Princesses, let me know. Since I married one and had the Queen for a mother-in-law, I have quite a few jokes to share with you all.

    I'm glad that Mike U. beat me to the punch explaining that J.A.P. is an English V-twin engine that was used to power various motorcycles and cars in the U.K. It is not a racial slur nor would anyone be allowed on this blog to be so insensitive. Except where mother-in-laws are concerned and Jewish American Princesses (what does a Jewish American Princess make best for dinner? Reservations).

    couldn't resist. Hurry and read before Edith deletes it! 🙂

    Fred PRoNJ

  28. LOL!

    I went over EVERYTHING that was said in the last couple days to find out what could've been construed as a slang term for Japanese and came up skunk! Ha! never even thought twice about the JAP engine.

    I once had a similar instance with a deaf fellow wanting to be a carpenter that I let go because "he couldn't read a level". It was later reported that I fired him unjustly, as there are many people that can't read at all!! I don't care at what level you read, just figure out what the bubble is supposed to do! 🙂


  29. DSW, you're absolutely correct. It is Prestwich, not Peterson. I also get mixed up with the name behind the initials AJS (Albert John Stevens) – another English motorcycle manufacturer of renown to motorcycle collectors and historians.

    Wes T. – hope you haven't given up on the blog.

    Fred PRoNJ

  30. Very interesting report–thanks so much for all the juicy detail.

    I'm getting nasty looks from the neighbors when I shoot my Hunting Master revolver, so I'm looking to get it considerably quieter.

    Do you happen to know the thread size the Koreans used on the barrel?


  31. Mike U

    Good looking out.

    Wes T

    It would build character, and redeem yourself somewhat in the eyes of the community if you would write back and earnestly admit that you jumped to conclusions. But, no big deal. They're a forgiving bunch here, they even tolerate me.

    BTW you can call me an Usa all you want, I won't be offended.

  32. Frank B,

    Thanks for the offer to subject your ND5 to less than 40 degrees. Don't do that for me.

    I need to mount it on a gun so based on your comments I'm a potential customer for the ND3. I'll wait for B.B. to blog it before I make any decisions.


  33. BB

    Thanx for the report. I was waiting for it. Felt almost in there.

    Huh, I expected a lot more from the Gamo PCP. I know a lot of guys that are waiting for it.



  34. I'm sorry…but this bugs me a bit.
    People (the JAP thing) get their knickers in a knot, feel the urge to blog their righteuos indignation, but when proven wrong can't find their way back to the keyboard.
    A little 'oops, me bad' never hurts anyone.
    Man, am I old fashioned these days.
    CowBoyStar Dad

  35. Hi B.B,

    Great report as always. I'm particularly interested in the ND3 and ND5 Laser Illuminators.

    The military uses similar tech classified as TALI (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminators) as a deterrent. The laser has adjustable collimators that focusses a non-lethal beam onto a targets face to temporarily overwhelm them without the use of lethal force.

    Unlike red laser pointers, green ones consist of multiple modules in perfect alignment, starting with an Infra Red laser.

    Most Green lasers cannot take the recoil of a springer. Even some of the firearm rated models dont handle the double recoil. The modules go out of alignment within a few shots. This particular model has an adjustable collimator as well, which only raises the risk.

    Which brings me to my question:

    Do you know if they're springer rated?

    I know the price equals that of a good quality springer. But I'm sure you'll agree that there will be several springer owners who may be tempted to kit out with one of these lasers.



  36. B.B.

    If your thinking the Gamo PCP is not worth it… why waste the time.. with all the great stuff to tell about from the SHOT show.. You left lots of "hanging" teasers.. do those first please!

    at least do it some time later… much later.. IMHO

    Wacky Wayne, Match Director
    Ashland Air Rifle Range

  37. B.B,

    Any chance of your test of the ND3 including a few shots mounted on a springer? 🙂

    I feel it would look and work great on a Condor or Talon. Somehow the Air Force rifles are the only ones that can carry off a large range of accessories without looking out of place..


  38. Hey CBS,

    give Wes T a bit of time. He may have a real job unlike the rest of us wherein he can only access this blog once per day.

    FYI, I just bought a Fuji EXR F70. Still learning all that it has to offer. My daughter got my Canon Elph SD 600 4 year old ? camera.


  39. hey BB–i know you've got a lot on your plate, but my vote for first review are the new Nitro Pistons, please. i'm very interested in them as quiet and powerful. thanks much for your great work.

  40. BB,

    Yeah, thanks for the heads up. I'm aware of it and I've seen that same BSF come up now over and over for about the last year. No idea how high the reserve must be. I don't think Gunbroker charges a re-listing fee. Consequently, stuff just sits there forever and not allow the market to set the price. There have been a couple Crosman 600's like that, too and a couple running boar FWB's.

    I've got no interest in this particular pistol–bid away.

  41. Wayne,

    Its a good thing I didn't see the Mendoza 2000 you had for sale before it was gone. I probably would have bought it! I've got an eye on the Evanix Renegade. Stuff keeps getting in the way though!


  42. Mo,

    I've emailed Gamo about the ND3 and its ability to withstand the harsh recoil of springers. I'll let you know what they say. I'm guessing it CAN withstand it, as Gamo's line is mostly spring guns.


  43. I just heard back from Gamo that the ND3 is rated to take the harsh recoil of springers. In fact, they told me it's rated to 1000 G…just like their scopes.


  44. BB;

    This is the *second* Shot show you've been to where you didn't visit the Anschutz booth and smuggle out a biathlon rifle for me. (Uh, is that a .22 in your pocket, or….)

    I'm a little disturbed, and in fact, think you don't really take our friendship seriously.

    In terms of the guns I *do* own, I'm really getting along famously with my Challenger 2009.

    It's extremely accurate, nicely adjustable, and best of all, no drama. It just works, which is more than I can say for a couple of my other airguns.

    Happy Camper in the Mountains of Northern California (except for the six feet of snow).


  45. TU,

    I did sneak out a biathlon rifle for you, but somebody stole it while I was buying lunch. Can you believe that?

    Seriously, I'm glad to hear of your success with the Challenger PCP. Crosman changed the name from Challenger 2009 a couple weeks after they started marketing it. Isn't that shameful?

    I will have another report coming on the Challenger that will follow the Edge report I'm doing on Monday. When you read that report, the reason will be made clear.

    Until then–enjoy your rifle.


  46. 01/29/10: Geez! Give me a chance to read and respond! Thanks Fred for your support! As far as the usage of the acronym 'JAP' in the January 27 blog, the writer could have put in parentheses what 'JAP' stood for. On this subject, I beg for forgiveness and for my ignorance. Never have I heard of the company 'James A. Peterson' or is it 'Prestwich'. Anyway, I appolagize. Sometimes it's a 'knee-jerk-reaction' to confront a most visible/ professional writer
    or layperson about his/her writings. Anyway, the initials stirred feelings of irresponcible writing, possibly repressed feelings. It is wholly acceptable if the lettering is stamped on the engine block by the creator/manufacurer. The word used in the piece just looked suspcious.
    An opportunity to state one's opinion or feelings. Remember, where do most engines for such 'motorcycle derivitives' and motorcycles in general come from, Japan! I'm referring to 'crotch rockets' and track/road racing machines. Not engines from Harley Davidson, BMW or Triumph, in general. Superb companies! See the reference? Enough said. Whew! I appolgize for those that went out of their way and offered me 'advice' and those that supported me. Wes T. ps: 'JAP' isn't a responcible reference either for Jewish women. Maybe to an 'open-minded' Jewish woman with a sense of humor, though! Bless and peace to all.

  47. Dear JAP/J.A.P.-offended reader,

    I haven't encountered ANY Jewish women that were not open-minded and full of good humor. At the risk of sounding racist or ethnically challenged (though not to any of them), I believe an open mind and good sense of humor is pretty much a defining characteristic.

    As for putting the meaning of JAP in quotes, that hints at dumbing-down our vocabulary. Why don't YOU just Google the expression first, before going off? Since the acronym JAP modified motorcycle engine in the reference, I would think that it was contextually evident what it was. If I had wanted to make a racial slur, wouldn't I have written it as Jap? And, why didn't you berate me for also misspelling Porn Stars?

    The fact that you are not aware of the larger world of motorcycles, or, if you are, that you choose to ignore it, isn't my problem. When I write for this blog I am writing to readers who either are familiar with the subject, or who take the time to research the parts they don't understand.

    You know, language is the best communication tool we have on the internet. Shouldn't we all try hard to sharpen our skills, instead of waiting to be insulted by an acronym?

    I apologized once for your misunderstanding of my correct communication. That should be the end of it.


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